The Bixie Haircut is a Banging Short Hair Trend of 2022

I first heard about the bixie from a trendy fashion blog. The cut was described as a hybrid between the bob, mullet and pixie, and the idea immediately made sense to me! It wasn’t long until I realized that bixie is not only a hairstylist’s dream, but also a banging trend you’ll see everywhere in 2022, and here is why.

As someone who currently is rocking a bixie haircut, I can assure you this trend brings together a classy elegant look and pairs it with an effortless style, combining the best lived-in looks with timeless sophistication. I think you’ll agree it looks fabulous at any age.

Hairstylist Telling About Bixie Trend

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What Is the Bixie?

This bixie cut combines elements of the short bob haircut with texture in the interior of the nape. Apart from its bob-like elements, the cut also incorporates texture and movement we’ve grown to appreciate from the pixie. The bixie might even look graduated without technically having graduation, and its cleverly repositioned shape has the potential to stack up without risking a “Karen Cut”.

As with many other hair trends that we can see today, it is a nod to the ’90s, the iconic cuts of Cameron Dias and Meg Ryan being much-cited examples. In fact, it is fun how the release of The Matrix Resurrections has come to coincide with the resurrection of Trinity’s cut, too.

Bixies in the 90s vs Now

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2022 Short Hair Trends

Of course, being among the first to take up the bixie haircut trend requires certain courage, just as styling female mullet does. For some, as Florence Pugh has demonstrated, it will even be a radical change from long to short haircuts. However, the cut is not a whim only an actress can afford! It is already all over Instagram, and it’s really very wearable. More so, it works for a variety of hair types.

Pixie Mullet with Block Color

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Traveling like I do and teaching, I’m always on the lookout for trends and inspiration. In stumbling upon “The Bixie” I was immediately interested. Being a short hair girl myself, I’m usually completely torn between a bob, mullet and pixie. Although I stick to a genre, I try to mix things up as much as I can. I began to consider the direction many of my clients have been taking their short hair. Rejoining society, many of our clients are growing “things” out. It was all revolution, as many of them actually have begun to ask for some sort of bob-pixie combo.

In both my salons, we’ve been taking it one step further and bobbing off the bottom of our overgrown pixie haircut or transitioning a bob into a shaggy mullet, and I’m not even going to go into the wolf cut tutorials on TikTok. Honestly, a fringe has been a huge factor. Our clients love it because we’ve been using the idea to help transition our shorter hair clients to longer lengths and vice-versa. This interpretation gives a sweet shaggy softness to an otherwise potentially harsh shape or lumpy grow-out. It’s a way to embrace the transition. Can I repeat? EMBRACE THE TRANSITION!

Consider This Before Getting a Bixie

In general, the bixie haircut trend allows much customization! Watch out for asymmetrical tendencies, though. In some cases, an undercut might be a better option as opposed to extreme blending from short to long. Throw in some curtain bangs, even better!

Short Bob vs Bixie

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Here are a few commandments to remember:

  1. Do stay away from asymmetry;
  2. The shape should be cohesive and blended even if there is disconnection;
  3. Don’t forget to customize the fringe and face-framing;
  4. Think classic, lived in but elegant.

How to Style Your Bob-Mullet-Pixie Cut

In our salons, we carry three core styling brands including Arrojo, R+Co and Oribe. The effortless look below is the perfect vessel for texture-enhancing styling products. The hairstyle here was cut with a razor and styled with Jackpot by R+Co and finished with Wave Mist by Arrojo.

Graduated Pixie Bob for a Woman over 50

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This is my bixie styled with Arrojo Fierce and a curling iron. I sprayed and curled section by section to achieve this look and finished it off with Arrojo texture paste mixed with Shine Lux Oil.

Also, on my own hair, I’ve gone for a more graduated bixie with either curtain bangs or blunt bangs to give it a French Bob feel. With the fringe left longer, the front feels a bit like a shag and styles out nicely with Oribe Imperial Blowout or Arrojo Styling Creme. I’ve activated the texture in my cut with Arrojo Texture Paste.

In this instance, I flat wrapped with R+Co Park Ave Blowout Balm.

Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @jcolestyle

And here is my very own bixie styled with Oribe Free Styler. This brushable working hairspray provides light hold and workable control and gives the hair a satin finish.

French Bob Haircut

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Whether this style evolved out of compromise or Covid grow out, its generous options deliver versatility and endless customization. Hopefully, this inspires you to consider your version of the bixie haircut trend. Follow my Instagram @jcolestyle for more tips and ideas.