20 Sassy and Sexy Black Pixie Cuts

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African American women rock the pixie haircut, either with natural or relaxed hair. If you want to truly own a short hairstyle, a pixie cut is ideal. With its minimal maintenance requirements and lovely compatibility with black hair, you will love finding a style all your own.

Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

Whether you wear your hair curly, relaxed, or you are about to transition back to natural, there’s a cute pixie for you to flatter your face shape and features. Once you can a quality short cut, it won’t take too many of your precious minutes to bring it to perfection on a regular basis. Draw inspiration from the suggestions below!

#1: Black Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Women's Short Black Hairstyle with Curly Top

Instagram / @modernsalon

Black hair is often very thick, which can make many styles a struggle. With this short haircut, the sides are clipped extra short above the ear line, while the hair up top is free to do its own thing. It’s best to divide the two sections with shaved lines.

#2: Textured Pixie Cut with Highlights

The combination of vibrant colors on the top of your hair with classy black hair is an excellent way to stand out in the crowd. This pixie is worn with long bangs highlighted in bright colors that add so much oomph to the look.

Undercut Colored Pixie for Black Girls

Instagram / @msklarie

#3: Pixie Haircut for a Heart Shaped Face

Straight, side swept and lovely – three ways to describe this close pixie cut that means business. This will work well on a variety of hair types, but you will likely want your hair to be straight to accentuate the dramatic beauty of this mane.

Feathered Brunette Pixie

Instagram / @msklarie

#4: Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Black women love experiments with blonde hair color. If you want to give it a try too, better pair it with a super short pixie cut like this nearly white stunner. This curly pixie cut with short bangs and a tapered back perfectly frames the face, making you look stylish and sassy.

White Blonde Short Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Instagram / @indinstrands

#5: Natural Hair Pixie Cut

Simple and lovely, this pixie haircut relies upon the beauty of natural hair paired with a distinct sense of style from the wearer. If you want to chop your long locks but don’t want a ton of prep work in the morning, this is a good cut to try.

Short Pixie Haircut for Natural Hair

Instagram / @mayasworld

#6: Purple and Blue Layered Cut

This layered pixie cut is colored to show off each section as an individual statement. Use vibrant hues of purple and teal, or choose any hues you love. Don’t forget to wear some bold makeup with this style, as you don’t want your face to look “washed out” next to your vibrant strands.

Funky Choppy Pixie for Black Women

Instagram / @jdrewhair

#7: Long Pixie Cut for Black Women

Want something a little longer? Grown in with a 7-inch bang and drop-back crown, this classy pixie cut can make you a real star! Add gorgeous blue strands to your black hair to make your hair look dimensional and voluminous.

Stacked Pixie Bob on Relaxed Black Hair

Instagram / @indinstrands

#8: Pixie Style with Highlights

Sometimes blondes do have more fun – especially when it’s a gorgeous, confident African-American with blonde highlights! Black pixie cuts don’t have to commit to one hue – mix it up with blonde, red or vibrant neon colored highlights.

African American short curly hairstyle with blonde highlights

Instagram / @modernsalon

#9: Sassy Pixie Cut with Colored Bangs

Look how extravagant this black pixie crop looks. Wispy layers on top add extra volume, while vivid fringe creates a trendy bold look. It can also bring out the eyes and help you regrow thinning edges.

Black Pixie with Colored Bangs High Crown and Trimmed Nape

Instagram / @indinstrands

#10: Short African American Pixie Cut

If you have an oblong face, a pixie cut looks best when it’s short, feathered and to the point. This tightly cropped style is paired with a textured style for a lovely, simple look that defies expectation.

black feathered pixie

Instagram / @friendssalonnola

#11: Curly Natural Pixie Cut

Let Mother Nature be your stylist with this pixie cut that accentuates natural hair texture. From tight curls to loose waves – whatever you’ve been blessed with, bring out the best it has to offer with this cropped, graduated pixie cut.

short kinky hairstyle for natural hair

Instagram / @soulchile_

#12: Red Pixie Haircut

Combine layers and vivid color to brighten up your simple pixie cut. You can still have rather short hair while holding onto your femininity with this fun style that looks great with a punched-up color flattering deep complections. Perfect to stress facial features!

Neat Dark Red Pixie Cut for Black Women

Instagram / @indinstrands

#13: Black Curls with Undercut

With closely clipped sides and a curly top, this pixie haircut is ideal for a confident black woman. Clean cut to be appropriate for the office, but, clearly, also inviting a party vibe, this hairstyle is given a boost of volume and beautiful, accurate edges.

short curly undercut haircut for women

Instagram / @modernsalon

#14: Styles for Oval Faces


African American hairstyles are fun to wear and beautiful to observe. This cut features thick, side-swept bangs and blunt layers to flatter an oval face.

black pixie haircut with bangs

Instagram / @sorayahstyles

#15: Sassy Pixie Cut for Black Women

Go bold and beautiful with this stylish pixie cut with side bangs and bright purple and pink hair highlights. The trick to this color is not to use it throughout – keep some hair your natural hue to create dimension in the brightly colored top layers.

Relaxed Hair Long Pixie Cut with Purple Balayage

Instagram / @indinstrands

#16: Curly Black Pixie Cut

With honey colored highlights and beautiful ringlets (natural or added), this messy cut is perfect for both casual and evening wear. Since the focus climbs upward thanks to the curls, you can pair this hairstyle with bold earrings, large sunglasses or vibrant fabrics.

African American short curly golden brown hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

#17: Short Hair with Bangs

This hairstyle uses coifed bangs and sideburns to bring out your facial beauty. Bangs are cut short and choppy for a modern take on a classic short pixie hairstyle that’s endured through generations.

short black hairstyle for women

Instagram / @modernsalon

#18: Stylish Pixie for Natural Hair

African American pixie cuts don’t have to be boring – play around with your hair’s natural texture for this soft, tousled look with shorter and longer layers. Short front bangs make the look more feminine and softer.

Short Pixie Cut with Bangs for Afro American Women

Instagram / @indinstrands

#19: Asymmetrical Haircut with Color

You’re young only once, so take a risk with a hair color you never considered before. From lavender to day-glow yellow, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the various hues out there. Pair your chosen color with an asymmetrical pixie cut that really shows it off.

African American asymmetrical pixie

Instagram / @modernsalon

#20: Long Top Pixie for Round Faces

For this gorgeous style, you’ll need straightened hair. The asymmetrical pixie cut with long bangs can really flatter a round face. Heavy-set women look beautiful with this style – which can also be easily worn wavy.

black side-swept pixie with bangs

Instagram / @modernsalon

African Americans really do corner the market when it comes to gorgeous short haircuts, like sassy pixie hairstyles. From feathered to choppy cuts, from vibrant colors to natural locks, these short styles truly do look lovely on all black women.

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