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Updated on August 16, 2022
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Do you need some inspiration to find the right hairstyles for big foreheads? Luckily there are plenty of amazing haircuts for big foreheads that work for everyone. From fringes to side bangs to updos, keep reading if you want to know how to hide a big forehead with a beautiful cut. We find the right hairstyles when trying to accentuate face shape, our eye color, and even just to show off how we’re feeling that day. But sometimes they can come in handy when trying to conceal things as well.

How to Find Perfect Hairstyles for Big Foreheads?

If you have a large forehead and want a hairstyle that minimizes its appearance, bangs are your best friend. Whether they’re straight across, choppy, piecey, curly, or swoop to the side, bangs will take the focus off your forehead with style.

All hair types can distract from a prominent forehead with a few styling illusions. A center-parted hairstyle will distract from this area, as will curly locks. So rock those waves! Swoop some pieces across and let your hair go a little wild.

The key to minimizing a large forehead is taking the focus off of it. In addition to bangs and haircut options, play with texture to distract. Curls, waves, disheveled side buns and top knots will keep the eye moving away from the forehead.

Long, straight, and chic is never the best look for a large forehead. Let your hair have some fun and go a little crazy. Bedhead is the word. Opt for a curl-enhancing product or a texture spray to fuss up what you got on top. Let those locks live a little haphazardly and steal the show.

Hair Inspiration for Women with Big Foreheads

Bellow you can find amazing examples of haircuts and styles that will enhance your features, make you feel confident and attract all the compliments.

1. Bob with Full Fringe

Ombre Lob With Full Bangs

Instagram / @drelefevre

Diving headfirst into the bangs gang with a blunt bob is the best hairstyle for a long face and big forehead. The natural-colored bangs cover the large forehead while the blond bob brings the eyes to the mouth area (away from the forehead).

2. Chin Length Bob with Blunt Bangs

One of the best haircuts for large foreheads is paring short hair with thick bangs to camouflage the forehead. If you desire to create more volume, use hair powder at the roots. It works well with the bangs and the invisible crown layers adding a lot of lift and movement.

Big Forehead Textured Brow-Skimming Bangs

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

3. Long Hair with Central Parting and Body Waves

Parting is a great tool for disguising a broad forehead. Center-parted hairstyles help to bring hair to the front and thus partly cover the forehead and bring focus to your eyes instead. Soft framing highlights contour the face beautifully!

4. Big hair and full bangs

This is a great example of a haircut for an oval face and big forehead. Bangs cut the length of the natural shape of an oval face and at the same time hide a big forehead. It’s big and beautiful all while killing two birds with one stone.

Long Peach Hair With Arched Bangs

Instagram / @hairsheezus

5. Soft Waves with Face Framing Layers

To conceal a big forehead, you don’t have to get a new haircut every time. Just style your hair the right way to create volume where you wish to balance your features. Spritz your hairdo with a few sprinkles of sea salt spray to create trendy beach waves or go for the classical light spray to keep your hair in place.

6. Light Blonde Hair with Thin Bangs

Wispy platinum blonde hair with matching long bangs is the perfect runway style. Ask your stylist for a shadow root color to create dimension and deepness. The color contrast will work to your advantage, creating a stunning look.

Blonde Midi Shag for a Chubby Face

Instagram / @garagenisantasi

7. Caramel Highlights and Swooping Bangs

Invigorate your hair with a lot of graceful movement and effortless volume by adding warm highlights. Ask your stylist for long face-framing layers to shift the focus from your high forehead to the rest of the facial structure, like the jawline and cheekbones. The best part is that you may occasionally style them to one side for dramatic swooping bangs.

Midi Shag with Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @m.albernaz

8. Razor Cut Bombshell Layers

Middle-length choppy layered cuts showcase amazing lift and airy fullness. It’s a super versatile haircut as it gives you a bunch of styling options. Try blowing out your hair for a classic voluminous look, diffuse it to enhance natural waves or keep it straight and a bit messy for a modern laid back vibe.

