Evelyn Davies
Updated on December 14, 2022

Whether you’re looking to add a little shape to your thin hair or want more edge in your look, bangs are the perfect solution for thin hair to ramp up your hair goals. Let’s explore some of the best bangs for thin hair and listen to expert tips on cutting a fringe on thin hair.

How to Cut Bangs if You Have Thin Hair

Of all hair types, thin strands can be tricky to cut. Keeping strength and balance is essential to achieve a good look. Cutting bangs in fine hair, a stylist has to avoid removing too much hair and focus on creating a stronger shape to frame the face. Getting the right bang style for your face shape is also important.

Let’s look at different types of fringe haircuts, so you can find your perfect look and take a picture to your salon.

1. 70s Curtain Bangs

This 70s bangs gives a soft, yet striking frame to the face. The look works well on fine hair because it adds a soft feather in the middle and frames with a longer edge. Such a bang type is flattering round faces and adding length. Pairing the 70s curtain bangs for finer hair with subtle long layers is pretty and edgy. If this was good enough for the 70s, we’re happy enough to bring it back!

Layered Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram / @catcoiffeur

2. Bulky Bangs for Thin Hair

Want to make a stronger statement with your fringe? These fine bangs pack a punch adding more power to your wispy strands. They can open up the face at the cheekbones, highlighting those features, but can also add width to a thin face. Style the bangs with a blow dryer for a sleek look.

3. Shag Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Fine hair is prone to going wispy no matter your hair care, so why not work with it? The shag hair cut work great on fine hair texture and, paired with a wispy bangs, can add a really edgy vibe. This pink hair color adds a powerful statement, so why not embrace your fine thin hair with such a lively layered style?

4. Cute Feathered Bangs

These quirky feathery bangs look super cute on fine hair, especially when paired with long wavy hair. Blending into a face framing layer, they work perfectly for those of you who like to wear your hair up, too. Since thin hair gets flatter quicker, feathered side-swept bangs will work well if you chuck the rest of your hair up into a messy bun or pony while you’re having a stylish lazy day.

Feathered Curtain Bangs with Long Thin Hair

Instagram / @nothingobvious

5. Thin Wispy Bangs with a Bob

Wispy thin bangs also look great coupled with a chic bob. The strength of the bob gives the hair a fuller appearance – just what every fine hair type needs. The little wisps of the bang add a touch of unique style around the face, highlighting the eyes and opening up the face to show off your features.

Thin Bangs Short Haircut

Instagram / @salsalhair

6. Jagged Bangs for Thin Hair

Strong bangs with jagged ends are a great option for straight fine hair. The bangs sit just above the brows, creating an arc toward the edges. This sort of appearance can soften a longer hairstyle and frame your eyebrows perfectly. It can also elongate and add width to a face – an ace for petite features or high cheekbones. Matched with a rich red hair color like this, your fine bangs are sure to set you apart.

Haircut with Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram / @chancellarwelch

7. Baby Bangs with a Short Bob

Blunt cut baby bangs work so well on fine hair, giving definition to your face and adding to a sharp and strong appearance. Together with the sweet bob, the short bangs have a 19020s feel, adding more volume to bob haircuts and looking very classy with the dark shiny color. The beauty of such short blunt bangs on fine hair is that you won’t need to trim them regularly, so it’s also a low-maintenance option.

8. Blunt Bob with Sharp Thin Bangs

Sharp and sassy – a perfect option for thin hair bangs. The pointed look of pin-straight bangs goes well with a blunt mid-length bob that sits just above the shoulders. One-length hair is a good idea on thin hair types and keeps it strong and full looking.

Blunt Skinny Bangs for Fine Hair

Instagram / @bescene

9. Soft Femme Bob with Choppy Bangs

This look has tons of texture through the ends that gives a more interesting feel to bob hairstyles. These elegant bangs hug the face nicely with subtle layers. It’s a versatile option that will work with waves and curls too.

Bob with Bangs for Fine Thin Hair

Instagram / @erikahawkins_

10. Pixie Bangs for Thin Hair

Textured pixie bangs are a perfect outlet for working a short fringe into long hair – a new-age mullet so to speak. It’s also a great option if you have curly bangs. Maybe you’re a bit daring with your image, and disconnected shaggy bangs for thin hair will set off your style. Other than that, it’s bound to work well with short haircuts.

Long Mullet with Short Thinned Bangs

Instagram / @davidwbullen

11. Heavy Curtains on Fine Hair

Curtain bangs are a hot trend at the moment. With heavier edges, the stronger shape opens up the face and adds a softness to the face-framing layers. The yellow strands that mimic extra thin bangs in the center add height to the face and the flicked sides add body to the hairstyle.

Curtain Bangs on Thin Hair

Instagram / @larisadoll

12. Avant-Garde Bangs

Ok, so hairstyles like this one have some serious edgy vibes. The blunt asymmetric levels of the fringe add a unique high-fashion finish to this bob. This blunt cut works well on the hair type because it retains the bulk. Plus, it looks really cool on straight hair, so if you want statement bangs for thin hair, this is definitely the one.

13. Full Bangs and Feathery Layers

The softness of these feathered face-framing layers twinned with voluminous bangs is simply magical. This hairstyle is pretty versatile and compliments most face shapes. You can go for stronger layers or stronger bangs for thin hair, let them air dry or blow dry for more volume. Either way, these bangs rock.

14. Open Bangs for Thin Hair

These bangs are simple and have an innocent look to them, and they are earthier to style on thinner locks compared to thick hair. Try it if you’re not one for full bangs, but want to add some shape to thin strands without the full commitment.

Side Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram / @julepdoeshair

15. Cute Blunt Bangs on Thin Hair

These bangs for thin hair are fire and we think you’ll love them too, as they add an alternative feel to thin bangs. This fringe can be worn textured or sleek – you can style it to suit your mood. With it being a fine section of hair, it’s not a heavy commitment for a full fringe.

Short Thin Bangs

Instagram / @judeviola

Even if you weren’t blessed with thicker hair, there are tons of options to spice up the appearance of fine thin hair. Find a type of bang that will compliment your face shape and hair length, and your style will perk up with a new dynamic look.

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