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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Looking for ways to jazz up your pixie cut or add a touch of elegance to your short bob? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the only list of accessories for short hair you will ever need. From wearing decorative headbands to adding quirky hair clips – there sure are many tips for making your short hair look pretty damn cool.

Why Accessorize Short Hair?

While ladies with long locks can easily achieve a different look with the help of braids and updos, short-haired gals don’t always have that choice. That’s where hair jewelry, accessories and headbands come in. They’re a fantastic way to make your hairdo stand out – without eating up too much of your precious time.

Ready for the most gorgeous hair accessories you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Let’s roll.

1. Elegant Lace Headband

Lace Headband For Angled Bob

Instagram / @alex_haircraft

Nothing floats are boat more than a lovely braid tucked under a beautiful lace headband. Isn’t this just a perfect accessory for a short bob haircut? A headband like this is bound to instantly add a touch of ‘glam’ to any outfit (from a maid-of-honour dress to a pair of ripped jeans). Plus, it’ll hold your hair in place – two birds, one stone.

2. Cute Elastic Headband 

Whether you wear this headband patriotically or because you’re into starry things, there’s nothing we’re not fans of here. A headband like this will beautifully accentuate your pixie haircut, making it look irresistibly cute and almost Betty Boop-like! Our favourite thing about it? How simple it is – who said that great accessories for hair had to be complicated?

Pixie Bob With Elastic Headband

Instagram / @chloenbrown

3. Sparkly Hair Clip 

Don’t worry, this piece of hair jewelry isn’t only meant for girls with rainbow hair (that would make us feel very sad). Clip it into one or both sides of your hair to create a festive look – or whenever you feel like adding a bit of sparkle to your day. After all, a little bit of ‘bling’ never hurt no-one, right?

Hair Clip For Mermaid Hair

Instagram / @courtgannhair

#4: Self-Securing Hair Jewelry Piece 

Not sure how to decorate your awesome pixie undercut? This one’s for you, then. For a statement that’s both bold and elegant, you’ll want this beautiful self-securing accent piece from Pink Pewter. Perfect for special occasions, nights out – as well as when you simply feel like your life is missing an edgy hair piece.

Pixie Undercut With Hair Jewelry

Instagram / @jacquelynmarieh

5. Jewelled Flower Barrette 

For a slightly more feminine look that receives plenty of admiration, barrettes are the first solution that comes to mind. Top your braided updo with a beautiful jewelled barrette, and it’ll hold it in place as well as accentuate the hairstyle. Pair this flowery barrette with soft colours and silky materials – and you’re ready for a sophisticated garden party.

6. Beaded Hair Jewels 

What’s prettier than braids, you ask? Jewelled braids, of course. For an inspiring and unique look, add these beautiful beaded hair jewels to your braided updo. You’ll probably be tired of telling everyone where you got your jewel pack from by the end of the night – but that’s what rocking a great hairstyle is all about, right?

Loose Updo With Beaded Hair Jewels

Instagram / @station_salon_

7. Smoky Flower Crown Headband 

What’s your stance on matching your hair to accessories? We can’t get enough of it. This smoky flower hair piece isn’t just for festivals (but when we do go to a festival, it’ll be the first thing we pack!). Similar headbands will work perfectly on curly hair as well as straight hair – and it will become your favourite accessory before you know it.

Silver Bob With Gray Flower Crown

Instagram / @cierra.fremont

8. Jewelled Side Braid 

Say ‘hello’ to the the hairstyle that’s a guaranteed head turner. If you’re ready to take your jewelled braid to the next level, try adding jewels to a side braid, while leaving the rest of your hair down. Not only will you keep most of your hair out of the way, but you’ll also score points on authenticity. Pin the jewels into each loop, fix it in place with a couple of hair pins – and let the compliments pour in.

Jewelled Side Braid 

Instagram / @a_kool

9. Cool Bobby Pin Patterns 

Not into the whole sparkly jewel thing? Simple goes a long way, too. Bobby pins aren’t normally seen as something magical – but they can look pretty darn cool if you have a few styling tricks up your sleeve. Add a handful of bobby pins to your hair to create a pattern – and you’ll be surprised by how awesome it looks.

Blunt Bob With Bobby Pins

Instagram / @tamiastyles

10. Crystal Bun-Pin

Remember when you were a little girl and all you wanted was to be a princess? Well, someone out there must have heard your wish because your dream is about to come true. All you need is a combination of this adorable jewelled bun-pin and a stylish topknot. Prince charming will follow.

