40 Good-Looking Variants of Bangs for Round Face Shapes

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Round faces are cute, feminine and sweet. They are often blessed with very attractive dimples on the cheeks and have a rounded line of hair growth. If your face shape is round, the hairstyles which keep all the hair off your face don’t make you any prettier and may underline the fullness of your face. Check out these haircuts with bangs that create an alluring style and visually elongate your face instead.

Flattering Types of Bangs for Round Faces

When choosing the perfect kind of bangs for your round face, keep in mind that your goal is to make it visually longer. Long vertical and diagonal lines cope with this task fairly well, because they have an elongating power. That’s why you can see from the examples in the gallery that long side-swept bangs and flowy curtain bangs benefit round faces like no others.

Straight bangs are also quite flattering for round faces. However, even if your hair is thick, avoid extremely thick bangs, especially in case you opt to wear them straight.

When styling your bangs, don’t forget to make some volume on the crown to balance your face shape. For fine hair, opt for thin bangs and layered front tresses. Check out the ideas below for ultimate inspiration.

#1: Pearl Blonde Shag with Long Bangs

Long Platinum Shag with Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

Long curtain bangs are probably the hottest trend these days! The fringe goes especially well with a medium-length shaggy cut. You will definitely leave a fresh and dreamy impression on everyone who sees you and your new hairstyle.

#2: Layered Haircut with Face-Framing Bangs

This hairstyle is one hundred percent about gloss. Bangs for round face shapes can absolutely be straight, elegant, and full of shine. Because the haircut itself is simple, it really showcases the luscious, healthy hair.

Long Haircut with Front Layers and Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @kimsbeautystudio

#3: Straight Bangs for Medium Hair

Looking for a quick update for thin, straight hair? Introducing an easy straight fringe can give you an instant style boost. Platinum hair in soft layers adds a chic quotient to any outfit. Anyone with straight hair should try this look at least once.

Straight Lob with Bangs for Round Face Shape

Instagram / @sergeyshapochka

#4: Cute Curly Bangs for Round Faces

Wispy bangs can be worn both if you have straight and curly hair. However, it’s essential to ensure that the textures blend well though, so keep your curls loose at the top and more spiraled towards the ends. Match your sweet style with natural makeup to achieve a cute girly look.

Medium Curly Hair Round Face Bangs

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

#5: Short Thick Bangs for Long Shaggy Haircut

Many women believe that bangs have to be long, especially with round faces. But, by cropping them, you can create an instantly cool and creative look that is perfect for young ladies who want a hipster girl look. If you have a round face, pair your cropped bangs with long wavy strands along the face to visually elongate it.

Messy Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

Instagram / @ashadoeshair

#6: Weightless Eye-Brow Skimming Bangs

Women with round faces should always prefer wispy bangs to blunt ones because the latter will cut off the face and bring the focus right to the widest part. The bangs in this photo shows more of the face to elongate and slim the visage.

Copper Layered Cut with Bangs for Round Face Shape

Instagram / @ryennesnow.hair

#7: Arched Wispy Bangs and Wavy Locks

For a look that is totally Brooklyn cool girl, bring all that thick, wavy hair forward and tame it down with a fair dose of product. Typically, thick-haired girls shy away from going short, but clearly, with the right approach, short cuts for thick hair rock. We love how messy wispy bangs blend with the hairstyle.

#8: Stylish Bangs with Vivid Color Blocking

Bangs for round face shapes don’t have to be boring. Actually, there are way more possibilities, and layered fringe with trendy color blocking is one of them. This style can really update your look!

Jet Black and Neon Block Colored Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram / @y_ctrl_

#9: Long Hair with Framing Bangs with Highlights

One of the most exciting ways to create depth in dark hair is with a highlighted effect that almost looks as if it’s sunlight catching your strands in all the right places. This technique is perfect for adding more texture to your haircut and brightening your black hair with cool tones. Paired with long front layered haircut, it does some excellent contouring for the round face shape.

Long Blowout Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @lexxy_hermosa

#10: Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Wish to find a way to make your face look thinner and less flat? How about this gorgeous hairstyle with long layers and blonde highlights? Long, thick, layered hair with curtain bangs will surely divert attention from the roundness of your face.

#11: Short Hair with Wavy Bangs

If you’re willing to add a little more texture and movement to your hair, consider this short wavy cut with bangs. With these amazing bangs, your short messy haircut will look cuter and more elegant. Also, it will work well for women with both thick and thin hair types.

Wavy Pixie Cut with Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Instagram / @erickinvisible

#12: Bob with Short Bangs

Do you want to do something more creative than simple straight or blunt bangs? The neck-length bob with baby bangs slims down the face, turning the cut into one of the best short hairstyles for a round face shape. Plus, thick short bangs lift the forehead and make the look open.

