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Updated on December 21, 2022

If you are in need of a simple yet effective way to change up your look, bangs are always an easy solution. Not only can they be done in the comfort of your own home, but there are also many different types of bangs for face shapes to choose from. Unfortunately for the indecisive, this plethora of options leaves them worried about choosing the wrong one. If you’re thinking about bangs but still can’t decide on style, consider this list your friend when picking the best bangs for your face shape.

Maintaining Your Bangs

Before diving in, let’s start off with some basic upkeep. To ensure that your bangs always look their best, have them trimmed every two to three weeks. Ideally, you should wash them every single day to avoid greasiness and forehead acne. If doing so just strips your hair, then dry shampoo always works wonders. Remember, also, that some of these looks require additional styling depending on your hair type. If you’re a low-maintenance girl, then go for a low-maintenance cut.

Bangs for an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, perfectly balanced features that narrow at the chin, then you are in luck. Because this has long been considered the ideal face shape, you can pretty much rock any bang style you’d like. There’s no need to take softening or restructuring into account. That said, the following styles are particularly chic.

1. Wispy Bangs

If you want to change up your look but don’t want to go too drastic, soft and and straight wispy bangs are the way to go. This is especially attractive on those with more angular features.

Wispy Bangs

Instagram / @dancsicsaihair

2. Textured Bangs

Choppy, textured bangs have become very popular within the past decade, and for good reason. Aside from being both edgy and incredibly stylish, they can be modified to fit an incredible range of hair types and cuts.

Textured Bangs

Instagram / @timm.morrison

3. Side Swept Bangs

Depending on how they’ve been cut or styled, side swept bangs can perfectly frame any face shape. And, just like textured bangs, they pair well with any hairstyle.

Side Swept Bangs

Instagram / @buddywporter

Bangs for a Round Face

A round face is characterized by its shortened length, wide cheekbones, and rounded jawline. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will give the illusion of more structure, then consider the following options.

4. Feathered Bangs

Unlike straight bangs, which will only accentuate your roundness, a feathered and side swept look perfectly frames and elongates your features.

Feathered Bangs

Instagram / @hairwithsuns

5. Micro Bangs

There’s no better way to give the illusion of length than to go with a micro bang. It’s also the perfect pairing for a pixie cut.

Micro Bangs

Instagram / @fusshairstudio

6. Thick Side Swept

A thick, layered bang cut into a perfect diagonal is yet another incredible way to lengthen your features. Add highlights to your look for some extra dimension.

Thick Side Swept

Instagram / @hairbykaylajones

7. Texturized Fringe

Straight wispy bangs, especially when paired with loose layers, will give you the structure you want without weighing down your features or making them appear wider.

Texturized Fringe

Instagram / @hairlife_by_genai

8. Arched Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs can still work wonders for a round face when done correctly. Go for a cut that follows the curve of your brows: higher at the center and curving down at the sides. This will provide the right amount of structure.

Arched Blunt Bangs

Instagram / @hairloftstudio

Bangs for a Square Face

A square-shaped face consists of a forehead, cheekbones, and a jawline all of the same width. If your goal is to avoid appearing too harsh and boxxy, then soft looks are key when choosing the right cut.

9. Tousled Bangs

The key is to not cut your bangs in a straight line, but more rounded. Keep your style feathered and layered, just like this soft, feminine look.

Tousled Bangs

Instagram / @wendylunahair

10. Choppy Bangs

Typically, shorter bangs are not recommended for square faces. But this angled, uneven cut paired with a slightly layered hairstyle adds just the right amount of length and lightness to your features.

Choppy Bangs

Instagram / @stephanyvanstone

11. Long Side Bangs

This soft, sweeping look is another fantastic choice for balancing out your angles. And it’s particularly stunning on those with wavy hair or who love to do a bit of regular styling.

Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @caitlinsenna

Bangs for a Heart Shaped Face

Similar to the square face, except for wider cheekbones and a more tapered chin, a heart shaped face requires a hairstyle that provides balance. Your best bet is a look that draws the eye towards the center of your face.

