60 Layered Bob Styles: Modern Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasion

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#2: Modern Blonde Bob

Blonde Choppy Bob with Highlights

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For a layered bob with urban appeal, try a deep side part and long bangs that blend in with the rest of the choppy cut. There are lots of options for styling the layers and helping them stand out. You can use sea salt spray or pomades designed for short hair. Experiment to see what works for you personally.

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#2: Modern Blonde Bob

For a layered bob with urban appeal, try a deep side part and long bangs that blend in with the rest of the choppy cut. There are lots of options for styling the layers and helping them stand out. You can use sea salt spray or pomades designed for short hair. Experiment to see what works for you personally.

#3: Stylishly Wispy Bob

In need of a bob cut that will have you feeling girly and modern at the same time? This bob is mostly all one length, but with some wispy pieces that give it a soft feel. What really pulls the cut together is the swooping hair at the front and the volume in the back.

#4: Finely Chopped Tousled Bob

A colored bob that has been finely chopped creates a smart and sophisticated look with added depth. The extra attention to detail takes the weight out of thick and heavy hair, while the highlights and tousled styling generate a breezy and sun-kissed feel.

#5: Sophisticated Bob with Subtle Layers

A layered bob with blunt edges is more intense when paired with a dark or vibrant hue. The subtle layers build shape and texture to your tresses while allowing your color to shine. Wear straight for a neat, polished look.

#6: Dishwater Blonde Bob with Layers and Highlights

Platinum highlights on a dirty blonde base create dimension without any manipulation or styling. Light layering accentuates the haircut and promotes movement, making it easy to have a put-together look with minimal effort involved.

#7: Touchable Easy Wear Bob

Here’s a look that will have you playing with your hair and tossing it back and forth all day. For a cropped cut with expertly done layers, you’ll want to go to the best stylist you can find. Scope out their pictures on Instagram or Facebook to be sure they can do the layered style you’re after.

#8: Bronde Bob with Thin Layers Throughout

Layered bob haircuts come in many variations: not just one-length, but also angled and inverted ones. The inverted bob possesses an interesting, modern silhouette. It looks stunning. Especially with tousled styling and partial balayage.

#9: Side-Parted Angled Layered Blonde Bob

Asymmetrical haircuts are bold and require a decent amount of upkeep. Regular trims cannot be missed in order to maintain proportions. If you’re in search of a short layered bob that is out of the ordinary, look for a haircut resembling this one!

#10: Rounded and Angled Butter Bronde Bob

When choosing to be a blonde, keep in mind that even the ashiest of colors can turn brassy, which is unflattering for those with cool or neutral-toned skin. To combat this, utilize a purple shampoo and conditioner or plan monthly toning sessions with your stylist.

#11: Collarbone Ash Bronde Bob with Wispy Layers

Commonly the longer the hair, the heavier it looks, but a long layered bob can look as light a feather with the right layers and coloring. If you want an airy hairstyle that breathes with freshness, go for wispy razored layers and a subtle partial balayage in cool tones.

#12: Curly Bob with Highlights

For a stunning, dimensional bob, opt for layers that reveal highlights and lowlights. Because of the beautiful colors, these curls are more like swirls. Curl the bottom layer under, and the top and middle layers in alternating directions for a gorgeous, feminine style.

#13: Pretty Bob with Stacked V-Cut Layers

For decades, bobs have been traditionally styled with inwardly-curled ends. To achieve this look, heat up a straightening iron to about 300 to 350° Fahrenheit. Then, lightly clamp the hair beginning at the root or midshaft, depending on your hair texture. As you reach the ends, begin slightly turning the iron from a vertical to horizontal position creating the necessary bend.

#14: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Layered bob hairstyles with balayage colors are particularly fashionable right now. For those who like the chicness of the bob, but don’t want to lose their length, choose a tapered collarbone cut and you won’t be disappointed!

