10 Takes on the Modern Mullet Hairstyle for Ladies

Bold and rebellious, female mullet has grown to be one of the biggest hair trends of this year. Clearly nonconformist, yet practical, it is now seen everywhere, from a schoolyard to the red carpet.

Once the celebrities known for their prominent hairstyles like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus took up the trend, it became clear that the girl mullet would be a big thing now. If you dare to try it too, here are the styling tips you will definitely need.

A Brief History of a Mullet Haircut

The mullet haircut goes back on time to prehistoric people when they realized how practical it was to cut the fringe to keep the hair out of their faces while keeping the length at their back to keep the neck warm and protected from the rain. It wasn’t until the ‘70s when the haircut got really popular, with Rockstar David Bowie making the lead with the amazing orange mullet we all remember.

The ’80s was the golden age of the mullet; the haircut was an absolute trend and loved by most people considering it cool and fashionable. In the ’90s the trend started to fizzle. People who once proudly flicked their mullet to the wind started to cut off their “rattails” and soon the haircut was considered an embarrassment for the world.

After a few years of trying to make its way back, the mullet haircut has adapted to the 21st century so that everyone can ROCK this fantastic haircut. This time around, more women are wearing the haircut, making it super stylish and giving it a sophistication it’s never had before. The mullet… it’s here, and this time it’s here to stay!

How to Style a Modern Mullet

I’m going to share with you female mullet ideas along with tips for easy and efficient styling to step your haircut up a notch. You’ll need to use some products to help you through, so I’ll mention some of my faves; still, you can always replace those with any products you love.

#1: Glam It Up

Modern mullet can be styled sleek and elegant. To achieve this look, apply some leave-in in conditioner and heat protection on the damp hair. My fave is Unite 7seconds Detangler. Comb the hair into place and blow dry using your fingertips to mold the hair into shape. Use Unite Second Day hair wax to get rid of flyaway, smooth down the back of your mullet and finish off the look.

#2: Cropped Mullet

The style, which is so flattering on Úrsula Corberó, is all about the haircut. The top is cut like a pixie, but we have the length at the back, making this mullet super cool. For sure, one of my favorite looks. To achieve this look simply apply a leave-in conditioner and comb it through. Blow dry with your hands creating texture, then add Sacha Juan hair wax to create a definition.

#3: Punk Mullet

See how Úrsula took her mullet game to the next level and stepped it up to this amazing red carpet look. To create this look, apply Unite Hair Blow & Set Lotion to add body and hold. Blow dry the hair with a round brush to create volume. Use your styler to create some wavy texture on top and dress it forward using some hair wax. Grab a comb, apply some hair gel on the teeth, and gel the sides of the mullet backward. With your hairdryer at medium heat and speed, dry the gelled sides to keep them in place.

#4: Beach Mullet

Sophie Thatcher looks great with this shaggy blonde mullet, and you can copy the look too. With your hair damp, apply a detangler and comb your hair through. Use Sacha Juan Ocean Mist salt spray to add texture and medium hold. Create waves in multiple directions using a styler, but always pointing the plates down your styler to not lose any length. Apply texturizer spray and break the waves with your fingers to finish off the look.

#5: Wet Look

Kesha’s wet mullet look is another hairstyle you can lose your heart to. After you remove excess moisture from your hair, apply a fair amount of gel on the top section and scrunch the rest into the ends. Dress the hair into place and use a diffuser to dry. You can add glossing spray to exaggerate that shiny wet look we’re looking for.

#6: Sleek & Straight

With your hair damp, apply Unite Lazer Straight (it already contains thermal protection, most Unite products do). Blow dry your hair using your favorite brush. Use your styler to straighten down your hair and achieve a sleek smooth look. To finish off the look, massage some hair serum into the palm of your hands and apply to avoid flyways and add shine.

Korean Model with a Girl Mullet

Instagram / @sola5532

#7: Girl Mullet with Flicked Ends

To create this look, apply Unite 7seconds Detangler and comb it through. Use a volumizing spray overall, I love using Unite Boosta for this job. Blow dry the hair with your hands, creating volume. Use your favorite styler to flick the back ends of your mullet upwards. Add some hairspray to hold the style.

Female Mullet with Baby Bangs and Flipped Ends

Instagram / @lisa.hau.love

#8: Curly Mullet

You can achieve this look with two different technics, depending on your hair type. If you have straight hair, use a hair mousse to add some hold and blow dry your hair to dry the mousse in. Then, use the chopstick styler no.1 curling wand. Take 2cm sections, wrapping the hair around the wand. To finish off the look, massage Unite U Oil into the palms of your hands and scrunch into the hair to break the curls.

Brown Curly Mullet Hairstyle

Instagram / @kinkistraatweg

If you have naturally curly hair, start by applying your favorite curly girl-friendly styling product. I love Naughty haircare Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream. Comb the hair through with a Denman D3 styling brush and twist your brush to create the perfect curls. Use a diffuser to dry your hair, using low or medium heat to avoid frizz. Then, massage Unite U Oil into the palms of your hands and scrunch into the hair to break the curls.

Curly Woman with a Mullet Haircut

Instagram / @jomcintyrehair

#9: Effortless and Textured

Do you want to make your hair look thicker? Apply heat protection, then use Unite Liquid Volume to add texture and hold and blow dry your hair with your hands. Use a texturizing spray to add body. Finish the look with a hair wax dressing the sideburns into shape.

Modern Mullet on a Woman

Instagram / @mphairartist

#10: Long Mullet

This longer mullet style often resembles a shag haircut. To achieve this look, add salt spray into your hair. Dry with the product in, using your hands to create texture. Grab random pieces of your hair and wave them with a styler to create an undone beachy look. Then break the waves with your fingers.

Long Shaggy Mullet Haircut

Instagram / @katiepdxhair

I hope you all enjoyed my little take on how to style a modern mullet. You can follow my Instagram @mphairartist or search for my account on Tik Tok and Facebook to see my session styling and salon work.