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Updated on December 14, 2022
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Get ready to be wowed by these amazing options of pink hair. This color is really on trend right now, and, after all, what girl doesn’t like pink? There are so many pretty pink shades! Take a look at these inspiring and unique pink hairstyles, and, who knows, maybe you’ll find your ideal hair color to try while it’s all the rage.

Pink Hairstyles That Are Trendy Now

Well, some of these looks are funky, while others are rather exquisite and can be pulled by anyone who desires a creative but appropriate-looking hair color on the base of their natural hair shade. The latter include subtle rosewood, strawberry blonde or pastel pink hair color ideas. However, dark pink hair and different color combinations of pink with gray, purple or black are amazing too. Choose your next look from the variants below!

1. Pink Balayage on Natural Brown Hair

Modern Pink Balayage with Framing Highlights

Instagram / @kaansayar1

This lady focused a warm shade of pink on the ends to create an awesome look. Soft pink highlights produce a dynamic effect for this gorgeous hairstyle, and the face-framing streaks enormously flatter her beautiful skin tone.

2. Rose Gold Hair to Turn Heads

This rich mane boasts a multitude of rose gold shades paired with loose waves to create a mind-blowing combination, while dark roots provide a cool but not harsh contrast. A perfect solution for long hair that doesn’t want to look plain.

Rose Gold Hair with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @georgeeblancoo

3. A Long Shag Cut with Pink Highlights

Without any doubt, the cream blonde base and berry pink face-framing ribbons create a stunning look. The hues work well together on a long shaggy haircut with curtain bangs.

4. A Hot Combination

Be a queen on the scene with this out-of-this-world hairdo. The pastel pink base smoothly melts into the deep pink that abruptly transitions into the contrasting black on the tips. What makes this hair even more amazing is that the unusual color transitions are emphasized by waves.

Pastel into Dark Pink Fade with Black Dip Dye

Instagram / @hair_slayerz

5. Rosé Crop

We fell in love with this rosé crop that looks daring and feminine at the same time. An excellent choice for self-confident women who know what they want in this life.

Pastel Pink Short Pixie Cut

Instagram / @stepthebarber

6. Pink Champagne for a Princess

Beautiful strands of long shiny hair fall down the back like a waterfall, and hues of pink champagne enhance the fairy-tale-like feel of this ethereal hairstyle. Go either perfectly straight or wavy, this color hits the mark in both cases.

Pink Hair Straight vs Curled

Instagram / @mariahthestylistt

7. Feminine Lowlights

If you want to add a romantic vibe to your sandy blonde, look no further. Blush pink lowlights combined with messy waves are everything you need to upgrade your style.

Blonde Bob with Blush Pink Highlights

Instagram / @craftyourhair

8. Marvelous Strawberry Hues

Just have a look at this stunning mixture of strawberry hues on long hair. We particularly love the elaborate transition from darker roots to light pink ends the stylist managed to achieve. Side parting helps to create an ultra-feminine look by enhancing the hair’s volume.

9. Icy Pink Lob

If you want to change your hair color without compromising a classical look, go for icy pink, as this subtle shade of pink is very close to platinum blonde. Paired with messy waves, light pink color is what you need to totally transform your usual lob.

Very Pale Pink Hair Color

Instagram / @rossmichaelssalon

10. Hot Pink Highlights

Vibrant pink strands on a dark brown base look absolutely amazing! Pay attention to how beautifully hot pink highlights frame the face, flattering the girl’s tan. Steal this idea if you want to get a beachy look with a touch of pink for the next hot season.

Dark Pink Color Underneath and Framing the Face

Instagram / @jenghair

11. Luscious Berry Pink

Do you love berry ice cream? If yes, here’s a perfect example inspired by your favorite dessert – a delicious color blend you’ll definitely want to try!

Long Berry Pink Hair

Instagram / @msnataliejean

12. Blush Pink Bob

This blush pink messy bob is just a variation of the iconic sexy blondes, but the subtle strawberry shade makes it stand out. Great, isn’t it? Steal this idea to refresh your blonde look.

Blush Pink Bob

Instagram / @seolahair

13. Pink Ringlets

Go no further if you’re a curly hair owner who’s looking for a sophisticated solution that can provide a queen-of-style vibe. Curls and color can create a winning combo that is certain to make your hair look more interesting. Pastel hues of strawberry pink go exceptionally well with the tight curls, don’t they?

14. Purple & Pink Balayage

This is a great example of a dark hair color working well with hot pink and purple balayage. The deep and vibrant pink shade smoothly transitions into jet black with just a few touches of purple here and there. It keeps the overall look fresh and saturated and makes sense with the darker colored roots.

Black Hair with Dark Pink Ombre and Tints of Purple

Instagram / @rwhair_

15. Flamingo Pink

Shine bright with this perfect blend of flamingo pink and vanilla blonde. An excellent choice for girls with blue eyes and fair skin, what can we say. And yes, this lovely I-woke-up-like-this hairstyle helps create the right vibe.