#15: Medium Shag with Subtle Highlights

Meant to be worn messy, a medium shag cut is layered to various lengths and then feathered throughout. This approach suggests that your tresses are generally fuller yet thin at the ends, giving off a cool and carefree impression.

#16: Short Layered Bob with Accurate Edges

Precision is key when it comes to getting a short layered bob with accurate edges. Retro-inspired and associated with Mary Quant’s hair from the sixties, this cut has been given a contemporary twist in the form of highlights and choppy layers.

#17: Inverted Layered Ash Bronde Lob

An inverted long layered bob cut is a more understated haircut than the classic inverted bob. It features the same wedge shape but looks softer because of the length and shows less of the neck and jaw-line which is a plus for a chubby face.

#18: Short Inverted Golden Blonde Bob

A nape-length crop with added shorter angled layers makes for a more interesting and voluminous style. It’s absolutely worth of a sophisticated color, like a light copper or an exquisite strawberry blonde.

#19: Steeply Angled Layered Bob for Straight Hair

When choosing an inverted haircut, the degree of the angle can make your style softer or bolder. Adding highlights to the longest sections can further enhance this angular look.

#20: Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair

The shape of an inverted bob looks sleek and sexy on straight hair, especially because the nape section is lifted. By adding shattered layers, you create a rough texture that will make your facial features sweeter, in contrast.

#21: Wavy Layered Bob

This adorable look features cute short waves and a warm, cinnamon-honey color that would be nothing short of life changing for anyone with brown or red hair. Women with naturally wavy hair will have a haircut that is as close to wake-up-and-go as possible.

#22: Ash Blonde Voluminous Shaggy Bob

This fluffy bob haircut with layers throughout gets its shaggy appearance thanks to backcombing styling. The ash blonde hue adds to its fashion-forward appeal. Whether you wear the shaggy bob smooth and straight or edgier, with a messy touch, you’re guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.

#23: Honey Brown Bob with Medium Textured Layers

When taking the plunge from long hair to short, adding in some youthful layers can ease the transition. Identify your face shape and bring pictures of your preferred layers, so your stylist can assist you in picking your best-tailored cut.

#24: Caramel Blonde Bob with V-Cut Layers

A layered bob cut with soft, swoopy sections allows for softness in a steeply angled haircut. Side swept bangs keep this style current and on-trend while simultaneously hiding any imbalances in the face.

#25: Disconnected Bob with Dynamic Waves

A short bob with long layers always makes an impact, whether it’s disconnected or cohesive. You can put energy and life into your long bob by incorporating fresh and dynamic waves. To style pick out a few of the top sections and curl loosely with a curling iron.

#26: Curly Jaw-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Jaw-length bobs with choppy layers create thickness and liveliness necessary if you have thin or lackluster hair. To blend chin length layers into the rest of your cut, curl the top sections of your hair away from the face for a glossy and glamorous aesthetic.

#27: Chin-Length Choppy Bob with Flyaways

The cute choppy bob with flyaways is meant to look chaotic and untouched. It works great on medium to thick hair with a natural wave. Update the cut by opting for a trendy color or technique.

#28: Short Wavy Dimensional Bob

A modern take on the traditional chin length layered bob, you can create dimension by wearing the layers loose and wavy. If your tresses have a natural curl, simply scrunch them when wet using some volumizing mousse and leave to air-dry for the best effect.

#29: Texture-Boosting Layers and Subtle Highlights

In case you have thin or medium hair that is jaw length and lifeless, there are ways to re-energize it. Request choppy texture-boosting layers and subtle highlights to amp up the sass.

#30: Rounded Bob with Long Bangs

For a cleaner and more immaculate bob, opt for a round shape with a long fringe. Whether you go for full or side bangs, add some highlights to achieve a soft, sun-kissed look that oozes class.

#31: Snow-White Wispy Bob

Whoever said that chin length layered hair had to be boring? This snow-white bob might be slightly alternative, but it’s bang on-trend. The wispy layers are a great way of balancing the symmetry of your face, as well as adding definition to your cheekbones.

