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Updated on April 18, 2021

A hairstyle that suits you can really make your day. Everyone knows that. When you choose a hairstyle, what do you take into account? Most people break their heads over the following moments. What is my face shape? What haircut should I get to highlight my finest facial features? What hairstyle suits me and brings out the best of my natural beauty? You will get the answers to these important questions in this infographic.

What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape

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Here is more useful information for you on face shapes and flattering hairstyles.

A well-known fact is you make a first impression on people according to the way you look. It’s not our goal to exaggerate the value of a chic look compared to person’s inner values, but nobody would probably argue that in modern world clothes make the man. Not only clothes though. A hairstyle is a key point of your overall look. The right haircut, styled properly, can either enhance it or ruin the first great impression of you completely. How to choose a haircut that is good on you and easy to style in a number of different stylish ways? Very soon you’ll know what haircut you should get and how to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape.Let’s define your face shape to answer the question.

7 Main Face Shapes

Basically there are 7 main face shapes – oval, round, square, oblong (long), heart, inverted triangle and diamond. Sometimes they also mention rectangular and pear-shaped faces. It’s easy to get confused, eh? After all, the main thing is to define whether your face is rather broad or narrow and what your best facial feature is. The right hairstyle is going to compensate the length or width of your face, add fullness or height where it’s needed and accentuate your most beautiful features.

What Is My Face Shape?

The easiest way to define your face shape is to make a photo of your face (with your hair away from your face), looking straight ahead at the camera. It’s better if another person takes a picture of you, because selfies may distort the way you really look. As a last resort, take a picture of your reflection in the mirror. Next, simply consider which geometric figure your face resembles. Below there are descriptions of all the mentioned face shapes and recommendations on which hairstyles and haircuts to opt for depending on your face shape. So, let’s see how to choose a hairstyle.

What Hairstyle Suits My Face?

To look your best, choose the haircut of the recommended length and silhouette according to your face shape. Style your hair, creating volume and texture where needed, basing on the tips from infographic.

Oval Face

Oval is the ideal face shape for a woman. An oval face has perfect proportions. It’s neither overly long, nor wide. If you are among the lucky ones who have oval faces, you can try whatever hairstyle and haircut you like. Anything from sassy pixies to long glamorous waves will look good on you. Remember to highlight your best feature with your hairstyle. What is it? Your eyes? Get playful eyebrow-skimming bangs! Got great bone structure and regular facial features? Accentuate them with an accurate blunt bob! Beyonce and Sharon Stone are examples of celebrities with perfectly shaped oval faces.

Choose a hairstyle for an oval face shape

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Round Face

Round face about equal in height and width. It has no pronounced jaw corners and may have chubby cheeks. Ginnifer Goodwin face d Cameron Diaz are probably the brightest round-faced celebrities who often succeed with flattering hairstyles. How to choose a hairstyle for a round face? Minimize roundness with a deep side part and long side bangs. Generally it’s recommended to opt for medium and long hairstyles, but you may try to pull off a pixie as well. Add an edge to your look with a choppy pixie, styled with added volume on the crown (check Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie for inspiration).

How to choose a haircut for a round face

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Square Face

Square is perceived as a masculine face shape, but we should admit that the most beautiful women like Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Demi Moore, and Keira Knightley, to name a few, have square faces. The angular jawline and approximately equal face width and length are the defining features of a square face. The right hairstyle for a square face softens the angles and adds some height on top. Loose medium length hair and long waves, chin-length bobs and lobs will look terrific on a square-faced girl. A no-no option is blunt straight bangs. They will accentuate your strong jawline and make your face appear even wider. Extra-short bobs or slicked back hairstyles are not the best idea either. They may make you look rather masculine.

What hairstyle suits fo rsquare face

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Long Face

A long (oblong) face is similar to an oval face. It’s just a bit longer and narrower when it should be. Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler are nice examples to list here. The recommendations for long faces are opposite to those, mentioned for round and square faces. The volume of your hairstyle should be concentrated at the sides of your face, not on the crown. You may choose layered haircuts with layering that starts as high as your cheekbones. Go for blunt horizontal bangs, style wide waves or fluffy curls. Remember that any added height above the forehead or long straight tresses without layers along the sides on your face are going to elongate your face unflatteringly!

What hairstyle should you get for long face

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Heart Face/Inverted Triangle

Heart and inverted triangle are very cute face shapes with a wide forehead and cheekbones narrowed towards the pointy chin. Kourtney Kardashian is a perfect example of a heart-shaped face, and Anja Rubik is an inverted triangle. A widow’s peak is actually the only thing that distinguishes one face shape from another. Recommendations on the choice of hairstyles are much the same. Bouncy curls from mid-length to ends are a fabulous idea for hearts and inverted triangles. The curly hair add the fullness at your chin level, compensating the contrast between the broadness of your forehead and the narrowness of your jaw. Long swoopy bangs are a nice compliment to such a hairstyle. Do not add any volume on top. It’s going to widen your forehead visually even more.

What hairstyle is right for heart face

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Diamond Face

Diamond and heart are similar face shape. Diamond is slightly wider than heart. The hairline is narrower. Cheekbones are the widest part of a diamond-shaped face. Ashley Greene is a cutie with a diamond-shaped face. Since diamonds have a great bone structure and much to show off, like awesome high cheekbones and cute feminine jawline, they often look good with swept back locks or side-swept hairstyles. In terms of haircuts, loads of layers are the most flattering way to frame a diamond face.

Which hairstyle suits for diamond shaped face

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These were the main face shapes and tips on the choice of haircuts and hairstyles according to your face shape. When you understand the principles on how to compensate the peculiarities of your face shape, you pick the hairstyle that is right for you easily. Please use our infographic to guide you through all the pitfalls of hairstyle choices and stay beautiful!

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