50 Cute and Effortless Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

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Long layered hairstyles with bangs are now in great demand. Why? Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, that’s also trendy, effortless-looking and convenient. When you wish to show off your beautiful long locks, try a layered haircut. Layers make long hair more manageable and eliminate the irritating factor of longer strands getting in the way or falling into your face every now and then. If you also want to rock your long hair without a single pin, get some straight-cut or layered bangs.

Variety of Long Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles for long hair are not all alike, and you should try different textures and types of bangs for some variety and also in order to find your most flattering options. Here are trendy ideas for wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, balayage and ombre long hairstyles with layers and bangs.

#1: Brunette Balayage for Thick Hair

In this gorgeous hairstyle the full bangs are balanced with light brown balayage highlights that are getting fuller towards the ends. That’s a pretty idea of how to make your hair fairly bright but not too in your face.

#2: Long Layers with Eye-Brow Grazing Bangs

Shoulder length hair can also benefit from layers, as is exemplified by the photo below. If your hair is thinner, then layers can add texture and style. Long bangs that graze past the eyebrows soften the entire look of Taylor Swift.

long layered haircut with straight bangs

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#3: Layered Haircut with Arched Bangs for Long Hair

This adorable style is ideal for gals with square or oval-shaped faces. Arched bangs work to instantly soften the sharper features of a square face. Gradual layers seamlessly incorporate a fringe into a longer hairstyle.

Long Layered Haircut With Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

#4: Long Side-Parted Feathered Cut

Bangs don’t have to dust your eyebrows, especially if you’re nervous to try them out for the first time. Layered bangs at the chin length are great for hairstyles in transition. Long hair with side bangs is perfectly proportional for a feathery cut.

#5: Ginger Brown Shaggy Layers

Long, shaggy layers and heavy side bangs are the key components to this adorably cute hairstyle. The layers here begin at the cheekbones and go all the way through to the ends. The expertly smoothed bangs have been whisked to the side for a decidedly flirty appearance. The light brown hair color is quite flattering to blue eyes and fair complexions.

Ginger Brown Shaggy Layers

Instagram / @beautybarboutique

#6: Wispy Haircut with High Crown

One of the main goals of long, layered haircuts is to have as much movement as possible, and this cut definitely fits the bill. The focal point of the hairstyle is actually the crown section, enhanced with long bangs. The top of the hair is lightly teased to give the hair some welcomed height that looks heavenly in this pearly shade of blonde.

#7: Long Layered Wavy Haircut with Blunt Bangs

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, play up your natural cute factor and cut bangs straight across. A more precise cut at the fringe will contrast long and wavy layers in a refreshing manner.

Long Layered Haircut With Cropped Bangs

Instagram / @scixxorhands

#8: Long Thoroughly Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Layers are the best friend of thick hair and messy, layered bangs are the perfect fringe for full and gorgeous layered locks. Long bangs work great with the weight and length of thicker, layered hair.

Messy Auburn Hairstyle For Long Hair

Instagram / @richardatkuthaus

#9: Long Haircut with Rounded Feather-Like Layers

Add instant dimension to a longer face shape with rounded layers that sweep away from your face. This style is ideal if you’re craving to try one of today’s trendy layered haircuts with bangs without having to cover your forehead.

Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @anthonyholguin

#10: Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut

Who says that bangs and layers have to be blunt? Rock a flattering A-silhouette to give hair movement and break up a longer face shape.

Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut

Instagram / @nicolasfloreshair

#11: Mermaid Ombre’ed Hair

For women who don’t like to spend a lot of time or money on their locks, one of the best cut and color combos is long ombre layers. While you may need to trim your bangs monthly, you’ll be able to let the rest of your hair grow out for as long as you please while still looking trendy.

Long Brown Ombre Hair With Arched Bangs

Instagram / @anhcotran

#12: Long Brown Shag with Bangs

Shaggy layers are ideal if your hair isn’t pin straight and you prefer to wear your locks in a more ‘natural’ look. This is a great, casual way to rock beautiful and effortless bangs without much fuss.

