50 Ravishing Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

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Pre-wedding commotion affects not only the future newlyweds, but their parents and even some guests as well. Mother of the bride is one of the key figures in the event. They say if a groom wants to know how his future wife is going to look in 20 years, he should look at her mother. Here is the motivation for the future mother-in-law to look her best on the wedding day:) So let’s see a list of best mother of bride hairstyles.

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Chic Hairstyles for Mothers of the Brides and Grooms

The latest hairstyles, we have picked, will help all mothers of brides and grooms decide on the best hairstyle for the wedding day beforehand. Here is a selection of trendy, classy and elegant updos and downdos to suit different tastes. In the pictures below you will find creative ideas for curly, thick and fine locks.

#1: Loose Curly Half Updo with Bouffant

This loose, curly half updo is great for medium to long hair. Firstly, leave the side sections of hair out of the initial bouffant. Once the bouffant has been backcombed and pinned in place, pull both side sections around to meet at the back of the head and then flip them as you do with a topsy tail ponytail. Pull at random sections to make the upper part of your hairdo more voluminous and less perfect. The result is a breath-taking, dramatic hairstyle with enhanced body.

#2: Half Up Curly Style with Highlights

If your daughter and her fiance are planning a traditional wedding party, you probably want a classy tasteful look. In this case it’s not the best time to experiment with new extravagant hairdos. A half up half down style with curls is classic and can be easily jazzed up with a fun accessory.

#3: Fancy Flowing Ponytail

Women with medium length hair may also have the same issue of fullness with ponytails as they would with low buns. To prevent a limp look, create volume with pinned-up curls and wispy side bangs. The style will have the appearance of a high loose curly ponytail.

#4: Mother of the Bride Low Updo

Cute hair updos are popular choices of the mother of the bride hairstyles that are fast and easy to put together at a moment’s notice. This one features long wispy bangs and a voluminous shaggy bun in the back. The style could work as casual (so you can try it out), but it’s absolutely perfect for a daytime wedding.

#5: Soft Shoulder-Length Waves

For unconventional mother of the bride hair, opt for sultry beach waves. It’s a youthful and vibrant look for a mom who keeps up with fashion and hair trends. The look is especially nice for showing off the variations of color within your curly lob.

#6: Upswept Hairstyle

Whether you are in your 40s or 70s, this hairstyle will look amazing and flatter you. Upswept hairdos are timeless and work for a variety of hair types. Mother of the bride hairstyles don’t have to be matronly – instead, go for this classic, beautiful ‘do featuring curls with a youthful edge.

#7: Subtle Curls and Bun

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, this understated updo will definitely suit you. It features curly hair gathered to the nape of the neck, and this works well for short hair too, not just for long locks – which is great considering women tend to keep their hair a bit shorter as they age.

#8: French Roll for Shorter Hair

The mom of the bride looks sophisticated and elegant wearing a smooth French roll. The height on the crown creates a small bouffant inherent to formal updos. If you’re planning to do a lot of dancing, the roll will keep your hair neat throughout the evening.

Mom Of The Bride French Roll

Instagram / @nvbridalhair

#9: Sleek Chignon with a Bouffant

Perfect wedding hairstyles for mothers of the brides are classic and timeless. Such a stylish updo will never look dated in photos. The lines of this chignon are smooth and feminine. A few loose tendrils caress the cheeks and neck.

Wedding Hairstyle For Mother Of The Bride

Instagram / @mackhairlounge

#10: Updo with Twists and Bouffant

Lots of twists and turns are what make this mother of the bride hair style an ideal choice for shorter hair. If you tuck the ends of the twists and pin them into place, you’ll get the effect of a fairly voluminous updo for long hair. Just tease the roots and keep the hairstyle slightly loose.

#11: Modern Updo

If your hair is highlighted, all of the colors held by your strands will be showcased beautifully with this style. This hairdo works for medium hair – meaning both length and texture. If your hair is very thick or long (or too thin or short), this hairstyle may prove a bit difficult.

#12: Messy Updo for Layered Hair

When you’re looking for attractive mother of the bride updos for weddings with a lot of activity and dancing planned, a curly updo style is a great option. It works well for women who have layered hair because it won’t look messy if some of the layers don’t stay perfectly tucked in as you’re having a ball.

Messy Mother Of The Bride Updo For Weddings

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#13: Feathered Chignon for Shorter Hair

Mothers of the bride who are over 50 years old can wear their short hair in a loose low chignon bun with lots of feathery ends. It’s effortless to style on the fly and especially appealing for women who have short to medium-length hair.

#14: Curled Side Updo with Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry gives your tresses an instant style update. Glitzy pieces are especially favored for weddings to go all out for the occasion. A curled side updo can be adorned with a standout jewelry piece to compliment the asymmetry and add some sparkle.

Curly Loose Asymmetrical Updo

Instagram / @rosewood_hmua

#15: Brushed Back Beauty

When it comes to choosing a decent hairdo from the variety of hairstyles for mother of the bride, you want to make sure it’s both sophisticated and age-appropriate. This brushed back low style is formal enough for the wedding day but it won’t outshine the bride’s hair.

