Stacey Bradshaw

As a creative person, musician and actress at heart, Stacey Bradshaw has experimented a lot with her hairstyles just out of curiosity: blunt and side swept bangs, layered haircut, long bob, highlights, dark toning etc. “Life is too long to be afraid of changes. Monotony is dull” is her motto. She is a freelance writer, keen reader, and just a curious person, who loves exploring new useful information on nutrition and beauty tips for keeping hair healthy and pretty.

The bubble braids trend is flooding the streets, making everyone consider styling a few bubbles in their own locks. The hairstyle is super easy to achieve but finds its place both in a casual pony and wedding hair ‘dos. Want to impress everyone at a party or look especially pretty for the first date? See an easy tutorial and the best bubble braid hairstyles we have collected for you.

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Curtain bangs are the most sought-after trend of 2022. They do some excellent face framing, thus enhancing eyes and cheekbones, and grow out seamlessly. More than that, a curtain fringe helps women hit the middle part and modern shag trends that are nothing but huge now. Shall you cut some window bangs too? After you see 25 ideas on how to style curtain bangs for all hair lengths and types, you might want to.

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Vitamins deficiency is one of the main causes of hair loss in women. Despite the wide availability of hair products enriched with vitamins and minerals for hair, true health of your locks starts from within. Thus, if you have noticed that your hair is falling out beyond its norm, it is time to analyze what vitamins you are lacking to optimize your nutrition or select supplements for hair growth.

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Getting a good haircut makes us feel confident and empowered. Things can be easy when you have already found the salon and hairstylist you can entrust your tresses to. However, if you are not satisfied with your do or contemplate change, you might be asking yourself lots of questions. How should I cut my hair? How do I find a good hairstylist? How to get a haircut consultation and what questions to ask? Read on to find the answers.

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Winter hair care differs from summer or spring maintenance. Your hair loses moisture and turns into a dry ‘stack of hay’. The strands of hair are often damaged by frost and their ends split. Besides, they gather statics and your hairstyle looks unattractive. We suggest several tips for you to get rid of these problems. Try them to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. [click to continue…]

Feathered bangs has been an absolute favorite among women of all ages and the best match for a feather haircut for many seasons already. If you have just decided to cut one, you will be surprised to know how many types of bangs you can choose from. This ultimate guide with the 20 best ideas on how to style feathered bangs will help you know what fringe will suit your face shape and your hairstyle most!

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Move the summer mood to the urban jungle! Here is our tutorial to show you how to make stunning beach waves with your short hair, using just a flat iron. Then, you can enjoy your new favorite, everyday hairstyle! [click to continue…]

A pull-through braid is love from the first sight! Fishbone braid not really your forte? Complex braiding patterns sap the soul? You’d be surprised at how very smooth-sailing this hairstyle can be. Here we have a special tutorial with 10 simple steps that will help you make this trendy look, without any assistance. [click to continue…]

Are you agonizing over which hairstyle to wear for your big day? Not sure how to surprise everyone at the big party? Looking for the perfect prom hairstyle? Then, our waterfall braid tutorial is especially for you! We’ll show you how to look deadly terrific at any event, while spending only 10 minutes on your beautiful waterfall braid with curls! [click to continue…]

Every girl ever wanted to update the hairstyle or even give a whole new look. To grow hair or to snip off? To cut bangs or not? Sometimes it’s possible to undergo changes only for so long. Learn how to make fake bangs and transform your hair without cutting! [click to continue…]