12. Blunt and Wispy

Long and sweet, this look will automatically draw attention your fabulous cheekbones. We recommend combining them with a wavy layered cut.

Blunt And Wispy

Instagram / @jesse_furlan

13. Tapered Bangs

A tapered look will not only lengthen your face, but also bring focus to your eyes. For a real change-up, get yourself an adorable pixie or lob cut to go with it.

Tapered Bangs

Instagram / @pixie.cut.queen

14. Curtain Bangs

Longer window bangs will help widen out a narrow chin while highlighting your cheekbones and jawline. This feathered look gives the perfect balance of softness and structure.

Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @heathertequiere

Bangs for a Small Forehead

You read that right, everyone. Despite what you might think, you can definitely still have bangs with a small forehead. The key is to find a cut that will expose just enough to make it appear larger.

15. Feathered Curtain Bangs

For those who aren’t interested in sharp dos, or want to add a little something extra to their wavy locks, this style works wonders. Not to mention it pairs well with nearly all hair lengths.

Feathered Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

16. Short Bangs

Short, blunt bangs are always perfect option for a small forehead. The more it’s exposed through your hair-do, the longer it appears.

Short Bangs

Instagram / @mae.keovers

17. Asymmetrical Fringe

A long, asymmetrical cut over one eye is a fantastic way to create the illusion of length. It’s especially good for those who are brand new to bangs.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Instagram / @louiblunt

Bangs for a Long Face

A long, or oblong, face is basically an oval face with lengthened features. And, just the same, they can typically flaunt any hairstyle they please. But if you want to avoid looking too linear, then we would recommend these looks.

18. Straight, Textured Bangs

Ideal for those with wavy or curly hair, this will give you that edgy flair while widening your face into more of a true oval.

Straight, Textured Bangs

Instagram / @timm.morrison

19. Long Blunt Bangs

Of course, the classic blunt bang is always a safe bet, as it can not only camouflage a high forehead but can also add width to your appearance.

Long Blunt Bangs

Instagram / @pretty_by_eunice

20. Bardot Bangs

As suggested, this look takes a cue from the French actress and 1960’s fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot. A stylish combination of full and side swept, these bangs can easily be changed up depending on how you part them.

Bardot Bangs

Instagram / @farylhairandface

Bangs for a High Forehead

When it comes to bangs, or hairstyles in general, a high forehead has its own set of challenges. Whether you’re looking to mask it or not, the right statement bangs always make for the perfect frame.

21. Straight Blunt Bangs

The classic straightened look is perfect, especially for those with chest-length hair or longer. Heavy bangs are usually suggested, as they make for better camouflage.

Straight Blunt Bangs

Instagram / @k__conner

22. A-Line Bangs

A good middle-part will never fail you, as it allows your forehead to appear more wide than high and give you that true oval shape.

A-Line Bangs

Instagram / @jaimmeleecreative

23. Two-Tiered Bangs

Blunt bangs framed by chin-length pieces on either side works wonders for those who want a softer, more playful look.

Two-Tiered Bangs

Instagram / @mizzchoi

Bangs for a Chubby Face

Consider this section your daily reminder that no matter what your shape or size may be, nothing can stop you from being your fiercest self. And when it comes to bangs, you’ll be surprised by the striking looks you could pull off.

24. Razor-Cut Bangs

Any style cut with a razor instead of scissors is perfect for rounder, fuller features as this will add more dimension and structure. This is, of course, best done by a professional hairdresser.

25. Layered Fringe

The long feathered layers and middle part of this incredible layered do creates a slimming, elongated appearance.

Layered Fringe

Instagram / @heathertequiere

26. Blunt, Heavy Bangs

Nothing adds structure quite like a bold bang. And you can really set your look off with some killer highlights or an ombre. Just remember that they’re best when cut in an arch, the same with any round face.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that everything on this list is just a suggestion. If you like a particular bang style and feel sure that you can rock it no matter what your face shape might be, than go for it. In the end, it truly is all about what makes you feel the most confident and beautiful.

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