40 Layered Bob Styles: Modern Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasion

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We wonder if there’s any girl or woman out there who has never tried a bob haircut. With a variety of lengths and finishes, there’s, for sure, a bob that flatters your face and suits your hair type. Modern on-trend bobs opt for layering that works for the increase or reduction of volume and makes the overall look chic and present-day. The other thing is when choosing an appropriate cut, we always think of how we are going to style it. Making a stake on low-maintenance, ease and up-to-date looks, more and more celebrities and bloggers are rocking stylish bob hairstyles with grading, highlights and natural-looking finishes. Why not to follow the examples of the most renowned trend-setters in this matter? Anyway, there’s a full gallery of chic bob styles here with all the modern twists you can imagine. So, feel free to join!

Layered Bob Hairstyles as They Are Today

Nonchalant styles are sported by many red carpet regulars. These days everyone wants to look fresh, rested and as if just from a luxurious resort. Layered bobs offer freedom in the choice of styling solutions: sleek flat styles, slightly tousled and voluminous curly dos are all at your disposal this season.

Chin-grazing and shorter cropped cuts are occupying the leading positions as the most stylish bob versions. These show off cool choppy or fringy edges, fun asymmetry and gorgeous textures. “Demi-bobs” with better length opportunities can be worn both in loose styles and chic updos. The trendiest long bobs of today often feature breathtaking highlights or ombre.

Texturized bobs look fantastic on thin and medium dense hair. Thick straight or curly hair with a bob cut has a risk to settle in a triangular shape that doesn’t look very appealing. Thourougly texturized ends and heavy layering helps to save us from the dreaded triangular. A good option loved by many contemporary women is a graduated or stacked bob with shorter stacked layers at the nape and longer tresses in front. Okay, time for pictures!

#1: Pretty Pale Blonde

If you have thick hair, you don’t really need the dye tricks to make your strands look fuller. Instead a solid color adds a cool touch to your layered bob haircut. The pastel blonde is romantic and whimsical with a bit of toughness; perfect for a woman who is both seductive and sweet.

#2: Modern Blonde Bob

For a layered bob with urban appeal, try a deep side part and long bangs that blend in with the rest of the choppy cut. There are lots of options for styling the layers and helping them stand out. You can use sea salt spray or pomades designed for short hair. Experiment to see what works for you personally.

Blonde Choppy Bob With Highlights

Instagram/ @love.your.hair

#3: Stylishly Wispy Bob

In need of a bob cut that will have you feeling girly and modern at the same time? This bob is mostly all one length, but with some wispy pieces that give it a soft feel. What really pulls the cut together is the swooping hair at the front and the volume in the back.

#4: Layered Purple A-Line

For full-out fun, choose not only a spunky cut but a cheeky color too. Clearly, purple is her “spirit animal.” To find what wild color will look best with your new bob, ask your stylist. They can look at your skin tone and ask you about your wardrobe to help you decide.

#5: Chin Length Bob

This short layered bob is about as easy and carefree as hair can get! If you have naturally straight hair, all you’ll have to do is shake your head to get that tousled look. The blonde midshafts and ends are super cute. Revealed roots aren’t just for long hair.

#6: Half in the Shadow Bob

This bob features short layers—great for anyone who wants to try the all-one length look but also wants a little dimension. The colors are just stunning! From a dark deep purple through orchid fuchsia to white…we’re in love. With dark under layers, the colors gain even more visual interest.

#7: Touchable Easy Wear Bob

Here’s a look that will have you playing with your hair and tossing it back and forth all day. For a cropped cut with expertly done layers, you’ll want to go to the best stylist you can find. Scope out their pictures on Instagram or Facebook to be sure they can do the layered style you’re after.

#8: Tousled Lavender Feathers

So pretty! Layered bob haircuts are definitely having a moment. Remember when young girls rarely went for short hair and the bob was considered more of a “mom” cut? Yeah, well that is no longer. Everyone is experimenting with short hair now, because it’s so freeing. These pink, lavender, soft brown, and blonde colors are worth a try.

Pastel Purple Layered Bob

Instagram/ @sammiiwang

#9: Cute Straight Bob

For a classic bob, go for hair that is slightly longer in the front (near the ears) with side bangs, body in the back, and soft layers. This style gives you endless styling options. For a more modern look, you can part it deeper on the side and add some texture with natural waves or heat-styled crimping.

