Olga Markuse
Updated on December 21, 2022

If you permanently struggle to find the right shape for your curly hair, there are some good news: a curly shag haircut is virtually the best match for this hair type. The essential components of the shag are short layers at the crown, choppy ends, volume and texture.

Consequently, curly shaggy hair has just enough body situated exactly where it is needed, as well as plenty of natural texture, not to mention, it’s one of the hottest latest trends.

How to Wear a Curly Shag

Coming from 70s’, curly shag is currently experiencing its revival. The modern reincarnation of this hairstyle has less contrast between the lengths of the top and the back and benefits from the up-to-date cutting techniques like razoring. Naturally curly, wavy and permed hair makes a perfect base for this look.

While shag cut is the best bet for curly hair, there’s no one fits all option when it comes to the shape of a haircut. Hence, we’ve rounded up a few main versions of the latest shag hairstyles to pick the best suitable for you.

1. Natural Afro Shag Cut

Choppy and layered, the shag cut is a perfect fit for natural afro hair. Apparently, big afro hair is a current trend, and curly shag is one of the best ways to spotlight the texture and volume of your locks.

Bright Copper Afro Shag

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

2. Curly Shag Bob

Relaxed and undone, this curly shag cut requires minimal effort to style it yet looks ultimately on point. Apply some sea salt spray or mousse on your wet hair, scrunch it and blow dry on a medium setting.

Shaggy Bob Cut

Instagram / @stebunovhair

3. Wavy Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Undoubtedly, curtain bangs are one of the quintessential features of a modern shag cut. Is it even a shag without the bangs? Curl those face framing strands using straighteners or just let them air dry for a natural finish.

Shag Haircut for Wavy Hiar

Instagram / @rabbitbrushgoods

4. Mullet Shag with 70s Curly Bangs

These tousled copper coils and messy 70s’ style curly bangs make a perfect combo to rock this season. Shaggy mullet with bangs is a trendy and refined way to add some shape to your naturally curly hair.

Curly Shaggy Hair Style for a Round Face

Instagram / @motherofcurls

5. Shag Haircut for Curly Hair

One of the curly hair struggles is too much bulk at the ends and a flat top. Cutting some shorter layers around the crown would give that sought after volume while keeping the length at the bottom.

Natural Hair Shag Cut

Instagram / @raquelschair

6. Curly Shag with Bangs

Choppy layers, chunky highlights and long face-framing bangs is all you need to make your curls look on point. Flick your fringe out using a thin round brush and a hairdryer to achieve this look.

Long Highlighted Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @scissor_wizzard

7. Shag Haircut for Wavy Hair

Heavily layered shag haircut that goes just below the shoulders is the best choice to make the most out of wavy hair pattern. Luckily, with this hairstyle you can cut on using hot tools; instead, scrunch your hair with some curl boosting serum and diffuse, or even let it air dry.

Layered Curly Lob

Instagram / @curlvision

8. Long Choppy Mullet Shag

Hop on the shaggy mullet trend with this ultra-heavy fringe and long curly back. While you certainly need to have the guts to pull off this look, you might ask your hairstylist to recreate a more subtle version of it.

Female Mullet with Thick Baby Bangs

Instagram / @stebunovhair

9. Long Curly Shag with Blunt Cut Fringe

If you want to give your curly hair some volume without compromising the length, this textured shaggy haircut is exactly what you are looking for. Blunt round bangs will make a contrast and give your hairstyle some personal touch.

Curly Shaggy Hair with Baby Bangs

Instagram / @skipdoeshair

10. Textured Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

Shift the weight of your thick curly locks from the ends to the crown with this textured shaggy cut. It’s a big challenge to find a hairdresser confident in cutting curly hair. We recommend looking for a stylist who uses Rezo Cut of Deva Cut techniques – those are the best and most popular among the curly hair community.

Curly Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram / @becurlyrussia

11. Vintage Wavy Shag for Medium Length Hair

Soft shape, blended layers and defined asymmetric highlights – we love everything about this look. You will need a smoothing serum, a big barrel round brush, a hairdryer and some dedication to style it to achieve this finish. It’s so worth the effort though!

Flicked Layers and Block Highlights

Instagram / @scissor_wizzard

12. Short Coily Mullet Cut

It’s well known that curly hair is the best base for shags and mullets. However, if your hair is dead straight and you still want to wear this look, why not go for a modern perm? Combined with the juicy teal color, this hairstyle is anything but boring.

Modern Perm Shag Cut

Instagram / @causing_hysterica

13. Shaggy Bangs for Curly Hair

If you dream of a fuss free, textured and easy to style haircut for your curly hair, look no more. This shag cut is both trendy and easy to maintain.

Shaggy Wavy Hair with Long Framing Bangs

Instagram / @heatherolexahair

14. Afro Mullet Haircut

Short, choppy layers add a lot of volume and oomph to this shaggy haircut. It’s a perfect shape for afro hair texture or for any other type of tight ringlets.

Bob vs Shag on Curly Hair

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

15. Wavy Shag with Chunky Highlights

Adding highlights to your wavy hair is a perfect way to emphasize the texture and create an illusion of even more volume and dimension in your curls. Style them using a diffuser and some serum to get this look.

70s Inspired Curly Shaggy Hair

Instagram / @joeltorresstyle

Edgy and daring, curly and wavy shag haircuts are certainly worth trying. While not everyone would be able to pull off a mullet, a softer, more wearable interpretation of a shag cut would suit most of the curly hair types. At least some of its elements can be implemented in your hairstyle to give it some edginess – be it tousled curly bangs or razored layers.

Bright Copper Afro Shag Shaggy Bob Cut Shag Haircut for Wavy Hiar Curly Shaggy Hair Style for a Round Face Natural Hair Shag Cut Long Highlighted Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs Layered Curly Lob Female Mullet with Thick Baby Bangs Curly Shaggy Hair with Baby Bangs Curly Bangs Hairstyle Flicked Layers and Block Highlights Modern Perm Shag Cut Shaggy Wavy Hair with Long Framing Bangs Bob vs Shag on Curly Hair 70s Inspired Curly Shaggy Hair