#16: Voluminous Curly Updo with Bangs

If you are seeking shorter hair updos for the mother of the bride, try this style that offers an illusion of long voluminous locks pinned on the crown. This is a fabulous ensemble with bangs or without.

Pinned Curly Updo For Shorter Hair

Instagram / @savijaellishair

#17: Platinum Mother of the Bride

Blondes sometimes DO have more fun – especially at their son or daughter’s wedding! Live it up with this sweet and sassy hairstyle that will show off your blonde locks and hold together in place on the dance floor.

#18: Curly Messy Updo for Fine Hair

Undeniably one of the prettiest updo hairstyles, the curly, messy variation makes an impact whether you’re in your forties, fifties, or over 60. Jazz it up further using fashionable and enchanting hair accessories.

Formal Tousled Curly Updo Hairstyle

Instagram / @thea.monahan

#19: Curly Bun for Mother of the Bride

Curly bun hairdos offer a fancy way to wear your hair on your daughter’s special wedding day. This updo has a small bouffant for some extra height and wispy side pieces to balance out the front. It’s a good way to show off your neck, especially if your dress is low cut in the back.

Curly Bun Hairdo For Mother Of The Bride

Instagram / @dannielle_robeson

#20: Loose Updo with Whipped Curls

Effortless and elegant mother of the bride hairstyles are easy to choose and achieve if you have an experienced stylist on hand. Here is a beautiful idea to consider. The hair has been curled and intertwined to produce the exquisite loose updo.

Gray Curly Updo For Mother Of The Bride

Instagram / @brushwithlove

#21: Cute Formal Half Updo for Thick Medium Hair

A cute, formal half up half down hairdo is alluring if you have thick or medium hair. Tease the crown and pull the side sections back overlapping them and pinning in place. This easy and showy updo is simple yet with zest.

#22: Messy Woven Updo for Mother of the Bride

The messy woven updo works better on tresses of medium thickness, as very thick hair can prove challenging to manipulate. Fine hair is also wondrous when it comes to this style if you don’t mind a wispier appearance. Make sure that you leave some pieces to hang loose around the front to flatter and frame your face.

Messy Twisted Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @hairbyhollygould

#23: Curly French Roll Updo

Medium-length hair can be easily pulled back into an elegant updo showing off the nape of the neck. Modern mother of the groom hairstyles are updated classics, like the French roll updo. The slightly messy bouffant adds height and a touch of sophistication.

#24: Twisted and Pinned Half Up Hairstyle

Charming and charismatic, this twisted and pinned hairstyle puts a contemporary spin on the traditional half up half down do. It’s been carefully put together to showcase the polished half up section, and then beautifully contrasted with the mussed up, free-flowing bottom.

Fancy Wedding Half Updo

Instagram / @caitlynmeyermua

#25: Curly Updo for Shorter Hair

If you’re the mother of the bride, you may be seeking a simple updo that’s easy to style at home. Take advantage of your naturally wavy hair to create one of these short hairstyles. On the big day sweep your hair up into a quick updo and let your curls do the rest.

Quick Short Updo Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbyjillyjill

#26: Blonde and Bubbly

Weddings are a Celebration, so have some fun with your look! Pump up the volume in your medium hair with loose messy curls that are formal, but not too stuffy. This look is an ideal option for a beach wedding.

blonde curly mother of the bride hairstyle

Instagram / Hair by Dee from @swellbeauty

#27: Large Bun with Messy Curls

Here’s a pretty hairstyle for the mother of the groom. The large bun with messy curls doesn’t require very long hair. The trick is to boost volume at the roots through backcombing before curling your entire head and composing the updo. You can take the bun as high or low as you’d like for the desired effect.

#28: Lovely Bouffant Updo for Long Hair

This elegant updo is ideal for long hair. The bouffant is constructed to give a softer look and height to the front view. The sides and bottoms are wrapped around and pinned into an urbane and seductive updo – a perfect style all around!

Chignon With A Bouffant

Instagram / @kellyjo_hair

#29: Gorgeous Braided Updo for Gray Hair

As the mother of the groom, you’ll probably want a stylish updo hairstyle, elegant and easy to put together though it may look pretty complicated. If you’re blessed with long, gray hair, use it to your advantage by styling a gorgeous low updo with fancy twists for long hair.

Mother Of The Groom Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @beautybyellada

#30: Easy Cute Gray Half Updo

The simple half updo is one of the easiest bride’s mom hairstyles that you can make without assistance, whether you have short or long hair. Merely develop a slight bouffant by teasing the top section of hair and then pin it loosely into place with sparkly pins. Voila!

#31: Relaxed and Regal

If you enjoy a no-fuss life style, you probably prefer more relaxed hairstyles with carefree locks even on very special occasions, such as your daughter’s wedding. Lively effortless-looking hair is totally in the mainstream. Consider a half up style with a delicate braid and touchable curls. Mother of the bride hair shouldn’t look too elaborate. Pretty and modern? Definitely!

