40 New Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women in 2017

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Short bobs have been popular in some form for decades, but the modern bobs are truly unique in their versatility and edgier style. Incorporating color, shape and dimension, short bobs can be worn by any woman looking to try something new.

Short Bob Hairstyles

The following shorter bobs are truly unique. It’s not a challenge for a contemporary woman to look individually with a short haircut anymore. See for yourself.

#1: Messy Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @estherdenkers

The short bob hairstyles of today are not what they were yesterday. The trendy blonde is no longer one, solid tone, it’s transformed into a light ash blonde color with lowlights. Accordingly, a bob is no longer just a bob, it is a messy, graduated bob with air within the strands, and it looks quite fabulous!

#2: Undercut for Blonde Bob

Only the savviest stylists have the precision to master an undercut bob. An undercut manipulates the hair to fall naturally into a tucked under style. This technique is gorgeously displayed on straight blonde hair that can sometimes be difficult to keep in any style BUT straight.

Ash Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @jenhairinspired

#3: Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Bobs bring texture and lightness to thick hair when it’s layered appropriately. Keep some hair flat against the back of the neck while adding graduated layers up, towards the crown.

Extra short stacked bob

Instagram / @edenbodyworks

#4: Straight Rounded Bob

Sleek and smooth is best for some bobs, and if you can pull off a short style with highlights, then go for it. Light brown or dark blonde hair looks lovely with lighter streaks throughout.

Chin-length bob with highlights

Instagram / @akrivi_papadaki

#5: Short Stacked Bob

A stacked bob has a sharper, more evident angle than other styles of short bobs. This cut is a bit spicier than a conventional bob, and it’s an ideal fit for fine hair clients who crave a voluminous look.

Black Stacked Bob

Instagram / @chriskellycuts

#6: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

One of the eccentric forms of short bob cuts is an asymmetrical choppy pixie bob that is a perfect fit for a fashionista on-the-go. When you go to the salon, it’s good to have at hand some pictures that depict the perfect degree of choppiness you want.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob

Instagram / @scout.hair

#7: Choppy Stacked Bob

The choppy layers upgraded with a soft whimsical color make this pale purple bob hair style a delicate beauty. The layers are stacked well and tousled for a shaggy, carefree look.

Short Pastel Purple Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#8: A-line Sleek Bob

The colorombre trend is optimal for those who are longing to add a funky shade to their short bob hairstyles. Those tiffany blue streaks on the smoothed gray bob scream chic and add dimension to the style.

Gray Bob With Blue Highlights

Instagram / @thekimmster

#9: Short Beachy Angled Bob

This platinum blonde mane with dark roots is smoothly styled with soft beach waves transforming a casual angled bob into an absolute creation of sexy summer glamour. It looks so alluring, it’s almost like she was born with it. Almost.

Blonde Wavy Angled Bob

Instagram / @bescene

#10: Short Graduated Bob with Bangs

The rich red and golden tones in the chestnut brown hair are perfectly revealed thanks to the choppy texture of this layered bob. This style with razored ends highlights the gorgeous deep color and adds a modern touch to the classic style.

Short Chestnut Brown Bob

Instagram / @chrisrossonhair

#11: Tousled Short Bob with Pink Ombre

Skimming through edgy short bob hairstyles? Want to join the pink hair league? This image right here could be you! The almost purple pink washes out through the pale pink jagged layers creating voluminous tousled texture you want to run your fingers through. This hairstyle is as fashion-forward as you want it to be and as free-spirited as you can imagine!

#12: Blunt Ombre Bob

This one is for the safe player who is only that ‘little bit’ brave to test the waters. We hear you! Go for this classic blunt cut with straight across, eyebrow grazing bangs. And simply dye the bottom half a striking teal color while still maintaining the dark top. Feels safe but looks wild!

Black And Teal Blunt Bob

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

#13: Super Short Layered Bob with Undercut

This one is delicate, pretty and all over the Instagram. The very short, blunt cut unicorn lilac layers are peeking from under the choppy grey pixie pieces. As if that cool contrast wasn’t enough, an angled nape undercut is added into the chic mix. This style statement is sure to cause a stir at the local club!

