20 Best Banging Undercut Bob Ideas to Wear This Spring

An undercut bob haircut is extremely versatile and easy to style. While some of you would effortlessly rock a daring bob haircut with a shaved side, there are more subtle options like a hidden undercut or a bob with an undercut nape too.

Scroll down to see a selection of all the best ways to wear an undercut bob. Which of these hairstyles would you dare to try?

What Is an Undercut Bob Haircut?

An undercut bob is a hairstyle in which hair on the top is long while the back or the sides are buzzed short. Often, longer stands partly‌ ‌cover‌ ‌the‌ ‌shaved‌ ‌area.

The undercut initially became popular among men in 1910-1940 and regained its popularity in the 1980s before becoming a major trend of the last decade – this time among girls. See the best ideas on how to style a bob with an undercut in 2022.

#1: Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side

If you’d prefer a classier way of wearing an undercut, this hairstyle is made for you. The shaved side spices up the classic shape of a bob, whilst keeping the overall look smart and office appropriate.

Blonde Undercut Bob with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @skareje

#2: Layered A-Line Bob with an Undercut

Shaggy and feathered, this undercut A-line bob will look equally great straight or wavy. The deep berry-red highlights complement the cut and add dimension to the hairstyle. Volume powder or spray is a must for styling this look.

Feathered Inverted Bob with Undercut

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#3: Fiery Red Curly Undercut Bob

Although this bright burned red hair color is a total showstopper itself, the shaved side spikes up that feel of freedom and rebellion. Wear it straight or curl your hair to add some texture.

Short Bob with Shaved Side

Instagram / @hairbykatkirchner

#4: Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

The undercut is a great way to eliminate excessive bulkiness on the sides, which can make even a perfectly cut bob look frumpy and unattractive. Instead of using thinning scissors, ask your stylist to shave in the sides – you will be surprised how lightweight and edgy your haircut will look.

Pixy Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Instagram / @boisebalayagegirl

#5: Angled Bob with an Undercut Nape

The classic shape of this bob would enhance features of any face. But look how feminine and elegant is this subtle nape undercut is! Did you realize that undercut can be elegant at all? Showing off the neckline, it looks both chic and trendy.

Tapered Bob Shaved in Back

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

#6: Blunt Bob with Hair Tattoo Undercut

Go beyond just a shaved nape and bring a creative flair to your blunt bob cut with an intricate ornate pattern on your undercut. Juicy red highlights impeccably complement this trendy hairstyle.

A-Line Bob with Hair Tattoo in the Back

Instagram / @la_miriage

#7: Blonde Bob with a Shaved Side

Wear it swept to the side to accentuate the undercut or part it in the middle to leave the shaved area hidden underneath, depending on how you feel today. We are in love with the versatility of this hairstyle.

Side Shaved Bob

Instagram / @emilydoesyahair

#8: Perfect Precision Undercut Bob With a V-Shave Neckline

Clean and sharp, this precision bob haircut features seamlessly blended layers and ideally refined outlines. The V-shaped undercut is a pivotal detail to pull off the silhouette. Blow dry your hair following its natural fall to achieve this look.

Neckline Bob with Undercut Nape

Instagram / @lavrenova_olya

#9: Platinum Blonde Bob with a Contrasting Side Undercut

No matter how fabulous bob haircut is, being a bob-girl for years might get you bored. Adding a little accent – like a side undercut – will bring back the feel of novelty and elevate the look.

Stacked Bob for Thick Hair with Side Undercut

Instagram / @amber.gvl

#10: Short Bob with Undercut and Sweeping Bangs

Angled to perfection, this mid-length stacked bob looks simply immaculate. The contrast of short, graduated back shaved underneath and longer sides gives the additional volume to this timeless haircut. The sweeping fringe is a lovely detail to personalize the look.

Copper Undercut Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @katharinefuller

#11: Sharp-Edge Ginger Undercut Bob

If your natural neck hairline is low and uneven, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a short bob. Your hairstylist can shave the lower nape area with clippers: this will allow to achieve a sharp, refined outline.

Short Bob with Layers and Sharp Edges

Instagram / @lavrenova_olya

#12: Short Stacked Bob with Undercut

This chin length stacked bob with an undercut nape is a great choice for those who love volume in the crown area. Rub some texturizing paste between your fingers and run through your hair after the blow-out for increased texture.

Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @zaorzoharisakov

#13: Brunette Bob with a Fringe and Undercut

This bangs and undercut duo is fresh and unexpected, morphing the classic style into a modern look. This haircut is an excellent option for thick, heavy hair. Take the reduced styling time as a bonus!

#14: Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut

You won’t ever guess there’s an undercut in this hairstyle unless you knew it! The lower nape of this beautiful, graduated bob was shaved to take away unneeded volume in that area. Easier and quicker styling process is an extra perk.

A-Line Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#15: Undercut Lob Haircut with Highlights

Blonde and wavy, this hairstyle looks cute and utterly feminine. The shaved side doesn’t have to be buzzed to 0 – ask your stylist to leave half an inch length to keep it soft and subtle.

Inverted Bob Cut Short on One Side

Instagram / @alicia_wunderbar

#16: Mint Color Undercut Bob

We believe that perfect, refined style is all about the detail. And this mint hairstyle is a live proof to this statement: neon color, a side undercut and shaved nape deliver a dreamy combo.

Blue Bob with Blunt Bangs and Undercut

Instagram / @muahbytiinal

#17: Chin Length Bob with a Hidden Undercut

Wearing a hidden undercut is like having two hairstyles in one to please both your wild and humble self. Just moving a parting changes everything: the way you look and the way you feel.

Asymmetrical Bob Shaved Underneath

Instagram / @bettihawk

#18: Stacked Bob with an Undercut

Once considered a mom-style haircut, a stacked bob is currently having its resurgence. Obviously, this happens for a reason: it’s effortless, flattering and extremely feminine. A back or side undercut will add that modern twist to this style.

#19: Sleek Ginger Bob with Undercut Nape and Bangs

You must be prepared for the regular use of a flat iron to attain this immaculate, smooth finish, but it’s so worth it! The combination of juicy ginger color and crisp, sharp lines total up to an ultimate trend statement.

Precision Bob Undercut in the Back

Instagram / @ivanaspicer

#20: Inverted Bob with Tapered Neckline and Shaved Temples

We love this modern interpretation or a 1920s-inspired bob. Tuck the hair behind your ear to show off the shaved side and use some hair gel for extra polished finish.

Blunt Bob with Hidden Undercut

Instagram / @apostoldiana

Whether you are ready to sport an undercut bob or debate on the shape that’s right for you, a bob with an undercut is a faultless choice. Save the best ideas and inspiration and head directly to a salon for a style update!