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Updated on September 18, 2023

Do you want to try a peach hair color and truly channel summer vibes? It can be a bold pinky orange or subtle pastel dye that is closer to rose gold. In this article, you will learn how to get peach hair color from a certified colorist. Plus, here are 20 ideas for adding peach tones to blond and brunette locks, classical balayage and new fashionable coloring techniques.

1. Pastel Peach-Toned Balayage

Peach pastel hair color is one of the most interesting and least extravagant pastel shades. Light pinkish and orangish babylights make the face look fresher, and you’ll project a warmer and brighter image. Toning with a semi-permanent peach hair color dye (such as WELLA Colorcharm Paints Coral) will be the perfect “upgrade” for the usual blond balayage.

2. Holographic Peach

Ladies who prefer more daring experiments should definitely use this color by a talanted hair transformations specialist, Vanessa Koeb, as inspiration. For “summer type” women (who have a dark brown or ashy hair tone, as well as gray-green or gray-blue eyes), the combination of peach color with silver, light orange or lilac shades will be most suitable.

3. Peach Pink Bob

Peach pink hair color, with a saturated strawberry shade, emphasizes the expressiveness of blue, green or gray eyes. It looks especially dashing with a bob haircut and with a slightly cool undertone.

4. Blorange Peach

This color suggests natural warm skin undertone. A light orange tone with pinkish splashes and babylights is one of the brightest and most noticeable shades for blond hair.

5. Candy Floss Peach Blonde Hair Color

Why not mix up your usual blond with some sweet pink and peach shades? A fabulous melting transition from the intense root color to the lighter tips embellishes shoulder-length haircuts and softens the bright image. Try using a semi-permanent coloring conditioner (like Punky Cotton Candy Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color) to not only achieve a tender cotton candy shade but also to nourish your blond locks.

6. Rose Gold Peach

Ladies who are used to a humbler look can try a rose gold peach hair color with a copper or a slight pink sheen. Such shades look as close as possible to natural, so the image will turn out to be stylish, lovely and reserved.

7. Milkshake Peach Hair

To achieve this gorgeous pink-peach pearl glow on blond locks, the hairstylist used a special peach hair color formula. She diluted a little bit of rose red dye (La Riche Rose Red Hair Dye) with a lot of shampoo and added a little bit of peach color (L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color). As you can see in the photo, the results are awesome.

8. Everyday Wear Pastel Peach

Natural dark roots melting into fancy peach highlights, this combo looks subtle, but still unusual and trendy. Such a balayage technique on blond hair allows you to experiment with temporary dyes of various shades and color intensities, even at home.

9. Pastel Peach for Middle-Aged Women

Peach hair color has an excellent ability to give freshness to the face, making a woman look younger and more vivid. The haircut also plays a very important role. Opt for a stylish shaggy bob with wispy bangs reaching the eyebrows, and your new look will blow everyone’s minds.

10. Neon Peach

Usually, brown-eyed dark-skinned women prefer electric peach hair color. It gives a perfectly exotic appearance. However, red peach color suits the lighter-skin-type the best; it will be an ideal option for women with fair skin and green or blue eyes.

11. Soft Touch of Peach

This natural dark peach hair color looks like light brown, but with sunny copperish tones. It’s such a great and fresh solution for the summer season.

12. Statement Peach

If you don’t want to dye the whole length, just add a bright peach stroke on a couple of strands. This creative hairstyle looks like a real art-piece and will definitely set you apart among others. Just one important note for the best effect: The rest of the length should be of a solid blonde color, like a clean canvas.

13. Peach Pixie

What can be cuter than a pixie cut and soft peach color? If you have medium-fair peach skin, a warm apricot blond with golden tints will suit you perfectly.

14. Peach Money Piece

Peach strands will frame the face beautifully and it’s a bright idea for those who get bored with their usual hair color. Look how the peach tone brings out the depth in the hazelnut eyes.

15. Brown Hair, Peach Highlights

Flamy peach highlights add a rich and warm glow to dark hair. However, no matter how professional your stylist is, make sure to always take a good care of your color-treated locks. Masks, toning shampoos and special conditioners will help maintain the color depth and shine, keeping it from fading (try BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner).

16. Glossy Peach Waves

This peach shade is just as juicy as it gets. This gorgeous reflective glaze finish accomplishes the solid hair tone, so no other undertones or highlights are needed for a perfect look.

17. Peach Ombre/Ponytail

Ombre looks best on long strands, since it is possible to create a smoother transition between the colors used in the dyeing process. Ponytail ombre has a grown-out, vintage look. And a contrasting combination of the colors will add some daring zest to your image.

18. Peach Curls

Peach pink hair color creates extra volume and glow on layered curls, you will look very bold and sexy. It’s like you’re always ready to party and rock the world, but you will still project an exceptionally feminine and tender image.

19. Soft Peach Bob

More gentle, warm variations of peach hair color will suit women with a peaches-and-cream complexion, giving their images a gentle charm. Peach is not a shocking and flashy color, but it’s perfect for those women who want to change their image rather slightly or just freshen up their look.

20. Peach Melt Wavy Bob

This is still a fairly “long” haircut, so the stylist can experiment with the number of tones and use up to three to four shades of peach and pink. In this case, the colorist visually raises the hair with a pink root melt and emphasizes the beautiful volume of waves.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this collection of peach hair color ideas. Save your favorite ones if you’re searching for inspiration!

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Pastel Peach-Toned Balayage Lob Holographic Peach Shag Peach Pink Medium Bob Blorange Peach Long Bob Candy Floss Peach Blonde Hair Color Rose Gold Peach Waves Long Milkshake Peach Hair Everyday Wear Pastel Peach Highlights Pastel Peach Bob For Middle-Aged Women Neon Peach Space Buns Auburn Peach Hollywood Waves Statement Peach Peek A Boo Choppy Peach Pixie Cut Peach Money Piece For Long Hair Brown Hair With Rose Peach Highlights Glossy Peach Waves Peach Ombre With Ponytail Peach Color For Permed Hair Graduated Soft Peach Bob Over Peach Melt Bob