Stacey Bradshaw
Updated on December 31, 2020

Move the summer mood to the urban jungle! Here is our tutorial to show you how to make stunning beach waves with your short hair, using just a flat iron. Then, you can enjoy your new favorite, everyday hairstyle!

Why Are Beach Waves Still So Popular?

The beach waves hairstyle is very popular with Hollywood celebrities, and for good reason! Beach waves are suitable for any face shape. Such a hairdo can put emphasis beautifully upon any hair color. Above all, your hair can be absolutely any length. You’ll see that our model has a long bob haircut, but you can apply our tutorial to even shorter hairstyles.

Beach waves will complement any outfit. You can choose dresses of any length, tailored suits, everyday office clothes. You have carte blanche! Even on vacation or a business trip, you’ll be able to create your own waves so well, without any help, that they’ll make it seem like you just came from the salon. And, your beach wavy hair plus any outfit equals you looking gorgeous.

You’ll look like a million dollars at any party or formal event! Get ready to get a lot of compliments! You don’t need to have special skills or abilities to create this hairstyle. In just six short steps, you’ll turn into the “Belle of the Ball”!

To create beach wavy hair, you’ll need a medium fixation hairspray, dry texturizer and a curling wand. Use the texturizer on clean hair for instant volume. Heat your curling wand up to 212-230°F and start making fantastic beach waves. You’ll need a hair-styling gel. Choose the one that is suitable for all hair types to make sure your smooth and sleek hairstyle will look perfect. Finish your short beach waves with hairspray, avoiding any hair sticking together.

Step-By-Step Beach Waves for Short Hair Tutorial

Prepare all the hair products mentioned above, curling iron and let’s begin.

Step 1. Comb your hair. Start at the ends and gradually move up to the roots. Use a texturizer for the volume. Split the hair into three sections. Let’s start from the back. Separate a strand approximately 1 inch wide.

Short Beach Waves Step 1

Step 2. Apply thickening spray to add texture and fullness. Then, smooth out the section and begin to curl your hair.

Short Beach Waves Step 2

Step 3. Alternate the direction of the curls with every section, as you go along. Curl one section toward your face, and then curl the other section away from your face. This way, you’ll create soft, relaxed waves.

Short Beach Waves Step 3

Step 4. Follow the same steps with other sections of the hair. When the curls cool down, apply medium-fixation hairspray. The spray will hold the curls for quite a long time.

Short Beach Waves Step 4

Step 5. Gently brush the curls until you are happy with the way it looks.

Short Beach Waves Step 5

Step 6. Smooth out the ends with the gel. Be careful; use just a little bit of it or your hair will stick together.

Short Beach Waves Step 6

Step 7. Run your fingers through your hair to help give the hairstyle a little shape. And, you’re done! Your beautiful and natural-looking beach waves are ready for the public.

Short Beach Waves Step 7

Watch the step-by-step instructions in our video:

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