Crystal Bun Pin

Instagram / @hairbyelm

11. Subtle Hair Clip 

Nothing breathes elegance more than a delicate jewelled hair clip added to a messy low bun. It’s a hairstyle that’s been around for ages, but it continues to win over our hearts. As a popular saying goes, less is definitely more.

Low Bun With Small Hair Clip

Instagram / @hairbysonja.m

12. Slick Golden Headband 

If you’re a lover of all-things-golden, then you’ll adore this luxurious Egypt-inspired headband. Not only will it make your hair look slick and exceptionally glamorous – but it will fix it in place letting you enjoy a trouble-free hairstyle. Ideal for a pixie cut as well a short bob – and compliments, guaranteed.

Sleek Updo With Golden Headband

Instagram / @normi_edit

13. Embroidered Bobby Pins

If golden headbands aren’t exactly your thing, then how about adding these super sophisticated silver bobby pins to your natural hair? Combine two of these beautifully embroidered bobby pins to give your short updo more of an accent – or one if your motto is ‘simplicity is key’. It’s an easy and quick hairstyle that looks super charming!

14. Sophisticated Decorative Headband

Here’s a simple hack for beautifying your pixie cut – wear a decorative headband. Looks tres chic, is ready in minutes, and could really save you when your hair’s being a bit unruly. Or when you just don’t have time to wash it before running out the door (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone).

15. Uber-Trendy Head Tie 

Another exciting accessory to add to your collection is a super trendy head tie. This is particularly perfect for someone who doesn’t really like wearing jewelry in their hair, and would rather go for an accessory that’s a little more low-key. The head tie looks very stylish and is casual enough for an off-duty hairstyle.

Short Crop And Head Tie

Instagram / @alysmagic

16. Stylish Bandana Headwrap 

Aren’t bandana scarves a genius invention? The best thing about them is that there are so many creative ways to wear them. Here’s our favourite: fold a scarf longways (so that it’s thin) and wrap it around your head, pulling out your fringe for an entirely different look. Head wrap + messy low bun = what’s not to love! 

17. Embellished Flower Headband 

There’s hardly anything more charming than this embellished flower headband, we think. We’re giving it bonus points for the cute ribbon, which makes the look even more delicate. Wear it on your pixie cut for a snow queen-inspired look – and you’re bound to hear many ‘oh, wows’ accompanied with looks of admiration throughout the evening.

Boyish Pixie And Flower Headband 

Instagram / @sarahb.h

18. Stone and Crystal Headband 

Another way to bring your short bob to life is by wearing a subtle headband with stones and crystals. Whatever the colour of your hair, it’ll add glamour to your hairstyle, without making it look too ‘out there’. Perfect for days when you want to make your short hair look uber-cool (but without drawing too much attention).

Lavender Bob With Stone And Crystal Headband 

Instagram / @allthingsbohokch

19. Golden Cuff Beads 

When was the last time you threw some beads in your hair? If we had to guess, we’d say it’s been a while. If you’re someone who thinks beads are for 11-year-olds – we don’t blame you. But look at these beautiful golden cuff beads – don’t they look way too sophisticated for teens? Adding beads is super easy, and it perks up your hairstyle immediately. Add a few to your short bob for a quick way to jazz up your look – or clip them into a braid to create more of an intriguing hairstyle.

Pechy Hair With Golden Cuff Beads 

Instagram / @shivamom

20. Creative Confetti Hairstyle

Last but not least, don’t be limited to headbands and hair clips. If you’re on the creative end of the spectrum, try this beautiful star-decorated hairstyle to wow fellow guests at a special occasion. Who says that star confetti can’t become a wonderful hair accessory? We think it works like magic!

Confetti Maroon Bob 

Instagram / @monarchhairco

Having short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with your looks – far from it! With so many creative hair pieces out there, each day can be a new adventure for your hair – just get your creative juices flowing.

The best thing about hair accessories for short hair? Giving your hair a different style takes just a few moments – perfect for those days when you could really go for a change, but don’t have hours to spare.

Lace Headband For Angled Bob Pixie Bob With Elastic Headband Hair Clip For Mermaid Hair Pixie Undercut With Hair Jewelry Low Updo With Jewelled Barrette Loose Updo With Beaded Hair Jewels Silver Bob With Gray Flower Crown Jewelled Side Braid  Blunt Bob With Bobby Pins Crystal Bun Pin Low Bun With Small Hair Clip Sleek Updo With Golden Headband Curly Updo With Embroidered Bobby Pins Platinum Pixie With Decorative Headband Short Crop And Head Tie Choppy Cut With Bandana Headwrap Boyish Pixie And Flower Headband  Lavender Bob With Stone And Crystal Headband  Pechy Hair With Golden Cuff Beads  Confetti Maroon Bob 
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