Short Bob with Baby Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Instagram / @nothingobvious

#13: Choppy Bangs Hairstyle

Unlike straight or blunt bangs, choppy parted bangs are full of movement and texture. The uneven length helps to balance the roundness of the face and creates weightlessness at the bottom of your layered hair. Show this photo to your hair stylist to implement this flattering look.

Medium Haircut with Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @brendaracelihair

#14: Edgy Look for Women with Round Face

Just because you have a chubby face does not mean that you can’t have fun with your look, isn’t it? The key to a creative hairstyle like this is a stylish wolf cut, a vivid hair color, and cool messy bangs. Looks pretty fascinating!

Messy Shag with Choppy Bangs for Round Face Shape

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#15: Wavy Wispy Bang Hairstyle

Curls work great with a round face shape and cute curly bangs are a perfect addition. Complement this hairstyle with subtle highlights for extra interest points. This is one of the best haircuts for ladies with a round face and naturally curly hair texture.

#16: Copper Shaggy Cut with Textured Bangs

Layered textured bangs do look amazing on women with a round face shape, especially if they go with a shaggy haircut. Consider getting this hairstyle if you have a big forehead and chubby cheeks, as it may elongate your face and emphasize your facial features.

Round Face Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

#17: Perfect Straight Bangs

Here’s another example of straight bangs that may work for a round or oval face if they are combined with edgy waves. Adding soft waves gives lift and, as always, shows off highlights. You may choose to keep hair ends straight to match the super straight bangs.

Wavy Bob with Textured Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Instagram / @nikcabral

#18: Blowout Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

A layered style works really well for women who need to remove bulk from thick hair. Major volume on its own would make an impact, but this takes it a step further with a darker hue. The deep side part and swooping bangs do an excellent face contouring job.

Round Face Haircut Deep Side Part and Swoopy Bangs

Instagram / @jaggi_hairartist

#19: Layered Cut with Long Curtain Bangs

Round faces always benefit from long curtain bangs. If you want to try bangs and don’t know what type to choose, this is a safe solution. A long textured haircut with flattering bangs like these ones will provide a more chiseled visage.

Round Face Long Curtain Bangs Haircut

Instagram / @qtran

#20: Side Bangs for a Full Face

Bangs for round faces can be light on the drama and heavy on the cute. Piecey side bangs are fun to style, and when you get tired of them, they are so much easier to grow out. If you want to make your look more elegant, curl the ends of your locks for ’90s Rachel cut vibes.

90s Inspired Medium Cut with Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @paryasalimi_

#21: Light Jagged Bangs

Women with fuller cheeks should embrace styles that offer a bit of edge that comes mainly from the right cut and partially from styling. You may opt for a layered, shaggy long bob, for instance. If you want to add a fringe, let it be rather light and pointedly jagged.

Shaggy Red Hairstyle with Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

#22: Cute Flowy Side Bangs

Natural texture is a big consideration regarding bangs for round faces. Do you fight your natural texture or roll with it? It all depends on your morning patience level. This look does not sacrifice cuteness for ease. Side bangs are a great addition to flowy, wavy hair.

#23: Accurately Trimmed Bangs

The best bangs for round face are the ones that have the option to be versatile. You can wear them straight or brushed to the side depending on your mood. This is especially helpful for women on a budget because multiple styling options gives you more bang for your buck.

Medium Hairstyle with Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram / @ponyhairsalon

#24: Flirty Tousled Side Bangs

This hairstyle was not achieved by sleeping, but it definitely has that bedhead appeal. The pieces of hair coming over one eye are mischievous and sexy, while the big barrel curls give an overall cool-girl effect. Experimenting with texture while keeping color natural can be a great compromise when you want to try a new style.

Tousled Hairstyle With Side Bangs

Instagram / @victorval

#25: Smoky Long Bangs

Going for a gray-blue tone with tons of visual interest? You can choose full-on drama by incorporating long layers and cheek-skimming bangs. The multiple hues of the color play beautifully with the layers while the long side bangs add glamour and mystery.

Long Pastel Purple Hair With Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @modernsalon

#26: Copper Bombshell Bangs

This gorgeous hairstyle is one-part stellar color and one-part impressive cut. There is definitely Old Hollywood glamour going on with the styling, but a simple pony will be equally beautiful because of all the layering. The bangs blend right in to the rest of the cut.

Medium Layered Centre-Parted Hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

#27: Swept Back Layered Bangs

This hairstyle has tons of movement and is great for a girl who is constantly running her fingers through her hair and flipping it back and forth. It’s the I-don’t-need-a-part look. The bangs add to the fun, carefree essence of this style.

