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Updated on May 22, 2021
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Seeing a creative black Mohawk on the street today most people do a double take. Years ago, Mohawks were worn on the helmets of warriors or soldiers and were used to mimic raised bird feathers usually seen as a defense mechanism against predators. Fast forward to today, and now, Mohawks are adopted as a hairstyle for everyone. So, let’s take a look at some very interesting and artistic Mohawks!

Black Mohawk Styles for Men

Black men opt for Mohawks when they want to have a tougher and fiercer look. Although modern Mohawks are often more on the faux hawk side because they still feature hair on the sides, these showy hairstyles always make a statement. The following gallery includes some really nice variations on the Mohawk theme worth to be viewed.

Authentic Mohawks with the basic side-shaved pattern always turn heads. People unconsciously believe that only really cool guys, who act and think differently than an average man, can afford spotting a real Mohawk.

Mohawks are loved by sporty guys, rock stars and real macho men. If you are one of them, it’s time to pick your personal style. You can have the sides of your head shaven, closely cut or braided and vary the height of the spikes, their texture and even color. Instead of simply shaving the sides, you may have them patterned. Besides, some of the coolest Mohawks feature fun colors.

If you do not feel like wearing a Mohawk all the time or want to make it less distinct, a fauxhawk is styled easily on the base of a cut with longer top hair and closely cut sides. Use a stronghold texturizer or a stiffening crème and shape the peaks with your fingers in a matter of minutes.

Braided Mohawks are always a feast to the eyes. In men’s hairstyles stylists usually use fun cornrows, running horizontally or vertically to the Mohawk spikes which can be left natural-looking or flat-ironed for a spiky punk look.

1. Highlighted Dreadhawk

One of interesting ways to utilize the Mohawk style is with a dreadhawk style. It’s a combination of fully twisted longer locks with side undercuts. Two tone dreads are twice interesting, and the undercut can be faded toward the ear line.

2. Natural Hawk with Side Design

This faded black men Mohawk showcases the cute lightening bolt detail on the side that demarcates the longest natural section with the trimmed part underneath and the shortest buzz above the ear.

3. Spartan Feathered Hairstyle

There are no limits when you’re searching inspiration for black people Mohawk hairstyles. Height, width, and side detail are all interchangeable. This hawk, featuring small spiky twists, a solid dividing line, and short faded sides resembles a Spartan helmet. The soldiers wore plumage or dyed horsetail manes on their helmets to be identified as representatives of the group.

4. Tall Molded Hawk

This example of a black guy Mohawk is definitely the tallest in this collection, making the grade with a very high flat top. The faded sides angle on the temples, anchoring the extreme height of the hawk, while the clean shaven sides behind the ears define the point at the base of the neck.

5. Leopard Spots Faded Style

This look adds some color only to the tips of the kinks, resembling leopard spots, which are fun, playful, and a bit untamed. The short tapered sides fade to smooth shaven skin, all around the ear. The long straight hairline smartly shapes the square forehead.

6. Medium Natural Hawk

The ideal versions of black men Mohawk hairstyles are different for everyone. However, this look seems to be universally flattering. It combines mid-length natural locks with short faded sides, and the chin strap beard. The hair around the ears is barely there.

7. Etched Comb Over Hawk

This one-of-a-kind style creates an aerodynamic look that is not soon forgotten. The hawk is combed over to one side, and the design shaved into the sides follows the lines of the top ridge. Behind the ear, an angled detail creates the ornamental nape line.

8. Razor Sharp Curly Hairstyle

Can you say unique? This curly hawk has one thing that sets it apart from the others, and that is the super accurate edges connected with the facial hairstyle through the sideburns. The curved lines follow around the ear to the jaw, while the contrasting straight lines up top give the look an added edge.

