Mari Reed
Updated on December 21, 2023

What in the world is a pixie mullet? Sure you’ve heard of mullet, you’ve heard of the shag, and you’ve heard of the TikTok trending “wolf cut” but what is the new style salon guests around the world crave?

To put it simply, it’s a pixie in the front and a mullet in the back. If we think of a shag as a spectrum: mullet (think Joan Jett: edgy, bold, disconnected) would be on one end, the shag (think Bridget Bardot soft, connected, delicate) – on the other, and a pixie mullet would land somewhere in the middle.

Keep scrolling for the best pixie mullet haircut variations and styling tips!

1. Pixie Mullet on Darth Thick Hair

The pixie mullet is made up of three major components: a fringe, shorter sides, and the length in the back. A usual shorter length cut with carved layers and piece-y face framing fringe, the pixie mullet adds some edge with length (or as some would say “party in the back”) to the otherwise dainty cut.

2. Pixie Mullet for Fine Straight Hair

Softer and delicate pixie cuts work well with multiple textures. Natural waves or even stick straight fine hair works with the structure of the cut.

3. Pixie Mullet with Curtain Bangs

For a pixie mullet, bangs can vary from baby bangs to textured curtain bangs pushed to the side. Although most examples of pixie mullets have the fringe pushed forward, you can work off of any part.

4. Razored Ginger Pixie Mullet

Razored pixie mullet with textured length in the back looks stylish and effortless. This short cut, like no other, highlights the cheekbones, so make sure you want to accentuate this feature.

5. Curly Pixie Mullet

How do you ask your stylist for this cut? The best way to communicate to your stylist what you want to see on your head is a picture. Bring in about three pictures that have similar textures to your own! Meaning if you have curly hair, find examples of pixie mullets with curls. That way, you and your stylist have realistic goals. Having a visual gives the stylist a road map of your dream cut.

6. Edgy Hairstyle with Disconnected Undercut

Though under one name, a pixie mullet can be customized to each unique look: from bold, punk to whimsical and delicate. Buzzed sides create a bolder look while delicately textured sides create softness throughout the cut. The disconnection between the sides and the length in the back is totally up to you and your stylist. It all depends on how bold or soft you want your look to be.

7. Pixie Mullet Hair Transformation

A pixie mullet is unique to each person wearing it and works with a variety of textures and styles. It will complement any style if you are willing to put in a little time, the cut is relatively low maintenance though.

8. Copper Pixie Mullet with Baby Bangs

Bangs or “fringe” are an important part of the pixie mullet structure. Whether you opt for baby bangs or curtain bangs, it creates shape and dimension within the cut.

9. Soft Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs

Maybe, you just want to remove the bulk from the sides and like this aspect of a pixie mullet. Don’t rely on haircut terms only and be clear on your consultation! Where do you want to see your bangs land when they’re dry? How much length do you want to see on the sides and back?

10. Shaggy Blonde Pixie Mullet

A little side note for hairstylists: avoid cutting against natural cowlicks! If you cut too short around these little spots of trouble, you will end up with antennas. Don’t be afraid to start your bangs a little longer. You can always go shorter but you can’t glue the length back on. A result like this one will be an awesome reward for your effort.

11. Neat Androgynous Pixie Mullet

Thi cut has an impressive texture, but it’s also more on the neat rather than a messy side. The shaved sideburns give it strong edgy vibes and help to open up the girl’s face and ear piercings.

12. Pixie Mullet with Uderlayer Color

Pixie mullets are an updated version of the ever popular pixie cut. It’s edgy and balanced while maintaining a graceful quality. And it’s customized to each person who wears it. You may play either with haircut structure itself or with the coloring, this contrasting block coloring being a good example.

13. Pixie Mullet with Chunky Highlights

Ask your stylist which products they recommend for your cut and texture. Usually, a good texture spray and some dry shampoo give the pixie mullet volume and piece-y-ness that you see in most example pictures. Even with a low-maintenance cut, a little bit of product and styling goes a long way.

14. Short Straight Hair Mullet with Piecey Bangs

The pixie mullet thrives with a little refresh. What does that mean exactly? Using a misting bottle, create some dampness in the hair, add texture spray and press it into the hair by hand-styling your fringe into the position you want it in. Next, either air dry or dry using a diffuser still shaping the hair as you go.

15. Curly Pixie Mullet Shag

Cannot achieve the same hairstyle you left the salon with? Most mistakes come from not using product. Use a stylist recommended shampoo (or co-wash) and a texture spray throughout to create volume and piece out the layers. If you have curls, your products recommended may be different than your straight counterparts.

Pixie mullets are a fresh new take on the already popular mullets. Relatively easy to style and compatible with most textures, this cut is versatile. It’s stylish and trendy without a laundry list of things you need to make it look great. Want more tips and inpiration? Follow me on IG @messy_tresses!