Top 60 Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

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We all come to this world, looking different. We have different face shapes, types of figures, heights and weights. Every one of us, ladies, is blessed with unique beauty. If you do not fit into the questionable standards, imposed by mass media, that doesn’t mean that you are less special and beautiful than the women you see in the magazines or on TV screen.

The most important thing is to feel and know that you are a beautiful woman. The right hairstyle will strengthen this feeling and your self-confidence. We want to show you how different you can look and feel yourself with a flattering hairstyle. Even if you have always loved your pretty feminine curves, you may re-discover your beauty once again and look at it from a new angle.

The right choice of a hairstyle can not only mask some facial imperfections in regards to its shape, it does change an impression of your image in whole. Any time you may distract attention from something in your looks, you are not very proud about, while switching it to your stronger points. Many women wish they had slimmer faces. You can easily achieve that effect with one of the hairstyles we offer below.

What Kind of Hairstyles to Opt for If You Have Round Face?

Asymmetric haircuts are great for women with round faces, especially if you opt for a layered and slightly mussy style. Waves and flat ironed hairstyles with rounded ends are both good. Asymmetric bangs and harmonious hair hue draw attention to your hairstyle and distract it from your figure. The rule is simple: if you want to conceal something, accentuate something else.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for a Round Face?

  1. Avoid heavy straight bangs, because they create a horizontal line that widens your face visually.
  2. If you are a plus-size woman, it’s better to shy away from compact and sleek hairstyles, they can totally spoil your look.
  3. Whatever hairstyle you choose, try to leave elongated locks by the sides of your face. They are going to make your face slimmer.
  4. Consider elongated side bangs. Any diagonal line that crosses your face makes it longer visually.
  5. Additional volume on top also elongates and slims your face.
  6. Don’t be afraid to change!

Top 60 Hairstyles and Haircuts for Round Faces

So, take a minute and look through our brilliant collection of slimming hairstyles for women with curvy bodies and round faces.

#1: Curled Bob

This cute style is a no brainer for women who want to revamp their style. Blonde highlights, bouncy curls and a deep side bang help to slim wide cheeks and draw attention to the cute chin area; an ash shade of blonde pairs well with warm brown skin that has yellow undertones.

#2: Shaggy Textured Warm Brown Bob

When you part thin hair in the middle and cut it into a shaggy inverted bob, the style appears fuller, more textured, and voluminous. At the same time, if the cut is below the chin, the long feathery front pieces define the angles of your face and make it appear narrower. The light brown, almost strawberry tinted color is youthful and feminine.

Centre-Parted Bob For Round Face

Instagram / @demetriusschool

#3: Neat Side-Swept Pixie for Round Faces

A pixie with diagonal bangs works great for a chubby face. An almost invisible part-line, a lightly tousled top section, and angled sideburns that come to a point help to narrow a wider face. The dark brown shade is stylish and conservative.

Pixie With Side Bangs For Chubby Faces

Instagram / @cindyhstyles

#4: Tousled Texture for Baby Face

Chin-length short hairstyles are hard for round faces because they tend to emphasize the cheeks. But, you can combat this with choppy layers that create sharp lines and angles around your face.

Messy Bob For Overweight Women

Instagram / Calley from @crownbeautybar

#5: Formal Hairdo for Curvy Faces

Updos can be daunting for women with round faces because they make the visage the focal point. But, they can work as hairstyles for chubby faces with the right elements: face-framing tendrils, loose curls and bold highlights.

#6: Blue Bangs for Full Faces

If you thought pixie cuts were not for round faces, think again. A long textured side bang will camouflage wider cheeks, while still working with the overall short cut. Vibrant colors will make it fun and flirty.

#7: Side-Parted Shaggy Light Blonde Bob

Loosely parted on the side, the hairstyle has an unquestionably slimming effect. Tucking a few pieces behind the ears to expose the jawline only on one side also makes the face look narrower.

Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob For Fine Hair

Instagram / @jordanhairstyles

#8: Curly Updo for Medium Hair

This timeless and classic updo will suit all face shapes and hair textures. A low messy bun can work as a wedding hairstyle for the bride or her bridesmaids. Wispy curled tendrils lengthen the face, and ombre highlights make the updo look super dimensional!