9. Mohawk Plus Side Detail

The Mohawk seen here has a more distinctive razor detail. Those sharp wings with a sweeping curve behind the ear give the effect of a runner in motion, and also appear artistic at the same time!

mohawk with long beard for black men

Instagram/ @patty_cuts

10. Classic Smooth Hawk

This faded Mohawk is a classic smooth look that will remain timeless. The faded sides are seamlessly connected to the beard by a wider sideburn. The lines at the jaw are slightly curved, and the line at the base of the neck is horizontal – nothing extreme, but everything’s very neat and visually appealing.

11. Wide Mohawk with Artistic Side Shave

It’s no secret that unusual Mohawk hairstyles for black men can be seen all over, and here is another great example! A contrasting artistic piece really brings out the visual aesthetics. A wider Mohawk, left natural, rises to a medium length to complete the look.

12. Long Curls, Fresh Sides Hawk

These curls have a wild side to them, enhancing the stark contrast to the clean shaven sides. The width of the Mohawk is in the perfect balance with its length, and the texture lets it stand upright for the authentic fierce look.

13. Curly Mohawk with Square Hairline

These natural curls just want to be free! But while they are released to reveal their texture, the edges are tamed. The forehead hair line creates a square looking profile, and the faded temples melt into smooth skin with not a hint of sideburns. A clean line is drawn curving toward the nape to finish it off.

14. Wide Natural Hawk with Skin Fade

Looking through black men Mohawks, you can come up with some fairly modest styles that will be appropriate in any setting. This look with short shaped spikes is a wider style, covering most of the top of the head. The short faded sides help to lift up the style to the Mohawk level, and the square hair line with an acute angle is supported by the same angle of the cheek line.

15. Natural Highlighted Hawk with Designs

These natural locks are bleached to create a lighter shade at the ends, and left fairly long, being tapered towards the nape. The side art is shaved into a graffiti-like set of lines. The sideburns are removed completely, and the neckline is cleaned up to blend with the design.

16. Turquoise Green Hawk with a Beard

Adding colors is always fun when it comes to Mohawks, and this solution is new and unique. Natural kinks cover the top of the head, being tapered towards the base of the neck, and the edges are done very accurately. The facial hairstyle is also flawless.

17. Faded Short and Wide Mohawk

Shorter hawks have just as much style as longer ones, and are actually easier to manage! This one creates a smoother look with locks tamed and sides faded in a softer fashion. The pointed tip of the beard gives this style its own individual touch.

18. Surface Twist Faux Hawk

Interesting combos of textures within one hairstyle can really catch your eye! And this style combines a few different interesting elements. The accurate frame of the face, slightly longer hair of the facial hairstyle and the twisted extensions shaped into a Mohawk make a statement style the eye wants to examine in details.

19. Wild Feathers Hawk

This black Mohawk features the longest length in the quiff and a bleached piece that works as a focal point of the look. This style really stands up for itself. A messy look up top with clean shaven sides sets a stoic tone, and adds to your height too. The pointy beard in this case is good for balance.

20. Long Mohawk with Bleached Tips

This wider and longer Mohawk is bright and eye-catching even though it doesn’t use any neon colors or stiff spikes. The bleached ends work as a cute detail you can use to customize your hawk. Create the smooth forehead line to clean up the front, and square up the temples.

These are just some examples for you to get inspired. You can, certainly, play and get creative with your Mohawk to come up with something unique. More interesting ideas of men’s hairstyles can be found in the galleries, featuring braids for men, fade haircuts and long hairstyles for black men.

men's mohawk with dreadlocks short natural men's mohawk with shaved lines black spiked mohawk for men tall natural mohawk bleached mohawk for black men medium-length natural mohawk for men black mohawk with shaved side lines curly mohawk with buzzed sides mohawk with long beard for black men neat short mohawk for African American men men's natural hair mohawk long natural mohawk with shaved sides for men black curly mohawk with faded sides men's natural faded mohawk black two toned men's mohawk teal mohawk for black men short black men's mohawk braided men's mohawk tousled mohawk hairstyle with a bleached piece natural long mohawk with highlighted ends
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