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Updated on February 25, 2021

Looking to add another tool to your hair arsenal? Bandana may not seem like it, but it’s a versatile accessory that can be used with different styles and hair lengths. From sophisticated retro rolls to hip hop style braids, bandana hairstyles are as diverse as bandanas themselves.

Chic and Fun Bandana Hairstyles

Bandanas can be used as headbands in modern urban hairstyles or as a key accessory in sexy pinup updos. Here are some creative ideas with pictures.

1. Messy Updo with a Romantic Twist

A messy updo suited for the office as well as a date is a huge time-saver. Starting with a ponytail, use pins to put your hair up in a roll style pulling random strands out to create a messy look. Complete with a semi-sheer bandana tied in a bow.

2. Tousled Ponytail with Flyaways

Hairstyles with bandanas can be as simple as the most basic ponytail. A flirty tousled ponytail gets an instant update with a showy bandana or hair scarf. And chin-length loose strands will nicely frame the face adding a playful vibe to your look.

3. Pin Up Style Barrel Roll ‘Do

Bandanas and pin up style have more in common than you may think. All the cool girls of the 50’s used to don them. Here is a perfect example of how you can use a bandana to hold up shorter hair accented with a modest barrel roll.

4. Old-Fashioned Pin Curl Updo

Want to feel like a dame from another era? Try this curly updo tied with a semi-transparent scarf. The more voluminous version of pin curls will have you putting your hair up in cute fixed swirls. A perfect idea for medium length hair.

5. Bandana Quiff with Shaved Sides

Cute bandana hairstyles have no style restrictions. It can even be a combination of a retro chic ‘do with shaved sides like this coiffure accessorized with big shades and a printed bandana. There is something charming about a quiff and cheeky buzz-cut sides.

6. Easy Roll Up Hairdo

This princess-y hairdo is ridiculously simple. Normally you’d need a headband for it, but a bandana makes an unexpected and modern accent. Wrapping and tucking your hair a strand at a time around a headband or bandana will easily create this delightful updo.

7. Glam Turban for Short Hair

Need a quick but glam solution for short hair? Pick a bandana or a head scarf that fits your garb, accessories, or make up. Wrap it around your mane turban-style and fix it in place with a couple of hair pins. You can forget about bad hair days forever!

8. Bumper Bangs from the 40’s

40’s and 50’s updos make cute hairstyles with bandana. To create bumper bangs like these part your fringe section from the rest of the hair and smooth it out with some light styling product to keep it shiny and sleek. Place a hair donut or a sponge at the ends off your fringe and start rolling it toward your forehead. Fix with pins.

9. Retro Chic Long Hairstyle

This one’s for the girls who like the idea of hair accessories, but do not have enough time or desire to get busy making hairdos. Slightly waved ends and a deep side part are enough to make this hairstyle look glamorous and delightfully retro.

10. Bandana Headband with Braids

Retro chic isn’t your thing? There are options. Since bandana makes a great headband, you can pair it with braids, curls, and all kinds of long hairstyles. Try coordinating it with your hair color like it was done in this monochromatic purple braid parade.

11. Bow-Tastic Barrel Roll

A retro glam bandana hairstyle will make you sweat a little if you never did a barrel roll before. Prep a fringe section of hair with a light hairspray. Comb it smooth and use your fingers to roll it toward your face fixing a pin at the bottom of the roll. Simple, isn’t it?

12. Retro Chic Hairdo in Bright Red

Retro bandana hairstyles look especially good (and modern) in bright rainbow colors. Adorned with a Victory roll, they make for a head-turning look. It’s a surprisingly versatile hairdo element too, as you can use it with loose curly hair, an updo like this one, or even a ponytail.

13. Accessorized Curly Hair

Need a way to accentuate your coils? A wide bandana headdress is a quick and easy way to do just that. Reverse it to add a playful bow to your look or wear it as a turban to bring the curls to the front of your ‘do.

14. Beehive and Wavy Ponytail Duo

It just so happens that many bandana hairstyles for girls come from the middle of the last century. So, there are many voluminous elements to them like this cross between a beehive and a barrel roll complete with a waved ponytail. You may have to use a hair donut to create such volume, but the principle is basically the same.

15. Pin Curls with Bandana Wrap

The beauty of pin curls is that they can be a part of any ‘do. The style in this photo resembles a basket of roses – numerous pin curls contained within a red bandana. And in the front there can be a fitting barrel roll or bumper bangs.

16. Barrel Roll Bangs

A fringe roll accented with a bright bandana looks not only cute but also special. It’s already more than just loose hair, but it’s not a hairdo that requires a lot of time and effort. Call it a perfect compromise.

17. Vintage Hair Up with a Bandana

Pin curls make bandana hairstyles look fancier. They also look charming in any color, but there is something special about fiery red locks swirled in a seemingly effortless fashion. Concentrated at the top of the forehead, they create a beautiful flaming crown.

18. Side-Parted Retro Wave

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated bandana look, a deep side-parted retro wave is a way to go. Its smooth, silky texture and classy style will instantly turn you into an Old Hollywood star. To get the look, make sure to carefully brush through your fresh waves to achieve a sleek, uniform texture.

19. Cute Rockabilly Coiffure

A rockabilly hairstyle can be updated with not just shaved sides but also rainbow hair. Here, the red strands are matching the hue of the silk bandana and lipstick. And the short cut sides give the look a bit of an edge and modernity.

20. Colorfully Accented Curls

Curls are a part of the cutest hairstyles with bandanas. They look playful and elaborate regardless of style. A colorful bandana is a quick and easy way to adorn your locks whether you just want to bring attention to them or keep your voluminous mane in stylish order.

Bandana hairstyles don’t have to be casual and boring. They can look both playful and sophisticated as well as work with a plethora of different styles. Pick your look, master the ‘do, as showed in the pictures above, and rock a bandana with confidence.

Messy Updo With A Bandana Messy Ponytail With A Scarf Red Pin Up Updo Curly Vintage Updo With A Bandana Curly Bandana Updo For Undercut Roll Updo With A Head Scarf Updo With A Head Scarf Pin Up Updo With A Head Scarf Side Vintage Hairstyle With A Bandana African American Bandana Braids Medium Retro Hairstyle With Bandana Red Victory Roll Updo With Head Scarf Black Curly Bandana Hairstyle Bandana Ponytail Hairstyle Vintage Pin Curls Updo For Shorter Hair Pin Up Bandana Hairstyle For Long Hair Curly Red Bandana Updo Vintage Hairdo With A Bow Retro Bandana Updo With Side Undercuts Short Natural Hairstyle With A Silk Scarf