35 Trendiest Short Brown Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try

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Short brown hairstyles are a good base for sweet, cute, sassy and creative looks. We’d like to offer you trendy haircut and hair style ideas for women to go for in 2022. We are convinced that the brightest hair trends first appear on Instagram. So, why not to peek at the loveliest hairstyles for short brown hair from the best accounts? Moreover, as a bonus, we have collected celebrity photos too. Your favorite actresses, performers, and models are also ready to share their best looks.

Hairstyles for Short Brown Hair

Our top includes layered and graded short haircuts, chic pixies, short straight and curly hairstyles, light brown and dark brown hair color ideas and more!

#1: Prim and Proper

This style is an expert example of how to use length within a short haircut. By keeping it cropped at the neck you can still have the ease of a snipped style, but the long layers within the crown add softness and femininity to the look. The super short bangs are exciting, but can easily be covered up.

#2: Messy Curls

It’s important when rocking curls with shorter hair to make sure that you avoid any poodle references with tight coils. Loose messy options are just the ticket; make them stand out and add some definition with very subtle highlights.

#3: Choppy Bowl Cut

Short brown hair does not have to be boring or basic. There are many options outside of a pixie cut or bob that incorporate texture and flair. The subtle spikes above add a modern touch to the retro bowl cut for an inspiring style.

#4: Pink and Punk

Because chocolate hair is so dark, if you want to incorporate color, you need to use something that will really pop. Purple and brown pair well in outfits; so why not try the combo in your next hairstyle? Play with the intensity of the fuchsia hue (brighter around the face and darker at the back) to make a true impact.

#5: Around the Edges

Similar to the previous spiky bowl cut, this look takes it a step further by incorporating a closely cut undercut. It creates an edgier appearance that would work well for women who shun looking sweet or demure in favor of a more out of the box personal style.

#6: Blonde and Brown Bob

One of the easiest ways for mature women to look more youthful is by filtering a bright color throughout the front of their short brown hair. Plus, the blonde highlights will pick up on the golden tones in the olive complexion to really make it radiate.

#7: Glowing Chestnut Waves

Side-swept bangs are perfect for women with long faces because they cover up the forehead and shorten the face. Plus, they highlight the eyes, so if those are some of your best features, this is a must-try style. Want to take it a step further? Use subtle caramel highlights in the bangs to add that special glow to the look.

#8: Cute Bob with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Chin-length short brown hair is cute and classic, but if you are looking for ways to elevate it, opt for the snipped bangs like in the photo. While the bangs concept is nothing new, the length of these bangs is refreshingly different. Instead of grazing your eyelashes, they stop right on your brows for a welcome change.

#9: Red Hot

It’s kind of hard to put this style in a box—which is exactly why it works. Are those bangs? Is it a faux-hawk? Maybe both; but whatever it may be, it is perfect for a woman who is prepared to serve the major attitude. Pair with bold makeup to round out the look.

#10: Soft Mohawk

There’s no doubt about this style’s Mohawk status. What sets it apart from the typical edgy variations is its softness. Instead of spikes and bold colors, this hairstyle uses soft curls and a swoop bang to balance the hardness of the undercut section. Pair with elegant drop earrings to further emphasize this.

#11: Blowing in the Breeze

Instead of brushing your hair forward, do something different and push it back. It gives your style a cool vibe like your just ran your fingers through it, and the light brown highlights above the forehead make your face the focal point. Make sure to use mousse or spray to keep it in place.

#12: Nice and Natural

Natural short dark hair seems like it would be easy to maintain, but it requires a lot of TLC to make sure it stays moisturized and healthy because it can get brittle. Co-washing and natural oils keep it supple and shiny without the use of heat. Plus, cropped hair gives you the opportunity to experiment with different make-up options to jazz up your style.

#13: Closely Cropped Curls

This is a great example of how to use bangs in curly hair, while still keeping your natural texture. Cutting them incredibly short not only keeps the appearance of curls, it also puts an edgy spin on the otherwise cute and quirky look.

short curly brunette bob with cropped bangs

Instagram/ @catladydoeshair

#14: A Vogue Idea

There’s a reason why a straight bob is the go-to style for power players like Anna Wintour; it’s because it shows you have a no-nonsense attitude and you should be taken seriously. Like the look above, shortening your bangs a few centimeters will give your style a more modern appearance.

#15: Sweep it to the Side

Here is another great way to incorporate curls into short dark hair. By keeping it longer, you have the ability to create many different looks like sweeping it to the side, parting it down the middle or wearing an updo.

#16: Short and Sweet

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that look the best. Straight across bangs can blend well with a short cut that stops around the ears. The layered style is perfect for yin faces with soft feminine outlines.

#17: Sexy, Stylish and Sophisticated

Instead of using dramatic red or blond to brighten dark brown hair, why not to try a few streaks of medium brown? It doesn’t sound like a major difference, but it keeps a pixie cut from being monotonous, plus it warms and brightens your face.

#18: Sassy Strands

Ladies looking for interesting short brown hairstyles for thin hair should look no further than this sassy cut. The subtle spikes in the crown give the needed height and body to fine strands. It’s a sexy option for any woman trying to get her groove back.

#19: Smooth Layering

Such a smooth gradual layering is a great option to get a flawless shape of a short bob. Pair with bangs and style with a high shine serum to showcase the heath and strength of your cropped strands.

#20: Shaggy Side Bang

Shaggy layers throughout short brown hairstyles are a quick way to add thickness and texture. But, what makes this unique is the deep side part which is perfect for young women searching for an added cool factor for their chin-length cuts.