#10: Wavy Layered Crop

What’s really stylish these days is hair on the opposite ends of the natural spectrum—meaning hair that’s totally unnatural (like wild colors) or that’s completely natural (like this look). To style your new long bob, use a large barrel curling iron randomly throughout and apply a texturizing product to get separation.

#11: Teased Layered Bob

Our favorite layered bob hairstyles make a woman feel like a million bucks. Otherwise, what’s the point? This style is really flattering, and the reason is simple. Volume! It’s so much easier to get body when the hair is short because it’s lighter. So tease your hair sky high and rock it.

#12: Curly Bob with Highlights

For a stunning, dimensional bob, opt for layers that reveal highlights and lowlights. Because of the beautiful colors, these curls are more like swirls. Curl the bottom layer under, and the top and middle layers in alternating directions for a gorgeous, feminine style.

#13: Silver Blue Curly Bob

The silver trend is hot right now. It looks most flattering when it’s not really gray, but more silver-blue or silver-periwinkle. Bobs are a great option for pale hair colors because they make the maintenance way less work. Plus, a uniquely colored bob is a city-chic style in its own right.

#14: Layered Bob with Long Bangs

Who doesn’t love a short layered bob? It’s sophisticated, sassy, and flattering. Not to mention super easy to style. After washing, use a medium barrel round brush to blow dry hair with a soft under curl. Then you can use a straightener to perfect the bang pieces.

#15: Chic Piecey Bob

When you have dark hair and want to try blonde, this is the safest bet: fine highlights that don’t attempt to mask your base color. To style a cute bob with layers, use a straightener to flip some ends down and others straight out. Then apply a texturizing mouse to hold the pieces in place.

#16: Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Umm…yes! An asymmetrical cropped cut with spiral curls and choppy layers wins every time. But when you add cool purple roots and platinum ends? Well, that just takes the haircut to a whole other level. Trust us, you will have so much fun styling these layers every morning!

#17: Layered Bob for Thick Hair

It’s notoriously difficult for women with thick hair to get a short haircut that looks great (and not like a triangle) but layered bob haircuts make it just a tad bit easier to achieve. Be sure to tell your stylist about your thick hair concerns, and let her know you need lots and lots of layers just like this cut.

#18: Modern Textured Bob

The cutest way to style a modern bob is to create a side part that hides a part of your face and one ear. Then on the other side, tuck some hair behind the ear so the ear peaks through. Even if you plan it perfectly, it will still come across like you’re not trying too hard. Especially when you style the hair in imperfect waves.

#19: Curly Bob with Cool Toned Highlights

This gorgeous bob has chunky layers and blunt-cut ends for a cool, modern style. The ashy tone of the blonde and brown balayage highlights is undeniably on-point. When you have cool toned hair, it’s best to mirror that in your makeup too. The berry lip and gray shadow create a lovely combo with the colors of the curls.

Black Wavy Bob With Subtle Highlights

Instagram/ @salon_sessions

#20: Pretty Layered Bob

Layered bobs can be as simple and easy as you want them to be. While it’s fun to experiment with different colors and styles, rocking your natural color and texture is cool too. The whole point is that this haircut is your style, so while you won’t need to do much every morning, you will need to get trims every three or four weeks.

#21: Wavy Layered Bob

This adorable look features cute short waves and a warm, cinnamon-honey color that would be nothing short of life changing for anyone with brown or red hair. Women with naturally wavy hair will have a haircut that is as close to wake-up-and-go as possible.

#22: Posh and Pearlescent

Have you ever looked at a black pearl and noticed that it is black in some places and silver in others? Depending on the light and the angle, it can look different every time you see it. That is the color inspiration for this truly unique hair color that alternates between shades of silver, gray and blue. Since this style is so exclusive, keep everything else neutral to have the focus on your strands.

#23: Dark and Dramatic

If you were obsessed with Rooney Mara’s striking black hair in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you will appreciate this medium haircut with a long side bang. The choppy layers in the back and the cropped section above the ear are edgy. Pair with dark eye makeup to really enhance the dramatic flair of the look.

