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Updated on March 21, 2023

If you’re sick and tired of your current haircut and craving a fresh look, look no further than an octopus cut. Unique and versatile, the octopus haircut has been gaining enormous traction this season, and for a good reason.

What is an octopus haircut, anyway? “The layering makes the cut.” – Shonda Broadus, our consulting hairstylist explains. “The crown is meant to be full, layered, full of body. Mid way down to the ends, the hair is longer and thinner, with less volume to it.”

This layered style can be adapted to suit a variety of hair types and lengths, so there’s an octopus haircut perfect for each woman out there. Check out our compilation to get some inspo for your next salon visit.

1. Accentuated Bangs

Octopus haircuts are incredibly versatile – combining different hair lengths, shades, and textures allows for creating absolutely unique looks. If you love standing out but prefer keeping minimalist, consider accentuating your bangs with a contrasting color, like this baby chocolate brown strands on the blonde base.

Blonde Shag with Brown Lowlights Underneath

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

2. Octopus Cut with a Pastel Pink Touch

Long tendrils cascading down the sides of your head make an octopus cut an outstanding choice for women who want to make a statement and show off their wild side. Messy top layers add a good deal of volume even to thin hair, while pastel pink highlights make for a head-turning effect.

Octopus Haircut with Soft Red Tint on Dark Hair

Instagram / @stanleyman001

3. Octopus Cut with Longer Top Layers

For a more classic look, keep your top layer sleek and long, just around the chin length, and let your lower strands go wild with texture. It’s best to get a centered part since irregular parting doesn’t work well with longer top layers.

Layered Warm Brown Haircut with a Middle Part

Instagram / @nunzio_nyc1

4. Short Blonde Octopus Cut

This octopus has some strong mullet shape and can work wonders if you’re looking to balance out your round face and outstanding forehead. Short top layers and collarbone-length “tentacles” do an excellent job of elongating round faces. At the same time, thick, choppy bangs are unrivaled at covering high foreheads.

Platinum Blonde Short Octopus Cut with Black Roots

Instagram / @nakedeyebeauty

5. Octopus Cut with Wispy Curtain Bangs

You can spice up your classic octopus cut by adding wispy curtain bangs that seamlessly integrate with the top layer. A middle part and a deep dark brown shade make this hair look elegant and stylish.

6. Long Octopus Cut

If you crave a major change in your look but don’t feel like saying goodbye to your long tresses and dyeing them, an octopus cut has you covered. It allows for keeping the length yet helps create a totally new look through layering which makes the hair more voluminous and dynamic.

Dark Wolf Cut with Blowout 70s Layers

Instagram / @moratisirhanis

7. Hot Blonde Octopus Cut

An octopus cut can inject a fresh twist into your mid-length blonde hair, making it appear more voluminous and defined. You might also want to add choppy bangs for an ultimately cute look.

Blonde Heavily Layered Shag for Thick Hair

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

8. Octopus Cut for Curly Hair

Curls love being layered – they immediately start looking bouncier and more defined, which makes an octopus cut a perfect idea for natural curls. Add a sprinkle of vivid highlights here and there to make your curly octopus cut look even more remarkable.

Octopus Cut for Naturally Wavy Hair

Instagram / @samvillahair

9. Octopus Cut with Swoopy Layers

If you’re looking for a more elegant option, consider a longer octopus haircut with swoopy layers and curtain bangs. It looks dazzling on women with dark hair and a warm skin tone.

Heavy Rounded Layers on Jet Black Hair

Instagram /

10. Wispy Octopus Haircut

For an irresistible teenage vibe, opt for wispy layers on top that seamlessly blend into curtain bangs. This version of the octopus cut on thin hair makes it immediately recognizable! Consider this hairstyle if you don’t mind adding youthfulness to your look.

Classic Octopus Cut on Straight Asian Hair

Instagram / @stanleyman001

11. Blonde Octopus with See-Through Bangs

An octopus haircut is the shortest way to make a naturally wavy hair texture shine through – layering makes waves more defined and adds volume. In addition, such a haircut combines well with the blonde hair color, resulting in a feminine and romantic look.