9. Long Blonde Hair with Wispy Bangs

Loose waves and wispy bangs do marvelous face contouring for women with big foreheads. Envy-inspiring length and a healthy glow of blonde hair are just additional points that make us fall in love with the hairstyle!

10. Tousled Hairstyle with Full Bangs

The dynamic cascading layers of varying lengths help take the focus away from the wide forehead and frame the face nicely. Tease the crown and bring your hair forward when you blow it out so that it blends with the bangs lending you a and relaxed bedhead look.

Over 60 Below-the-Shoulders Shag

Instagram / @salsalhair

11. Tousled Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Women with hair that fall above the shoulder can opt for long side-swept bangs to cover the forehead and create an impression of voluminous hair as a bonus. If you don’t want to commit to the bangs, styling a deep side part and flipping shorter layers to one side may work fine with this length too.

Fine Hair Bob for Big Foreheads

Instagram / @muratalimese

12. Wavy Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Side swept curtain bangs are not only a major trend to try, they make one of the best hairstyles for your bigger forehead. Style your bangs in a way that flatters your face shape and go for a bold distinctive color to spice things up.

Voluminous Feathered Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @hirohair

13. Long Cut with Razored Bangs

Full straight bangs are the most effective solution when dealing with big foreheads and longer face shapes because they fully change the perception of your face dimensions. A slightly wavy texture and a dark hair color will contribute to this effect.

Long Cut with Razored Bangs

Instagram / @nataliarok

14. Alluring Midi Shag for Women with Big Foreheads

Who wouldn’t fall for sexy messy haircuts for large foreheads like this one? Layers throughout the length of the hair and curtain bangs have shifted the focus dramatically, the eyes now taking center stage. Shaggy styling completes this charming look perfectly.

Flattering Midi Shag for Big Foreheads

Instagram / @ruteboazhair

15. Shaggy Cut with Short Side Bangs

High-density hair can get flat just too easily! To avoid this, start with the right hairstyle at your salon. Ask your stylist for a layered shaggy chop that lets you enjoy effortless wash and wear styles. This haircut can be diffused or air died and scrunched with some salt spray. Again, the bangs play a major role in balancing a bigger forehead.

Choppy Midi Cut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @similakchyld

16. Modern Side Part Hairstyle

A side part is deeply loved by owners of round, square, or heart-shaped faces, and it works as amazingly with big foreheads too. What is more, it’s an excellent quick fix when you are out of time getting ready to go out.

Disconnected Lob with Swoopy Bangs

Instagram / @dioneassis_

17. Shoulder-Length Cut with Face Framing Layers

If you are looking for ways to create an optical illusion of a smaller forehead without getting hefty bangs, you can go for a medium haircut of your choice. The key to success is adding thin side layers that will frame your face in a flattering way.

Wispy Midi Shag with Off-Center Parting

Instagram / @raissalopes_boaz

18. High-Contrast Face Framing

Sculptured waves look even more impressive when underlined with bold highlights in warm tones. Just like a sculptor’s chisel, these swirls create a perfect outline of classic beauty.

Blunt Brunette Hair with Money Pieces

Instagram / @memmieyo

19. Long Hair with Front Layers

Long hairstyles with front layers create a really gorgeous look. This lighter shape not only cleverly uses a wavy texture to detract attention from a high forehead, but is also super low-maintenance and will fit a busy daily schedule.

Big Forehead Long Wavy Shag

Instagram / @reveriethestudio

20. Thick Long Hair with Framing Layers

This simple yet elegant hairstyle is great for someone who has a broad forehead. In the first place, the long bangs are swept to the sides and contour your forehead. Most importantly, the subtle layers give this look desired movement and volume.

Long Hair and Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @hairbyparisleanne

21. Side Swept Bangs

One of the best haircuts for big foreheads that don’t make it look like you’re trying hard to do so: the side swept bang. It reduces the appearance of a large forehead and looks good on every face shape, plus it’s easy to blow dry and style.

