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Updated on December 20, 2023

Braiding, as a hairstyle, has progressed from trend to fundamental. These braid styles have a wide range of versatility, from simple plait to five strands and beyond. One thing we know is that it’s evolving and becoming more wildly creative. Keep reading for innovative braiding ideas that can be used for all occasions.

1. Celtic Knot

Major statement accessories look so head-turning. Create your own accessory with this cute, bold braid knotted anywhere in the hair. Loop one side and feed the other side through with your dominant finger and pull through, add more Celtic knots for an even bigger statement.

2. Pull-Through Braid

Vertical lines in the hair create length, and we all know women love their long locks. This braid requires a looped tool and a regular three-section braid to achieve. It’s intricately unique and is a definite head-turner.

3. Double-Sided Three-Section Infinity Braid

Unique and innovative, this braid stands out and will have people asking, “How did you do that?” The sections are weaved over and under, and, when finished, are in a hairstyle that is fashionable and fun.

4. Wearable Basket Weave

This braid requires holding six sections at one time to weave, but the payout is huge. The intricacy of the sections makes this braid eye-catching and awe-inspiring. Perfect for those summer days with your hair back and away from the face, but in a fashion-forward braided style.

5. Chinese Ladder Braid

Who doesn’t love a five-minute quick braided style? Using Pureology’s Shine Bright Taming Serum to smooth the hair and add shine while locking in this braid. Loop, swoop, pull and repeat.

6. Khaleesi Braid (Game of Thrones)

This one is for my non-braiders, which looks extremely difficult yet is simple to achieve. Add in three-section braids on both sides, cross small sections of hair from sides under and then through the braid. Using the looped tool is key.

7. Pop of Color

How about adding a pop of color to your braids? This is great for anyone with solid hair color. Think really dark or really light hair; by taking a contrasting color and clip into the base of the head you can immediately create visual interest without a commitment! Then, cross your braids over the top for even more intricacy, shown here.

8. DNA Braid

There is something so cool about a braid that winds up on itself. Even with three sections, this braid is easy to manipulate but it has a huge impact and is a great conversation starter. On one side, it’s a regular fishtail and on the other side it’s a Dutch fishtail, and when you reach the bottom and elastic and let go, it will immediately wind up on itself. How cool.

9. Bushel Braid

This braid takes inspiration from a bushel of bananas and actually when you break it down, it’s actually not a braid at all! Yet, the effect on the hair is impactful and memorable. By picking up and dropping small sections of hair creates these small ‘bushels’ on the hair.

10. 3D Twisted Fishtail Braid

What’s so cool about this particular braid is that it doesn’t have a bad angle. The right section comes over itself, the left section comes under itself and goes over the center section. When the left section runs out, you begin again, which gives you the 3D Twisted effect.

11. 3D Braid with Ribbon

This hairstyle consists of two unique elements: a 3D braid and a ribbon as an accessory, which look great together! A style that is fun for festivals, summertime and going out.

12. Zipper Braid

This is a faux zipper braid, but you would never know it. By creating a three-section braid down the center and feeding strands into it, you create the elusive zipper braid with ease. Control the hair with a paste beforehand; my go-to is Pureology s Mess It Up Texture Paste hair-styling wax.

13. Chain Braid

Chain braid is always a good idea for your hair-styling games. Mastering this braiding technique isn’t hard. The hand placement is key. Once you get that, it’s just repetition.

14. Inverted Fishtail

Slice hair from the top side and pass under that section across to the other hand. Repeat the motion. Look at your watch then flip and look at your wrist, only adding hair from the natural fall under the braid to the opposite side. Once you master these two motions, you will have mastered one of the trendiest braids!

15. Textured Two-Section Braid

Something simple with texture can be the perfect style for a night out. I love this tutorial because it’s easy and includes hiding an elastic trick that will literally change your life.

Now you have 15 braiding techniques you’ve never seen before! Use one or all of them as inspiration. Also, follow Jamie Wiley on Instagram to add more innovative hair tutorials to your daily feed.

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