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Updated on March 08, 2021

Got medium to long hair? Looking for a style that’s both super feminine and ultra-contemporary? What can you do, after you’ve tried out different types of curls, chignons, and braids? You can dye your hair, of course! And since you’re young, fun, and bold, you’re going to want a look that says all that. Nothing does it better than a pink ombre. Here is a selection of the best ombre variations in the girliest color you can think of!

Pink Ombre

In most versions it looks funky and provocative, but you can certainly go for softer and subtle hues to create a romantic, ethereal look. View our gallery and pin the ideas you like the most!

1. From Black to Pink

The pink ends of these waves look like the tongues of flame. Black hair is a good base for the bright pink accentuation. If you want to enhance the contrast even more, introduce the greenish shade. Green and red (or pink) are the colors that enhance each other.

2. Pretty in Pink… and Red

Some color ‘experts’ will argue that red and pink is a mismatch. However, in reality, this was the royal combination of hues, in the times of yore. Only kings were allowed to be seen wearing it. Nowadays, styles like this one, or its red to pink ombre alternatives, are likely to make any woman feel like a queen.

3. Electrifying Pink Purple Combo

For a bold reverse ombre, throw in a cool shade of purple, which will perfectly offset the hotter-than-hot magenta pink of the top section. What is a better way to make this kind of style truly stand out? Well, curling it with an iron at the tips?

4. Cotton Candy Colors: Blonde to Pink Ombre

So you’ve got very long, sleek blonde hair? Chances are you’re also toned, tanned and ready to make a statement with something mind-blowing in your looks. Time to make a bold move, then. Dip-dye your hair with a bold hue. Go all out, with a flamingo pink shade like the model in the photo. You’ll shine!

5. Short, Sweet and Subtle Ombre

So far, our examples have all been about long, flowing locks. You might be tempted to believe that a girl sporting a pixie or a bob cut has no place trying to make this look work. Luckily, as this cute model proves, you’d be wrong. We’re especially fond of the cool tones of pink and the complimenting strawberry blonde shade she’s chosen for her style.

6. Sassy Blonde to Sugary Pink

Speaking of lush manes, check out what you can do with some ample curls, framing your face in platinum blonde and light pink. This is a guaranteed superstar look that can be recommended for women with naturally blonde hair. You can also try it out if you’ve just bleached your locks and they look healthy enough to go on with your color experiments.

7. Perfect Pastel Pink Ombre Hair

This exciting style is not about the shocking shades of fuchsia and magenta. If you want to make a statement with your long, wavy hair, but would rather keep it subtle, here’s a thought. Opt for a more subdued, muted hue of lilac. You will look like a perpetually blooming spring flower.

8. Angelic Blonde to Soft Pink

Ombre hair can work amazingly well if your locks have been cut into a layered style. As long as the pink tones complement the way in which your hair layers naturally fall down on your shoulders, you’ll be safe—not to mention stunning.

9. Smooth Blonde And Pink Tresses

It might be true that blondes get all the fun, but girls with pink locks do have their fair share of excitement, too. For this style, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve got wavy or straight hair, or even if you like to alternate between the two. Note that the model has also grazed her parting with the pink hue and added some subtle pink highlights to the middle section of her hair.

10. Alice in Gradient Land: Brown to Pink Ombre

Few things are cuter than an ombre look with bangs. In fact, most DYI tutorials recommend that you skip dying that part of your hair. However, if you do go an extra-mile, like this model with a long blunt fringe did, it’ll be worth it. The dyed bangs in this pink ombre look act like the main attraction that also greatly enhances the overall effect.

11. Dark to Punk Pink

Long, straight strands are perfect for showcasing a mix of daring colors. Do take into account that prepping naturally black hair requires more time, effort, patience, and peroxide to achieve a successful ombre result. However, the electric pink tips will create a beautiful counterpoint to the upper part of the hair, which will make all this work fully worth it.

12. Flamingo in the Night: Dark to Light Ombre

This is another dramatic brunette-to-pink hair gradient. What makes it one? The sharp transition of colors, that is also enhanced by the transition of textures.

13. Brown Blonde to Pink Ombre

Most stylists would agree that it’s difficult to attempt a daring ombre look and keep the colors looking absolutely natural. However, the long, wavy-haired model right here would beg to differ. Her hair has been dyed with golden blonde streaks, while its bottom section has been dip-dyed a very subtle shade of candy pink. If this isn’t hippie, we don’t know what is!

14. Ultra-Light Pink Gradient

The light pinkish blonde as a base color can be beautifully accentuated with some bright pink and lavender ends. Girls wish dishwater blonde hair, did you ask for a bit of color?:)

15. Dramatic Blond To Fuchsia Ombre

This blond to fuchsia ombre with black roots looks fabulous! It’s a sure go-to option for bold girls who believe they will never go over the edge with brightness and color.

16. Three Bold Colors: Black, Golden Blonde, and Pink

For most ombre looks, the dominant color is blended into the wearer’s natural tone smoothly. The point is to create a natural transition between the different tones. However, this model opted for a very radical approach, which basically created horizontal highlights in her hair. And this pitch black, blonde, and neon pink combination works amazingly well.

17. Magnetic Pink-Purple Ombre

This one is not a very natural style, either—but it doesn’t pretend to be one by any measure. This version of pink ombre hair will make you look like a character taken out from a fairy tale – a techno/electro kind of story.

18. Siren’s Song: Wavy Blonde to Exciting Pink

This model has created a cool blonde, pink, and dark purple gradient look, by dip-dyeing a half of her wavy mane – a bold eye-catching solution for young girls.

19. Thrilling Purple to Cool Pink

This ombre style looks exhilarating on straight, medium length hair. Case in point: the look is achieved with a grown-out bob. We love the darker roots, which turn electric blue, then rich purple, before ending in a lovely shade of fuchsia.

20. Ashy Pink For a Goddess

Finally, this sophisticated ombre will make you appear like an angelic muse—and a very trendy one, too. It mixes a subtle palette of colors with a staple of the bohemian chic style: long, flowing, naturally wavy hair. If anything, it reminds us of Botticelli’s Renaissance classic, The Birth of Venus!

A final word of advice. Pink ombre hair does, indeed, shine in the limelight, but it’s important to understand that achieving this look will take some work. If you’re not comfortable with potentially over-processing your hair by exposing it to peroxide, you might want to rethink this color solution. To everyone else, we say go for it. After all, you’re young only once!

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