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Published on June 01, 2021

There are certain hairstyles that are simply timeless, universally flattering, and suitable for a variety of hair types. Bun hairstyles got into this category thanks to their flexibility in styling and invariably gorgeous feminine look.

We have prepared a gallery of very different types of buns for any occasion, hair type, and length. Which of these amazing hairstyles with buns will you be wearing tonight?

What Types of Bun Hairstyles Are There?

Buns can be edgy, conservative, modern, classic, or vintage-inspired – it’s all about the style of your outfit and personal preference. The most popular bun hairstyles are created with these types of hair buns:

  • Low buns: These buns are placed at the nape of your head and can be either messy or sleek. Bouffants, twists, braids going into a bun, or well-selected accessories are often used to elevate the low bun hairstyle.
  • Top knots: High knotted, messy or cornrow buns all share the same idea of placing the bun on top of the head for maximum spotlight. Updos with high buns can be really showy and perfectly elongate the face.
  • Side buns: Side buns benefit from the elegance of low buns, but do not need a special introduction, as they are clearly visible from the front. Versatile and flirty, these are definitely among the best types of buns to try.
  • Braided buns: This hairstyle is created by braiding hair before twisting it into a bun. It can be as simple as twisting a braided ponytail and as intricate as creating a seashell out of the side fishtail braid.
  • Chignon buns: Reminiscent of a french twist, chignon bun hairstyles retain the vibes of vogue and class. A perfect choice for a formal event!

Half up buns, pigtail buns, space buns and bantu knots are just as trendy. These are the bun hairstyles that give a funny twist to your hairdo, whether you head to a festival or just celebrate youth and joy amidst the everyday routine.

Bun Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

Whether you opt for a loose bun for wavy hair, a sleek high bun, or something in between, your styling possibilities are endless. If you love to rock your hair in a bun and are looking for some style inspiration, check out the photos below for some stunning ideas.

1. French Fishtail into a Lace Fishtail Bun

Braids have become good companions of bun hairstyles but nobody has ever blended a fishtail so flawlessly into a bun. The braid doesn’t wrap around the bun, but it’s a part of it! Really amazing!

Fishtail Bun for Long Hair

Instagram/ @aurorabraids

2. Low Bun with a Side Part and Accesories

This sleek style features a razor crisp side part and works well with a natural cowlick. Twisted bun is an excellent solution for this long thick hair and trendy accessories help to achieve the simple grace and perfection.

Twisted Bun for Long Thick Hair

Instagram/ @martinajagr

3. Textured Low Bun Hairstyle

This textured bun hairstyle looks elaborate and effortless at the same time. Note how the dimensional hair color shows off the fine details of the do!

4. A Perfect Dreadlock Bun

Unusual colors and textures only make bun hairstyles pop. These rich, burgundy dreadlocks are formed into a very neat bun with a bang section that falls off to one side. You can include a few shiny beads as an accent.

Dreadlocks Bun Updo

Instagram/ @kersti.pitre

5. Front-Braided Messy Bun Hairstyle

Having fun with braids is a part of the experimental process when trying out different updos. Try a waterfall twist as a headband braid and lift the rest of the hair into a messy bun. With a small bouffant, this messy bun updo is going to look even prettier.

Messy Bun with a Headband Waterfall Braid

Instagram/ @missysueblog

6. Basket Weave Braid and a Bun

A basket weave braid uses more strands than a typical French braid, resulting in a chunkier and intricate-looking plait you can try to diversify your updos with a bun. You can also substitute basket weave with a Dutch braid and get another cute and slightly different style.

Braided Updo with a Low Bun

Instagram/ @abigaillrrose

7. Fishtail Braided Bun

This interesting fishtail braid style is a powerful charge of inspiration for low bun hairstyles. Stray hairs are a charming detail that makes the braid look like a spikelet. It’s also a plus that usage of styling products isn’t evident.

Fishtail Braided Seashell Bun

Instagram/ @haselnussblond

8. Loose Side Bun for Wavy Hair

When texture steals the spotlight of your hairstyle, its design can and should be pretty simple. This romantic curly bun is tender and lovely, to say the least. Whether you have naturally curly or wavy hair or use a curling iron to create texture, the right curls are the most important element to creating the hairstyle. Once you have an abundance of loose waves placed throughout your entire head, simply guide them to one side to form a bun, and then pin it loosely in place.