Choppy Lavender Pixie Bob

Instagram / @aliyousha

#14: Strawberries and Cream Textured Bob

Short bob haircuts are all the rage since a long time, but let us refine and define the style with unusual textures and colors. In this bob the beautiful flashes of pink enhance the dimension of the choppy layers. An angled cut gives this bob a unique twist, promoting the maximum impact of the finished look.

#15: Short Steeply Angled Bob

If you have thick hair, you’re in luck! For this style best suits hair that is dense. The highlights and lowlights artistically create dimension and texture for the sleek strands. The layers are gracefully assembled in a smooth, flowing style with one side way longer than the other, making this stacked bob look like a natural wonder!

#16: Messy One-Length Bob

The piece-y, unkempt, shaggy layers sculpt carefree textures and showcase rich and vibrant pale blonde highlights combined with loose, natural waves. It does not get any more relaxed than this. But don’t be fooled by its casual flair, it is still chic enough for a perfect red carpet look!

Choppy Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @buddywporter

#17: Sensuous S-Styled Bob

Make a bold statement by sporting an over-the-top, sleek and dynamic old Hollywood short bob with an unnatural color-duo. The smoky chunky lilac highlights over the glossy emerald green base is a sure fire way to sweep someone off their feet!

Teal Bob With Lavender Highlights

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

#18: Short Weave Bob with Undercut

The side-parted short weave bob is creatively complemented with a shaved temple for an added element of edge. Well structured short bob styles with undercuts are an artistically expressive way to show off your rebellious side.

Short Black Bob With Temple Undercut

Instagram / @hairbydonetta

#19: Inverted Wind-Swept Bob

A simple way to boost the appeal of an elegant hair style is to add a non-standard color to it. This chin-length bob hair style embraces a ton of daring silver-grey accents that give off a charming and mesmerizing vibe.

Gray Bob With Root Fade

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#20: Stacked Bob with Long Side

This is a dramatic take on traditional short bobs with the side bangs hanging low. The long face-framing pieces accentuate the features and bone structure giving this style a glamorous opulence, yet with a natural feel.

Golden Blonde Tousled Bob

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#21: Angled Pastel Bob

Possibly the most flattering style for short hair, this pale strawberry blonde angled bob with lowlights, speaks elegance, femininity and chic. Small details make a big impression. It’s surprisingly low-maintenance—classic and infinitely wearable!

#22: Very Short Asymmetrical Bob

The wispy, thin layers make this ultra short bob hair extremely light weight. The longer side points to the chin, accentuating the beautiful jawline and lending a refreshing sporty appeal to this cool monochromatic bob.

Short Asymmetrical Brunette Bob

Instagram / @mandistrands

#23: Very Short Rumpled Bob

Use tousled waves whenever you want to give a party-perfect twist to short bob haircuts. The crumpled curls bring texture and bombshell volume to this layered bob. The platinum blonde balayage blends dramatically into the dark, dense base making a classic statement with the style.

Short Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @balayageme

#24: Wavy Choppy Bob

This wavy bob hair is fashionable and professional, sexy chic and nerdy, and effortlessly low-maintenance. The layered hairstyle is lifted with wavy, unruly choppy strands in medium ash brown. Create all the different women you aspire to be with a simple cut—liberate yourself and play!

Choppy Tousled Brunette Bob

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

#25: Short Pointy Weave Bob

For all the black women contemplating a change, but shying away from short cuts or bleach, adding a weave is pure blessing! This well-rounded sharp angled bob in pale blonde with subtle platinum highlights is edgy and playful. And the long chunky bangs guarantee a lot of visual interest.

African American Blonde Bob With Blunt Bangs

Instagram / @stylebycre

#26: Teased Shaggy Hairstyle

Simply by maneuvering the highlighting techniques, a sense of excitement can be added to any basic short bob cut. The chunky highlights with the teased top create an element of texture, dark drama and luxurious volume.

Brown Bob With Blonde Balayage For Thin Hair

Instagram / @joaofrancooficial

#27: Graduated Blonde Bob

There are many different names for short bob hairstyles that appear to be similar. A graduated bob, or an inverted bob, features short layers in the back and gradually angles towards the front. Although the layers are shorter in the back, the outline of your bob does not have to be a-line – it can be the same length all around.

Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @nataliakop

#28: Wavy A-line Bob

An a-line bob has an angled outline that comes down longer in front instead of being the same length all around. The longer length in front ensures that your finer points are accentuated instead of hugging the chin and creating a rounded frame around your face. Adding amazing color and some, blonde balayage highlights throughout, helps to optimize the structure of the cut as well.

Short Wavy Bob

Instagram / @duhbayba

#29: Choppy Bob with Highlights

If you favor a choppy bob over a smoother finish, use pomade, or a dab of hair paste, to accentuate random pieces all around. To get a matte finish with a very soft hold, sprinkle a bit of hair powder or dry shampoo in your hands and run your fingers through your ends the same way you would do with pomade.

Short Chopped Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @scout.hair

#30: Blonde Stacked Bob

Modern very short layered bobs are only highlighted blonde in the crown area. Trying a solid blonde look is okay, but presently we are more into multi-dimensional hair color solutions.

Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @sassybosshair

#31: Flipped Back Haistyle

Innovative stylists bring various hair concepts together to form phenomenal hair art. Synthesizing a stacked short bob haircut with the perfect distribution of choppiness is as masterful as it`s skilled.

Two Tone Choppy Pixie Bob

Instagram / @danilomechas

#32: Shaggy Short Bob

The thought of having to style a bob can be intimidating to anybody with wavy hair. However, applying the right hair product to a finely textured, asymmetrical bob on someone with wavy hair is the only tool needed to reproduce the «shaggy-chic» style on your own at home.

Short Chopped Balayage Bob

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

#33: Short Purple Bob

Nothing puts a signature on your own individual haircut like creating a color formulated for you and only you. Punky colors are applied to pre-lightened hair without the use of peroxide, making the color you see come out of the tube practically the same on your hair. This is a cue for your creative juices to start flowing, and with all the funky color choices available now, you can easily revamp a plain purple into a radiant raspberry.

Layered Purple Balayage Bob

Instagram / @shelbyfromflaird

#34: Side Undercut Short Bob

The new generation of soccer mom haircuts is now being described with phrases like «side undercut» and with unconventional colors such as, blue and purple. Who knew this would ever be possible?! Nothing says hot mom like a gorgeous undercut bob with some spice!

Asymmetrical Bob With Temple Undercut

Instagram / @sarahannmarkel

#35: Inverted Chocolate Bob

Slight asymmetry on an inverted bob with perfect texture is another hair masterpiece that is not easily replicated by an amateur stylist. Asymmetrical styles are often more interesting and fashionable than their classic symmetrical versions.

Short Layered Brunette Bob

Instagram / @sethtobinhair

#36: Bob with Flipped Waves

Bring a soft, romantic style to the otherwise typical short stacked bob with some loose waves. This can be achieved through layering and a large barrel curling iron. Use a light setting spray to maintain the hold all day.

Wavy bob hairstyle

Instagram / @petermenezes

#37: Super Short Bob with Undercut

Sometimes a short bob goes really short, as in the case with the style pictured below. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to maintain, and it’s perfectly refreshing for summer. If you have thick hair, this will not only keep you cool but stay together nicely as well.

Extra short brown blonde bob

Instagram / @vikaspirina

#38: Layered Brunette Bob

This gorgeous short bob haircut is chopped shorter and closer underneath, so hair takes on a signature rounded shape. If you struggle with how to style a short bob, this is a low maintenance option that will basically settle itself into place.

Short layered bob for thick hair

Instagram / @by_mahmutkaratas

#39: Textured Bob for Fine Hair

Any type of hair becomes more breathable with a textured cut. If you deal daily with wild locks, you’ll be happy to learn that bob haircuts follow no rules. When you want to opt for a messy, tousled look, freedom is yours!

Short tousled bob hairstyle

Instagram / @ashleyatimmortal

#40: Wavy Light Brown Bob

If you are wondering how to curl a short bob in trendy messy waves, look no further. The answer is found in a large barreled curling iron and some light (yet strong) setting product. Short hair can still rock romantic waves and curls just like longer locks.

Perhaps you have sported long hair your entire life and you’re ready for a dramatic change. Or maybe you’ve maintained short hair for years and just want more of a relevant style. Whatever your reason, bob haircuts are ideal for warm summer weather as well as year-round. Easy to maintain and still brimming with fashion-forward beauty, a short bob easily becomes regular in lives of women who are busy yet still want to look their best.

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