#9: Dramatic Black and Blonde Balayage Bob

Playing with two tones is a wise strategy of hairstyles for chubby faces. Sometimes solid colors can make round faces appear even rounder; prevent this by implementing a contrasting shade in balayage highlights.

Black Wavy Bob With Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#10: Cute Feathered Blonde Pixie Bob

A hairstyle for a round chubby face can be any length, even a short asymmetrical style works. Super-short on one side and long and wavy on the other, this cut gives you the best of both worlds: is it a bob or a pixie? Control the volume by cutting into the wave and place the pieces strategically to emphasize the facial features you love the most.

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie For Thin Hair

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#11: Razored Strawberry Blonde Pixie Bob

One of our favorite short hairstyles for round faces is this fun and friendly over-grown pixie cut. Piece-y waves that are razored, tousled and blended with full-blown side-swept bangs frame the face to make it look thinner. The strawberry blonde pink base tones with light blonde highlights are a radiant choice.

Disconnected Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut

Instagram / @rachelpesh

#12: Long Caramel Blonde Hairstyle with Layers

Haircuts for round faces need layers to bring in some sharpness and edge into the look. If you’re keeping the cut longer, implement cascading layers throughout the face-framing pieces to prevent the face from appearing excessively round. A cut similar to this is also good for thin hair, providing ample body and movement.

Long Layered Haircut For Straight Hair

Instagram / @janelleloveshair

#13: Silver Pixie with Brushed Up Bangs

Whenever we ask hairstylists their opinion on what is the best haircut for full faced women, inevitably they will suggest a pixie with cropped sides and long, brushed up bangs. That’s because the upswept direction of the hair makes the face look longer and narrower. A silver hair color and a bright lip on a young fresh face provide an unexpectedly cool effect.

Short Gray Pixie For Round Faces

Instagram / @kat.styling

#14: Long Choppy Pixie

Most of today’s trendy haircuts are choppy. This method is ideal for fuller faces as it balances out the round qualities. A pixie cut can be chic and modern with sparse bangs in the front and messy styling.

Edgy Blonde Pixie

Instagram / @brianacisneros

#15: Voluminous Center-Parted Bronde Cut for Medium Hair

If you don’t feel comfortable with short hairstyles, then you might want to consider one of these medium-to-long cuts with a slightly off-center part. Blonde waves frame the face and gently jut outwards before careening back inwards towards the chin, creating a long and narrow silhouette.

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Off-Centre Parting

Instagram / @mane_ivy

#16: Dark Honey Blonde Pixie Bob

A layered, side-parted pixie bob is another appealing option for round faces. The optical illusion ready to come to your rescue in this case is a deep side part. Uniformity should be avoided in round face cuts, so sweeping over much of your mane to one side beneficially frames and slims your face.

Side-Parted Textured Bob For Round Face

Instagram / @r.a.d.color

#17: Shaggy Brunette Bob for Round Faces

We love wavy, shaggy bobs because we believe they’re a brilliant way to showcase short hair for a chubby face. Dark brown hair styled with a combover swoop helps to hide a heavier chin area because it lifts the viewer’s eyes to the top of the head. It’s also a fantastic option for hair that is thinning in the crown area.

Short Messy Dark Brown Bob

Instagram / @maygovintage

#18: Wavy Blonde Lob with Textured Ends

If you have a round face and are looking for a traditional and timeless option, try a wavy lob that is chopped through the ends. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they allow you to maintain your medium length locks. The center part and the indentation of the wave at the cheek, also has a flattering, slimming effect.

Medium Wavy One-Length Hairstyle

Instagram / @kosmo.kayla

#19: Choppy Messy Light Brown Balayage Lob

If you’re on a mission to look slim and want your hair to help you reach that goal, then an off-center choppy lob might be the best style for you. Messy waves that graze the cheekbones, and the dark brown roots with a blonde-toned balayage are super-casual and youthful.

Long Wavy Choppy Bob For Round Faces

Instagram / @palomapaints

#20: Mid-Length Curled Honey Blonde Hairstyle

Don’t want to part with your medium-long hair, but prefer to wear it in a face-slimming way? It’s not a challenge to find hairstyles for round faces that look good on lengthier locks. The long, wavy layers help to cover the sides of the face and elongate the neck, while the honey blonde balayage is refreshing and carefree.