#28: Long Side Feathered Bangs

The same philosophy that you apply to building a great outfit can also work for creating a stunning hairstyle; sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest impact. From the long bang and the grey highlights to the cool sunglasses and red lips, this look is a winner.

Short Haircut with Long Bangs and Gray Babylights

Instagram / @rainbowhairmilano

#29: Candy Colored Asymmetrical Bangs

This stunning look was created by someone schooled in color theory. The wispy bangs and soft curls give the fairytale colors an extra fantasy element. This bang style is a gorgeous complement to ponytails and half-up half-down looks too. Updating the colors would definitely be high maintenance, but daily styling would be lots of fun!

Pastel Purple Balayage Hair with Layered Bangs

Instagram / @xostylistxo

#30: Pixie Style Short Bangs

The cutest pixie cut ever! Going super short typically makes bangs the star of the show, so why not go for some piecey asymmetry? Texturizing pomade is your best friend when styling super short bangs for round faces.

Pixie with Bangs for a Round Face

Instagram / @modernsalon

#31: Sexy Long Bangs

This covetable long-hair look is always a stunner. The soft waves and pretty layers allow expert highlights to shine. The middle-parted fringe that tapers towards the back is the key to this ultra-feminine hairstyle. Keeping the styling modern (and maybe just a little tomboyish) balances out the super girly hair.

Long Layered Hair with Middle-Parted Long Bangs

Instagram / @crownbeautybar

#32: Best Bangs for Straight Hair

This adorable hairstyle is perfect for girls with straight hair. A few curls around the face take just a couple minutes to achieve. The delicate caramel highlights standout when the hair is pulled forward and slightly towards the small fringe of bangs.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyle with Arched Bangs

Instagram / @drelefevre

#33: Curled Side Bangs

Thick wavy hair gets a new life with a short, asymmetrical cut. The texture can be shaped and perfected on the longer side, while keeping it straight and smooth on the other, shorter side. An alternative color like maroon definitely ups the boldness of the haircut.

Short Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Instagram / @heathervanhuss_

#34: Striped Swoopy Bangs

Indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate and caramel bangs for round faces. The colors instantly warm and brighten tan complexions with golden undertones. A swoop bang quickly slims for instant results.

Long Wavy Bob with Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram / @daniellelouisette

#35: Arched Bangs

This is a risky choice of bangs for a round face because they are fairly thick. However, ladies with thick hair need equally full bangs to match – otherwise, your hair style will seem unbalanced. This is perfect for a young collegiate who needs a quick but fashionable look to wear on campus. Create effortless waves by making a topknot bun overnight —just undo in the morning and head to that am class.

Long Hairstyle for Thick Hair with Bangs

Instagram / @hairhunter

#36: Short and Sweet Rounded Bangs

Adding a pastel dip dye and crimpy waves enlivens short hair. It’s a double dose of fun, quirky personality. Short bangs for round faces are great for making your eyes the standout feature. Part your bangs, sweeping them to the side, even if they are short. Rounding out the bangs helps to blend them with crimps and waves.

Short Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Instagram / @hairbyelm

#37: Light Messy Horizontal Bangs

Side updos are great because they can be worn in both formal and casual settings. While most of such updos usually incorporate a side swoop, front bangs provide a more modern and edgy look for young ladies.

Messy Loose Side Updo with Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram / @yujiyamane

#38: Thick Bangs for Full Hair

Lots of layers are essential for goddess-like, super thick hair. Bangs are no exception. Layered and swoopy bangs work great with thick hair. Plus, they omit the daily styling demands that shorter bangs would impose on long hair. This bombshell style turns thick hair weightless.

Long Side Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram / @modernsalon

#39: Minimalistic Side Bangs

One of the most exciting ways to create depth in dark hair is with a highlighted effect that almost looks as if it’s sunlight (or moonlight) catching your strands in all the right places. This technique is perfect for adding dimension within thin bangs and brightening your black hair look with cool tones instead of the usual warm shades.

Short Bangs for Round Faces

Instagram / @modernsalon

#40: Side Layered Bangs Grazed with Color

Young ladies searching a hairstyle for formal events like prom or winter formal will love these long loose curls with side-swept bangs. The style manages to look glamorous and polished, but still youthful and fun.

Long Hairstyle with Highlights and Side Bangs

Instagram / @daniellelouisette

Well, hope you have cleared the question of bangs for a round face by now. If you are still not sure as to which hairstyles would be the most beneficial for your round face, look through the rich-for-ideas galleries of hairstyles for a round face shape .

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