#32: Tousled Chestnut and Burgundy Bob

Blow-drying and light tousling is just one example of a great technique used to style a layered bob. For those who prefer to go without heat, let hair air-dry and spritz a texturizing spray over your natural texture.

#33: Disheveled Angled Caramel Blonde Bob

The blunt angled bob with minimal tousling is the ideal day-to-night style. Straightened, refined hair is professional and suited for work. With a little bit of texture or sea salt spray, the style becomes just a bit unruly and ready for a night out.

#34: Stacked Wavy Bronde Balayage Bob

Shiny hair is coveted by many and, thankfully, it is quite simple to accomplish for those with layered bob hairstyles. Short cuts are inherently healthy due to the lack of split ends and dryness that typically comes with longer lengths.

#35: One-Length Caramel Blonde Bob with Fringy Ends

Employing fringy ends is a great technique that can be used to texturize thinner hair types. To ensure your hairstylist doesn’t “over-layer” your hair and remove too much density, bring images of your desired cut with you. This chin-length layered bob is a pretty option to consider.

#36: Blunt Bob with Stacked Swoopy Layers

Blunt cuts are very polished and can be utilized to fit every personality and profession. Depending on your outfit and makeup, this style can either enhance your professional image or flatter an informal rocker-chic look.

#37: Messy Black Pixie Bob

Pixie bobs are perfect for someone whose ideal goal is to embrace a super short pixie. Slowly transitioning from a chin length bob all the way to a boyish crop cut makes for a smoother and easier change.

#38: Short Inverted Bob with Swoopy Layers

A bob haircut with layers is a versatile hairstyle that can fit all occasions. Embracing a beachy vibe with loose waves is more casual and girly; a sleek, straight look is sophisticated and elegant.

#39: Nape-Length Layered Two-Tone Bob

We all have parts of our face that we would prefer to conceal or disguise. For those with bigger foreheads, a layered bob with bangs can balance out your features and boost confidence.

#40: Inverted Dark Bob with Cinnamon Balayage

The crop with long layers and subtle highlights is classy and current. The well-blended pieces generate light texture while still maintaining smoothness and softness. The rich dark color amplifies the daintiness of this cute short ‘do.

#41: Nape-Length Stacked Bob

Perfect for the summer months, this stacked bob exposes the nape of your neck and is straightforward to maintain. The picture shows that the layering spreads from the crown to the nape, but the bottom of the cut is accurate and blunt. Your hairdresser can also enhance the impression of depth with highlighted and colored sections.

#42: Half in the Shadow Bob

This bob features short layers — great for anyone who wants to try the all-one length look but also wants a little dimension. The colors are just stunning! From a dark deep purple through orchid fuchsia to white…we’re in love. With dark under layers, the colors gain even more visual interest.

#43: Tousled Lavender Feathers

So pretty! Layered bob haircuts are definitely having a moment. Remember when young girls rarely went for short hair and the bob was considered more of a “mom” cut? Yeah, well that is no longer. Everyone is experimenting with short hair now, because it’s so freeing. These pink, lavender, soft brown, and blonde colors are worth a try.

#44: Amber Bob with Plenty of Choppy Layers

To make a serious style statement, choose a bob with plenty of choppy layers. If it’s amber all-over, then even better! Amber is a hue that suits many skin tones, whether you have a dark, medium or fair complexion, and complements an outfit in practically any color palette.

#45: Inverted Razored Brunette Bob

An inverted bob, where the hair is cut just below the chin in the front and trimmed short in the back, can be additionally razored throughout to produce an alternative effect. Spiky and bold, all you need is confidence to rock it.

#46: Polished Side-Parted Lob

For those who want to keep their length, this long bob haircut with layers is ideal. The side parting develops asymmetric fullness that prevents limp hair and adds to the polished and flawless final look.

