40 Hottest Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Short hairstyles are convenient in every-day wear, but what about prom when most girls are planning to rock luxurious curls and fancy updos? Fear not, your short tresses can also be styled all the rage. Here are fresh trendy ideas for prom hairstyles for short hair worthy to show off at your senior ball. As always, you should first decide on your outfit style and then get down to the choice of the right hairstyle. Although in this question the length is definitely crucial, we promise you a rich choice. The following 40 ideas will provide some food for thought!

For a short hairstyle nothing can be more important than the shape and precision of your short haircut. That’s why even if you plan on styling your hair for prom yourself, make an appointment with a hair stylist in advance to refresh your cut. You may also want to change the type of bangs or add highlights to your time-checked look. The idea is to appear in front of your peers, sporting a new surprisingly breathtaking look!

Short Hair Ideas for Prom

Pixie crops. Make a stake on the edges, finish or interesting hair hue! Pixies are the shortest hairstyles, so you need to refresh your haircut (and maybe your hair color) before prom and have it styled according to the chosen idea. It may be a soft platinum blonde pixie with side-swept bangs or a sultry and edgy brunette crop. Longish pixies allow sporting chic bedhead styles with shaggy bangs on a contrast with tender romantic gowns.

Short bobs. Bring out the texture! Modern bobs are awesomely radiant, messy, shaggy, wispy, tousled… whatever to enhance the texture. For prom you can sweep your bangs off the face or style them delicately to one side with a side parting.

Updos for short hair. Does everyone know you wear a crop? Surprise them with an updo! Short hair updos suggest at least a bob length. Twisted and braided updos can be done even on short hair, while they look fancy and intriguing. You can also decide on a fake updo, curling your locks, sleeking them back and fixing randomly at the nape with bobby pins. A tender hair flower will be right to the point.

Hairstyles for Short Hair for Prom – Inspiration Gallery

Let’s check the ideas.

#1: Blonde Curly Bob

Step out in style with this upscale princess look that’s highly recommended for graduation hairstyles. It features a luscious mix of golden blonde and brown blonde color tones and a loose side braid pinned in place. The cascading fluffy waves add bounce and volume.

#2: Ash Blonde Side-Braided Style

This one is a clear winner when it comes to chic prom hairstyles for short hair. One side is tousled and the other is corn rowed, creating an eye-catching asymmetrical detail that is fairly self-sufficient and doesn’t need any extra frills.

#3: Curly Blonde Updo for Bob Length Hair

You can’t help but appreciate the simplicity of this fine hairdo that’s perfect for the occasion. It features carefully curled ends lifted and pinned at the back for a polished updo look that seems absolutely divine with this gorgeous platinum blonde hue.

#4: Tousled Wavy Bob with a Diagonal Braid

It’s always possible to make a personal statement with formal hairstyles for short hair. You can do that, for example, with a complex-looking four-strand braid that runs diagonally across the back of your head and hides in the loose tousled curls.

#5: Dark Blond Rolls and Twists

This one is perfect for its carefree but styled look, and it’s achievable even with frizzy hair. The roll begins at the front and runs down to the sides, becoming a mass of rolls and twists with some decorative pins in place for added sparkle.

#6: Loose Braided Updo for Prom

Prom hairdos can sometimes be very elaborate and look absolutely formal. For a more relaxed look, try a soft updo that wraps around the back of your head. It’s an easy look if your hair is on the shorter side because you don’t have to worry about tucking in the tail.

#7: Tight Braided Updo for Short Hair

Braids are sometimes used in prom hairstyles for short hair. This tight knotty braid is really an elegant option. Plus, it’s simple to do. Create braids running down the sides of your head and join the ends to form a braided bun.

#8: Prom Hair with Multiple Braids

One braid adds a carefree touch but multiple braids create a beautiful bohemian look for prom. Divide your hair into three different sections then braid each one across your head. It’s okay if some shorter pieces stick out. That messy texture definitely adds to the look.

#9: Bubble Ponytails for Short Hair

It’s like the famous Valentino’s bubble ponytail only for shorter hair. Plus, it’s a very effective style on rainbow hair, but it would still be pretty on girls with natural hair colors. Have fun!

