60 Most Delightful Short Wavy Hairstyles

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Wavy hair? A blessing or a curse? If your hair is naturally straight, you certainly envy all those curly beauties, while they are breaking their heads over how to style wavy hair, that is, by the way, not always so neat and fun as it may seem on photos. Another question is whether short haircuts are compatible with wavy hair. Many women are tempted to cut their naturally curly hair shorter for summer but hesitate, wondering if they are going to have issues with styling. We have gathered the best examples of short hairstyles, recommended by stylists for wavy hair. View the pictures below, enjoy and get inspired!

How to Style Short Curly Hair?

When your hair gets proper care, it’s much easier to style. Use shampoos, masks and conditioners for curly hair. These products nourish and moisturize your locks, help to handle the frizz and make your hair more obedient. Hairstyles for naturally curly and wavy hair normally last long. The only thing that can impair your ‘do is moisture. However, if you apply a special serum for curly hair after a wash, you may not afraid of moisture. Such serums are present in the product lines of all the top hair product brands.

Popular Types of Hairstyles for Curly Hair

  1. If you want to achieve ideal curls, you need first to blow dry your locks, smoothing them slightly with a round bristle brush, and then shape the curls with a curling iron.
  2. In case you want to wear straight hair today, you would use a smoothing balm for damp hair and blow dry your locks with a round bristle brush. Next apply a flat iron.
  3. Slightly messy hairstyles for curly hair are the easiest in styling. You simply blow dry your wet hair with a diffuser attachment.
  4. Curly hair is usually very porous. That’s why when you buy mousses and hair sprays for styling at home, opt for light hold products which won’t weigh your locks down.

Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Speaking of basic haircuts for short hairstyles, contemporary ladies with wavy hair prefer short bobs and pixie haircuts. They both offer layering options, which are advantageous for curly hair. The thicker is your hair the less layering you normally can afford, unless your haircut is extremely short.

Larger curls or loose waves look very showy and trendy in short hairstyles. These can be bouncy curls, maintaining shape, or chaotic waves with an effect of a “bedhead”. Color accents in short hairstyles is one of the most chic tendencies nowadays. These can be either nuance or contrasting highlights throughout the head or on the bangs. It’s better if you trust the delicate dying job to a professional stylist, because it takes skillful hands and experience to succeed in complicated matters like this one.

Anyway, you can’t lie all the job and responsibility for your new image on your stylist’s shoulders. You will have to do the most responsible part of the work – to choose the look you feel is yours. Here we are happy to assist you with creative ideas and inspiration.

#1: Wavy Sassy Bob

Brown Curly Pixie Hairstyle
Rounded Messy Curly Bob
Voluminous Short Curly Bob
Long Black Pixie With Messy Curls
Long Curly Pixie With Babylights
Brown Curly Bob With Highlights
Short Curly Brunette Bob
Angled Bob For Thick Curly Hair
Curly Tapered Brunette Pixie
Short Curly Hairstyle With Subtle Highlights
Curly Slanted Bob
Naturally Curly Pixie Hairstyle
Short Blue-Black Tousled Curly Hairstyle
Natural Curly Pixie Bob
Curly Chin-Length Bob
Short Textured Curly Bob
Curly Tapered Brown Cut With Copper Highlights
Angled Curly Black Bob
Shorter Rounded Curly Hairstyle
Short Curly Bob With Bangs
Messy Hairstyle For Short Curly Hair
Curly Bob Hairstyle For Short Hair
Short Curly Bob For Blondes
Black Pixie Bob
Voluminous Naturally Curly Bob Hairstyle
Short Layered Curly Blonde Bob
Short Curly Caramel Brown Bob
Nape-Length Curly Bob
Short Curly Hairstyle For Girls
Natural Curly Bob With Bangs
Curly Black Pixie
Inverted Curled Bob Hairstyle
Short Curly Bob
Short Curly Hairstyle
Inverted Wavy Bob
Choppy Disconnected Bob
Wavy Brunette Bob With Balayage
Short Curly Mahogany Bob
Short Messy Hairstyle With Highlights
layered bob haircut for curly hair
Short Curly Messy Hairstyle
Women'S Tapered Curly Haircut
Angled Bob For Curly Hair
Black Tousled Curly Pixie
Messy Curly Bob
Short Curly Brown Bob
Curly Brown Bob With Highlights
Black Curly Bob With Gray Highlights
Two-Tone Short Curly Bob
Curly Blonde Balayage Bob
Short Tapered Haircut For Curly Hair
Short Tapered Cut For Curly Hair
Brown And Caramel Messy Wavy Bob
Short Cut For Thick Curly Hair
Curly Undercut Pixie
Wavy Razored Bob
Messy Wavy Brunette Bob
Curly Bob Hairstyle With Bangs
Tapered Cut With Bangs For Curly Hair
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