40 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

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The most wide-spread medium-length haircuts for round faces are bobs with longer front tresses and layered cuts. These provide the richest styling options, beneficial for round faces and consonant to the current hair trends. The gallery below will provide you with multiple choices of awesome medium length hairstyles for round faces.

Actually, the best length for round faces is up to the shoulders or a little bit longer. This length elongates a round face. Texturized edges are a plus. The forehead may be either covered with asymmetric bangs or open. Individual features should be, certainly, taken into account.

Flat-ironed bobs look fantastic on women and girls with round faces. Side parting and long side swept bangs cover one side of the face, and it seems considerably thinner. Straightened shag medium hairstyles for round faces with loads of layers draw dozens of vertical lines around your face, adding it the desirable proportional length.

Be careful with curls on medium lengths. Sometimes they tend to be overly voluminous which broadens your round face unfavorably. If you love curls, make sure they are not too fluffy, while your hair is teased at the roots. Volume on the crown will correct the proportions.

If you want to try messy hairstyles, ask your stylist not to cut layers too short to avoid added volume on the sides. Style your hair with gel or strengthen it, slightly raising at the roots. Make sure that locks don’t stick out at the sides. Long earrings are an extra trick.

Medium Length Hairstyles for a Round Face

And now let’s see the examples.

#1: Medium Pastel Pink Bob

This pink hair color is the standout feature, but the cut itself is also very pretty. The angled bob is styled with a voluminous side sweep to feature the graduation of layers and their razored, jagged ends. Straight layered hair has never looked more beautiful.

#2: Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Medium haircuts for round faces should feature vertical and diagonal lines which are easily obtained with longer lengths. This hairdo is on the longer side of mid length styles, so it is a great choice for those who are nervous about losing too much length. It is also excellent for making your face appear rather elongated than round.

#3: Blue Medium Length Waves

Check out her beautiful mermaid blue hair. The shoulder-grazing razored cut with shaggy ends works great with the color reminding us of some stormy waves. All sorts of asymmetry and side sweeps are very flattering for round faces.

#4: Two-Tone Wavy Bob

A hairstyle can do wonders for your face shape, but do not underestimate the power of color. Her dye job helps to shape the face by lengthening it. No contouring makeup is necessary with such an excellent dye job!

#5: Soft Medium Length Waves

When it comes to medium hairstyles for round faces, do not be afraid to experiment with different hair textures. The best haircuts for round faces are those that flatter your face, and let your natural texture reveal beautifully. With a chin-length cut these waves would look too voluminous on the sides, which is not welcome for a round face, but with a longer cut like this one you’ll look gorgeous and feel confident.

#6: Straight Blonde Bob

You might think that a bit of teasing would only make your round face appear wider – not with this classy bob. It creates an elongated silhouette thanks to the root lift, fade of color that runs down, and straight face-framing strands that hit below the chin.

#7: Gray Bob with Fringe

Blunt straight across bangs aren’t the best choice for a round face because they create a horizontal line and widen any face, but if you ask for light layered bangs and style them to the side, you’ll pull them off with any cut of your preference.

#8: Straight Bob with Bangs

A shoulder length hair cut with curled under ends is something that will never become outdated. Compared to some other medium length haircuts for round faces, it is a low maintenance idea that requires little styling. Simply run a curling iron down your strands turning the ends toward the face, and you’re done.

#9: Gray Bob for a Round Face

These are the right bangs for a round face. They cut the width of a broad face and draw attention to beautiful eyes. Choose a trendy hair color to upgrade your favorite flattering cut.

#10: Medium Length Wispy Hair

If you hair is thin and your face is round, go for a sharp, edgy cut to balance out the roundness of your face. A set of uneven bangs goes well with the tousled look of this cute shag.

Shag Haircut For Thin Hair

Instagram/ @costelloxcult

#11: Medium Shag with Blunt Bangs

Got thin hair? Go for a medium length hairstyle with razored layers, such as this one. Cropped blunt bangs are optional. In this case they create an interesting contrast to the sharply angled layers.

#12: Curly Bob

A medium length angled bob is universally flattering because it flatters all face shapes and suits practically any hair texture. If you are after a wash-and-go style, this is one cut to remember in case you have a similar natural curl.

#13: Blonde Medium Length Waves

Your cheeks are what give your face its characteristic shape. When you’re looking to deemphasize them, opt for something that brings the attention to another part of your face. Her long tousled waves slim the cheeks and focus the eye on the lips.

#14: Bedhead Waves

Medium hairstyles for round faces with a side part are almost always better than centre-parted ones. Opt for a layered shaggy style and consider a modern variety of ombre, such as this ash fade, for instance.

#15: Purple Bob

A bob haircut is something that all ladies with round faces should try at least once. To get her ‘do, ask your hairstylist to give you a medium length angled bob. To add more edge, take inspiration from the black to magenta ombre.

#16: Medium Hair with Choppy Bangs

Can’t decide between two different ‘dos and lengths? Work with your hairdresser to try and come up with a way to merge them. Her unique look combines the layered bangs of a pixie cut with the length of a flowing style.

