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Updated on April 04, 2021

Mohawks are cool hairstyles of really tough guys, although that doesn’t scare women. There are, indeed, very few things from the male wardrobe or male hairstyles which women haven’t adopted for themselves. We know how to introduce our special changes, giving a feminine touch to originally fierce male hairstyles. Curls and Mohawks are a great stylish combination. You may cut your sides closely, sleek them up or braid them. Even if someone tells you, it’s not a real Mohawk, who cares? It looks awesome and that’s all that counts. Judge for yourself.

Curly Mohawk Hairstyles

1. Sharp Lines, Clean Fade

There are many details here that you might want to mimic in your own mohawk, especially if you want a more traditional rendition with a modern twist. The fade is on point, and that single shaved line is not only smooth, but it also makes the upkeep a bit easier – you’ll always know where to clean up and trim. Although you might think of spiked hair when you are considering this style, a mohawk with curls gives here a welcome feminine touch to the androgynous style.

2. A Fierce Mohawk Updo

Don’t get it twisted, it takes some serious confidence to pull off a curly mohawk. It takes confidence to even make it to the salon and resist bolting when the stylist picks up those clippers. But you know, there are always ways to fake a curly mohawk. You read that right: you can mimic the style without making the commitment. All it takes is a mohawk updo, which itself may require some hairspray, setting gel, and more than a few bobby pins.

3. Purple Passion

It’s a sad fact that a lot of people still think the mohawk is strictly a male hairstyle, but that’s not the case. Besides, the masculine mixed with the feminine is striking, and on the right girl, a mohawk looks stunning. Still, you may want to add a few details to make it clear that mohawks are for women, too – like a shock of purple to liven up your curls.

4. Blonde Ambition

If you can get past the nervousness and take the plunge, you’ll be left with a hairstyle that sharpens your bone structure, draws attention to your lips, eyes, and cheekbones, and makes you stand out like the fierce rock star you are. You don’t have to do anything outrageous with your hair, though. You don’t even have to dye it any eye-popping color. The sunny blonde ‘hawk with some well-placed highlights and thick curls is gorgeous. Also, this girl has a lovely hairline.

5. A New Take on the Feathered Look

No, this definitely isn’t the feathered style of the ’80s, but look at her hair – it reminds us a crow’s wing, right down to the ebony color. Not all mohawk hairstyles for women have to be super curly. Straighten your strands, giving them some definition with flips at the ends here and there if you want to give your ‘hawk some personality.

6. Put a Little Love in Your Hair

You can definitely get artistic with your mohawk. This is incredibly well done, down to the shading in the middle, but let that tell you something: never let anyone who isn’t skilled come near your head with a pair of clippers. If someone messes up something like this, you basically just have to shave the sides of your hair bald.

7. A Debonair ‘Do

Something about this style is reminiscent of the ’50s, especially in the bangs. That might not be the intention, but this look works. The color is simple, the structure is traditional, and the curls look natural – it’s like an everyday ‘hawk.

8. The Elegant Mohawk

A curly hair mohawk can be many things. This one just happens to be elegant – and yes, you can likely mimic this ‘do with your own ‘hawk. If you need a look for a fancy function, this proves that you can look lovely with some careful styling and a bit of hair spray.

9. Going for the Grunge Look

Even if your curls are somewhat short, you’ll find some unexpected length hiding in there if you straighten them a little. Spike and tousle with some mousse or hairspray, and you’ll end up with a grungy, gritty, gorgeous ‘do, just like this.

10. A Faux ‘Hawk Throwback

Although the faux ‘hawk got a little overdone when it first came out, it’s due for a comeback. This time, instead of being a fashionable cut for smart fellows, it should be entirely for women. How cute is this cut? Easing in with a faux ‘hawk lets you try out the style. You may never take the plunge, but with curls, spikes, and tousled tendrils, you’ll look so pretty.

11. Swoop, There It Is

A curly mohawk and a faux ‘hawk are really flattering hairstyles for black women. This is kind of a mix between the two, and it’s a structural masterpiece. She’s styled her curls perfectly, making them more like waves that swoop and feather over her forehead, where her bangs draw attention to her eyes.

