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Updated on September 18, 2023

Thick tresses often lack volume and movement, especially if you prefer wearing your hair long. If you dream of voluminous, flowing hair, consider embracing layers. Besides looking dazzlingly beautiful, this style will surely add depth and texture to your locks.

Long story short, below are plenty of thick long layered hair examples to get you inspired for your next salon trip.

1. Chocolate Brown Long Layered Hair

Rich chocolate brown shade and long layers are a couple made in heaven. This stunning combination looks incredibly chic on ladies with dark eyes and olive skin tones. Curtain bangs could be your way to go if you crave some drama in your look.

Long Thick Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @hairbymickk

2. Long Layered Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Long feathered layers are the most beautiful way to reduce the weight of thick hair, making it appear lighter and more voluminous. A long layered haircut gets a totally new feel when complemented with wispy bangs that add youthfulness to the look.

Feathered Layers and Wispy Bangs

Instagram /

3. Long Layered Cut for Wavy Hair

If you’re blessed with thick wavy hair, consider getting subtle layers – this way, your waves will thrive, and your long hair will get extra volume. For a more outstanding look, go for thick, choppy bangs and bold hair color.

Multitone Red Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @ali_theartist

4. Long Layers on Wavy Hair

Ladies endowed with natural waves can make their beautiful hair texture stand out by incorporating long layers. A layered cut will not only make your waves bouncier and voluminous but more defined as well.

Gorgeous Bronde Style for Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram / @urbanbloomcurls

5. Long Feathered Layers

Straight thick hair often lacks movement, which is where a layered style saves the day. Feathered layers do an excellent job lifting hair ends, resulting in plenty of movement.

6. Side Parted Long Layered Cut

You can make your beautiful thick hair shine through by adding long layers – a long layered haircut will make your long locks appear more voluminous and dynamic. A deep side parting is an excellent choice to spice the whole thing up.

Flipped Out Long Layered Hair

Instagram / @roma_micheal_07

7. Long Layers with Honey Blonde Highlights

Soft layers work wonders in taming unmanageable thick hair and can help you achieve an ultimately elegant look. To make your long layers more distinctive and draw attention to your facial features, embrace highlights that match your skin tone.

Delicate Layered Style with Caramel Babylights

Instagram /

8. Layered Cut with Face Framing Layers

Subtle layers can beautifully transform thick straight hair, adding movement and lightness to your look. Moreover, a layered cut is a pretty low-maintenance choice – just blow dry it with a round brush and apply some defining product to hair ends as needed.

Face Framing Layers on Extra Long Strands

Instagram / @hairwithmaria

9. Blonde Wavy Layers

While long layered hairstyles look awesome on straight hair, wavy locks are definitely not lagging behind. Long waves look incredibly hot, especially when combined with shades of blonde.

Thick Wavy Hair and Full Bangs

Instagram / @seangodard

10. Long Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

There’s little wonder that a layered haircut is among the most popular hairstyles for thick hair. Long layers help reduce excessive thickness, welcoming mind-blowing volume and movement.

Long Locks with Textured Layers for Brunettes

Instagram / @ziquesalonspa

11. Toffy Brown Layers

Thick long hair is often associated with a lack of volume. Luckily, this is easy to handle without sacrificing length – all you need is long layers. Besides adding volume and dimension, long layers can be as versatile as long hair, allowing you to create various hairdos.

Charming Toffee Haircut with Side Bangs

Instagram / @lakshmihairstudio

12. Feathery Layers on Long Thick Hair

If you seek to remove excessive thickness from your thick hair but keep your length, look no further than long feathered layers. Such a haircut looks extremely elegant and offers the lightness you’ve been looking for.

Smooth Dark Brown Hair with Flippy Ends

Instagram / @beautybylynnceni

13. Super Long Thick Hair with Layers

If you’re a happy owner of long thick locks but find one-length hair too dull, it might be high time to get long layers. Subtle layers can go a long way toward adding movement and body to your mane, making for a distinctive look.

Extra Long Brunette Hairstyle with Layers

Instagram / @aishalhasan_hair

14. Layered Cut with Long Face Framing Bangs

Long curtain bangs are sure to spice up your look and inject a youthful vibe into your long thick hair. They perfectly combine with long layers, resulting in an ultimately cute, princess-like appearance.

Long Bangs and Face Framing Layers

Instagram / @hairwles

15. Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair becomes more manageable and easier to style with a layered haircut, especially if you love wearing your hair long. A quick tip: blonde highlights are a perfect way to accentuate your luscious hair texture, so consider visiting a colorist after getting the layers.

