Melanie Spina
Updated on September 19, 2021

We always see new fashion trends come to the scene, rise in popularity, then fade after the hype has died out. However, we are seeing a lot of trends that died out decades ago making a comeback. From overalls to chokers, fashions from the ’80s and ’90s are coming back! And the newest hair accessory to come back is the scrunchie.

Making Its Way Back into Modern Fashion!

The scrunchie, a circular band of fabric-covered elastic, was patented by Rommy Revson in 1987. The accessory had its biggest boom during the late ’80s and early ’90s when it was adopted by many style icons like Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and little Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The ’80s and ’90s hairstyle scrunchies were the go-to hair accessory for a long time.

Although the trend faded, scrunchie hair seems to be on the rise. In recent years, we’ve seen celebrities like Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus rock the look, and many designers are incorporating it into their fashion shows. One thing’s for sure, the trend is on its way up—again.

Why Should You Consider the Scrunchie Trend?

Although scrunchies can seem a bit childish, it is actually the best thing to use in your hair. Not only does it hold your hair in place, it adds volume, and most importantly, unlike other elastic hair bands, scrunchies won’t damage your hair.

Scrunchies are also a great way to add a bit of color to your look. Back in the ’80s, scrunchies were known for creating a style statement. Today, the accessory itself hasn’t changed much, but rather the way that we use it has changed.

Scrunch It Up!

Maybe the thought of wearing a scrunchie didn’t even cross your mind until now. Keep reading for ways to rock a cute hairstyle with scrunchies.

1. The Topknot

If you’re a fan of the half-up, half-down topknots, consider adding a scrunchie to the equation. It instantly adds character to your look and gives it an ’80s-inspired edge. Choosing a scrunchie depends on your outfit. If your outfit is a bit colorful or has a loud pattern, opt for a solid neutral color, however, if your outfit is minimalistic choose a fun, patterned one.

Half Up Top Knot

Instagram / @emjorealdavies

2. Velvet Braid

Instead of using a small elastic to hold together the end of your braid why not use a scrunchie? Adding a scrunchie brings more attention to the hairdo and automatically adds style. Go for a nice rugby velvet scrunchie like the one below to keep the braid fun yet simple, with a touch of elegance.

3. Bringing Out Your Inner Child

If you are a ’90s kid, you know that nostalgia is real. Why not let your inner kid out for a day? Wear a funky choker, style your hair in a high, half ponytail and add a signature scrunchie. This look is classic, fun, and will make you feel like you never grew up!

High Half Ponytail

Instagram / @evalam_

4. Beach Days

There is no doubt that days spent at the beach are the best part of summer. However, when it’s really hot, the number one thing a girl wants is to keep her hair out of her face and held up nice and neat. Scrunchies are your best friend during those hot summer days since it not only keeps your hair in place, it also keeps it from getting all tangled up. And let’s be real, they also look super-cute paired with your favorite bathing suit!

Side Pony With A Scrunchie

Instagram / @thekalonblog

5. Ballerina Bun

The one thing that can make this hairstyle even more beautiful is styling it with a couple of scrunchies. Your hair will look especially futuristic and out-of-the-ordinary. Find your desired scrunchie size and color and you are set. Your ballerina bun is ready to capture all the attention!

Messy Ballerina Bun

Instagram / @joannapatalot

6. Minimalistic Beauty

Scrunchie hairstyles don’t always have to be out there or crazy. Use a scrunchie in a simple hairdo like this one. Add a bit of volume to the crown, gather your hair into a low ponytail, and add a big black scrunchie as a final touch. The scrunchie helps not only to hold the hair in place but also adds more volume.

Low Brown Ponytail

Instagram / @justskai

7. ’90s Chic

Since the scrunchie was at its best during the ’90s, it’s only natural that we pay tribute to that period’s fashion. This includes grungy looks with oversized t-shirts, flannels, and of course a half-up, half-down messy hairstyle complete with an iconic ’90s scrunchie.

90s Inspired Half Up Style

Instagram / @taylorannemurray

8. Curls for Days

Scrunchies aren’t only for straight hair. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, don’t fret, you can still rock this trend! Make your hairstyle unforgettable by taking a bit of curls and styling them at the top of your head with a big, colorful scrunchie while letting the rest of your curls fall free. What can look more retro and fun than this?

Scrunchie Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Instagram / @cleo_patterson_

9. Sparkly Scrunchies

Want to add some shine and glitter to your look? You can do it without having to go too crazy by adding a sequined scrunchie like the one below! You can style your hair however you’d like from a high ponytail to a half-up, half-down look. We have major mermaid envy for this messy fishtail braid paired up with a sparkly scrunchie!

Pull Out Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @bighairedhannah

10. Pop of Color

If you are adding a scrunchie to your everyday look, chances are you already have a bold personality. Why not show that off with a patterned and colorful scrunchie paired with your favorite vibrant outfit? You will be guaranteed to turn heads in a good way!

Red Half Updo With A Braid

Instagram / @golden_virginia8

Get Crafty!

The best part of this trend? Creating your own scrunchies! Making hair scrunchies is quite easy. All you need to start is a fabric of your choice—solid, textured, sparkly, whatever suits you best—a thread to match, and a thin elastic. First, cut a rectangle of fabric according to how big you want your scrunchie to be.

Once you have your fabric cut, fold it in half lengthways and stitch the fabric into a tube, then turn the tube right-side out and thread your piece of elastic through it. Tie the ends of the elastic in a knot and sew the ends of the fabric together to close the scrunchie. Check out the video below for more detailed diy scrunchies!

We see old trends come back into style all the time, and the scrunchie trend is no exception. It’s fun and practical and we are glad it’s back! Whether you want to channel your inner ’80s or ’90s girl, or you want something more modern and trendy, there are so many color options and ways to style them. The scrunchie fits in perfectly with any personal style and can help you stand out from the crowd.