50 Lovely Long Shag Haircuts for Effortless Stylish Looks

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In spring and summer most women prefer effortless and natural-looking hairstyles. Long shags are the best options for you if you want to look stylish and sport your long locks loose. Shags are equally flattering for thick and fine hair. Adding volume or removing excessive bulk is an easy task for a good shag haircut.

The Most Inspirational Long Shag Haircuts

Here are 50 beautiful long shags that you are welcome to view right now for inspiration.

#1: Blondie Bombshell

This sexy long shag is a great way to deal with very thick hair. The levels of shaggy layers are stretched out, so you have multiple tiers that show off the brighter highlights on top and darker lowlights underneath.

#2: Long Wavy Layers

Layers hold curls and waves very well, regardless of length. It’s easy to create a wavy look, too – do it with braids, sock buns, a curling iron, or even a straightener. Finger comb it and spritz with some sea salt spray for extra bounce and texture.

#3: Windswept Layered Hairstyle

There’s something so easy and elegant about this casually windswept style! Long shaggy layers offer some great movement and bounce. This cut needs nothing more than a blow dry and a quick finger comb. What takes 5-10 minutes would look like it took hours!

#4: Long Curly Shag with Bangs

These shaggy layers are a perfect way to thin out thick curls. The bangs and short layers up top give an extra volume, and they frame the face with babylights that highlight the eyes. A great haircut idea for thick, long, curly hair.

#5: Violet Feathered Hairstyle

Please do not think that shags are worn only casually. You can style your shaggy layers in very delicate flicks for a formal event. If you want to go a step further, think of some new sophisticated hair color.

Long Layered Purple Hair

Instagram: @jackmartincolorist Salon: Jack Martin Salon in Tustin, CA

#6: Natural Layers and Ombre Highlights

Shaggy hairstyles are perfect between haircuts! Instead of dealing with that awkward growing-out phase, introduce some shaggy layers to medium-length hair. The ends of these wispy layers are delicately lightened to make the shagginess of the look more pronounced.

#7: Bedhead Auburn Shag

These sexy, tousled layers are sure to turn heads. A few waves, some deliberate mussing, shaggy bangs combined with long shaggy layers – it’s absolute perfection! The red hair isn’t necessary, but it definitely works, right?

#8: Brunette Razor Cut with Bangs

This is a lovely example of a smooth and sleek shag. Use frizz-fighting hair smoothers for a high-fashion ‘do that frames the face and oozes an effortless vibe. It may not be as voluminous as a real shag, but some days you just want to look and feel different.

#9: Shagged, Flipped, and Tousled

For a picture-perfect look that begs to be Instagrammed, this is a style to steal! The layers are sleek, not shaggy, but they’re also wonderfully extreme – they cascade down the entire length of the hair. The result is a lovely head of flicked yet still shaggy hair with bounce and body for days!

#10: Shag to the Extreme

Extreme layers suggest a bold personality with plenty of confidence. This long shag haircut features clearly defined layers with a lot of variation in the lengths. That creates a longer, softer, more modern version of Carol Brady’s classic shag.

#11: Tousled Shaggy Layers with Fringe

Sexy, low maintenance and full of movement, a textured cut with bangs is flattering and fun. Multi-tonal highlights are great at adding depth to fine hair, simply ask your hairdresser to pick shades that compliment your skin tone. Paired with a deep parting, your hair will boast volume and sensuality!

Medium Length Layered Haircut

Instagram / @hairbysquare

#12: Long Choppy Hair with Feathering

You’d be surprised how much difference a long shag haircut can make to fine hair. Wispy ends and feathering around the face give extra body to this free-flowing blonde hairstyle. There won’t be a limp strand in sight!

#13: Textured Hair with Short Layers

If time is of the essence in the morning, heavily layered hair will really cut down your dry-time. Shaggy layers around the crown only need a quick blast with a hairdryer. For extra volume, use a diffuser to give uplift to those roots!

Mid-Length Layered Cut With Bangs

Instagram / @brockstarhair

#14: Long Sexy Waves

We’ll never get bored of pictures depicting beautiful curly hair. If you love feminine, flirty styles – this one is for you! For an impeccably tousled finish, separate your hair into sections before curling. This will help you methodically curl every strand for a flawless result.

Long Layered Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram / @hairluvbytiffany

#15: Shaggy Hair with Uneven Bangs

Messy, jagged bangs take long hair to the next level. This coiffure is bursting with personality, from its vivid orange hue, to the energetic styling, we love how this long shag with bangs makes an unashamedly bold statement.

