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Updated on January 29, 2021

A “flattop” is a type of short haircut where the hair on the top of the head is usually standing upright and cut to form a flat-appearing deck. This deck may be level, or it may be upward or downward sloping.

Flat-Top Haircuts – Variations and Ideas

A flat-top is a cut that is high and cut into a box shape, often with lightly faded or completely shaved sides and back. While being not the most conservative haircut a man can get by any means, a flat-top is still very stylish and one of the modern go-to haircuts of the hipster set. If you’re anxious to give this hip-hop-influenced haircut a try, view the pictures below for some inspiration and an up close look at innovative styles.

1. Side Part Flat-Top

Taking an understated flat-top haircut and adding a simple element for personalization is the best way to set your style apart. This flat-top features a neat side part, softened edges and filled in sides.

2. High Flat Top with Angled Front

Both precisely angled above the forehead and accentuated with a neat fade cut, this flat-top haircut demonstrates just how great it looks when you blend two types of haircuts into one style.

3. Black Faded Flat-Top

Black men look best with flat-top haircuts, because they work well with their natural texture. This high flat-top features a mid skin fade along the sides and the back.

4. Precision Flat-Top

A low flat-top rarely is this precise and expertly cut, however, the flawless cut pictured here definitely fits the bill. Besides the expertly buzzed sides and back, this flat-top also features the perfect right angle above the forehead.

5. Salt and Pepper Seductive Cut

Showing just how flattering hair color is to a haircut, this flat-top variation features black and gray throughout the hair and facial hairstyle. Such trick makes a flat top haircut look less traditional but more free-spirited instead.

6. Neat Casual Flat-Top

You don’t need too long hair up top to try a flat top. Also if your hair is not thick or dense enough, it won’t stand straight in longer lengths, so, a short flat top is the only possible variation if you want this style.

7. Natural Flat-Top with Designs

A flat-top haircut is already a style that commands a lot of attention, but when you add some edgy shaved designs, you take it to the next level. In this example the designs are along the sides, while the flat-top is extending down to create a pointed look in the back.

8. Pompadour Flat-Top

Here’s a conservative version of a flat-top. The pompadour is often associated with past decades and a neatly coiffed appearance, however, you can bring the style into the modern era by combining it with a flat-top, as seen in this photo. Complete with part on the side and wear as a formal hairstyle.

polished formal flat top hairstyle

Instagram/ @barberobengie

9. Lightly Faded Flat-Top

A fade is, definitely, one of the most popular techniques in modern men’s haircuts. This particular flat-top chooses the smoothly faded temples and short, precisely cut top.

10. Textured Flat-Top with Designs

One of the best things about a flat-top haircut is that it is edgy and cool enough to allow you to have much fun experimenting with different looks. This one features a single lightening bolt design on the side and thick, textured top section.

11. Mini Flat-Top

You can barely see it, so this mini flat-top may be referred to as a low flat-top. The sides are completely shaven, and the top section is extremely low cut, mimicking popular military haircuts.

high and tight haircut

Instagram/ @barberobengie

12. Blunt Blonde Flat-Top

A flat-top plus fade is a very popular combination for guys of any age. The top section of this cut is bluntly cut to give it a stiff, precise appearance, set off with short sides.

13. Very High Flat-Top

Black men love to experiment with shaved designs, parts and extreme height when it comes to flat-top haircuts. Here, you have a tall flat-top, faded sides and a perfect part.

14. Flat-Top for Fine Hair

With fine yet dense hair, you can still pull off a flat top. It won’t be as stiff and vertically standing as its analogs for thicker hair, but you are going to have your personal touch to the look.

15. Gray Flat-Top

There is nothing wrong with embracing the naturally graying color of your hair. In fact, this picture shows that it also looks quite nice with a flat-top.

16. Artistic Asymmetric Flat-Top

Flat-top haircuts are supposed to be as edgy, funky and cool as can be, especially when worn by black men. This is one of the most stunning flat-tops around, thanks to its precise asymmetric rounded cut that gives a slanted look on one side.

17. Flat-Top for Receding Hairline

A neat mid fade and short flat top are the best for straight hair. Even if you have a receding hairline, with a flat-top, you can make it your personal feature. Your forehead-framing hairline will acquire edgy V-shaped contours.

18. High Flat-Top with Designs

Keeping the design trend going, flat-tops like this one are all about cool styles. The mid faded sides and thick top section with rounded edges finish off the look.

19. Flat-Top with Partial Fade

By extending the back section, flat-top haircuts such as this one create a sort of faux hawk look. You almost have two haircuts in one, which is always good.

20. Rounded Flat-Top

One more idea for natural hair. What sets this haircut apart from other flat tops is the thickness of its top section and slightly rounded shape.

Based on the pictures listed above, we can summarize that a men’s flat-top haircut has plenty of variations. It honestly all depends on your personal style and the look you want to achieve. Whether conservative, edgy, classic, or cool, the flat-top always appears to have a place among the haircuts that men just can’t seem to get enough of.

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