Choppy Cut For Long Hair

Instagram / @cleencuts

#13: Long Voluminous Shag with Point Cut Fringe

Babes like Zooey Deschanel know the appeal of a voluptuous shag with a thick, point cut fringe. Long hair with bangs in a shag style is a fresh way to frame your face and add interest to a rounder face shape.

Long Voluminous Shag with Point Cut Fringe

Instagram / @g_deodato

#14: Long Cut with Delicate Face-Framing

Spice up your long layers with a fringe. Bangs don’t have to be dramatic and can be subtly cut to frame your face, starting at the cheekbones.

#15: Contemporary Long Shag with Bangs

Looking to add some interest to your longer-layered shag hair style? Cut a cute fringe and part it as you will – longer bangs can be swept to the side or parted down the middle, lending an air of nostalgia to a more modern style.

Contemporary Long Shag with Bangs

Instagram / @@g_deodato

#16: Sexy Layered Cut with Long Peekaboo Bangs

If you’ve got long and thick hair, then peek-a-boo bangs were made for you! Long layers with bangs gain instant sex appeal when swept to the side. Make sure your stylist keeps the length of the bangs long, preferably starting your fringe at the chin.

Long Layered Cut With Bangs For Thick Hair

Instagram / @mandies86

#17: Sweet Ginger Shag for Fine Thick Hair

Play up the thickness of your hair with a full fringe to match if you have a delicate color like this sweet strawberry blonde. The slight curl at the ends of your bangs and layers will give life to naturally fine hair as well. Swipe on a layer of mascara and give off that Brigitte Bardot vibe!

Sweet Ginger Shag for Fine Thick Hair

Instagram / @graceemilybeauty

#18: Messy Ash Blonde Shag for Long Hair

Ooze the appeal of a surfer babe without the brassiness from the sun! Lengthy layers topped with a rocker fringe look great in a shag, especially if you’re sporting fresh color like an ash blonde. This look is all about effortlessness, not perfection, and a longer, wispy fringe emulates that style.

Choppy Haircut With Bangs For Long Hair

Instagram / @tomsmithhd

#19: Long Tousled Style with V-cut Layers

V-cut layers are for the bombshell in all of us! If you frequently blow out your hair, a v-cut is perfect for adding movement to your already gorgeously tousled locks. For this look, bangs with long hair should be a bit longer to appropriately blend in with the length of your locks.

Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @chairs_hairdesign

#20: Gorgeous Layered Cut for Thick Long Hair

Sweeping bangs are ideal for layered hair as they keep the entire look quite seamless and natural. Thick hair can handle the style best as you’ll need some volume for back-up.

Layered Cut With Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @andoresalon

#21: Long Messy Haircut with Bangs and Highlights

Front bangs are for the beauties who want to draw attention to their eyes! Don’t worry about keeping things perfect, messy is better here! You can ease up the transition from longer locks to a short crop of bangs by keeping some pieces along the sides of your face chin-length and shorter. Dust off the look with some light brown balayage and keep things fresh and just a little sexy.

Long Hair With Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Instagram / @anhcotran

#22: Lovely Layers for Soft Curls

Do you have curly or textured hair? Swept bangs with a side part will suit the natural movement of your locks (or even if you love curling your hair with an iron). Straight across bangs can work if you also curl them under for long hairstyles with bangs, but soft curls look best with a fringe that touches the tops of your cheekbones.

#23: Layered Ends for Maximum Disconnection

A disconnected style offers some much-needed drama to ladies with straighter hair. Swept bangs and straight hair doesn’t have to look awkward, however. Add layers to the ends of your hair for a more cohesive style that will appease the eye.

Layered Ends for Maximum Disconnection

Instagram / @hairajudygirl

#24: Choppy Blonde Lob for Straight Hair

It’s amazing how chopped ends instantly lend a fresh vibe to a lob. The sliced layers and bangs to match give off a modern yet relaxed attitude. Whether your hair is beachy blonde or a rich chocolate brown, a choppy lob is ideal for any stylish babe who wants that textured length but also some fresh bangs!