16. Seamless Layers

Layers aren’t only about reducing the thickness and adding volume – they’re a wise solution to keep your hair long and healthy. Layering helps get rid of dry and split ends, making for a well-groomed, classy look.

17. Long Haircut with Face Framing Layers

Layers can do wonders when it comes to balancing out a round face shape. Just complement your long cut with face-framing layers covering the sides of the face and making it appear slimmer.

Flipped Layers on Chocolate Hair

Instagram /

18. Long Haircut with Choppy Layers

While heavily textured layers can make thick hair virtually go wild and provide amazing volume and dimension, curtain bangs are an ideal option to make you look youthful and cute. This gorgeous long haircut is sure to turn heads!

Mid Length Haircut with Feathered Layers

Instagram / @jenna_do_my_hair

19. Layered Hair with Caramel Highlights

Coarse hair is notorious for being unmanageable and challenging to style. The good news is that things get better with layers that provide thick hair with volume, movement, and texture. A word of advice: if you like wearing a ponytail, don’t forget to ask your stylist for longer layers.

Long Brown Layered Hair with Toffee Highlights

Instagram / @salonimadandjihad

20. Long Jagged Layers

Sick and tired of your thick, stick-straight hair? Consider incorporating layers to make a change. Long jagged layers can help you achieve a stunning shape and rock your long thick hair like a queen.

Bouncy Layers on Long Brown Hair

Instagram / @oc3anmagic

21. Long Haircut with Curtain Bangs

While long layers are always a good idea to remove the weight from your thick hair, you can go even further by experimenting with bangs until you come up with the very “your” combination.

Pretty Caramel Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

Instagram / @kissmebronze

22. Layered Waves with Long Bangs

Many women with naturally wavy hair notice that their waves are getting flatter as their hair grows. Fair enough, since thick hair is heavier and waves simply straighten due to the weight. Soft layers, on the other hand, will lift your hair, letting your waves thrive.

Rich Dark Brown Hair with Curly Layers

Instagram / @hairbyesly

23. Long Thick Hair with Balayage

Undoubtedly, layers are the best hairstyle for thick hair if you prefer wearing your hair long. Besides adding movement and body to your hair, a long haircut with layers is relatively easy to style with a round brush.

Chic Straight Layers with Copper Ombre

Instagram / @samreneehair

24. Wispy Layers on Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair has always been associated with irresistible femininity and cuteness. If you’re an owner of long and thick blonde locks, consider getting long wispy layers – they’re fantastic at beautifully transforming a long haircut.

Long Blonde Layered Haircut with Dark Roots

Instagram / @coloredbycarlos

25. Long Layers on Jet Black Hair

While healthy long dark hair is already a head-turning feature, you can spice it up with long layers. The layers will create a beautiful shape and provide volume that thicker hair often lacks.

Waist Length Straight Layers

Instagram / @beautybykhou

26. Wavy Long Layers

Soft layers beautifully enhance this long thick hair, letting the natural waves go wild with volume and dimension. Such a hairstyle can make you look and feel like a Disney princess, so don’t forget to stock up on a shine spray to shine bright.

Medium Layered Hairstyle for Round Faces

Instagram / @srinathmuniraj85

27. Seamless Layers with Curtain Bangs

If you’re more into sleek styles but seek to remove the excessive thickness from your long thick hair, consider getting subtle, seamless layers. Unlike heavily textured layers, they’ll perfectly deal with the thickness without creating additional volume. For your sleek hair to look more outstanding, embrace long bangs like in this photo.

28. Textured Layers on Long Thick Hair

Well-groomed long hair always looks chic and elegant. However, wearing your hair one-length might not be your best choice – such a haircut exposes split ends and is relatively high-maintenance. On the other hand, textured layers help you get rid of unhealthy ends, making your long hair look voluminous and bouncy.

Curly Layers and Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @by.erin_hair

29. Strawberry Blonde Long Hair

This long blonde hair looks stunning due to the long layers accentuating its beautiful texture and the juicy strawberry blonde hue. In addition, long layers allow for multiple styling options – you can keep them straight, create waves, or gather them in an elegant updo or a casual ponytail.

Stunning Rose Gold Layered Style

Instagram / @bluntmtl

30. Long Thick Hair with Central Parting

For your thick wavy hair to shine through, consider getting long layers starting beneath your chin. This way, you’ll lift your waves and make them springier, creating a flirty, youthful look. To keep your hairstyle looking great at all times, don’t miss your hair dyeing appointments.

All in all, long layers can beautifully transform your look and help you boost your confidence. Layers help create additional volume by removing excessive thickness, making your long hair stand out.

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