30 Smashing Pixie Bob Haircuts for 2023

A pixie bob haircut – a hybrid of a bob and a pixie, features shorter graduated hair at the back and longer strands on the top and around the front. This hairstyle is an advanced way to transition between short and long hair and vice versa. Modern yet classy, this haircut works for both fine and thick hair and can be tailored to suit any face shape.

Whether you are looking to refresh your existing haircut or toying with the idea of cutting your hair short for the first time, we hope you enjoy scrolling through this collection of various shapes of pixie bob haircuts.

#1: Stacked Pixie Bob Cut

Great for hot summer days, this layered pixie bob with the short, graduated nape looks chic and feminine. Plenty of texture and soft swooping bangs make it easy to style and maintain.

Asymmetric Pixie Bob with Wispy Bangs

Instagram / @celiofariaoficial

#2: Silver Blonde Defined Pixie Bob Cut

This sleek and voluminous pixie is a great option for those who prefer a more sophisticated style. Use some mousse and blow dry all your hair forward with a round brush, then use some texturizing paste for definition.

Metallic White Long Pixie with Full Bangs

Instagram / @henniegebhardt

#3: Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Textured layers, side swept bangs and short graduated back all together make this look an impeccable standard of a pixie bob. Believe it or not, you’ll even hardly need any effort to style it.

Tousles Pixie Bob Haircut

Instagram / @brianacisneros

#4: Choppy Pixie Cut with Silver Highlights

We are obsessed with this messy pixie cut with lots of chunky lilac and silver highlights. Use some texturizing paste to recreate this effortlessly tousled look.

Full Pixie Bob with Gray Highlights on Dark Base

Instagram / @lcs.hairdesign

#5: Inverted Pixie Bob

Blonde hair is a dream to showcase the shape and texture of a short haircut. Like this silver classic bob featuring short, stacked back and long layered sides.

Silver Pixie Bob with Textured Layers

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#6: Razored Chin Length Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Cut to perfection, this bob pixie cut is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The feathered edges and asymmetric undercut give it that unique personal finish.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Swooping Bangs and Side Undercut

Instagram / @shannonrha

#7: Long Pixie Bob with a Modern Twist

We love this modern take on so popular in the ’90s short bob cut. It would suit those with an elongated face shape as the cheekbone grazing length breaks it in the middle, visually creating a wider and rounder look.

Chin Glazing Pixie Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram / @hirohair

#8: Angled Pixie Bob with Face Framing Bangs

If you are a sucker for edgy haircuts, you’ll love this classic pixie bob with layered bangs. Whilst this is not a low maintenance style, it’s so worth the effort to upkeep it.

Short Bob with Layered Bangs for Thick Hair

Instagram / @katierosehair

#9: Rose Gold Choppy Pixie Bob

If you have fine hair and struggle to achieve volume, just above the chin length cut is your best bet. Long enough not to feel bare, this edgy style will make even thin hair look much fuller.

Rose Gold Pixie Bob Parted in the Middle

Instagram / @jacobhkhan

#10: Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Layers

This pixie and bob hybrid is a perfect versatile haircut for those who like wearing a new style every day. Let the hair frame your face for a bob look or tuck the sides behind your ears and rock a pixie look.

Mullet Pixie Bob with Baby Bangs

Instagram / @andy_doesyourhair

#11: Short Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Keep it short and sweet with this cute side-swept blonde pixie bob haircut. If you have naturally fine hair, apply some volumizing spray on damp hair and blow dry it with a large barrel brush.

#12: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Purple and Silver Highlights

This kind of heavily textured pixie bob cut is a great way to reduce the excessive bulk of heavy and thick hair. The combination of metallic purple and silver highlights adds depth and dimension to the style.

#13: Curly Pixie Bob

For many years it’s been mistakenly considered that curly hair isn’t meant to be cut short. However, short pixie cuts work equally good for waves and curls as they do for straight hair. Just look at this lovely short pixie bob!

Curly Pixie Bob with Short Curly Bangs

Instagram / @andy_doesyourhair

#14: Graduated Pixie Bob Cut

This stacked pixie bob with a strong Y2K aesthetic is a great shape to tame thick hair. You may need to use a flat iron and a tad of smoothing cream to create this kind of polished finish.