#21: Delicate Chic Of Franky Stanford’s Short Brown Hairstyle

The modern, extravagant look of the British singer is a hit! The short textured bob with swoopy flipped up bangs look fresh and stylish on Franky’s chocolate locks. An awesome hair color for tanned skin!

short brown hairstyle with asymmetry

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#22: Selenis Leyva’s Short Brown Hairstyle With Asymmetry

Actress who starred in the series “Orange Is The New Black”, Selenis Leyva, in her real life also loves “hot” hues. Her side-parted chocolate locks feature sexy asymmetry and outstanding texture, which make this look laconic, but sharp and complete.

short hairstyle for brown hair with side bangs

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#23: Very Short Playful Ringlets From Nicole Murphy

Being a mother of 5 children, Nicole Murphy still looks like a gorgeous young lady, not only because of her awesome fit figure. If you are a slim woman with classic features, very short hairstyles invariably make you look younger. Nicole’s curly pixie in the appealing light brown hue is something!

very short curly hairstyle for brown hair

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#24: Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Sassy Extra Short Brown Hairstyle

Many women believe they can’t invent anything interesting with their very short locks. Maggie Gyllenhaal proves us the opposite. You can style your short brown haircuts differently every day! Maggie`s pixie is ruffled to define cute little spikes, and the bangs are styled into a lovely vintage wave.

extra short brown hairstyle

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#25: Lisa Rinna’s Layered Hairstyle For Short Brown Hair

Lisa Rinna’s signature layered hairstyle for thick hair doesn’t let many women sleep quietly. How to achieve this fabulous look? Begin from the right haircut with razored layers that start at your jaw line and consider subtle light brown or dark caramel highlights on a dark brown base. Lisa’s locks shine miraculously in the light of soffit!

Lisa Rinna short brown hairstyle

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#26: Kathy Lette’s Short Brown Hairstyle With Flipped Out Ends

Kathy Lette shows off a lovely look that is good for older ladies, but, actually, it doesn’t have any age limitations. The flipped out ends of brown locks bring out your “sassy girl”, and we know she lives inside every woman, regardless of age.

short sassy hairstyle for brown hair

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#27: Alina Cho And Her Classy Nutmeg Brown Bob

Alina Cho’s pointy chin is flatteringly rounded with her classy A-line bob. The sleekness of texture and the fringy contours give the fabulous effect that modernizes a classic hairstyle and makes it stylish and present-day. Liquid crystals will boost shine of your locks. Brown short hairstyles like this can add more seriousness to your look!

brown bob hairstyle for thick hair

OvidiuHrubaru / Shutterstock.com

#28: Sarah Paulson’s Symmetric Bob With A Color Upgrade

The centre-parted mid-length bob like Sarah Paulson’s is a versatile hairstyle, indeed. Want to add it a modern twist? Consider balayage highlights to define the edges with a lighter tone. Note that a center parting flatters only women with oval and long faces. If your face is round or square, opt for brown short hairstyles with side parting.

Sarah Paulson bob hairstyle with balayage highlights

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#29: Ella Catliff’s Romantic Look With A Short Brown Hairstyle

What sparks this lovely bob hairstyle? It looks simple, but there’s something about it… Well, it’s all about the lines, texture and the gorgeous chestnut brown hue. Add a shine booster, flat iron your locks, dishevel them slightly and that’s it!

brown a-line bob

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#30: Shailene Woodley’s Good Girl Look

The short hairstyle of “American Teenager” Shailene Woodley is neat in shape and sassy in texture. These two attributes always try to get on in any modern teen. When it comes to very short hairstyles, it’s good to backcomb your locks slightly for the added lift at the roots, like in Shailene’s hairstyle.

short textured brown hairstyle

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#31: Halle Berry Catwoman Haircut For Short Brown Hair

Halle Berry’s sexy pixie with sharply layered top tresses and tapered silhouette create a look of a showy woman with character. If your hair is thick, like Halle’s, it would be hard to find a better short haircut that is not only chic, but also low-maintenance. Consider subtle highlights to brighten up your eyes and skin tone.

Halle Berry pixie

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#32: Grunge Style Asymmetric Haircut Of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart steps out of the twilight to show us her chic haircut for short brown hair. We love the fancy asymmetry, layered ends with pointy tips and the exquisite dark brown and light brown blend as a hair color solution.

Kristen Stewart short asymmetric haircut

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#33: Kelly Rowland’s Sexy Pixie With Side Bangs

Kelly Rowland’s short brown hair is cut so that we see the skillful gradation of length. The perfect tapered silhouette, edgy contours and light brown balayage highlights in the bangs conquered our heart instantly, the moment we saw this photo.

Kelly Rowland short brown hairstyle

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#34: Alicia Quarles And Her Super Short Choppy Pixie

What a stylish look with extra short hair, wow! The pieces of Alicia’s choppy pixie and the blue crystals of her purple dress are in perfect texture harmony. Two-tone dress and two-tone hair is a brilliant combination. Alicia, you are gorgeous! Short brown hairstyles suit you best!

short pixie hairstyle

RenaSchild / Shutterstock.com

#35: Elegant Curly Bob Of Viola Davis

The chicest bob hairstyles we have ever seen were bobs of black women. Viola Davis goes for a classic chin-length bob haircut with elongated bangs. It works awesomely for her glossy dark chocolate locks, especially when they are styled in sensuous curls like these.

curly bob hairstyle for brown hair

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Well, all the models above have shown us some truly inspiring examples of trendy haircuts and hairstyles for short brown hair. Don’t you deserve to shine with your beauty as brightly as they do?

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