#47: Messy Chopped Bob with Extra Short Back

Super sassy and youthful-looking, this stacked bob is heavily layered with an extra short back, which increases the volume at the crown of your head. The long bangs can be left tousled, curled, or blow-dried straight depending on the occasion and your mood.

#48: Wispy Tousled Bob with Gray Balayage

Wispy, choppy layers are brilliant when it comes to creating more volume for thin locks. If you want to go for an ultra-modern and distinguished effect, consider the balayage technique in an unusual hue, like gray.

#49: Black Lob with Minimal Layers and Bangs

An understated layered bob cut, this black lob features minimal layers that don’t detract from the strong hue and funky bangs. The great thing about this cut is that it’s stunning whether worn naturally tousled, straight, or curly.

#50: Short Finely Chopped Bob

Finely chopped layers are beneficial for short bobs that lack body and fullness. As well as looking mature and elegant, these haircuts are easy to maintain with simple styling tricks and hair products. Wear smooth and sleek or spiky and mussy depending on your mood.

#51: Teased Layered Bob

Our favorite layered bob hairstyles make a woman feel like a million bucks. Otherwise, what’s the point? This style is really flattering, and the reason is simple. Volume! It’s so much easier to get body when the hair is short because it’s lighter. So tease your hair sky high and rock it.

#52: Steeply Angled Bob with Layers

The dynamic lines of a steeply angled bob mean that it’s not for the faint-hearted. With this cut, the bigger the slant the better! To style, fluff up your locks at the roots and apply a styling paste or mousse to the lengths to accentuate your natural volume.

#53: Neat Rounded Blonde Bob

To create the circular effect of this layered bob, the ends have been graduated. If you have a round face, be sure to wear the long face-framing layers straight. A word of warning: bobs that have been curled under can make your face look rounder.

#54: Curly Bob with Cool Toned Highlights

This gorgeous bob has chunky layers and blunt-cut ends for a cool, modern style. The ashy tone of the blonde and brown balayage highlights is undeniably on-point. When you have cool toned hair, it’s best to mirror that in your makeup too. The berry lip and gray shadow create a lovely combo with the colors of the curls.

#55: Stacked Bob for Poker Straight Hair

Rocking a stacked bob poker straight gives it a jagged and intentionally unbalanced aesthetic. As the layers are incredibly short at the crown compared to their collarbone length in the front, there is a visible juxtaposition that is dramatic yet beautiful.

#56: Classy Bob with Angled Midshaft Layers

Layered bobs can be given dimension by implementing angled midshaft layers. Ask your hair colorist to lighten your ends for added interest. Then allow your tresses to fall naturally for a subtle and classy look.

#57: Layered Purple A-Line

For full-out fun, choose not only a spunky cut but a cheeky color too. Clearly, purple is her “spirit animal.” To find what wild color will look best with your new bob, ask your stylist. They can look at your skin tone and ask you about your wardrobe to help you decide.

#58: Chin Length Bob

This short layered bob is about as easy and carefree as hair can get! If you have naturally straight hair, all you’ll have to do is shake your head to get that tousled look. The blonde midshafts and ends are super cute. Revealed roots aren’t just for long hair.

#59: Wavy Layered Crop

What’s really stylish these days is hair on the opposite ends of the natural spectrum — meaning hair that’s totally unnatural (like wild colors) or that’s completely natural (like this look). To style your new long bob, use a large barrel curling iron randomly throughout and apply a texturizing product to get separation.

#60: Chic Piecey Bob

When you have dark hair and want to try blonde, this is the safest bet: fine highlights that don’t attempt to mask your base color. To style a cute bob with layers, use a straightener to flip some ends down and others straight out. Then apply a texturizing mouse to hold the pieces in place.

Well, as you see, there’s no type of hair or face shape that can’t find its ideal bob match. If you’ve spotted a picture here that inspires you, take it to a good stylist and make a little (or big) upgrade of your hairstyle. Good luck!