12. Long Hair, Luscious Mohawk

Whether you’re uncertain about getting the cut or need some style inspiration to make your mohawk marvelous, you’ll have a new appreciation for the edgy, punk rock look after you see this. Longer hair makes for a voluminous mohawk, especially when you style it with curls. This style has some definite oomph!

13. Faux but Fierce

Anyone can wear a curly mohawk and make it look good. It’s an excellent style for black women but also for women in general. Here’s another stunner of a faux ‘hawk. You can also get this look when your mohawk grows out, which means that if you like this look, you can go longer between touch-ups. The two-tone quality is worth mimicking, too – the rosy gold color in front is so eye-catching!

14. Short Hair, Don’t Care

This one creates that eye-catching mix of feminine and masculine, resulting in the high fashion androgyny that can make any woman feel like a superhero. Would you ever make the cut? Don’t go thinking that there aren’t any curly mohawk hairstyles for rather short hair because that’s just not so. This particular ‘hawk is purposefully chopped to look uneven, so this is also another option if you want that grunge vibe.

15. The Chic ‘Hawk

Need proof that even a mohawk can look chic, tender and feminine? Here you go. Not only is this a stylish, womanly short ‘hawk, but it’s kind of perfect. The sides are neatly clipped, the curls are beautifully structured, and that color is working for this gorgeous girl! Definitely a look to steal.

16. A Casual Updo

This mohawk updo isn’t a fake. It is, however, quite long, which makes it much easier to pin, braid, twist, or otherwise style your hair into an updo. This one is casual, something you could wear on daily, but you can also create a more formal updo.

17. Yellow but Not Mellow

So, this is something else, huh? You might decide to dye your curly mohawk a vivid color. Go for it! You might decide to dye it the screaming canary yellow. If it makes you happy … go for it! However, you may also want to consider a slightly less … blinding shade.

18. Real or Faux?

This is neither a mohawk nor a faux ‘hawk, but it’s hard to tell, right? It’s actually an exquisite mohawk updo that was probably painstaking to perfect. The sides are slicked back and pinned into the tail of the ‘hawk. All told, this is a fab fake out if you want to dip your toe in the water before you take a swim.

19. The More Mohawk, the Merrier

This is ridiculously stunning, first off. Secondly, it’s more of an all-over Mohawk with much more hair than the traditional strip. It’s gorgeous, though, down to the frosty ombre and those perfect curls.

backcombed mohawk for women

Instagram/ @jacquelynmarieh

20. Mohawk Updo in Blue

If you’ve ever wanted your hair to look like a cotton candy dream, here’s the curly mohawk for you. You don’t even have to make the commitment since this is actually a mohawk updo. The key to pulling it off properly? You have to pull those sides tight.

21. Mohawk With Soft Fluffy Curls

This Mohawk features a rather wide stripe of long curly tresses, styled upwards with backcombing and cascading down towards the forehead. The sides are closely cut, not shaven, in the best traditions of female Mohawks – a stylish and truly feminine interpretation of the ever popular Mohawk.

22. Lush Messy Mohawk

And this Mohawk is fun and sexy with a bunch of springy curls piled on the top of head and very short cut sides. The rich mixture of black and brown spirals that are sticking out to all sides in a flirty manner makes the zest of this extraordinary style for cool girls who love to hang out with friends.

23. Gorgeous Curly Mohawk With A Silky Finish

Cropping these luscious curls would be a crime. But what about adding a stylish quick to your gorgeous look? Easily! Opt for a Mohawk with shortened temples. This way you’ll draw attention to the contrasting textures, open the sides of your face and preserve your ravishing locks.

24. Short Mohawk With Distinct Parting

Here we have more from a simple boyish cut, but all the other characteristics of Mohawks are respected: the roots are backcombed and stiffened with a stronghold styling product to shape the crest that is defined by color through its edges. And, on top, we have a distinct parting seperating the longer and shorter sections.

25. Exquisite Mohawk-Inspired Updo

Well, it’s not a real Mohawk but how just unbelievably stunning it is! Not everyone is ready to commit to authentic Mohawks with regular trimming of the temples, while this gorgeous hairstyle with sleeked up sides is a great way of trying a legendary style without any extreme measures.

More interesting galleries with female mohawks can be found here. We know you’ll choose something special for yourself.

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