#32: Sleek French Knot with Curls

Show off your vibrant hair color with a sleek and polished hairdo. Pair a classic French twist with cute ringlets for a stylish mother of the bride hairstyle that won’t overpower or clash with your outfit.

#33: Sophisticated Mother of the Bride

Go vintage with this interwoven look that is reminiscent of the turn of the century hair styles. These will work best with longer hair, but a shorter or layered cut can also be manipulated into this elegant updo.

#34: Sleek Updo with Looped Bun

A high bouffant always adds a regal flair to updo hairstyles for mother of the bride. Loopy curls in the back and a sleek front with bangs create a simple and elegant shape that works great for an afternoon wedding.

Updo With Bangs For Mother Of The Bride

Instagram / @hairby_tania

#35: Creative and Curly

Updos for mother of the bride can sometimes look too complicated. Instead, keep it simple and go for some soft curls with hair pulled half up. You can tuck hair and loop it through, or else twist and pin sections over the hair elastic to keep it from looking too high school.

#36: Mermaid Inspired

If you’re a mama with long hair, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of options for those who don’t like their hair pinned up for special occasions. Some wedding hairstyles for long hair simply involve pin curls or a small to medium barreled iron. Use a few hair pins to gather your hair back – this will give your locks the look of cascading curls. Of course, don’t forget the hairspray.

#37: Delicate Curly Updo

Red haired mamas can be strong in personality – but hair can still look subdued and classy. To pull off this wedding hair look, pull hair into a low ponytail and curl individual sections. Allow the curls to coil up and then pin at their natural bend toward the nape of the neck. You’ll look fiery, but also lovely and supportive on the big day.

#38: Curly Blonde Updo for Mother of the Bride

This curly blonde updo for the mother of the bride is particularly effective when done on thick, luscious locks. It’s all about utilizing the hair’s natural volume to produce a feminine, romantic ensemble with movement. Set the style using a strong hold hairspray.

#39: Pompadour Bun

Feel like a pop star with this youthful style that works great for medium length hair and longer. The thicker your hair, the chunkier the twists will be.

#40: Simplified Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are all over social media and they are truly beautiful – however, they can also be a bit difficult. Instead of agonizing over a complicated hairstyle, go with this simplified version that’s just as lovely. After all, you have plenty of other things on your to-do list, right?

#41: Tousled Asymmetrical Updo

This relaxed updo is one of the neatest and most glamorous mother of the groom hairstyles in our list. Due to its simplistic and understated nature, it’s perfect for balancing out a sparkly statement dress or loud accessories.

Low Messy Updo

Instagram / @jacouhair

#42: Twist, Curl and Tuck

Hairstyles for mother of the bride can be very diverse in appearance – this is another example of a fancy updo that looks great at any age. The side twists slim down the face and soften the look of the pulled back hair.

#43: Chic and Sophisticated Chignon

Chignons are timeless and elegant, which makes them the perfect compliment to any wedding outfit. The best part is that they work well with many different types of hair from thin and straight to thick and wavy. That’s why this look is universally flattering.

mother of the bride updo with a bouffant

Instagram / @trulyhappybeauty

#44: Short and Sweet Style

This mother of the bride hair style is adorable and works for any hair length – although it will look best on shoulder length hair. Don’t forget to leave some loose, curled tendrils out to soften the face and make you feel fancy!

#45: Sophisticated Mother of the Bride

A formal evening wedding calls for a more serious, sophisticated hairstyle. Look no further than this updo finished off with a jewel-encrusted pin.

#46: Bedazzled Chic

Remember that Bedazzler you played with your daughter? Bring back some adorable memories with a rhinestone-accented braid that is simple yet still fancy.

#47: Twisted Side Updo

Mother of the bride updos just don’t have to be complex. This hairstyle involves some backcombing for a perfect bouffant and a couple of tight twists wrapped together and pinned to the side.

#48: Loose Curls

Keep curls chunky and loose, holding them in place with minimal hair pins and a quality holding spray. Your style will be sweet and lovely for the entire duration of the wedding and reception.

#49: Curly Ash Blonde Updo with Bouffant and Bangs

This gorgeous lady demonstrates an awesome trendy updo with messy curls, bouffant and wispy bangs. We love every flyaway and effortless curve of this style! Unquestionably, the best way to look very good for older women is wearing contemporary hairstyles.

#50: Messy Bun for Shorter Hair

Shoulder-length hair can sometimes look short and thin when pulled into tight low buns. If you want a fuller-looking updo, have your locks backcombed and pinned into loose coils to achieve a bun-like appearance for an appealing mother of the bride hairstyle. Braided accents also add texture to thin strands.

Hairstyles for mothers of the newlyweds should be elegant and beautiful but not with the claim to steal the spotlight. We hope our gallery with mother of the bride hair ideas was useful for you. The best way to choose the most flattering hairstyle is to start thinking about it in advance. Same like a bride, you may schedule a test with your hair stylist. But this is certainly not a must. Anyway, we wish you to be the most ravishing mother of the bride (or mother of the groom) ever!

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