Diana Dima
Updated on August 01, 2021

The half up bun has been conquering streets and red carpets for over 2 years not only since it’s a super easy hairstyle to do, but also because it’s youthful and flattering for everybody. By pulling back the top of part your hair, you are drawing attention to facial features — and getting a DIY face-lift!

How to Do Simple and Intricate Half Buns

Now becoming a staple hairstyle, you can never go wrong with a classic half bun. It can dress down a more formal outfit and make a casual, minimalistic dress seem fashion forward. Every now and then, though, it’s nice to find new ways to change a regular ‘do. Here are 20 ways to add different touches to your bun updos.

1. French Braids with Middle Part

Create a center part and French braid two symmetrical plaits on either side. Have them lead into a higher topknot that’s not too perfect, keeping the appearance more casual. Wear remaining hair straight for a texture contrast.

Half Up Bun With Braids

Instagram / @missysueblog

2. Double Fishtail Braids

Who says half up buns are not complex? Create lots of intrigue with multiple fishtail plaits! To achieve this hairdo pull half your hair back, braid into a fishtail and wrap it around into a bun. Then, make two more fishtails underneath. Voila!

Fishtail Bun Half Updo

Instagram / @braidsbyjordan

3. Voluminous Bun

If a messy undone bun isn’t your style, a voluminous bun is an example of how to make the look more put together and refined. Pro tip— updos with height will work in favor of girls with smaller foreheads.

4. Half Bun with Side Braid

A side braid half bun is more feminine on ladies with long hair; it’s also a great trick to tuck away shorter layers or grown out bangs. Wear hair in big loose waves for a lovely touch.

Braid And Half Up Top Knot

Instagram / @braids_in_action

5. Twisted Low Bun

Opt for twists to upgrade your bun. Use only the sections that frame your face. Simply twist each side loosely and you get a goddess half bun hairstyle (that also can be worn with bedhead hair)!

Twisted Half Updo With A Bun

Instagram / @twistmepretty

6. Center Dutch High Bun

Ariana said it best: ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch? Sugar and spice, the center Dutch remix is edgy but sweet when worn with medium or long hair down. With only 5 minutes of styling time, it’ll seem like you put a lot more thought into your OOTD.

7. Messy and Loose Knot

A signature hairstyle is the messy bun. Seen countless times on the Olsen twins and other trendy ladies, it can do no wrong. Adjust looseness levels depending on your personal preference.

Knot Half Updo For Thin Hair

Instagram / @erinelizabethh

8. Curled Tousled Style

Add texture to your half bun by using a curling wand to achieve tousled waves. Whether you prefer a bun that’s high or low, creating a big, voluminous half updo suits disheveled hair and brings heaps of drama!

9. Straight Waterfall

Waterfall plaits seem like they require lots of time and technical skill, but they resort to the same method as a typical French braid. Use a flat iron if you don’t have naturally straight hair so you can really show off the lacy braid with a loopy knot.

Side Half Up Knot With Waterfall Braid

Instagram / @n.starck

10. Pulled Back Flower Bun with Beach Waves

The effortless nature of a half up knot makes it a perfect match to beach waves. Whatever your hair texture, embrace it! Let front strands frame the face, pulling back the crown section. Optional — braid hair before wrapping it into a flower bun.

11. Neat Cornrow Bun

Spike up the badass meter of your half bun half down hairstyle throwing in some cornrows into the mix! They’ve been quite popular, especially recently and can work for shoulder or medium length hair.

Cornrows And Top Knot Half Updo

Instagram / @game_of_braids

12. Messy Bun with a Braid

Starting a bit behind your forehead, loosely braid hair on the sides so that the braids rest on unbraided hair. Bring the ends of the braids together and shape a messy bun. This hairstyle can be worn for any occasion, whether you’re just enjoying a patio lunch with your girls, or attending an outdoor wedding.

Loose Half Up Bun With A Crown Braid

Instagram / @christinagunnell

13. Huge Dutch Braids and a Knot

Here’s an original ‘do you don’t see every day. The trick to achieving huge braids is fanning them out, pulling at the braids gently once they are plaited and secured. Finish off by pulling remaining hair into a half pony bun.

Voluminous Messy Braided Half Updo

Instagram / @taylor_lamb_hair

14. Tight Braid Underneath

Half up half down buns usually have details on the sides or in front of the bun, so mix it up by adding details underneath. Don’t worry if the plait isn’t perfect, but make sure it’s tight!

Half Up Bun With Braids

Instagram / @hairbyjaxx

15. Half Up Long Bob

A half up hairdo is amazing on lob length hair! If your hair isn’t long enough to make into a bun, take this girl’s cue to use bobby pins to secure pieces down.

16. High Messy Half Up Bun

Everybody knows the controversial topknot girls do when they just need to get hair off their backs. Take a note from this gorgeous gal and choose the loopy half topknot instead — it is way more stylish while still lifting hair up and away from your face.

Loopy Messy Half Up Bun

Instagram / @sadiejcre8s

17. Half Up Flower Bun

Take your half ponytail bun up a notch by trying out a flower version. Not only is it a more unique half ‘do, but it also gets bonus points for extra styling time! Make it even more fabulous with a fishtail under the flower.

Double Half Up Bun With A Messy Braid

Instagram / @taylor_lamb_hair

18. Sleek Top Knot

We always like to give options for our polished, minimalistic ladies. An excellent idea for working women with precious morning time, the neat topknot rendition is sleeker and more appropriate for professional environments. Set with hairspray for optimal lasting power.

Half Up Knot For Straight Hair

Instagram / @sarahpotempa

19. Ghana Braids with Curly Bun

Naturally curly and African American girls, here’s your bun! Pull back the front part of your black hair in Ghana braids. Juxtapose the sharpness of tight plaits with vivacious curls stacked up top.

Sew In Medium Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @katahlia_blue

20. Short Braided Half Up

When warmer weather comes around, many of us do our seasonal chop haircuts. You’re not excluded from the half bun crew if you do, though! Shorter hair can work great with a partial updo, especially with a Dutch braid leading up to your topknot.

Half Up Braid Into Bun For Bob

Instagram / @hairbyelena

The half up bun is an ideal hairstyle to rely on this season (and forever) because of how many benefits it has! With minimal styling time and a fun and a youthful appearance, it works on all hair textures while keeps you on trend.

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