30 Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women to Rock in 2023

The wolf cut, in a nutshell, is a mixture of two currently most popular and edgy haircuts – the mullet and the shag. Supposedly originated in South Korea, the wolf haircut features loads of chunky, shaggy layers on the top and wispy, wavy ends at the back.

Are you wild enough to pull this hairstyle off? To get some inspiration, look through the best examples of the wolf cut to date.

#1: Long Layered Wolf Cut

We love this long heavily layered style that double the wolf haircut trend with its bright, juicy purple hair color. Style it with a round brush and use some texturizing cream to get that signature messy wolf haircut look.

Wolf Cut Without Bangs

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#2: Long Wavy Wolf Cut

This subtle version of the wolf cut is perfect for thick and coarse, naturally wavy hair. Boasting plenty of volume and texture, it’s easy to maintain with just a splash of sea salt spray or curl enhancing serum.

Long Shaggy Haircut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @oxsana.tkacheva

#3: Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair

A blend of heavy, stacked fringe and heavily layered mullet-like ends is the best bet for straight, thicker hair. Emphasize the texture of this cut with the color: bright, piecey highlights will add dimension and movement to your hairstyle.

Wolf Cut with Bangs for Straight Hair

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

#4: Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

Although the wolf cut is generally suitable for any hair type, it looks best on thick hair. With short choppy layers at the crown, thinner ends may look flat and lacking volume on those with fine hair.

#5: Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

You will be happy to hear that wolf cut hairstyles are quite versatile, so you can feel free to test this trend regardless of your face shape and hair type. This option looks pretty cute, but you can make it edgier if added a slightly messy texture on top and longer layers with choppy ends.

Cute Wolf Cut with Feathered Bangs

Instagram / @analazarescuhair

#6: Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Here is another one of our shaggy cut ideas that suit ladies with all hair types. However, in this creative version of the wolf haircut, the bangs almost cover the eyes, hiding half of the face, which can work for long faces, but not for round ones.

Medium Wolf Haircut for Straight Hair

Instagram / @tonytony1226

#7: Stylish Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short Hair

Ready to experiment with your regular haircut? How about switching from your classic lob hairstyle to something hot and edgy, just like this gorgeous wolf cut? Stunningly textured, this short shag cut will definitely help you make an impression!

Trendy Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Instagram / @williammleite

#8: Warm Blonde Pixie Wolf Cut

Turn your bulky thick mane into a beautiful delicate frame for your face with this voluminous pixie wolf haircut. Also, opt for light hair colors or highlights to bring an airy feel to your fresh short hairstyle.

Voluminous Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Instagram / @peghairsalon

#9: Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

Do you want something feminine yet a bit sassy? Then this wolf haircut might be perfect for you, especially if your hair lacks movement. Apply a texturizing spray to repeat this effortless style and bring life into your choppy layers.

Lovely Shaggy Cut for Medium Locks

Instagram / @alisonalvarez

#10: Cute Shag Haircut for Straight Hair

If your hair is fine on top and bulky on the bottom, you need a hairdo with a lot of body on the crown and weightless texture on the ends, for example, this wolf cut. Spice up your shaggy style with chunky pieces and choppy micro fringe for a finished look.

Textured Long Shag Hairstyle

Instagram / @brentdanielbasore

#11: Classic Wolf Cut Hairstyle

It’s impossible to imagine a shaggy wolf cut without bangs, and why would you do that if a thick fringe creates such an effortlessly cool look? Pair it with soft wavy layers to create volume and texture as stunning as this!

Curly Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

#12: Ash Blonde Layered Style for Medium Locks

It is not necessary to go for classic wolf cut hairstyles to give your hair a thicker look, as longer choppy layers and curtain bangs will also work in this direction. If you want to bring more texture and dimension to your hair color, opt for an ashy blonde shade, which is well-matched with shadow roots.

Sleek Wolf Haircut for Short Hair

Instagram / @kenzierae_hair

#13: Striking Modern Mullet for Brown Hair

A wolf cut trend has captured thousands of fashionistas worldwide, so if you are ready to give this style a try, take this pic as an inspiration! A wispy finish will bring this haircut an airy and unearthly look, along with a cool girl feel to its owner.

Sassy Wolf Cut and Micro Bangs

Instagram / @diegomarcsant

#14: Edgy Blonde Shag with Curtain Bangs

This option occupies a special place among the rest of wolf cut hairstyle ideas, as it is so much versatile. Pair this trendy multi-layer haircut with a bright platinum blonde shade and curtain bangs to emphasize the beauty of your face and draw attention to your magnetic eyes.