Long Copper Red Shag With Bangs

Instagram / @timm.morrison

#16: Long Layers with Tiger Eye Dye Job

Paint your shag mane with subtle highlights to create more beachy and sunkissed look. Honey blonde strands on caramel hair is the best combo. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez love to rock this palette to look even more gorgeous.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

#17: Cascading Hair with Side Fringe

If you needed proof that shag hair can be glam, this is it! Long hair and cascading layers is a combination that never fails to impress. Invest in a large curling iron to create volume for an overall captivating finish.

Shag Haircut For Long Hair

Instagram / @drelefevre

#18: Wavy Bedhead Style

Long shag haircuts are perfect for channeling that ‘just-got-outta-bed’ feel. Ask your hairdresser for strategically placed layers through the length; you’ll maintain the long hair you crave but with more dimension and movement.

Long Shag Haircut

Instagram / @anhcotran

#19: Shaggy Bright Hair

For hair that’s as fiery as your personality, shades of vibrant carmine give your haircut a quirky edge. By retaining some long length and pairing with a full sweeping fringe, this hair maintains its femininity. But beware, a vivid hue requires some regular upkeep!

Medium Layered Red Balayage Hairstyle

Instagram / @drelefevre

#20: Bouncy Long Blow-Out

Amp up the volume of your shaggy cut with flirty flipped ends. Paired with subtle balayage highlights you’ll have a hairstyle that really pops! While we’d love to get our hair blow dried at the salon every day, you’ll find a straightener is an easier (and cheaper) way to get professional results at home.

#21: Picture-Perfect Sweeping Style

Play up thick luscious locks with a sweeping long shag to keep hair light and manageable. So versatile, you have an option to wear it straight for a day at work and totally transform it with curls for a special occasion.

#22: Jagged Red Ombre Hairstyle

Dramatic yet achievable, this hairstyle features a short choppy cut around the crown and long hair on the lower half of the length. Not only will this fearless cut let you get rid you of any split ends, it will allow you to enjoy having long hair – the best of both worlds!

Long Red Shag

Instagram / @prettycutanddry

#23: Ruffled Shaggy Curls

Heavy, thick hair? Lighten up your coif by asking your hairdresser to chop some lively layers into the mid-section and add a smattering of highlights to the length. The lighter shades will provide dimension and elevate your whole look.

Long Curly Shag Cut

Instagram / @nomadstudiorva

#24: Chic Flipping Layers

Sleek hair with flair! If you love long luscious hair but just don’t have enough thickness to pull it off, long shag hairstyles are perfect. Short feathery layers will make hair appear far thicker than it is, giving it that all important boost in the volume department!

Shag Haircut For Long Straight Hair

Instagram / @heather_j_wurts

#25: Middle Parting with Choppy Layers

Throw it back to the 70s with cool shaggy bangs. Whether you’re growing out a fringe or want to frame your face, separating your bags with a centre parting will not only keep hair out of your face, it’s also super flattering.

Medium Brown Shag Hairstyle

Instagram / @salsalhair

#26: Straight Shaggy Locks

Add oomph to naturally straight hair with lovely long layers. Polished yet full of movement, this bronde mane gets extra style points for its super fine platinum highlights around the face. The ultimate way to hone your facial features!

#27: Long Cut with Side Swept Bangs

There’s something appealingly retro about long shaggy hair. This full-fringed version with a deep side parting has us feeling particularly nostalgic. It’s bursting with character and all in a natural amber shade. Perfectly understated, feminine and full of body.

#28: Versatile Layered Shag Hair

For all the boss ladies out there, just because you opt for a fun, edgy haircut doesn’t mean it can’t look grown up too! If it’s versatility you’re after, a dark, sleek hairstyle with angled, descending layers might just be what you’re after. Classy yet cool, it ticks all the boxes for our work ‘do.

Black Mid-Length Shag Hairstyle

Instagram / @suzido_

#29: Face-Framing Wavy Hair

Bohemian babes will love long wavy tresses. Thick hair is perfect for pulling off a long tousled hairstyle. Simply work some dry shampoo into your roots to keep your bangs looking fresh and give them that stylish un-done finish.

Long Layered Haircut With Straight Bangs

Instagram / @courtriceatwork

#30: Soft Voluminous Blowout

Long shag hairstyles don’t have to be solely boho chic. Opt for a more refined coif by curling the ends of your layers. A heat protectant is a must, then simply blow dry some body into your hair with a round brush and finish by curling the very tips of your locks.

#31: Waterfall of Curls Shag

Elegant long shag hairstyles often involve curls, whether they’re natural or curled with an iron or rollers. This style combines a look of straight hair up top and more expressive curls through the bottom part.

