There is Hope for Fried Hair

Our readers frequently ask in their letters, how to solve the problem of very damaged, fried hair. If you like to change the color of your locks too often, you may face this issue sooner or later. Gorgeous hair may become dry, brittle, and completely lifeless. Although the magic wand for such situations doesn`t exist, your mane is not hopeless. Our new author, Nishat Sikander, will teach you how to fix fried hair at home and tell you what salon treatments to choose if you want to see the result quicker. All women have to know this. Just in case.

So you’ve just dyed your hair the much sought after platinum blonde. I mean why not!! You’ve been yearning for it for a while, and right now is the perfect time to get your heavenly silver, unicorn hair. Everything was fine until you washed your hair and…what just happened!!? Your hair now resembles a mushy, soapy, stretchy, lifeless blob of overdone spaghetti! Ugh! I’m sorry to say but you have damaged your hair. Before you blame your hairdresser, backtrack a bit … remember the color and texture of your hair before the oomphy silver blonde? Yea… that’s what I’m talking about – galloping through several hair color levels to reach the right shade often leads to changes in hair texture. It’s hard to tell how your hair will react to a sudden shift in color, but most times it is always damaging- some to a great extent, some not so.

But don’t you worry girl…all hope is not lost! The following are some of my best tips on repairing and restoring your hair in the comfort of your own home for the ones who are not willing to spend another penny.

#1: Buh Bye Straggly Ends

Unfortunately for extremely damaged ends, the only solution is to trim it. There is nothing that can be done to restore any life in those bits, as they have been on the worse end and had to bear the brunt of the whole fiasco. Once you trim the ends, I promise you’re already going to feel a lot better as you will notice more bounce and some ray of life sprouting in your hair.

hair trim

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#2: Shampoo Less

Whether you have damaged hair or not, the harsh chemicals in commercial shampoos strip the hair off its natural oils. Shampooing only 1 or 2 days a week will keep your mane more nourished and moisturized. If this is not you, try washing your hair every other day using sodium and sulfate free shampoos.

#3: Condition. Condition. Condition.

Your hair has been ripped off its natural colors to reach the point where it is now. Through the process the texture of your hair has changed considerably and scalp oils are now unable to keep up with the new environment. Hence, we need outside help, but you don’t want to slather chemical laden masks on your hair and ruin it completely. Take the natural route and go for home made masks – egg and honey, vinegar and honey, yogurt and egg, mayo and avocado and coconut or olive oil. These are all rich in protein and will help in restoring the elasticity and strength of the hair.

natural treatment

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#4: Leave-in Conditioner is Your Savior

I hear ya, laying off heat styling products will make your hair look like cotton candy at first, but there are products to help tame the frizz. Surprise! Surprise! Leave-in conditioners are your best friends in detangling and making your hair more manageable. But remember to use reasonably, as too much of the product can lead to very limp and greasy hair.

#5: Hold That Straightener!

Yes, you read that correctly! Heat is the reason your hair is damaged. You do not want to deprive your hair of that little life that it is left with. Be kind and air dry your tresses. At first, you’re going to hate it. But trust me, in a matter of days you will start listening to what your hair needs and feed it just that.

heat damaged hair

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So… some of us still want professional hands to take care of the hair crimes we have committed just because we are rest assured that finally we’re in safe hands and who doesn’t like extra pampering while still getting their dead hair fixed! The following are some of the best in-salon treatments I’ve hand-picked for severely damaged hair.

#6: Hair Plumping/Filler Treatment

This professional treatment is great for colour-treated hair, as the hyaluronic acid and ceramides in it hydrate deeply and reconstruct and strengthen hair follicles. It re-plumps and seamlessly builds the hair structure, giving hair a new life and an incredible hold. Hair looks neatly condensed, re-plumped and ultra shiny. Although this treatment usually lasts 6 to 8 shampoos.

#7: Deep Conditioning Hot Oil Treatment

The classic in-salon hot oil treatments are still our top picks in repairing over processed, damaged hair, as oil coats and fills the gaps and chips on the hair shaft caused by bleaching and dyeing. It also prevents moisture to escape from the cuticles on the hair shaft, resulting in fuller, bouncier and more manageable hair. Sitting under a hot dryer during the treatment also helps the oil get fully absorbed in the scalp leaving it more nourished and your hair silky soft!

#8: The Olaplex Treatment

This treatment is a game changer for the blondies! Olaplex in-salon treatment is either mixed into colour or used as a single treatment without color on dry, damaged hair. It is silicone-, sulfate- and phthalate-free. What it does is reconnect the broken disulfide bonds in the hair resulting in improved strength and structure of the hair. Extra soft, HEALTHY hair, meaning no damage!! Isn’t this EVERY. BLONDE. GIRL’S. DREAM?? I think so! 🙂

#9: Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment

Not all hair types are alike, thus, your hair may be damaged differently. For that very reason, Fusio-Dose is a very personalized treatment. A mixture is created from the four bases, each focused on something – radiance, strength, density and nourishment. Further boosters are added for other hair concerns as frizz, damage, shine etc. This treatment is great as it improves hair volume while fortifying it, and adds extra shine, reconstructs and restores hair! I need this – damage or not!

Hey…everyone’s hair is different. Some women tend to have more issues with hair procedures than others. It’s always important to know what works for YOUR hair. Whether it’s taking care at home or going for in-salon repair treatments. But most of all, patience is a virtue. Nothing is achieved overnight. It takes a lot of TLC to get your tresses back to where it was. So embrace your locks, show them some love and I promise you that they are going to thank you so much!