16. Dragon Fruit Pink

Check this adorable pink hair color. We love multiple hues of pink that create dimension, and together with loose waves make this hair look more dynamic.

Pink Hair with Purple Lowlights

Instagram / @georgeeblancoo

17. Bubblegum Pink Highlights

Could you ever imagine that deep red and bubblegum pink go so well together? A great choice for long straight hair, indeed. Due to the sharp contrast, the pink pieces draw all the attention to the girl’s young and beautiful face.

Long Dark Red Hair with Pink Face-Framing Streaks

Instagram / @lizzvargashair

18. Rock Star Pink

This charming lady has gone for a breathtaking pink and blonde balayage and apparently made the right choice. Although this pink hue looks sweet like a candy, the messy ‘do reveals a woman with a strong character. So, if you feel this rock star vibe, do steal this look.

19. Subtle Rose Gold Bottom

While most two-tone hair ideas are all about a darker bottom and a lighter top, you can always go against the grain and do the exact opposite. For instance, try mixing a brunette top with a subtle rose bottom like this girl.

Pink Pick a Boo Highlights

Instagram / @hairloungenyc

20. Magical Magenta

Deep, vibrant magenta shade is exactly what you need if your mission is to turn heads! Shiny waves and dark roots create dimension and movement. You’ll feel like a queen with this rich shade of pink, without any doubt!

Magenta Locks with Natural Roots

Instagram / @makeupbyfrances

21. Straight Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

Pink highlights are one of the easiest ways to turn a classic hairstyle into a trendy one. Out of all the pink hair color solutions, some washed-out pink streaks on your natural hair color are a top-rated idea. This style doesn’t look childish or Barbie-like, as it might happen with other pink hair colors.

Brown Bob with Pink Balayage Ombre

Instagram / @hair_phlip

22. Dare to be Different

Check out this beautiful orange, purple, and cotton candy pink hair. The colors are light and of pastel nature, so they actually work well together. Play up the multi-dimensional strands with braids like it’s shown here.

Side Braid Hairstyle for Pastel Pink Hair

Instagram / @tomsmithhd

23. Red Hair with Pink Highlights

There are countless options of pink hairstyles with pinks varying from pastels to almost reds. Her dye job boasts a perfect fade. Soft pink ends and very thin copper highlights are added to lighten up the dark red, burgundy base.

Burgundy to Pink Ombre Bob

Instagram /

24. Dark Brown Hair with Fuchsia Highlights

It is something that will work on almost any hair length, but it looks particularly beautiful in this angled lob. The fuchsia pops fantastically against the dark base.

Angled Lob with Pink Balayage

Instagram / @foxandjane

25. Reddish Brown Bob with Pink Streaks

Pink highlights work well as accent pieces with a reddish-brown base. Her striking dye job also embraces a beautiful caramel balayage. It may sound like a lot of colors for one head of hair, but it is still cohesive.

Caramel and Pink Highlights for Brown Hair

Instagram/ @larisadoll

26. Bob with Salmon Pink Highlights

When we think about pink hair, we are likely to imagine cool shades like cotton candy and bubble gum. However, you should also remember the warmer options like coral and salmon. These warm hues are flattering against golden blondes and light warm browns. Her medium blonde bob with warm pink streaks is something you can use for inspiration.

Pastel Pink Highlights for Golden Blonde Bob

Instagram/ @katierosehair

27. Fairy’s Dream

These curly locks are effortless and carefree. The pastel shade is the finishing touch to make this hairstyle absolutely gorgeous!

Medium Pastel Pink Ombre

Instagram/ @beautybystacey_

28. Blonde Hair with Reddish Pink Highlights

Check out those colors. They look like a beautiful sunset thanks to the mix of golden blonde, muted brown, white blonde and reddish pink. The long, soft waves are the best texture for romantic highlights.

Pink and Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Instagram/ @alix_maya

29. Sweet Sherbert

These silky straight strands are ice-cream colored – all they need is a cherry on top. Indulge in this heavenly peachy pink hue from roots to tips and throw a scattering of subtle lowlights into the mix for a dimensional effect. Such a hair color has incredible allure!

30. Brown Base with Strawberry Pink Highlights

Not all pink highlights are bold and bright. Her gorgeous hairstyle shows how to work pink into your hair for a more natural effect. Strawberry and soft coral streaks are added to medium brown hair. The result is something anyone can pull off.

Rose and Burgundy Highlights for Brown Hair

Instagram/ @katierosehair

31. Light Blonde and Bright Pink Hair

Neon pink highlights like these would pop against any hair color. However, the pink appears even brighter when it’s set off with platinum blonde hair. Mix chunky and thin highlights for a personalized look.