12. Octopus Cut for an Elongated Face Shape

Guess what! You can rock a trendy octopus cut and balance out your elongated face at the same time. The secret lies in thinner “tentacles” and thick bangs to cover your forehead. For your bangs to perfectly fit with the heavily layered octopus cut, ask your stylist to make them choppy.

Long Shaggy Cut with a Layered Crown

Instagram / @chellsiedanielle

13. Brunette Octopus Cut

If you’re endowed with silky, thick hair, you might want to leave your top layer longer to showcase your beautiful texture. On the other hand, get your lower layer textured more heavily to let them go wild and create a gorgeous silhouette.

14. Play of Color

While each octopus cut is unique in its own way, this one’s really one in a million. It has three distinctive layers instead of the conventional two, with the middle layer dyed in a contrasting peek a boo color.

Red and Black Octopus Cut with Bangs

Instagram / @doubleqnyc

15. Dirty Blonde Layered Cut

This messy octopus cut is a great way to express your vibrant personality. Long curtain bangs, wild waves, and the daring dirty blonde hue are everything you need to make a statement. To keep your beautiful mess thriving, don’t forget to use some texturing mousse.

Messy Shoulder Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @forge_studio_az

16. Long Octopus Cut with Micro Bangs

A long octopus cut won’t leave you unnoticed, especially if you’re bold enough to juice it up with pastel green ombre! For that irresistible cutie effect, embrace choppy micro bangs.

Long Octopus Cut with Baby Bangs

Instagram / @hairbynadja

17. Piece-y Layers

If you’re looking for a wash-and-go version of the octopus cut, this one might have you covered. The piece-y texture requires little maintenance while delivering a daring high-school-drama-queen vibe.

Octopus Cut Back View

Instagram / @dirtysouthhair

18. Full Bangs and Red Highlights

This collarbone-length cut with bangs looks absolutely charming due to bright red highlights framing the face. Steal this idea if you love experimenting with color but don’t feel like dyeing your entire head.

Shoulder Length Cut with Thick Bangs and Block Color

Instagram / @nataliarok

19. Long Octopus Haircut with Curtain Bangs

An octopus haircut might be your best choice if you’re searching for a fun and flirty style with a touch of a punk rock edge. Moreover, it’s a great way to showcase your natural hair texture without the daunting styling routine.

Soft Shag on Long Medium Brown Hair

Instagram / @addieraehair

20. Messy Octopus Cut

If you’re a fan of voluminous, messy hairstyles, an octopus cut might be your way to go – multiple shaggy layers are just the right canvas for creating outstanding volume. For a stronger volumizing effect, don’t let your locks go lower than your collarbones.

Messy Mid Length Wolf Cut Hair

Instagram / @yukistylist

21. Octopus Cut for Heart Shaped Faces

Women having heart-shaped faces often struggle to balance out their face shape with the help of the right haircut. The good news is that it’s quite achievable with a mid-length octopus cut and curtain bangs.

Octopus Layers Hair Style

Instagram / @moratisirhanis

22. Multiple Soft Layers

For a soft, elegant look, don’t let your top layers run wild. Instead, let them beautifully frame your face and use some shine spray to create a well-groomed, glossy look.

23. Jet Black Octopus Cut

While an octopus cut saves the day by making thin hair more voluminous, it’s also a perfect choice for thick hair. The edgy octopus cut helps reduce thickness, resulting in a lighter, more dynamic look.

Long Octopus Haircut with Thick Short Bangs

Instagram / @strangebirdsalon

24. Shoulder Length Octopus Cut

If you’re blessed with thick but manageable hair, an octopus cut might be your lowest-maintenance option. Elaborate layering will make your top layers curl inside and lower layers outwards, effortlessly creating the signature octopus shape.

Medium Ginger Haircut with Flipped Layers

Instagram / @dreamhairbycelaa

25. Chin Length Layers and Short Wispy Bangs

An octopus cut is a go-to haircut if you want to add a fresh twist to your luscious locks without losing the length. Besides making your look youthful and flirty, it helps achieve the gorgeous volume you might’ve been dreaming of.

Haircut with Layers Towards and Away from the Face

Instagram /

With its wild, curly tendrils and playful vibe, an octopus haircut is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. Feel free to experiment with textures, lengths, and colors to achieve a unique look.

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