Platinum Layered Waves

Instagram / @walkerswerkshop

22. Short Blonde Side Bangs

Kee things easy and low maintenance with this hairstyle for a big forehead and thin hair. These side bangs that hit right around her cheekbones brings your attention to those gorgeous blue eyes. The short and wispy layers work best on fine hair.

Wispy Blonde Lob

Instagram / @romeufelipe

23. Voluminous Side Bang

Adding tons of volume gives the appearance that your hair is what’s big, not your forehead! Voluminous side parts are great high forehead hairstyles because they add dimension around your face and make great hairstyles for big foreheads without bangs. 

Side Hollywood Waves

Instagram / @_hairbygabrielle

24. Very Long layers

You don’t need bangs to help shorten the look of a long forehead! The very long layers and styled hair is simple yet effective. The layer going just a bit past her face evens out the length of her forehead, making the length from the root of the hair downward more “evened out.”

Side Parted Silver Look

Instagram / @off7thsalon

25. Long Hair with See-Through Bangs for Big Foreheads

Long hair always gives you those chic vibes you truly deserve! Eye skimming long thin bangs pair well with longer lengths, soften even a huge forehead and add a touch of mystery to the look.

26. Voluminous Bangs for a Big Forehead

Having a high forehead doesn’t mean that you can’t get that trendy shag with the volume on top. Style your bangs with a round brush and sprinkle them with some hairspray to secure your bangs in place.

Shag with Wispy Tousled Bangs

Instagram / @courtneyleighhair

27. Long Bob with Middle Part

This cut is super chic and easy to manage – it won’t take you long to style this haircut in the morning. To create some beautiful face framing, curl soft waves with a flat iron, directing hair away from your face.

No-Bangs Shoulder-Length Tousled Hairstyle

Instagram / @ozdenkurtur

28. Layered Haircut with Wispy Bangs

A layered cut will not only help cover your big forehead but also give definition to your hair. The first layer is the most fundamental part. Decide on the length before you take a plunge and transform your look.

Long Hair and Light Razored Bangs

Instagram / @thesavvytouch

29. Side Part Style with Swoopy Layer

Adding face-framing layers is a quick and obvious adjustment to any basic haircut. This small tweak underlines your cheekbones and jawline and creates movement around your face.

Medium Textured Cut with Comb-Over Bangs

Instagram / @muratalimese

30. Bob with Delicate Side Bangs

Pair your side part bob with a soft fringe that sweeps over the forehead and softens the edges of the face. Monthly appointments at a hair salon will help you keep the ends thick and maintain the shape of the cut.

Soft Bob with Delicate Side Bangs

Instagram / @marinas_studio25

Even if you feel like you have a huge forehead or a wide forehead, we hope you feel comfortable in your own skin. So if hairstyles for large foreheads is what gives you confidence then surely one of these incredible 30 options suits you.

Ombre Lob With Full Bangs Big Forehead Textured Brow-Skimming Bangs Asian Long Hairstyle for Big Foreheads Long Peach Hair With Arched Bangs Mid-Length Flared Wavy Hairstyle Blonde Midi Shag for a Chubby Face Midi Shag with Long Side Bangs Long Flipped-Up Bangs for a Big Forehead Uneven Piece-y Bangs for Big Foreheads Over 60 Below-the-Shoulders Shag Fine Hair Bob for Big Foreheads Voluminous Feathered Curtain Bangs Long Cut with Razored Bangs Flattering Midi Shag for Big Foreheads Choppy Midi Cut with Curtain Bangs Disconnected Lob with Swoopy Bangs Wispy Midi Shag with Off-Center Parting Blunt Brunette Hair with Money Pieces Big Forehead Long Wavy Shag Long Hair and Long Side Bangs Platinum Layered Waves Wispy Blonde Lob Side Hollywood Waves Side Parted Silver Look Long Hair with See-Through Bangs for Big Foreheads Shag with Wispy Tousled Bangs No-Bangs Shoulder-Length Tousled Hairstyle Long Hair and Light Razored Bangs Medium Textured Cut with Comb-Over Bangs Soft Bob with Delicate Side Bangs
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