2000s Inspired Pixie Bob with Chunky Highlights

Instagram / @yp_hair

#15: Short Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

For those who like to accentuate their long neck and cheekbones, we recommend trying pixie bob hairstyles with short, tapered back and contrasting long side bangs.

Butter Blonde Pixie with Long Hair on Top and Side Bangs

Instagram / @thastylist18

#16: Long Pixie Bob

Simple yet effective, this pixie bob with long sides and a short graduated back would suit any face shape and hair type. It would require 6-weekly salon appointments to keep this haircut fresh, although it’s the one easy to style on a day-to-day basis.

Haircut with Long Front Layered and Graduated Back

Instagram / @tatianaberke

#17: Pixie Bob with a Middle Part

Who says your hair must look ugly when growing out a short hairstyle? This cute long pixie haircut is proof that the transition period between short and long hair doesn’t have to be painful.

Blonde Pixie with Long Front Layers

Instagram / @anhcotran

#18: Smokey Lavender Tapered Pixie Bob Haircut

Go for the pastel vivid color for a rebellious vibe and complement it with a chic and classy cut that will make you look stylish and put together. Blow dry your hair with your head upside down to gain more volume and achieve a natural finish.

Lilac Balayage on Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram / @other.haircraft

#19: Long Choppy Pixie

With long layers and feathery ends, this jawline length haircut boasts plenty of volume even on fine hair. Wear it down or pull the sides behind your ears for a sleeker look.

Jaw Line Length Pixie Bob

Instagram / @yukistylist

#20: French Bob with Curtain Bangs

Short hairstyles are the ones that help to make your personal style unique and polished, like this cute French pixie bob. Short bangs breaking up in the middle refine and accomplish the whole look.

Face Framing Pixie Bob Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @madisonvillohair

#21: Sharp and Dark Bob Pixie

Precision cuts are the ones to crush over – neat, immaculate lines and the perfect shape always look incredible. This sharp pixie bob is the one to dream of.

Sharp and Dark Bob Pixie

Instagram / @ruteboazhair

#22: Flowy Blonde Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

This sassy blowout with flowy side swept bangs is giving us some major hair envy. Note how the highlights accentuate the razored layers while the naturally dark roots give this cool ash blonde color deepness and make it more low maintenance.

Flowy Blonde Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

Instagram / @oliviadavis.hair

#23: Angled Short Stacked Bob

If you crave the ease of maintenance pixie short hairstyles are known for but still want to see some longer layers softly framing the face, here is a haircut to show to your stylist. Short neck length cut like this will also make your neck look longer and slimmer.

#24: Undercut Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

We are swooning over this chic and classy long layered pixie. Long side bangs create a soft and feminine look and creates a great contrast with stacked short layers and the nape undercut at the back.

Undercut Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram / @beto_fariaa

#25: Cropped Pixie Bob with Short Bangs

If you like a messy and tousled look, try a layered pixie bob cut with full choppy bangs. Rub a pea-sized amount of texturizing cream between your palms and run your fingers against the hair growth direction.

Cropped Pixie Bob with Short Bangs

Instagram / @hirohair

#26: Wavy Pixie Bob

You will never need to straighten your naturally wavy hair with this freestyle tousled pixie bob. Complement it with baby bangs and dramatic earings for an ultimately sassy look.

#27: Pixie Bob with Framing Layers for Fine Hair

Shorter wispy layers work great for women over 50 with thin hair. We lover how the lightweight fringe and sideburns frame the face, doing away with the strickness of the short cut and making it soft and feminine.

#28: Platinum Pixie Bob

This catwalk worthy hairstyle will suit those with small features and defined cheekbones. You may want to use some hair gel to underline the wispy layers of your textured cut.

Platinum Pixie Bob

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

#29: Wavy Pixie Bob with a Fringe

Curly bangs certainly rock in 2023, looking particularly sweet with this layered pixie bob. Complement the look with subtle lightlights for a trendy dimentional hairstyle.

#30: The ’90s Inspired Pixie Bob Cut

Featuring a deep side part and an impresive thickness, this edgy pixie bob is an ultimate head turner. Great for straight or slightly wavy hair, it’s easy to style with just a dot of volumizing cream, your hands and a hairdryer.

The '90s Inspired Pixie Bob Cut

Instagram / @rose.salonyeager

We hope you found some inspiration in this fresh collection of modern pixie bob hairstyles we’ve collected for you. While you might not be quite ready to dear and go for it now, make sure you save your favorite pictures for later.