Medium Blonde Shag With Bangs

Instagram/ @hairstorystudio

#17: Straight Silver Bob

Some people suggest that shoulder length haircuts for round faces without layers do not work. However, that’s not always the case. A lob haircut can actually be a brilliant look for those with medium hair and fuller faces. Select a cut with a deep part and face-framing strands that swoop over the face.

#18: Asymmetrical Bob

Do you give much consideration to where you part your hair? You should. Simply parting your hair at a different spot can create an entirely new look. You don’t have to worry about scissors, styling tools or hair products. A deep side part is usually a foolproof option for women with round faces.

#19: Purple Balayage for Medium Length Hair

This balayage creates a gorgeous dimensional effect: the black seems much deeper than it really is. And since your hair frames your face covering its sides, your face also appears slimmer and more elongated.

#20: Medium Textured Blonde Hairdo

It is a common misconception to think that complicated medium haircuts for round faces are the best. In reality, an easy one can sometimes be the better look. This shaggy style supports the theory. The layers and effortless texture are striking and flattering.

#21: Messy Updo With Root Lifted Bangs

Medium hair looks equally good in simple downdos and in quick, spontaneous updos. If you choose to style an updo today, note that for round faces some volume on top is absolutely necessary. Mila Kunis achieves it with the lifted bangs, which fall on her forehead diagonally. And, as we know, all hairstyle lines that cross your face, elongate it visually.

updo for medium hair and round face

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#22: Symmetric Bob With Point Cut Ends

Before Ginnifer Goodwin switched to pixie haircuts, she was sporting stylish mid-length bobs with pleasure. We have to admit, she looks great with both. The actress is not afraid to experiment with haircuts and look bright. This chin-length bob with asymmetry will suit girls with fine hair and round face.

bob haircut for round face

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

#23: Classy Layered Haircut For Brunettes

One of the most successful haircuts for round faces is a soft layered haircut for medium hair with layers that start below the chin. Catherine Zeta-Jones being over 40 demonstrates us a great example of such youngish haircut. The ends of your locks can be slightly curled with a round brush while you are blow-drying your hair. Use a fluid shine solution for extra shine of your gorgeous brunette locks.

medium layered haircut for round face

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

#24: Razored Shag Haircut With Straight Bangs

Stylists warn girls with round faces against straight horizontal bangs, but Kara Tointon decides to go against the rules. Thanks to the throughout shaggy razored layers and jagged bangs, this haircut variety offers a light feel and becomes Kara’s face. Do not forget that almost every rule has its exception. Not only the silhouette of your haircut matters. The finish and the achieved texture may turn out to be more important.

medium shag haircut for round face

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#25: Blunt Cut Medium Haircut For Round Face

The sweet round face shape of Bella Heathcote is rather her trump card, than a disadvantage. But the actress chooses this simple haircut with blunt cut ends and extra short diagonal bangs for a reason. It looks awesome in free-flowing styles with straight locks along the sides of her face. Vertical and diagonal hairstyle lines are a big plus for round faces.

lob for round face with bangs

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#26: Mid-Length Haircut With Wispy Layers

A layered shoulder length haircut is universally flattering. For round face, your stylist will suggest maximally long layers. In combination with a messy hairstyle, like Malin Akerman’s, your haircut will look effortlessly stylish. The effect of tousled locks is now in trend. So, you may use this idea as a quick and easy casual hairstyle.

medium layered haircut for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#27: Lob With Layered Front Locks And Straight Bangs

Emma Stone has also checked whether straight bangs flatter her or not. Only because they are light and thoroughly layered, they do not look heavy or blocky, which would be a disaster for a round face. The light face-framing layers that start below the chin, classic medium length and the darkening at the roots worked excellently for Emma’s round face.

long bob haircut with bangs for round face

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#28: Medium Haircut For Round Face With Sharply Angled Layers

Cameron Diaz has fine hair, but the good thing is she doesn’t need any excessive hair volume for her round face. The medium layered haircut with elongated bangs is her confident choice. It flatters Cameron’s face and provides a good base for simple downdos that look invariably great.

layered haircut with side bangs for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#29: Long Bob Haircut Without Bangs

Medium length straight hair with a center parting falls freely along the sides of your face, making it appear slimmer, longer and, actually, perfectly oval. Dakota Fanning has used this approach to her benefit. She looks very sweet with her fine fair locks. Besides, Dakota’s long bob haircut is very unpretentious when it comes to styling.

long bob haircut for fine hair

andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

#30: Long A-Line Bob With Layered Ends

The radiant smile of Mandy Moore makes her extremely charming, and the flattering hairstyle only enhances the positive impression from her look. A shoulder-length bob flatters a round face. You can style this trendy-in-2018 haircut either straight or in light waves.

long bob haircut for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Wonder whether you are going to afford more hairstyles with longer tresses or, on the contrary, fancy trying a big chop? Check the galleries with long hairstyles for round faces and short hairstyles for round faces. As always, they are full of inspiring ideas.

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