Medium-To-Long Wavy Hairstyle For Round Face

Instagram / @janelleloveshair

#21: Balayage Waves

A round face with a low forehead looks perfect with a medium haircut and no bangs. Not having bangs adds visual length to the face. When the front pieces are styled forward and to the sides, it creates a mysterious look. Complete the style with face-framing highlights.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @stephengarrison

#22: Choppy Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

Keeping short hairstyles for round faces simple is the best bet for many textures. Fine hair in particular is lovely in a basic bob with slightly textured ends and bangs.

Chin-Length Bob With A Fringe

Instagram / @karmahairsalon

#23: Best A-Line for Full Faces

This haircut is a fantastic choice for overweight women. The shape is a mixture between smooth and structured, and it’s ultimately a very flattering option of plus size hairstyles. Especially when done up in a head-turning platinum hue, this style is a sure winner.

Layered Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

Instagram / @mikaatbhc

#24: Fabulous Silver Blonde Pixie Bob

Women who have always wanted to make the big pixie chop but felt insecure about their round face shape should consider a pixie with a deep side part and long bangs. Such a style easily neutralizes fullness and visually elongates the face. For the sassiest results, top off the haircut with a fabulous color, like silver blonde.

#25: Adorable Bob with Choppy Layers

Short hairstyles for round faces should always compliment your natural beauty but also give you a bit of sharpness and imperfection. You can use a round brush when blow drying to flip hair in alternate directions.

Choppy Brown Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

#26: Pretty Disconnected Brown Bob

Chin-length disconnected bobs that are parted on the side have a fabulous slimming quality, beneficial for a round face. Swoopy, long bangs cover one eye and the all-one-length choppy ends hit below the chin creating a svelte silhouette.

Tousled Brunette Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @kosmo.kayla

#27: Razored Brunette Pixie with Side Bangs

Overweight ladies can look very pretty rocking a short pixie hairstyle, especially when it’s a brunette number with peek-a-boo side swept bangs. It’s a slimming style that is flattering when worn tousled on top to provide some height and face-lengthening qualities.

Layered Pixie For Chubby Faces

Instagram / @theladyofhair

#28: Shaggy Rose Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Blessed with shoulder-length curly thick hair? Look no further! Shaggy waves are given new life with an amazing color combination you don’t see too often these days. The high-contrast rosy blonde waves with dark brown roots draw in and slim the lower part of the face.

Choppy Wavy Side-Parted Lob For Coarse Hair

Instagram / @mefiu

#29: Red Razored Pixie Undercut

The crimson-colored straight tousled spikes do a fabulous job of distracting from a double chin. The closely cropped undercut and wispy bangs and sideburns give this hairdo a rock-and-roll feel bordering on punk. If you’re a courageous girl who wants to stand out from the crowd, you’ve just discovered the cut that will take you to the edge of modernity.

Edgy Reddish Brown Pixie

Instagram / @riahmai

#30: Side-Swept Wavy Pixie Bob

Keeping your hairstyle shaggy is a great way of drawing attention away from an overly round face. Swoopy golden-blonde locks curl around the face, and the spectacular combover waves discreetly cover the cheeks, ending at the chin. It’s a high-end and sophisticated pixie bob.

Asymmetrical Wavy Messy Shorter Hairstyle

Instagram / @kbarberhair

#31: Sleek Short Cut

Short hair for round faces looks beautiful in sleek asymmetrical hairstyles. Use a large barrel round brush while blow drying. Curling hair under gives you a sleek, modern look.

Side-Parted Ash Blonde Bob

Instagram / @richardatkuthaus

#32: Medium Wispy Messy Cut

Plus size hairstyles should be current and a bit edgy! Straight lines and a messy side part with a little height in the crown help to lengthen a too-round face. Tousled strands are sassy yet not over the top for such a sweet face.

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Round Faces

Instagram / @victorval

#33: Chin-Length Tousled Metallic Blonde Bob

Not all round faced women are overweight! Sometimes you come across a skinny-minny gal with a cute round face. The disconnected chin-length bob emphasizes the neck and downplays the fullness that can make a face look too wide. A side part with a lock or two pushed behind one ear keeps the look casual and playful.