32. Ripple Effect of Pastel Pink Highlights

This long, sassy hairstyle features pale pink beachy waves that look great on brown hair. As you see, pink pastel hair shade doesn’t have to be a solid color. The roots can be your natural brown hair color and the ends would be teased with some delicate peach undertones. Pink ombre highlights are brushed on softly so there isn’t a harsh line but more of a soft blur where the two colors meet.

Brown Hair with Pastel Pink Ombre Highlights

Instagram/ @garrbarr

33. Strawberry Dream

Pastel pink hair dye can be an upgrade idea for light blonde strands if you want to achieve a gorgeous, creamy hue. These locks look like candy, so sweet, pretty and unique they are. If you want to know how to get sweet pink hair you will want to see a professional colorist who knows how to lighten your hair as much as possible before applying any permanent or temporary pastel pink color.

34. Hot Pink Short Hair with White Highlights

Bright white and neon pink are two very different colors, but they work very nicely together. The pure white cools down the hot brightness of this neon pink. And when the shades blend together, they create a pretty mix of hot and icy.

Pink Wavy Bob with Platinum Highlights

Instagram/ @choptopskc

35. Light Brown Base with Pink

The pink-purple in this hairstyle is so subtle that you almost don’t notice it. The colorist has chosen muted pink highlights that blend with the medium brown base flawlessly. If you want to try a colorful look but keep it on the conservative side, this is how you do it.

Brown Hair with Subtle Purple Balayage

Instagram/ @hairbynoora

36. Brown Hair with Pink Tinted Ends

Washed out pinks are perfect for romantic looks. You can blend them with medium brown or blonde hair. And even if you are a brunette you can embrace subdued pinks blending them through chestnut browns.

37. Beautiful Purple Fade

Purple and pastel pink hair color swirl and melt together fantastically in this sweet hairstyle. Even though the hair is cut medium length, you still have enough length for an awesome ombre effect from dark roots to light ends.

38. Brown Hair with Warm Pink Highlights

Black hair with pink highlights is a cool idea, but if you don’t want that much of a contrast, brown and pink hair will be just as stunning. You can mix ombre and balayage in one look for a unique touch on the pink hair trend.

Brown and Pink Balayage Ombre Hair

Instagram / @pinupjordan

39. Fun Color Dip

Take a look at this hot style. The medium toned blonde strands look like they took a dip in a pool of pink milk shake! The pastel pink hair has pretty softness to it. This look is really on trend and best for younger girls looking for something fun and different.

Pastel Pink Dip Dye for Blonde Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

40. Candy Colored Locks

Try out this yummy color that looks good enough to eat! Cotton candy pink strands glow in the sunlight and appear super fun. The pastel pink hair is done amazingly: there are strands that look almost white in the front bang area and there are light brown underparts.

Pastel Pink Hair with White Highlights and Brown Lowlights

Instagram / @stephhstyles

Now that we’ve proven the point that pink hair color is awesome, we know that you don’t have to stick to just to blonde, black, red, or brown anymore. Shades of pink are ultra-feminine, and rosy hues do really complement most skin tones. So what are you waiting for? Give pink hair a try!

Modern Pink Balayage with Framing Highlights Rose Gold Hair with Shadow Roots Blonde Hair with Pink E-Girl Streaks Pastel into Dark Pink Fade with Black Dip Dye Pastel Pink Short Pixie Cut Pink Hair Straight vs Curled Blonde Bob with Blush Pink Highlights Dimensional Pink and Peach Hair Color Very Pale Pink Hair Color Dark Pink Color Underneath and Framing the Face Long Berry Pink Hair Blush Pink Bob Dimensional Pink Curly Hair Black Hair with Dark Pink Ombre and Tints of Purple Long Bob Colored Peachy Pink Pink Hair with Purple Lowlights Long Dark Red Hair with Pink Face-Framing Streaks Bold Pastel Pink Look Pink Pick a Boo Highlights Magenta Locks with Natural Roots Brown Bob with Pink Balayage Ombre Side Braid Hairstyle for Pastel Pink Hair Burgundy to Pink Ombre Bob Angled Lob with Pink Balayage Caramel and Pink Highlights for Brown Hair Pastel Pink Highlights for Golden Blonde Bob Medium Pastel Pink Ombre Pink and Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair Pastel Peachy Pink Hair with Lowlights Rose and Burgundy Highlights for Brown Hair Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights Brown Hair with Pastel Pink Ombre Highlights Creamy Blonde Hair Color with Pastel Pink Roots Pink Wavy Bob with Platinum Highlights Brown Hair with Subtle Purple Balayage Washed Out Pink Balayage Highlights Brown Hair with Rosewood Highlights Brown and Pink Balayage Ombre Hair Pastel Pink Dip Dye for Blonde Hair Pastel Pink Hair with White Highlights and Brown Lowlights
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