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Updated on December 07, 2021

Some haircuts are so amusing that they are bound to garner attention to whoever wears them. A mullet haircut, which was an extremely popular hairstyle in the 80s, is surprisingly making somewhat of a comeback for the hipster and Millennial set. Affectionately described as a “party in the back and business in the front,” the mullet essentially allows you to flirt with both long and short hair.

Updated Mullet Haircuts

Modern versions of the style are a little more daring, edgy and experimental, however, the general silhouette remains intact. There are several types of mullet cuts to choose from, however, if you still want to know “what is a mullet haircut”, the following images are sure to answer your question and more. Check out some killer mullet hair inspiration below, and don’t forget to TOTALLY ROCK OUT!!!

1. Mid-Length Mullet Haircut

Nowadays, when shorter haircuts and extreme styles are super-popular, mullet cut can look a bit outdated. However, you can change this. Add tapered sideburns and facial hair, and you will look trendy again!

Mid-Length Mullet Haircut


2. Shaggy Mullet for Wavy Hair

Mullet cut doesn`t necessarily combine two contrasting lengths. You may leave your top a little bit longer than your sides, add layers and side bangs, and you will have an ideal cut for your wavy hair.

Shaggy Mullet for Wavy Hair


3. Extreme Dyed Mullet

When it comes to playing with hair color, you can either play it safe or go big. In a complete departure from the usual hair colors, this mullet cut is punctuated with the bright green sides and ends, while the top and center remain black and traditional.

funky mullet hairstyle for men


4. Flipped Mullet

A rare man would work with a curling iron or a straightener to style some waves or flicks, but if your hair is curly, you may also rock a mullet haircut that will look unique with your texture. This short style is given a dose of courtesy thanks to its naturally flipped ends.

mullet for curly hair


5. Spiky Mullet

If you’re going to go wild with your mullet hairstyle, it’s best to start with the drama on top. This spiky mullet is all about creating texture at the crown while leaving the back sleek.

long mullet with spiked top


6. Pompadour Mullet Hairstyle

Here we have one more idea how to make your mullet more trendy and stylish. Thanks to the style you see in this photo, you can have a popular pompadour in the front and Mohawk-like mullet with shortly cut sides. The coolest combination we have ever seen!

pompadour mullet hairstyle


7. Slicked Back Mullet

Keep your mullet haircut more conservative and business-ready by wearing it short and all slicked back. This mullet hairdo is a nice departure from some of the wilder styles.

layered mullet with side undercuts


8. Curly Mullet

The image of this mullet cut highlights the importance of texture to a haircut, mullet or not. The short front and long back of this cut is dominated by lots of perfectly imperfect curly texture.

curled mullet with undershaves


9. Shaggy Mullet for Curly Hair

To get this look, you have to use one of your favorite medium hold styling products. It can be a matte hair pasta or a wet hair gel. Be sure, your hair will thank you for such efforts.

shaggy mullet for curly hair


10. Hair Design Mullet

The varying types of modern mullet haircuts continue to prove just how creative this cut has become throughout the years. This one features an intricate design that starts at the very front of the head and continues all the way to the back.

mullet with shaved deigns


11. Extra Long Mullet

With all the photos of mullet cuts around to provide inspiration, you may expect to see more outrageous styles. However, some, like this one, are more memorable due to their length. If you want a mullet that flows down your back, this is for you.

mullet with shaved temples for long hair


12. Extreme Mullet with Shaved Sides

If you have tattoos on your skull, it is a time to show them with the help of new extreme haircut! Shaved sides, spiked top and extra-long back – it is the style you are looking for!

mullet with shaved sides


13. Short Buzz Cut Mullet

Most mullets are usually long or mid-length at the very least, but this one shows that length is not important. This short mullet also features a prominent buzz cut on the top and at the sides.

mullet for black men


14. Wavy Mullet

Embracing your natural texture in your haircut is one of the best ways to showcase who you are. This wavy mullet is the reverse version of all the traditional mullets where the hair is worn totally straight.

wavy mullet hairstyle


15. Messy Mullet

No one ever said that mullet haircuts can’t be worn messy. Featuring the “bed head” look in the long back section, this mullet is just disheveled enough to be somewhat chic.

extra long mullet


16. Mohawk Mullet

Two of the most popular hairstyles of the 80s were the Mohawk and the mullet, so it is ironic that they still have a fan base in the modern era. This Mohawk/mullet hybrid is surprisingly contained and not too over the top.

men's short spiky fauxhawk with V-cut nape


17. Back-Combed Mullet

In the right hands, a mullet hairdo can look quite polished. The version seen here is nice and neat, thanks to being combed all the way back.

mullet with faded sides


18. Faded Mullet

Short sides are one of the most common characteristics of the mullet haircut, but they can also be faded. The faded sides on this version balance out the fullness in the top and back of the haircut.

black fauxhawk with faded sides


19. Bright-Colored Mullet

In the case of the mullet cut, it doesn’t ever get more jaw-dropping than this. With bright orange and red chunks, a flipped back and a spiky crown, this mullet is a rockstar dream.

funky, spiky bright mullet


Equally retro and modern, the mullet hairdo evokes a sense of nostalgia and a chance to try out a style you may have missed. Whether you opt for a short version or those that are textured, colored and topped with designs, your hair should totally represent you and your personal style. Besides, the mullet is all about having fun!

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