Shaggy Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Instagram / @fabhairbycbs

#34: Choppy Bronde Lob with Off-Centre Parting

When you have thin hair and a round face, your jaw and chin area can appear heavier than they really are. The long frontal locks of a choppy inverted lob help to elongate your profile and make it look more angular. An off-center part is a further distraction from a chunkier lower chin and neck area.

Asymmetrical Wavy Lob For Chubby Faces

Instagram / @peachiehair

#35: Grey Ombre for Chubby Faces

Ombre looks are some of the best hairstyles for plus size women because the fading color from dark to light draws the eye down. By doing this you can visually create length and slim down your face. For extra drama, try styling with glamorous shades and a bold lip.

#36: Long Layered Wavy Style with Bangs

Long layered waves that cascade along the cheeks and tumble down over the shoulders to the waist can be an excellent haircut for a chubby face. Each curly ripple seems to fall just where it’s needed to bring out the natural angles of the face. Chocolate brown hair with light brown highlights is fashion-forward and prevents the hairstyle from looking unruly.

#37: Long Bob

Color is a great way to add visual length to round faces, and one of the most popular dye techniques is balayage. The color is hand-painted so that it looks natural and effortless. It also is easier to maintain and requires less touch-ups.

#38: Ravishing Red for Round Faces

Color is a great way to upgrade short haircuts for round faces, whether you go for a bold solid hue or multi-tonal solution. Take it one step further with bright lipstick and perfect eyebrows.

#39: Marvelous Mauve

Good hairstyles are those that don’t try too hard. All women look their best when they are confident and having fun. Experiment with fun dyes and colorful glasses to boost your everyday look.

Short Shaggy Pink Hairstyle For Plus Size Women

Instagram / Jenni from @crownbeautybar

#40: Shoulder Length Cut

This seventies-inspired shag is one of the best medium hairstyles for round faces. The side bangs bring out the cheekbones while the shoulder length layers give structure to the cut. To lend softness and femininity to your look, use a medium barrel curling iron to style loose waves and then finger comb through.

Shoulder Length Messy Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @mechesalonla

#41: Medium Wavy Hairstyle for Chubby Faces

America Ferrera has never been a skinny girl. Here is one of her successful tender looks. A shoulder-length haircut with evenly distributed volume lets your locks flow with natural grace. Long and soft side bangs are a great compliment for the cut. Use a hair dryer and a medium size round brush to style your locks or shape loose curls with a large-barrel curling iron. Once you finish with styling, tousle your locks slightly and fix the result with hair spray.

medium hairstyle for fat faces

EverettCollection /

#42: Bob with Elongated Front Locks

A-line edgy bob is an awesome haircut for a round face. It’s going to slim your face thanks to its mobility, difference of lengths between the layers and angled front locks. Diagonal lines in haircuts always slim your face and elongate your neckline. The styling of the cut won’t take much of your time and turn out to be pretty effortless.

#43: Messy Bob with Long Side-Swept Bangs

America Ferrera’s thick hair is layered towards the ends to convey a cute rounded shape to her shoulder-skimming bob. She opts to style it messy with long swoopy bangs.

#44: Playful Shag Haircut

The sticking out edgy locks, trimmed skillfully, create the ideal roundness with sufficient volume. And your not fat, but clearly round face will appear smaller in the background of a voluminous hairstyle. The side bangs add to the visual correction of your face shape. It’s important to work through the ends of your locks to alleviate them but not to make them extremely thin. Use light volumizing spray, a blow dryer and medium size thermal brush for styling. Light hold hair spray is applied at the final stage.

#45: Purple Haze Bob with Bangs

For Grammys the same bob was flat-ironed to accentuate its fringy edges and complemented with short blunt cut bangs. Kelly’s face is accurately framed to draw attention to her pigment-rich accurate makeup.

#46: Layers and Loose Waves

Blunt bangs may not be the best style for full faces because they highlight the widest part across the cheeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them altogether. Messy waves and bright highlights draw attention away from the width.

#47: Smoky Waves

A long wavy bob is the style to have, because it is universally appealing for all face shapes. A deep side part will hide chubby cheeks, while a blunt cut will keep it modern and fresh. Purple and grey are very trendy this season.