Vibrant Platinum Shaggy Wolf Style

Instagram / @yukistylist

#15: Short Wolf Cut with Vivid Color Bangs

Bob isn’t an option anymore, so give your locks a new, modern shape with this shaggy wolf cut. Ask your hair stylist for some color accents to frame your face and you are ready for the new summer season.

Short Wolf Cut with Bangs

Instagram / @bantikova.alina

#16: Mullet Wolf Haircut with Shaggy Bangs

Give your fine hair some oomph with this totally audacious wolf cut. Ideal for naturally wavy hair or those with perm, it will give you plenty of volume and texture. Use some mousse or texturizing spray and blow dry your hair using a diffuser.

Razored Wolf Cut Hair Style

Instagram / @lcs.hairdesign

#17: Curly Wolf Cut

This curly wolf hair cut is everything. We love the combination of the bouncy and voluminous top and textured lightweight ends. Edgy, yet effortless, this hairstyle is perfect for your curls.

Curly Layered Shag

Instagram / @joeprofita

#18: Textured Blonde Wolf Haircut

To achieve this messy, tousled wolf hairstyle, we recommend using some volumizing mousse or spray and blow dry your hair with your head downwards. Use some root powder to emphasize your natural texture.

Werewolf Haircut

Instagram / @katya.shmo

#19: Tapered Wolf Cut with Contrasting Colors

Shorter layers on the top and tapered wavy ends look fab with the contrasting combo of silver and jet black hair color. If you have straight hair, give your locks some movement with tongs or a flat iron.

Two Tone Color Wolf Cut

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

#20: Bright Ginger Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Featuring thick, choppy layers and heavy curtain bangs, this wolf cut takes more from the shag cut and less from the mullet. Paired with the bright burned orange hair color, it looks totally on point.

Messy Layered Shoulder Length Cut

Instagram / @ernestomeneses

#21: Super Shaggy Wolf Cut

Whilst wolf cuts can be of any hair lengths, this style looks especially epic on long hair. Shaggy bangs and longer layers make a perfect face frame and bring all the attention to your features.

Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @danieljianing

#22: Short Wolf for Naturally Curly Hair

This curly wolf cut is a must-try for every curly girl who considers a short haircut. Trending right now, this soft blend of the shag and the mullet is an absolute stunner.

Wolf Cut Bixie

Instagram / @danieljianing

#23: Classic Wolf Cut with Layered Fringe

Wolf haircuts are known for their low-maintenance chic – it’s often enough to let your hair air dry and flick the bangs out with a flat iron. For thin hair, you can use some volumizing product, though.

#24: Edgy Wolf Cut with Heavy Bangs

Even if you have pin straight hair, the wolf cut can work for you. This hair type tends to fall flat and look lifeless; however, the wolf hairdo is a great way to give it some body and texture.

#25: Choppy Blonde Wolf Cut

Go full on trend with this extreme wolf haircut but please be aware that the growing out process may take you a few months. If you have any doubts, have a second thought. Even though it’s totally worth a try!

Modern Mullet with Textured Top

Instagram / @modernsalon

#26: Short Razored Wolf Cut

A few choppy layers at the crown combined with thinner ends make a superb look for any hair type and texture. Use a round brush to flick out the ends and add some sea salt spray for a tousled finish.

Chin Length Wolf Haircut

Instagram / @bareeminimum

#27: Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs

Choose the wild way to wear your curls with this wolf cut – one of the hottest hair trends to date. Perfect for the oval or elongated face shape, it will become your trademark.

Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

#28: Shaggy Cut for Naturally Curly Hair Texture

You may think that curly hair always requires extra time and effort to style, but it just needs to be cut into the right shape. Wolf cut is a great style to add plenty of texture and character to your locks.

Shaggy Middle Length Cut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @xelamack

#29: Soft Wolf Haircut

Can a shag haircut look cute and feminine? Totally yes! Just look at this soft baby pink wolf cut. Wear it straight or wavy but don’t forget to use a decent amount of texturizing spray.

Bold Wolf Cut Hair Female

Instagram / @jordannacobella

#30: Deep Teal Shullet Haircut

Named after two haircuts – shag and mullet, shullet is a synonym for the wolf cut. There are certainly more of the mullet features in this look, with its long, tapered layers.

Green and Black Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Instagram / @alchemyxhair

Hopefully, you have saved some of those pictures of wolf haircuts to show at your next salon appointment. As this haircut is a fresh trend, it’s incredibly important to entrust your locks to someone who knows how to make the wolf hairstyle work for you.