#10: Braided Half Updo for Short Hair

Want to try something other than a slick formal hair look? Leave your bob down and loosely braid the front layers of your hair. Curl the ends, and you get one of those universal short prom hairstyles you can wear for graduation or a night out with friends.

#11: Curly Black Bob

Just take a moment to admire her hair’s beautiful texture. When you have curls like those, there is no need for an overly complicated updo. Keep things simple and allow your mane’s texture to be the focus by choosing a haircut that shows it off, like this angled bob.

#12: French Roll for Prom Hair

A French roll is a popular hairstyle for evening wear whether you have long or short hair. This one has a youthful vibe that is perfect for prom thanks to the wispy texture, loose twist, and sweet floral hair clip tucked as if randomly.

#13: Soft Braided Updo for Prom

Contrary to what some people think, there are many different short hairstyles for prom, and they include not only buns and simple braids. This relaxed braided updo is a cute option because it looks good from all angles. It’s also one of the many ideas that demonstrate that braids are well suited for the prom day.

#14: Short Asymmetrical Curly Hairdo

Simply changing your hair texture can give you a whole different look. If you’re not sure whether you want to go for curly or sleek hair, experiment with a look that combines both textures, like this one. Her hair has a fun asymmetrical finish thanks to the sleek side part and braid. As you are moving further away from the part, the natural curls spring free.

#15: Twisted Evening Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you have your hair dyed a funky shade like this vibrant blue, you really don’t need to do too much to create a standout look for prom. If you’re looking for something as unique as your hair color, try this connecting twisted ponytail. The twists are even easier to do than braids.

#16: Short Multi-Braided Prom ‘Do

Do you want to see prom hairstyles for short hair that allow you to show off your length as opposed to pinning it back? Then try something like this. A loose headband braid stretches delicately along the hairline. A tighter braid is added behind the first one for an interesting short prom hair look.

#17: Braided Messy Mohawk

Edgy girls will definitely want to remember this look when it’s time to choose a ‘do for prom. It works on a variety of hair lengths but it is especially suited for those who have cropped, choppy hair. Create a zigzag braid on the side of your head then tease your locks in the center for a rebellious faux mohawk effect.

#18: Prom Hair Twisted Updo

An important thing to know is that prom hairstyles that have numerous steps to go through to succeed aren’t always the best. Sometimes it’s the simplest look that has the biggest impact. See this low twisted updo. It requires minimal skill, but the result is very pretty.

Two Twists Updo

Instagram/ @hairdreams_

#19: Short Wavy Hairstyle with a Shaved Side

Are you confused about prom hair for short hair? Stick with a curly look like this one. It works on medium to very short hair. To add some edge to the look, try a side undercut. Or simply braid it tightly.

#20: Prom Curved Braid Updo

This looks complicated but it really isn’t. All you have to do is braid your hair and keep on adding pieces to the braid as you are braiding down. Secure the hairdo with a few bobby pins, and you’re done. You may ask your friend to help you with this look.

#21: Short Hair with Curly Top

Add some height to your short ‘do by curling the long layers on top. It’s a sassy look, but it is still formal enough for prom. To switch things up, try experimenting with how you’re going to wear your bangs.

#22: Super Short Curls for Prom

Some people are puzzled by formal hairstyles for short hair. There’s no need to be. Prom hairstyles for really short hair go off the same concepts as long hairdos. See this cropped style. It features defined curls and sculptural quality of an updo.

#23: Soft Wavy Prom Hair with a Headband

Add an ethereal finish to your prom look by wearing your short hair in soft waves and rocking a floral headband. Choose a band with a big statement bloom and wear it pushed onto your forehead for a bohemian vibe.

#24: Short Textured Bob

Play up your mane’s texture for prom. This angled bob would look gorgeous if it was styled straight, but the tousled, disconnected ends are so cute. Plus, they add movement and the illusion of thickness.