#48: Cropped Bob with Choppy Ends

Since fuller faces have curved lines, hairstyles with soft waves flatter them. Upgrade your bob with choppy ends and style some loose waves. This ‘do is modern and trendy, particularly striking on thick hair!

Short Wavy Bob For A Round Face

Instagram / @salsalhair

#49: Chocolate Hair with Partial Blonde Balayage

Chocolate hair is a staple choice for ladies of all skin tones and hair textures. Subtle balayage or ombré placed on the lower half of your hair will mitigate the roundness, and a deep side part works wonders on complementing a big face.

Wavy Long Hairstyle For Round Faces

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#50: Asymmetrical Shag with Bangs

Asymmetry is another flattering solution in short haircuts for round faces. This makes asymmetrical cuts a safe haven to explore! Whether you have jagged bangs or an uneven length, have fun with your creative cut and enhance it with messy styling.

Messy Asymmetrical Hairstyle For Round Faces

Instagram / @karahurston

#51: Beautiful Balayage Curls

A side part is a really great addition to plus size hairstyles. With a side part, you make a round face slimmer. To recreate this pretty look, try curling hair in alternate directions, and always pay special attention to how you curl your face-framing locks.

Long Brown Hairstyle For Round Faces

Instagram / @kearybladel

#52: Mighty Beach Waves

Any chubby face benefits immensely from asymmetric hairstyles with long side bangs like Melissa McCarthy’s. These diagonal and vertical lines can do miracles, while the texture itself is fabulous and so enjoyable!

#53: Short and Shaggy

Here’s a no-fail hipster look. This cute style is totally effortless. You can either blow dry your hair or let it airdry before adding a few waves with a clipless curling iron. Most importantly, be sure you’re starting out with the right cut. This option is mostly one-length with only a little layering.

Shaggy Side-Parted Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @caitycaatt

#54: Piecey Crop with Caramel Highlights

Short haircuts for women with round faces are adorable with piecey layers and choppy side bangs. This unique, artistic style features lightened and flipped out ends to add some sharpness and angle to the face that can appear overly sweet. Bangs that hit at the cheekbones help to accentuate your smile.

#55: Short Cool Toned Crop

A bob is one of the all-time best haircuts for chubby faces. To push the boundaries with your bob, opt for uniquely textured layers like these. The asymmetry in the long bangs is really cute, while the volume in the back lends structure.

Ash Blonde Choppy Bob

Instagram / @singi.vo

#56: Ash Brown Waves with Face-Framing Highlights

Face-framing highlights in haircuts for women with round faces can also work in our favor. Dark colors make clearer outlines along the cheeks, while lightening those strands, you avoid the “boxed in” effect, trapping the face. Open it up instead and keep darker tones at roots.

#57: Mid-Length Wavy Hazel Blonde Hairstyle

If you aren’t a fan of shorter styles, choose textured medium haircuts. Loose waves that delicately frame, partially covering your cheeks, visually elongate your face, correcting its shape.

Wavy Bronde Lob

Instagram / @redbloomsalon

#58: Bright Purple Bob

A rock’n’roll hair color for ladies of all ages is bright purple. Combined with an edgy wardrobe, it is sure to give you a signature look. Opt for a choppy and angled cut to amp up the edgy factor of your hairstyle even more.

Angled Bob With Choppy Layers

Instagram / @hugosalon

#59: Light Brown Balayage Hair

Though the most common way to curl hair with a clamp or wand is away from the face, an effective technique for full faces is to mix up the in and out curls; one strand outwards and next inwards. Not only does alternating curl directions result in a more natural look, but it also prevents opening up wide cheeks too much.

Medium To Long Wavy Brunette Hairstyle

Instagram / @richardatkuthaus

#60: Pretty Platinum

You know the saying blondes have more fun, so why not embrace a style that brings the excitement? Tousled texture, a bright color and choppy layers are always in style. Plus, it looks equally good with a side or middle part.

Well, we guess nobody will argue that ladies in those photos look stunning, although most of them have gained extra pounds. In this relation every woman is an enchantress. You can always turn things so that people will only notice how gorgeous you are and not how many pounds you weigh.

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