Curly Side Bun Updo

Instagram/ @modernsalon

9. Upside-Down French Braid into a High Bun

Many bun hairstyles incorporate braids, making it somewhat difficult to choose a braided idea that stands out. This one however, is definitely more modern. Finish the upside-down braid with a bun with a braided base for a finished look.

10. Cornrow Braids into a Bun

Sure you can add a few braids to your bun for some added pizzazz, but nothing compares to cornrows that come together to form a thick and tall knot. A cornrow bun is never out of style!

Different Size Cornrows into a Bun

Instagram/ @jdivastyles

11. Fishtailed Seashell Bun

The side position adds to the playfulness of this particular bun creation. It looks very lively and naturally cute due to hair texture and wispy flyaways. The fishtail braid is very carefully rolled up into a perfect seashell bun, though.

Asymmetrical Braided Bun

Instagram/ @lena_nymeria

12. Side Bun with Fishtail and Dutch Braids

What makes bun hairstyles so versatile is that you can position your bun in a variety of ways. This bun is formed loosely at one side and wrapped by two crisscrossing plaits – a Dutch braid and fishtail. The final result is a voluminous, intricate-looking bun that is sure to turn heads.

Two Braids and Side Bun Updo

Instagram/ @aurorabraids

13. Cute Short Hair Bun

You do not need to have long hair to wear it in an updo. Leverage good old boby pins to pull off a delicate short hair bun at the nape of your head.

Low Bun Updo for Short Hair

Instagram/ @martinajagr

14. Scarf Bun

Looking for stylish ways to wear hair scarves? Braiding it into your braid and then twisting is a bun is an excellent hairstyle idea, giving both volume and a pop of color.

Bun Twisted with a Scarf

Instagram/ @palade.simona

15. Messy Side Bun with a Braid

Balayage coloring and a large, loose braid prove they can go the distance and add some spice to a banal low side bun. With a bun carefully placed off to one side, the updo itself is actually pretty simple, effortless-looking and messy, even though there are no flyaways.

Simple Side Bun Hairstyle

Instagram/ @hair.bynsc

16. Half Up Half Down Seashell Bun

If you are blessed with naturally thick or curly hair, here is a way to wear a bun and show off your natural texture at the same time. The half up, half down ‘do is the best of both worlds, and this pretty style proves it. The half-up bun is wrapped into a seashell shape, and the rest of the hair is curled into perfect ringlets. The hair looks fluffy and very special.

17. Two Buns in One

Two buns instead of one is a fresh take on the classic hairstyle that may be sometimes referred to as “boring” because you see it on so many girls. A double bun also appears more voluminous, especially when you include a wrap around its base.

Two Buns Updo

Instagram/ @missysueblog

18. Messy Top Bun and Face-Framing Pieces

Leaving out face-framing pieces is definitely a good move when styling a messy bun. Want to know another secret that makes the hairstyle look so good? It is the luxyhair bun collection that helps to achieve a good-looking large bun with little to no effort. And if you don’t like any extensions, here is our guide on how to make a messy bun with thin hair.

Messy Bun with Bun Expensions

Instagram/ @fancyfaceinc

19. Goddess Braids into a Large Bun

Thick cornrows braided close to each other give an elegant invisible braids look, while a jumbo size bun makes it really statement-making. You can wear this protective hairstyle for several weeks, mind the weight of the bun, which you will have to carry on your head every day, though. If you are not that strong, opting for box braids that can be styled in more diverse ways can be a better option.

20. Low Braided Bun

This updo is made from two different types of braids – a vertical French braid for the upper section of hair and a fishtail, wrapped in a bun, for the lower section. The way this messy bun rests softly at the nape of the neck pulls the whole look together.

21. Pinned Mini Buns

The only thing better than a single bun is a row of buns that gives a Mohawk look to your updo. Bun hairstyles rarely get any cuter than this, thanks to the idea to collect mini buns in one hairstyle. Great for shorter hair or medium length locks, these tiny knots are fun and modern with just a hint of edge.

