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Kaleena Stroud
Updated on February 23, 2024

Some trends make waves and stick around for decades to come, eventually becoming a classic (think Marilyn Monroe’s soft blonde curls). Other hair trends bulldozed their way into the public’s eye and became a craze that every woman had to try — and although it may not be so hip anymore we think back to it in a lovingly nostalgic way (like Jennifer Aniston’s sleek hair aptly called “The Rachel” from Friends, anyone? Or just me?).

And yet some hairstyles deserve to be left in the dust. From the mullet to the 80s perm, we hope some trends don’t circle back around. But we must admit, even 2018 gave us some fashion trends we won’t shed a tear over as we turn a new leaf this year.

10 Hair Trends We Left (+ 2019 Alternatives)

From pastel-colored hair to rainbow locks, 2018 was the year of the brave and beautiful. Bold hair colors and styles were no longer just for the daring. For the more reserved women, 2018 was the year of experimenting with balayage highlights, bright blonde tones and big, bodacious braids. And so while we await even better things to come next year, here we bid adieu to 10 hair trends we left behind.

1. Pastel Strands and Dip-Dyed Hair

Single strands of chalk-colored hair and dip-dyed ends were like dipping your toes into the colored-hair trend without the commitment. Brands of temporary dyes hit the shelves, offering lukewarm options into the world of vibrant hair that has now created a huge splash in the fashion world. So why do we want to see it go? It was not brave enough and once faded had the essence of a 3rd grader’s art project.

What we’ll see in 2019: Vibrant colors from root to ends.

Blonde Hair With Dip Dye


2. Gray Hair

Gray hair was rocked by everyone from Pink to Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lawrence. It was daring and new and 2018 embraced it. But was it flattering? Absolutely not. Now don’t get me wrong, natural gray hair is gorgeous! It boasts silver strands and, when embraced with grace, is wonderful. Artificial gray hair, on the other hand, is hard to pull off because of the lackluster tones that only age the complexion — even as we try so hard to keep our looks youthful and vibrant.

What we’ll see in 2019: Metallic silver hair, purple-gray tones, shine.

Grey Ombre Hair


3. Pinks and Purples

If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you? That phrase rings in my head when I think of the two colors that stormed through 2018: pastel pinks and purples. Soft and feminine, they were two wonderful colors to make headway into the bold hair color trend. However, once everyone has begun to sport the same colors, it quickly becomes flavorless. Pink and purple don’t need to fade into the background, but they need to make room for the rest of the rainbow. Hello, ROY G BIV!

What we’ll see in 2019: More blues, greens, and variation.

Pink And Purple Hair


4. Ombre

Most people left ombre in 2015 but somehow, someway it’s remained relevant. The easy, effortless look has evolved into many different hair trends such as balayage and other hand-painting techniques. So we thank ombre for being the first of its kind but we are happy to see the outdated look of harsh lines between dark brunette to light blonde left behind in 2018. And while the natural look is still subtly sultry, it deserves a big, fat new-year new-me resolution.

What we’ll see in 2019: More balayage and hand-painting techniques.

Strawberry Blonde Hair


5. Snow White Blonde

Getting your hair as bright and blonde as possible became a huge trend, almost evolving into a global challenge to not have a speck of yellow tone in your hair. And while certainly an enchanting tone to have, it doesn’t suit everyone’s complexion. I mean, we can’t all look like Daenerys Targaryen! Not only can it wash out those with warm skin tones, bleaching and toning your hair constantly in order to maintain such a color is extremely damaging to your lovely locks. So let’s make a pact to choose platinum blondes according to what suits our skin tones.

What we’ll see in 2019: Champagne tones.

Platinum Blonde Hair


6. Glitter Parts

With the coming of extreme colors came extreme glitters and women began to hand paint the parts within their hairstyles with glitter glue concoctions. Appropriate for a music festival or two but difficult to wash out the next day and pretty easy to say goodbye to in the coming year.

What we’ll see in 2019: Accessorizing with hair ribbons.

Long Braid With Glitter


7. Space Buns

Space buns dominated Coachella, and Coachella always dominates the next season’s trending fashions. But space buns are the type of hairstyle that seems cute at the time but you eventually would be way too embarrassed to show to your children in a photo some years down the line.

What we’ll see in 2019: High, sleek ponytails.

Purple Space Buns


8. Impossible Braids

From the double dutch made famous by Kylie Jenner to Instagram braids looking perfect thanks to hair extensions and hours spent in front of the mirror, these braids were hard to master and made practically unattainable to fine-haired women. Braids have always been and probably will always be a fun and cute hairstyle but we shouldn’t feel bad when our hair just doesn’t match up to those picture-worthy hair-dos littering social media.

What we’ll see in 2019: Simple braids.

Braided Half Updo


9. Rainbow Roots

Another impossible trend to upkeep and maintain, rainbow roots and peek-a-boo colors had its 5 minutes of fame. But once any amount of root grows in, the entire look is out the window. And while it’s okay to experiment, there are easier ways to do so.

What we’ll see in 2019: Marble hair.

Medium Hair With Rainbow Roots


10. Lightening Your Own Hair

In order to have colored hair, you first need to bleach it for the color to take to the strands. The lighter the blonde, the more vibrant colors you could have. Consequently, people began to bleach their own hair in order to get those trendy looks at home. Any hairdresser will tell you that bleaching is something that should only be done by a professional. It requires care, time and haircare knowledge if you don’t want to damage your hair to a state that takes years to nourish back to health. The good news is it’s not so difficult to go to a salon and gradually make your hair transition the right way!

Brunette To Blonde Transformation


It’s important to remember that trends come and go. At the end of the day, you are the boss of your own style so if you’re still digging some of these trends, feel free to toss this list to the wind! Your hair should reflect your personality and bring out your most confident self. So whether you change colors with the tide or have had the same hair color since your teen years, we’re just here to help bring in next year’s exciting trends.

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