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Updated on July 20, 2021

Getting a good haircut makes us feel confident and empowered. Things can be easy when you have already found the salon and hairstylist you can entrust your tresses to. However, if you are not satisfied with your do or contemplate change, you might be asking yourself lots of questions.

  • How should I cut my hair?
  • How do I find a good hairstylist for a cut?
  • What hair length will suit me best?
  • How to get a haircut consultation and what questions to ask?

You will find the answers to these questions below, as we are sharing 10 commandments of getting a perfect haircut.

1. Take Time to Find a Great Stylist

If you have not found a good stylist yet, it is high time to do it. It’s always a significant risk to entrust your hair to a new hairdresser, especially if you need a consultation, want to change your style, or contemplate cutting your long hair short.

Here are a few ways to find a good specialist for a hair job:

  • First of all, search for a hair salon with some excellent reviews. A great hair salon will most often showcase their work on Instagram or Facebook, so this is where you should go to see the samples of the salon hair cutting and know what kind of hair treatments they specialize in. Good salons carefully select experts they employ and will definitely recommend a professional to cut your hair. Here is also where you will see if the salon cares about vegan products and sustainability.
  • Mind that if you like a salon, you will be visiting it for a long time for regular trims. This is why a good idea is to start with the places to get a haircut near you. See if they have already earned a good reputation online or ask your neighbors if they have ever had a cut at that place.
  • Ask neighbors, relatives, friends, or coworkers, whose cut your like, where they get their hair done. You can even ask a stranger with a lovely salon hairstyle where she gets her hair cut. Still, do not forget that people have different kinds of hair, so it’s better to refer to women whose hair type is similar to yours.

As you are researching the salons’ profiles or asking for a referral, pay attention to whether professionals give haircare and haircut advice and if they pay attention to long-term health of your locks. Needless to say, choose the ones that do.

Hair Stylist Cutting Hair

Pexels / cottonbro

2. Research Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Shape

Thinking about a new haircut, you would definitely like to know what hairstyle suits you. Experts believe that the shape of your face is a crucial point here. To understand what shape your face is, look at the mirror and outline your face’s contour on it with a piece of soap or lipstick. Take your hair off your face and make sure you do not contour it too. Eventually, you should be able to see whether your face is round, prolonged, square, or heart-shaped and thus focus on how to choose a haircut for your face shape.

The overarching rule is to go for a cut that will make it look more oval. For example, you might want to go for edgy side bands to elongate your round face and get rid of its excessive softness. Or, get a shaggy layered bob recommended for square faces.

Woman Getting Her Hair Cut and Styled at a Salon

freepik / Racool_studio

3. Consider Your Character and Lifestyle

The right haircut can change the impression you make, as the way our haircut looks, how it is set and its overall condition can tell a lot about us. Would you like to look serious, a bit edgy, or maybe 10 years younger? You should take into account that every haircut has its own character that will influence your image for sure. If you are a low-key kind of girl, the daring super-short pixie cut is not your style; you won’t feel comfortable with it.

When choosing a haircut, it’s also essential to find the one that fits your lifestyle. The best haircut for you will differ depending on whether you are a mom on maternity leave, a bank officer that has to follow a strict dress code or a creative designer people look up to for style inspiration. Be sure to tell your stylist more about yourself before getting a trim.

4. Search for Inspiration

If you don’t know what haircut to get, start by browsing the best haircuts for women of your age, hair type or face shape. This is what The Right Hairstyles can really help you with. Pin all the styles that click for you to compare the variants or show them to your stylist to know if this cut will look the right way on you.

Another idea is to try one of the free online questionnaires. All you will have to do is to upload your photo and fill out the online form, answering simple questions about your face shape, complexion, eye color, hair color, texture, density, current and desired length, and other points. After the questionnaire is done, you will be suggested several female haircuts that suit you best. You might be able to choose the hairstyle you like from among the suggested options.

Website with Ideas for Those Who Don’t Know What Haircut to Get

5. Learn to Talk About It

Sometimes, the ability to communicate well is the best way to get a haircut you want. Unfortunately, many women don’t know how to describe hairstyles they like to their stylists. So, before you go to cut hair in a salon, learn some important haircut terms that will help you “speak one language” with your hairdresser and get ready to show images of the cuts that you like.

Mind that your hairdo can turn ugly not because it was cut the wrong way, but because you do not style it right. This is why it is imperative to ask your stylist what to do with your hair at home. A new haircut may leave you at a loss, so better make a list of what you want to ask when getting a haircut. Also, don’t take product advice as the way to sell you something: the impact of using the right hair products on your hairstyle cannot be overestimated.

Woman Describing Hairstyle to Her Stylist

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6. Consider Styling Time

Cutting hair off isn’t enough to look beautiful. A good hairstylist cut demands correct styling. Professional stylists can do sleek-looking strands, blowouts, bouncy curls, and other sophisticated dos. But you don’t have a personal home hairdresser to style hair for you every day, do you?

Then, before choosing a definite haircut, make sure that you will be able to style your hair and you are ok with making it your daily routine. Consider how much maintenance a haircut requires and be frank about how long you style your hair now. Usually, we don’t have much time to wash and dry hair or create complicated hairdos in the mornings. If you do not use heat tools to set your hair, you’d better choose a haircut that doesn’t demand it.

Woman Getting Her Hair Styled by a Hairdresser

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7. Think About How It Will Grow Out

Hair grows, and your perfect cut may soon look messy and disorderly. Before choosing a haircut, think about how it grows out and how frequently you will have to refresh it.

Whatever haircut you choose, you should keep in mind that your new look will demand long-term maintenance. Are you planning to get a bang cut and color your hair? We love the idea, but you should be ready for frequent visits to the salon for touch-ups. And if one day you decide to change your hairstyle, it will take your time and patience.

8. If You Hesitate About Bangs, Go for Longer Ones

Are you still shilly shallying over which haircut to choose or not sure it will match your appearance? Then don’t make radical changes and opt for longer haircuts. If you don’t like the result, you can easily change your haircut, and the stress won’t be so painful.

Regrowing or styling your bangs is also easier if you opt for elongated feathered fringes. If you haven’t had any bangs before, better start with this one to be satisfied with your cut. You can always go shorter when you get used to it.

Happy Woman with a Long Bangs Cut

Pexels / Lucas Pezeta

9. Get a Haircut Consultation

Another thing that will help you get a good haircut is having a professional haircut consultation first. You can ask for one or just order a hair dry to communicate with a stylist and see if you feel comfortable. Bring some photos with a desirable hairstyle to help the hairdresser understand your preferences. But don’t be disappointed if a trendy haircut you have chosen from Pinterest or Instagram will be rejected. Not every trend is suitable for your appearance and some may be already criminally outdated.

A good stylist will take into account all peculiarities of your appearance and individuality: the shape of your face, age, character, and even job and offer several haircut suggestions.

Woman Getting a Blowout and a Haircut Consultation

freepik / gpointstudio

10. Stay Positive

Don’t be afraid of cutting your hair off. If you feel stressed, your stylist may feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to do his best job. The same thing will happen if you are too assertive. Thus, the main piece of advice for you is to stay positive. You perfectly know that your hair grows back. So, even if something goes wrong, this experiment will help you find your best hairstyle.

Use these tips to choose the haircut that would suit you the best. We do hope that you find the right hairstyle that will become an essential part of your image, will help you express your inner world, and will favorably emphasize your features.

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