#25: Side-Parted Prom Hairstyle

This curled and pinned look is one of the timeless prom updos for short hair. It’s flirty and fancy. Short hair `dos can sometimes feel like they’re missing something, but this one has all the elements of a longer style. You’ll like it so much and you’ll want to wear it for a ball!

#26: Copper Red Mesh Updo

Here’s an updo that’s packed with femininity. It’s one of those classic, convenient yet stylish prom hairstyles for short hair. The rich, compelling hue looks charming and enticing, while the back upsweep features an intricate mesh look with wispy side fringes and bangs that frame the face.

#27: Muted Smooth Bob

You can’t go wrong with this style with its dainty look, guaranteed to work with any prom outfit. Being more formal, it’s smooth and neatly combed, while still featuring cute tiny flyaways for a livelier look. The braided bangs add interest, as do the off-center part that delicately balances out the length of the face.

#28: Bright Side Style

Here’s a short hairstyle for prom that’s creative and sure to get you compliments. It’s showing off a bright wave of bright blond hair that’s fluffed, swept to the side and secured in place with an artistic lace headband.

#29: Brunette and Blond Braid

Claim this hairstyle as a conversation-starter, as it’s sure to get you noticed. You definitely like braids, so think a loose chunky side fishtail braid that looks twice awesome with contrasting highlights.

#30: Short Platinum Undercut Hairstyle

Clearly, this is a fancy and elegant way to change your trendy undercut look for the occasion. The loose braid separates the long bang from the carefree long front and leads toward the cropped undercut section, creating a wonderful contrast of three textures (long, short and braided) within one short hairstyle.

#31: Long Pixie Prom Style

The timeless success of this classic prom style remains uncontested. The wispy front fringes pulled to the side highlight the facial features, while the fullness of the crown area adds volume to the style and serves as a perfect cushion for the delicate hair piece.

#32: Shaggy Red Bob

This is the perfect occasion for an attention-grabbing entrance. Why not go for this cascading hodge-podge of copper and golden blonde messy waves that intertwine with the two braids nesting in their fullness. The uneven, messy edges complete the look.

#33: Side Braided Bob

This style is a great choice for short prom hairstyles because it rocks, and you can easily do it yourself. The tight French braid is gently constructed from the side part and accented with silver rings.

#34: Braided Mohawk

This is a prom style with a kick to match a vivacious personality. If you are sporting a long top short sides cut, one of the best ways to dress it up for prom is to braid the long section. If it’s also defined with color, you’ll only get extra style points!

#35: Ginger Blonde Bob with Two Braids

This is definitely a winner if you prefer to choose from updos for bobs. The long side fringes work well for this beautiful ginger hair which beauty could be enhanced only by the two messy side braids.

#36: Lavender Bob

What a showcase piece for modern short prom hairstyles! The pastel purple color and the asymmetric blunt cut feature boldly here. The black and white headband scarf is a good match to the black eyeliner.

#37: Disheveled Red Prom Do

Feel free to make your statement with this red hairdo. You can see how it’s really easy to create a fashionable look from a disheveled style with a harmonious volume throughout. The full side bangs are separated from the crown with an unkempt braid that begins somewhere among the waves above one ear and disappears into the tousled look.

#38: Black Bob with a Rope Braid

Here’s a lovely twist-braid to boost your feminine appeal. With styles like this it’s evident how a single strategically placed detail can totally change the look of your basic style.

#39: Simple Bob Updo with a Floral Headband

If you want to keep it clean and simple, then leverage the power of prom updos for short hair. This one features a floral headband on slightly disorganized short hair that’s pinned upwards from the back. The front bangs and wispy curled fringes complement this effortless style.

#40: Easy Half Updo for Bob

Thinking of something more classic? Well, this auburn rounded bob with its under-curled ends is not fancy, but it is effective. It features hair gathered from the front and pinned down at the back, creating a smooth and pristine look. An excellent choice when simplicity is a must!

Short graduation hairstyles are bright and showy, unquestionably. They allow rocking bold colors and crazy textures, creating strong contrasts with your fancy outfits and flawless make ups. With a short trendy hairstyle you can easily overshadow long-haired beauties.

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