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Updated on October 28, 2021
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Side braid hairstyles are the ultimate cure for a lifeless mop of long hair. If you’re looking for a suitable way to liven up your Rapunzel-like stands, one of these twenty side braids will be sure to sweep you right off your feet!

Side Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

When you wear a traditional braid, all the beauty is at the back, therefore, side braids are more fun! The following braided hairstyles offer some really beautiful ideas.

1. Bohemian Side Braid Hairstyle

Present-day braids are all about the texture and strategic messiness. Try this classic Bohemian side braid on second-day hair for your beach trips. Long hair may be beautiful, but it’s a pain to untangle after mixing it with salt water and sand; you’ll be better off keeping it gathered into a messy fishtail!

2. Lauren Conrad Side Braids

Lengthy locks give off a classic vibe when left undone, but sometimes you’ll want to add a personal touch to stand out from the crowd of other longhaired beauties. Lauren Conrad’s simple side braid is a great addition to any air-dried long hair that’s otherwise untouched.

3. Messy Twist Side Braid

Check out this unique and easy take on the side braid hairstyle trend. It’s incredibly easy to recreate this look at home. There are only two steps: twist and braid. Twist the front pieces of your hair (or your bangs if you have any) to the side. Then, pull the rest of your hair forward over the shoulder and braid it, incorporating the twist into it.

4. Double Braid Messy Hairstyle

Keep in mind that you’ll want to retain the loose and messy feel of your natural texture for this style. If you just wash your hair and find it to be too sleek or slippery for braiding, spritz some sea salt spray all over and scrunch to liven it up. This will help you get the needed relaxed beachy vibe.

5. Dutch Side Braid Hairstyle

If you already know how to create Dutch Braids, this style will be stress-free and fast for you to mimic. If not, Dutch Braids aren’t very hard to learn and once you get the hang of them, they’re as useful as French Braids! Tuck the right section under the middle and the left under the right; continue this downward while adding hair into the sections all along the way.

6. Four Strand Side Braid

This simple style is perfect for a bike ride through the city or a picnic in the park. If you’re doing an activity in the sunshine, this is the braid for you. Pair it with weather-appropriate sundresses and a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses for a true summer style.

7. Inside Out Side French

French braids are the basis of most side braid hairstyles, so if you don’t know how to create them, there’s no time like the present to learn. They’re easy to do, they look stunning and they hold up well even in the most humid climates. It may take a little practice, but you won’t regret putting the time in.

8. Simple Knot Braid

If you’re crazy about looking like you rolled out of bed effortlessly styled (and just the right amount of unkempt,) this is the braid for you. From afar, it looks like your hair’s doing its own thing when in reality it takes careful styling to achieve this look.

9. Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail braids are a fun alternative to the more popular braids like the classic braid or the French braid. Fewer people know the workings of a fishtail, so you’re more likely to be the only one rocking this ‘do in your group of friends. Cheers to always being on top of the trendiest styles!

10. Loose Dutch Braid Hairstyle

This Dutch braid is similar to the hairstyles we have seen before, but it’s also pointedly messy, loose and relaxed. The tail can be made messier to your liking by gently tugging at the braid to loosen it up. The looser, the better, in our humble opinion!

11. Bubble Braided Hairstyle

For a totally unique and different side braid hairstyle, try this one out! It’s much easier than it looks and won’t take more than ten minutes to achieve. Simply secure every two braided steps with a hair elastic and then wrap a few strands of hair around the elastic to make it seem more natural.

12. Big Side Braid

Everyone’s obsessed with volume when it comes to hair. Just look at how big this braid is—the secret to a full braid is pulling it loose to create the illusion of thickness. Try not to pull too hard or your whole braid might fall apart.

13. Mermaid Tail Side Braid Hairstyle

Can you imagine anything easier than pinning two braids together to create an irreplaceable style? That’s all it takes to recreate the chic Mermaid tail braid. Simply divide your hair into two sections and braid them both to the side, then pin them together when they’re side-by-side with mini-bobby pins. It’s genius!

14. Messy and Loose Side Braid

This style is created the same way as any other side Dutch braid. Once you complete the braid, you’ll have to go in and play around with the hair if you want to recreate this picture-perfect looseness. All you have to do is pull gently at the braid without actually allowing it to fall apart.

15. Lace Braid Hairstyle

A lace braid doesn’t work like an average side braid hairstyle; instead, the lace braid circles around your hair to create a simple yet creative ponytail. This is a great choice for those who aren’t in the mood for a lot hassle associated with big braids.

16. Small Side Braid Hairstyle

Small braids are a better low-key experience for ladies who have to go to work or make an appearance at a formal event. With this style, all you’ll need to do is to create a tiny French braid and tuck it behind your ear for a small twist on a regular down style.

17. Small Dutch Side Braid Hairstyle

Ask your stylist to pepper some fun colors into your hair at your next salon visit. Try a few strands of pink and a few tangerine ones, for instance. They look fabulous on strawberry blonde base! These colors will create quite a beautiful scene when you braid them in with the rest of your hair. A small, side-swept braid is the best way to show off unlikely hair colors.

18. Loose Side Braid For Long Hair

When your hair falls all the way down to your mid-back, it is more prone to tangling and split ends. You’ve got to find a few low maintenance styles that are comfortable to wear and easy to make. Try this one the next time you let your hair air-dry.

19. Knotted Messy Side Braid

This side braid hairstyle will give you gorgeous waves on your next day hair. Don’t worry, it’s a sturdy enough braid to sleep on. After it does its job by keeping you stylish all through the day, crawl into bed without unraveling it. The next morning, you’ll have waves you can brag about.

20. Twisted Braid Hairstyle

These twisted-up tresses are easy to do at home and they are perfect for a day lounging out by the pool. If you take your style out into the sun, be sure to spray it with a product that promises UV protection. The sun’s rays can damage your hair as easily as a flat iron.

With 20 different side braids to choose from, how can you resist trying a new braided hairstyle this season?

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