#32: Shag for Medium Length Hair

This shag is a great low maintenance look that is messy and free. Wear in the wind, wear to a show, or wear when you wake up…it’s all up to you! Shorten the top layers, create some heavy, shaggy bangs, and then shag the bottom. It’s just… well, perfect!

#33: Chopped Medium Cut for Straight Hair

Having shaggy hair can still be clean! Only shaggy ends here! A light dusting of gold striations from the top of the crown highlights the smoothness of the upper layer. Make the lower ends chunky, and almost anything goes!

#34: Long Blonde Shag for Fine Hair

Get a long shag haircut without the full shag effect! Long hair is a must for this ‘do, but long layers are the most important part. They create shape and body, plus they stop hair from looking limp and lifeless, which happens way too often with long locks.

#35: Shiny Caramel Layers

Long, shaggy locks can look absolutely luscious. All it takes to acquaint yourself with the big hair aesthetic is a few layers of varying length and heavy side-swept bangs. Make sure to ask for shorter layers around the crown to get insane volume!

#36: Long Haute Couture Hair

This type of long shag is a catwalk staple. It shows up in photo shoots in glossy magazines, and fashion shows. The layers are subtle but still shaggy, especially the shorter ones. Get the ‘do with bangs – with long straight point cut (or blunt) bangs, to be precise!

#37: Mauve Layered Cut with Curls

Not only is this a lovely violet red color, but it makes this shaggy hair stand out beautifully. Adding curls to shaggy layers creates plenty of body and movement, plus it draws attention to the color – whatever it may be!

#38: Tousled Light Brown Hairstyle

They say sometimes that long shag haircuts are flat, limp, and lacking in body, but that’s not true! As a matter of fact, a shag cut with bangs and shaggy layers has tons of volume and lift – though it may require a bit of teasing.

Long Light Brown Shag Hairstyle

Instagram/ @vespagirl

#39: Shaggy Hair with Wings

Here’s a stellar example of the signature shag from the late ’70s/early ’80s! Those winged layers were a fashionable look back in the day – this is the style everyone wants to copy now. Pro tip: a razored cut and a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment will help to copycat this ‘do.

#40: Side-Swept Shag Haircut

This long shag haircut boasts an enormous side sweep and soft fade of color from dark brown, almost black, roots to very pale, ash blonde ends. A cool look for tan skin!

#41: Ombre Hair with Beach Waves

Long, luscious, beachy waves always look good. This is a trendy style that flatters pretty much everyone. Remember, long shag hairstyles can be neat and sleek at the roots and get messy towards the ends.

#42: Layered Style with Balayage

An extreme side sweep looks stunning with a long shag hairdo! Short, medium, and long layers combine in a wavy, crazy explosion of hair that moves, bounces, and swings.

#43: Loose Curls with Streaks of Caramel

Any long shag haircut is sure to give you a look that others will be dying to copy, and you will get many admiring glances. These loose curls are ready for movement, while the defined ends give you an excellent way to show off your locks in motion.

#44: Tame the Mane Shag

Shaggy hairstyles have become quite popular, popping up all over various media sources like fashion blogs, magazines, and even the runway. These looser, more carefree hairstyles are happening, and we love them! Keep the length for the top half, and get the bottom half thinned out gradually.

#45: Waves in the Water Shag

Finding long shag hairstyles that have an eccentric flair is easy! Doing them yourself? Not so easy! But here is a look that works great when you want to get rid of the bulk of thick hair in the back, but keep the length up front.

#46: Stevie Nicks’ Twin

This look combines practicality with shaggy hair. The long bangs set the level for the shaggy layers to start off and be tapered towards the collar bone. A light honey blonde is applied to brighten up the eyes!

#47: Long Shaggy Style for Fine Hair

The long shag look here is pretty laid back and ready for fun, sun, and surf! In more relaxed places, there are ways to embrace your length while letting go and having a good time. This low maintenance set of slightly wavy layers is cool and fun!

#48: Shaggy Haircut for Mature Women

This medium layered shag is cute and laid-back. You will appreciate it if you like to wear your hair loose every day. Perfect for work or dinner – it’s totally up to you! Style the half of the length from the roots with a lift and let the ends be wayward and shaggy.

#49: Jet Black Layers with Bangs

Finding the best shaggy style for long hair is a task, because there are so many! Your options are seemingly endless, and it all depends on what you want to do. Here we have a shorter set of bangs atop a curly set of long layered curls.

#50: Flaming Vixen Layered Hair

This layered shag look is very eye-catching! The bold rust color and the noticeable layers give a true 70’s feel to this look. Long side bangs sweep over, blending in with the shortest top layers while the next tiers cascade halfway down.

Long shags are, undoubtedly, impressive and eye-catching, but if you want to experiment with length and try shorter hairstyles, please, check the section with shag hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

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