22. Polished Chocolate Brown Chignon Bun

Sometimes the most beautiful bun styles are those that are the simplest. From the rich chocolate brown hair color to the sleek, twist over the base, this is a lovely formal bun, but also appropriate for the office.

low sleek formal bun

Instagram/ @nicoledrege

23. Bulky Bun with Twists

Sleek bun hairstyles succeed when the bun is bulky and sitting high on the top of your head. This beautiful black braided bun looks like a crown. It includes twists of varied thickness and perfectly smoothed edges.

Bulky Bun for Natural Hair

Instagram/ @nyasia_styles

24. Intricate Braid and Looped Pony

This is not just a cute bun hairstyle, it’s an intricate updo with elaborate details and a messy touch to the overall look. However, if you’d like to recreate it, you only need to reduce the styling process to the elements you will cope with even if you are a beginner. These include a jumbo dutch braid topped with a fishtail and a looped ponytail.

25. Curly Loose Bun

Subtle highlights for black hair is a wonderful way to make your locks dimensional which looks particularly beautiful in curly updos like this one. It would be ideal for a formal occasion such as a wedding or an outdoor party. Flowers in hair often turn out to be most beautiful hair accessory.

Bridal Curly Bun Updo

Instagram/ @modernsalon

26. Alluring Bantu Knots Hairstyle

Bantu knots hairstyle is made by carefully sectioning hair and twisting buns out of each section. Apply some edge controlfor a sleeker look and enjoy the hairstyle. After twisting the buns out, you’ll be able to enjoy nice uniform curls, too.

Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

Instagram/ @theglowment

27. Medium-Sized Braided Bun

This is a classic way to wear your braided bun that’s made simply out of a braided pony – a hairstyle you can do yourself in a matter of minutes. Of course, it works best for long hair, because longer strands promise a bigger bun.

Easy Braided Bun for Long Hair

Instagram/ @hairbunlover

28. Blonde Bun with Side Braid

Here’s a cute bun hairstyle that’s absolutely casual and easy to complete even if it’s the first time you do updo on your own. This bun is highlighted by a single side braid and complemented with wispy side bangs.

Simple Sock Bun with a Braid

Instagram/ @murdocktalks

29. Afro Puffs

Wearing your hair in two buns has never looked as adorable as it does here. Curly buns for natural hair are equally playful and flattering, being a pretty update of the more traditional bun or pineapple look. The bright red spots add the perfect punch of color to complete this modern take on the updo.

Two Pineapple Ponies on Medium Natural Hair

Instagram/ @modelesque_nic

30. Coiled Side Bun

It’s not big or overly dramatic, but compact, pretty and very feminine. Even with very fine hair, this twisted low side bun looks decent. Twist section loosely and pin them in loops that also remind flower petals.

31. Two Sculpted Buns

Two buns like these require a lot of hair, so you may opt to use hair extensions or puff hair with a pick. Each bun is expertly sculpted and smoothed, creating a flawless look that is definitely a head-turner.

Two Cinnamon Buns Updo

Instagram/ @modernsalon

32. Festival Hairstyle with Space Buns

Long beach waves and two cute space buns – what can be better for a summer fectival hairstyle? Pair the do with sunkissed hair highlights, and you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Space Buns

Instagram/ @raisingraymond

33. Four-Strand Braid and Messy Bun

A four-strand braid is the best if you want to create a wide braided headband. Finish it with a messy bun and another thinner four-strand plait to get a casual hairstyle that’s good enough to be worn for a big event.

34. Sleek Bun with a Mini Hair Bow

Upgrade your sock bun with a twist around its base and a sassy detail, like a bow made from your hair. It’s placed right underneath the twisted base and slightly off to the side – an unexpected yet edgy touch that spices things up.

Bun with a Twist and Bow

Instagram/ @mybraidposts

35. Red Hair Bow Bun

The fire engine red hair color gets your attention, but the big, beautiful hair bow is what makes your jaw drop. Cute bun hairstyles are taking on new forms today.

Bow Updo

Instagram/ @bodmonzaid

36. Sleek Bun with Full Bangs

Buns with bangs are common, yet you rarely see them look this sleek and neat. The thick bangs are cut precisely above the eyebrows with not a hair out of place. The bun is formed just below the crown and accented with a single, pearl hair accessory that looks both romantic and feminine.

Black Bun Updo with Bangs

Instagram/ @dionnesmithhair

37. Half Up Bun with a Front Braid

The half up, half down look strikes again and this time it features a very thick middle braid. A loosely braided plait is the best way to highlight a cute half bun that sits right on the crown – the point from where the locks fall down.

