Melanie Spina
Updated on April 28, 2023

We’ve seen rose gold, peach, mermaid, and so many other hair color trends come and go, it’s enough to make your head spin! But make room for another smoldering trend that might just set your hair on fire. An amazing mix of hues — vibrant reds with orange tones — create a burnt orange hair look that will fit your fiery personality.

Burnt Orange Hair Color

A stunning twist to your everyday red that complements both fair and darker skin tones, burnt orange color rocks for the summer and all the way into fall. Check out the following inspirational hair color ideas to get the perfect burnt orange look for you.

1. Copper Burnt Orange Locks

If you’re looking for something subtle, combine red with some chestnut brown shades. This beautiful hair color in burnt orange is perfect if you are a natural redhead. Add some lighter orange tones to balance it out and top it off with some soft waves.

Copper Burnt Orange

Instagram / @marcy_panc

2. Fade to Peach Color Melt

Feeling a bit more adventurous? This look from fashion blogger Luana is one of our favorites! Starting with a darker root and getting progressively lighter at the ends, this flame-like look is absolutely swoon-worthy. This might be a bit more vibrant and out-of-the-ordinary but you will be sure to turn heads. If you are worried about fading, Luana is a big fan of Aveda products to maintain her color and keep her locks looking healthy.

Fade To Peach

Instagram / @luanna

3. Bright Bob with Darker Roots

If your hair is on the shorter side, you can still pull off this amazing hair color trend. A subtle, darker, grown-out root that blends into more orangey tones at the ends creates a beautiful effect. Style your hair into a perfectly straight bob to really showcase the hues and color blends in your hair.

Bright Bob

Instagram / @carlylaurenhair

4. Long Merida’s Curls

Is your hair type on the curly side? Use it to your advantage and showcase your curls with a beautiful shade of burnt orange. When styling, accentuate the color with as much volume as possible. The color and curls will give your style a unique flair.

Curls Galore

Instagram / @millaryrosa

5. Strawberry Blonde Layeres

This strawberry blonde shade is not only absolutely gorgeous, it’s also subtle enough to wear every day. With a burnt orange base and some blonde closer to the ends, this beautiful tone is wearable while brightening up your entire look.

Strawberry Blonde Layeres

Instagram / @the_hairdresser

6. Warm Red Highlights

If you are a natural redhead who is simply looking to spice up your look, adding lighter orange highlights will give your hair vibrancy and a bit of fun. Style with soft waves to really make the highlights pop.

Warm Red Highlights

Instagram / @davidsolis22

7. Burnt Orange Natural Coils

Burnt orange hair color on black women is a killer look! Take this afro in an ashy burnt orange tone, for example. The color and hairstyle are the perfect combo. Just remember that if you are dying your hair, it can dry out your delicate, curly strands. Use protective products whenever possible to keep the color from fading and your hair from getting damaged.

Burnt Orange Natural Coils

Instagram / @modelesque_nic

8. Burgundy Red & Peach Split

Don’t want to settle for just one look? Consider splitting your hair in half with the top in a dark wine tone, and the bottom in a light orange shade. This unique look also pumps up the gloss and shine in your hair.

Burgundy Red And Peach Split

Instagram / @aaashleee

9. Vibrant Orange Lob

If you really want a burnt orange look with tons of vibrancy, consider a shade like this one. This intense, dynamic orange color is created by combining orange, coral, and copper tones. The result is burnt orange color hair with an intense shine that is striking.

Vibrant Orange Lob

Instagram / @wickedhairstudio

10. Choppy Wavy Bob 

Another option for short hair is this wavy bob. Orange tones frame the face blended with an all-over light brown. Soft waves highlight the face-framing color, making them — and your eyes — pop.

Choppy Wavy Bob

Instagram / @ashlouise

11. Volume for Days 

As we mentioned before, burnt orange hair color on black women looks amazing, and this shade inspired by singer songwriter SZA is no exception! This beautiful color complements her amazing curls and volume perfectly!

Voluminous Copper Hairstyle

Instagram / @krissykakess

12. A Touch of Pink

Highlight a subtle burnt orange hair color with a touch of pink. A bit of pink peeking out gives this natural style a small pop of color that makes a huge difference.

Blonde Hair And Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @hair_brained

13. Pastel Orange Lob with Bangs

The good thing about burnt orange hair is that it allows you to experiment with different tones, from dark to lighter shades, like this peachy-orange. This color, although bright, is still very soft with an ashy aspect to it. This makes it super-versatile, so go ahead and experiment with it!

Pastel Orange Lob With Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

14. Shaggy Flame 

There is nothing hotter than mixing various tones. Mixing dark and light red tones with copper and light orange creates this amazing flame-colored blend. Style with a shaggy cut to accentuate each tone and make all the colors stand out.

15. Fierce Shade Balayage Ombre

Looking for something a little more fierce? Opt for a super-saturated orange with darker roots. This shade is amazingly vibrant at first and will turn into a more natural burnt orange color as it fades, giving you extra time between touch-ups. Fierce and lively, this is a look that will get people talking!

Fierce Shade Balayage Ombre

Instagram / @salsalhair

16. Classy Burnt Orange Lob

An unusual color can be classy too! Take this beautiful, chic all-over burnt orange tone with dark roots, for example. Pump up the volume and sweep your bangs back in a beautiful cascade for a classic, sophisticated look.

Classy Burnt Orange Lob

Instagram / @antyricesalon

17. A-Line Lob with Flaming Color

Although this style is more on the red side, the lighter orange at the ends really gives it that burnt orange feel. The asymmetrical cut brings extra attention to this flame-like blend of colors.

A-Line Lob With Flaming Color

Instagram / @jaymz.marsters

18. Burnt Orange Balayage Ombre

We all love balayage — it’s one of the biggest hair coloring techniques out there. You can’t go wrong with using this technique to get the burnt orange hair color you want. With a bit of red at the roots and lighter orange tones towards the ends, the balayage will create an amazing burnt orange shade that looks good when worn both straight and curly.

19. Peek-a-Boo with Darker Roots

Is your hair color on the darker side? There is no need to brighten it all over to achieve a burnt orange look. Add some face-framing orange and reddish highlights to create a fiery peek-a-boo style that manages to look quite natural and subtle.

Peek-A-Boo With Darker Roots

Instagram / @craftedhairstudio

20. Long Strawberry Blonde Waves

Looking for a classic style? This copper burnt orange shade is the perfect option for you. An easy look to achieve for natural redheads, but definitely not impossible for non-redheads if you’re willing to commit to this tone. It’s classic, natural, and healthy-looking.

Long Strawberry Blonde Waves

Instagram / @blakereedevans

Burnt orange color hair is not only a fun shade, it’s also versatile. Experiment with different tones and temperatures to achieve a look that is unique to you and your style. Whether you want something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary or just to add a bit of life to your hair, there is a burnt orange look for everyone.

Copper Burnt Orange Fade To Peach Bright Bob Curls Galore Strawberry Blonde Layeres Warm Red Highlights Burnt Orange Natural Coils Burgundy Red And Peach Split Vibrant Orange Lob Choppy Wavy Bob Voluminous Copper Hairstyle Blonde Hair And Subtle Highlights Pastel Orange Lob With Bangs Shaggy Flame Medium Hair Fierce Shade Balayage Ombre Classy Burnt Orange Lob A-Line Lob With Flaming Color Burnt Orange Balayage Ombre Peek-A-Boo With Darker Roots Long Strawberry Blonde Waves