Blonde Balayage Shag For Long Hair

Instagram / @hairthrone

#25: Long Style with Curl-Boosting Layers

Accentuate your long layered hair with bangs by curling it. Blunt bangs may read inappropriate with this look, so ask your stylist to give them movement with a feather cut and to keep pieces longer along the sides of your face.

#26: Burgundy Blonde Balayage

Deep burgundy roots melt into a soft flow of layers thanks to the blonde balayage highlights. Keeping your fringe darker creates a gorgeous color contrast that tends to lighten the look of your eye color, while the blonder ends brighten your overall look.

Long Layered Haircut With Bangs For Thick Hair

Instagram / @thedylandias

#27: Two-Tiered Fringe and Tousled Layers

Though these layered bangs are long, they look weightless thanks to the texturizing cut and balayage color. The coloring creates the appearance of a two-tiered fringe that can be your special personal detail.

#28: Icy Blonde Straight Layers

Just because you have luscious long locks doesn’t mean you have to curl them. Long, layered bangs haircuts can be just as striking when left sleek and straight, and especially when upgraded by a cool color.

Layered Long Haircut For Straight Hair

Instagram / @maxwellmathson

#29: Red Waves with Full Fringe

While we think shiny red locks look great with any style, we’re particularly fond of keeping them long and wavy. Curling them creates gorgeous, fire-like dimension, while the full fringe adds visual interest, and is a great option for hiding a large forehead.

#30: Layered Hairstyle with Thick Fringe

With long layers enhanced by a multi-tonal blonde hair color, this haircut for long hair turns into a gorgeous dimensional style. The fringe is full, straight and traditionally long.

#31: Blonde Layers with Lowlights

Hairstyles with bangs are the best when you want to wear your hair free-flowing even if it’s quite long. Today hair trends favor long side bangs. The side-swept bangs like in the photo blend well with the face-framing layers. They are quite long but comfortable to wear and flattering for all face shapes.

Blonde Layers with Lowlights

Instagram / @erika.congdon

#32: Tousled Brunette Hair

Healthy long hair is your most precious jewel, but to wear it with comfort, you’ll need a nice layered cut. Long bangs blended into the shortest layer provide a beautiful frame for your face and make your mane lighter as well as more movable.

#33: Long Subtle Layers and Highlights

Long layers are gorgeous and easy to get, but when you add a multi-tonal hair color, you will adore the dimension that instantly breathes in a new life into your long tresses. Don’t forget to add side bangs to the layers for the face framing beauty that leaves us and everyone around speechless!

long layered haircut with side bangs

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#34: Free-Flowing Brunette Hairstyle

If you prefer to wear your bangs straight across your forehead, the most popular shape for them would be arched. To look modern, they also should be quite long. This kind of bangs is good for faces with big foreheads.

#35: Brown Ombre for Straight Hair

The key to long, layered haircuts is to keep the length, but add just the right amount of layers to create depth, definition and dimension. This cute style features long bangs and careless layers that gradually turn to light brown courtesy of the flattering ombre effect.

#36: Long Swooping Bangs

Looking for long hairstyles with bangs that are both bombshell-worthy and quick to style? Consider this stunning blonde coif. Long layers and gorgeous swooping side bangs go from shower to blow-dry to ready. The only tool you’ll need is a large round brush to shape your ends, and blow your bangs away from your face.

#37: Modern Brigitte Bardot

Channel style icon Brigitte Bardot with this updated version of her look. Thick bangs with voluminous layers round-brushed or curled into a big, bouncy coif are the ultimate in sexy bang hairstyles. Pair with a solid black color for a rocker-chic vibe.