Half Updo with Mohawk Braid into a Bun

Instagram/ @abigaillrrose

38. Big Ballerina Bun

Proving that hair extensions and hair accessories can be used to create the perfect bun, this look is a perfectly-rounded wonder. You could incorporate several hair extensions to create the sculpted roundness or simply insert a bun-maker hair accessory that you place on a ponytail and form a bun around it.

Sleek Ballerina Bun

Instagram/ @cjartistrygirls

39. Sleek Rainbow-Shaped Bun

The striking black hair against the red lips and a matching dress is the main attraction of the look, but the design of the voluminous rainbow bun is also worth a double take. It has sort of a half-crescent shape that is smoothed to perfection with no messy strands or wisps of hair left out.

40. Sleek Topknot Power Bun

Looking to tame your curly locks? Style this powerful and brazen topknot style that is great for highlighting facial features and long, elegant neck. The superior sleekness of this do is a supremely secure and compact hairstyle solution that looks stunning.

41. Greek Style Messy Updo

Braided bun hairstyles can be done in a Greek style and paired with an empire waist dress for a very special occasion when you want to look very feminine. This blonde bun is messy and adorned with a fishtail braid, but you can just take the idea and experiment with details and textures.

42. Pine Cone Bun Braided Around

This bun reminds a pine cone which is a fun take on the classic bun. To go even further in customizing your bun updo, add a side braid and a braided rim – awesome for a casual style.

Casual Bun with Braid Around

Instagram/ @n.a.t.t.i.a.a

43. Dutch Pigtail Braids into Buns

Pigtail braids pair with buns very well, creating a romantic bun hairstyle. Making the buns that resemble the pinned curls alludes to the loose, stretched to the sides loops of the braids.

44. Twisted Low Blonde Bun

A chic way to spice up a low ponytail is to turn it into a chignon. Positioned right at the nape of the neck, the blonde twist bun features simple details that manage to create a unique updo. There is twisting around the base of the bun, as well as along the sides. Slightly loosen the hair that covers the crown before gathering it at the nape of the neck.

45. High Bun for Thick Hair

Another way to wear a bun high atop your head is to go the extra thick route. The actual bun is the focus, so there is no need for any other elements to take attention away. Once placed into a bun the hair is divided into three sections, backcombed, pinned and tucked into thick rolls that create depth and dimension.

High Textured Bun

Instagram/ @dionnesmithhair

46. Sleek Fancy Bun Updo

Side bun hairstyles can border on artistic, just have a look at this highlighted, sculpted style that resembles an origami flower. You would wear something like this for a very special occasion, like wedding or prom, so, if you like the design, trust this masterpiece to a professional.

Beautiful Sleek Wedding Updo

Instagram/ @lalasupdos

47. Overlapping Blonde Bun

Here, a big bun and a formal bun come together to form an absolutely stunning updo for a wedding or gala. The bun is covered with chunky strands at different angles which convey a futuristic feel to the classic hairstyle.

48. Side-Braided Bun

A great way to personalize your bun and add a little spice to it is to experiment with braids. Hair braided on one side is a cute detail that turns your basic ballerina bun into a fancy updo. There is also a single twist braid that goes around the bun. The final result looks effortless with just a little edge.

Two Braids and a Bun Updo

Instagram/ @elin.braid

49. Bedhead Bun Hairstyle

The best thing about a messy top knot bun is that you really don’t have to do much to style it, and the actual messiness is exactly what makes it so appealing. Style with no previous combing and pull gently at the bun when it’s finished to loosen some pieces more than others.

50. Bun Hairstyle with Strategic Twists and Highlights

The highlights may be the first thing that catches your eye, but the interesting technique of the twist bun is what will have you doing a double-take. What makes this updo unique is that it appears to be effortlessly pulled together; however, upon closer inspection, you will see that the twisting, tucking and pinning of the hair into a bun is actually quite strategic.

Low Messy Bun Updo

Instagram/ @leabuehler

With so many bun hairstyles to choose from it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so, don’t forget to save those you like the most and would like to try in the near future. Enjoy your styling and new updos! One thing is sure: when you decide on a bun, there is never a dull moment.

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