#24: Sophisticated Soft Layers

Here is an image with a perfect cute chin-length haircut for teens who want to try a classy adult look. It’s still youthful, but the face-framing layers are more polished than the standard high school haircut. The sleek cut is the perfect option for a young lady entering her first year in college.

#25: Temple Undercut

Give layered bobs a boost with a buzzed section. Such bobs are more versatile than many think because you can easily hide your undercut simply by wearing your hair out. But, if you ever want to show it off, just tuck your hair behind your ear or wear an updo.

#26: Shaggy Side-Part

When it comes to an effortless and casual hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with loose waves. They are sexy and sassy, but easy to maintain, so it doesn’t look like you are overdone or trying too hard. It is an ideal look for a woman who is contemporary, but she doesn’t want to spend too much time prepping.

#27: Wild White Pearl

Layered bob hairstyles like this one draw inspiration from a white pearl. In the same way that a pearl can look purple, green and silver, this cut combines all those shades for an ethereal and mystical hairdo.

#28: Editor Approved Edge

Kahlana Barfield is one of the most well-known editors in New York, and it’s easy to see why. Her signature choppy bob is silky with just the right amount of texture. Bold purple lips give a pop of color, while remaining edgy.

#29: Swirl of Curls

Curls are a great way to incorporate texture and play with different hues within your layered bob. The tight coils create a wave-like pattern and the dyed tips of the layers filter the colors throughout the entire cut. It’s unique and polished at the same time.

#30: Auburn in Autumn

Fall leaves are inspiring with their change to vibrant shades of red and orange. You can see their influence in the latest fashion trends, but how about a new hair color for your short bob? A bright and rich auburn hue will pair well with a quirky yet stylish headpiece made of autumn leaves.

#31: Purple Passion

Some might believe that if you have dark hair, highlights in a similar color might not show up or make an insignificant impact—that notion would be wrong. Purple is a great accent color for black hair because it complements it and blends well, but still makes a statement.

#32: Shades of Blonde

One of the easiest ways to create depth and dimension within a layered bob for thin hair is to use different shades of the same color. The honey hue underneath the wheat blonde helps hair to look thicker in the back. The platinum around the face brightens it and makes it look more youthful.

#33: Follow the Extremes

There’s a lot that makes this style eye-catching, but the first thing that grabs you in is the bold orange color. Outside of the vibrant hue, there is also a cool inverted cut with bangs and edgy, tousled waves to really set it apart from the rest.

#34: Asymmetrical Angled Bob

Instead of a fully layered cut, how about just one layer (or two if you count the bangs)? The asymmetrical haircut has the same effect as traditional layers, it lengthens and slims round faces, plus this one looks unique and edgy.

#35: Raven and Red

If you want to experiment with color in a unique way, why not to try the two-toned style, presented in this picture. For black women who want to protect their hair, or are nervous about committing to such a bold color, weave or wigs are a viable option.

#36: Medium Middle Part

Busy business women should stick with classic, no-fuss cuts to make it easier to get ready in the morning. A bob with a middle part and minimal layers is a no brainer, and it’s flattering for many different face shapes and hair textures.

#37: Wavy, Messy and Sexy

Everyone is obsessed with the understated and chic nature of French beauty. This layered bob haircut is modern, fun and with a certain je nais se quoi. The gilded eye shadow and glossy red lips both lend a sophisticated touch; ideal for a fashionable Francophile.

#38: Bold in Blue

No Smurfs here; just a straight asymmetrical hairdo in a ‘notice me’ blue hue. It’s sleek and cheeky, but still has an air of maturity to it. Make sure to style it with subtle make up like winged eyeliner and nude lips. Ladies who gravitate towards sassy styles that are current and cutting-edge will enjoy this.

#39: Windblown Layers

Seeking a style for fine hair? Try this unexpected take on a short layered cut. It looks as though you are walking through a wind tunnel with maximum movement within your strands. Make sure to use tons of hairspray to make it stay.

#40: Mellow Yellow

Red hair is bright on its own, and sometimes blonde highlights can get lost in the mix. Choose yellow accents instead, as a more vibrant option to spice up your layered bob hairstyle. It pops beautifully, with that artsy creative flair.

Well, as you see, there’s no type of hair or face shape that can’t find its ideal bob match. If you’ve spotted a picture here that inspires you, take it to a good stylist and make a little (or big) upgrade of your hairstyle. Good luck!

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