Medium Layered Haircut With Long Bangs

Instagram / @soraverly

#38: Sombre Hair with Long Light Bangs

This brown soft ombre boasts shaggy layers throughout and extra long light bangs that you may want to pin up or to the side when doing any sort of activity. You’ll also easily braid them into a crown or milkmaid braid updo, or wear freely hanging and carelessly twirled by the wind.

#39: Long Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

Layered bangs are a great option for women with thick hair. Instead of a traditional fringe that risks falling too heavy and uneven, a layered technique will lighten the load, allowing the bangs to lie softly in place.

#40: Mahogany Hairstyle with Long Layers

This exquisite mahogany shade gives just a light reddish tint to the dark brown locks. A classy hair color suggests a classy cut, and this gorgeous layered style with long face-framing layers and thick bangs easily scores the maximum number of style points.

Mahogany Hairstyle with Long Layers

Instagram / @beauticole_

#41: Blunt Bangs with Long Waves

A great way to refine a free-flowing coif like this one is to add structured bangs with long hair. A blunt fringe creates a clean, straight line that contrasts beautifully against the wavy blonde locks.

Straight Across Bangs For Long Hair

Instagram / @vanessastylesyou

#42: Rose Gold Curls

In this meticulously crafted and voluminous coif, the curls were left lively and flowing, and the side swept bangs were carefully sprayed in place to maintain those flattering swoopy lines. This results in a polished, refined look that’s fit for a beauty pageant contestant.

Golden Blonde Layered Hairstyle With Side Bangs

Instagram / @femmeakoi

#43: Modern Farrah Fawcett

In the 1970‘s, everyone went crazy for Farrah Fawcett’s feathered, flippy ‘do, and with a few small tweaks you can also achieve the Charlie’s Angel’s sexiness! Less but long balayage layers is all it takes to modernize the iconic style.

#44: Contouring Hairstyle

For a serious contour effect, pair this: a balayage color and long arched bangs that are shorter in the center and longer on the ends. The rounded bangs and darkness towards the front create a striking, face-framing effect that puts your features on display.

Long Balayage Ombre Hair With Bangs

Instagram / @cemgumush

#45: Flaring Layers and Sweeping Bangs

Sometimes when you hear “long layers with bangs”, it might not sound like such an exciting hairstyle, but if you use this layered haircut with a side fringe as a reference, you may feel differently. With soft, side bangs and golden blonde hair color being the first things which catch the eye, this long look also includes tiered layers that both flatter and frame the face.

#46: Caramel Balayage Layers

This coif is a perfect example of how properly placed highlights make a cut standout. These undone layers and fringe are super sultry on their own, but the strategically placed caramel color shows off the various layers and texture, and adds movement.

Long Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @tomsmithhd

#47: Tapered Layers with Parted Bangs

Just because you like to part your hair down the middle doesn’t mean you have to skip bangs. These long hair bangs are center-parted, and a great choice for rounder face shapes thanks to their slimming effect.

Haircut With Face-Framing Layers For Long Hair

Instagram / @rach1elle

#48: Formal Long Hairstyle

If you have been invited to a formal event, wearing your hair loose and long can be just as beautiful as an updo – and a lot simpler too! Blowdry your hair with a round brush and curl where necessary. Don’t forget to accessorize with bold earrings and pair your hair with a strapless gown to draw more attention to your gorgeous layers.

long layered haircut with bangs for blonde hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#49: Textured Bangs and Dramatic Highlights

Add in lowlights, highlights and multiple dimensions of blonde when you’re striving to get a beautiful new look to otherwise humdrum hair. Shoulder length hair will look especially lovely with various hues, located in whatever sections you wish.

long layered haircut with bangs and drammatic downlights

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#50: Curly Layers for Older Women

As women grow older, the variety of hairstyles becomes more limited. With layers, you have many more options, including light curls in shoulder length styles. Add some bangs to keep your face looking youthful.

long layered haircut with bangs for older women

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Long layered haircuts are stylish, versatile and a lot of fun to show off. Next time you head off to the salon, consider adding some long layers to update your current style.

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