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Updated on November 27, 2021

Loose updos are so versatile that you can wear them on a daily basis and look different every day. Yes, it is easy to become stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle day-after-day. If you find your look has become less than inspiring, it might be time for diversity. Upgrade your standard style with different varieties of creative updos. Ranging from polished to bohemian, click through our gallery to see which hairdo will suit you best.

So Different and So Lovely Loose Updos

Updos with a relaxed feel are found today in many styles. You may wear them as a part of your casual look or embrace a formal version with a bit of extra shine through your gorgeous curls.

1. Romantic Curly Waterfall Braid

A gorgeous bridal-inspired look is perfect for girls with thinner, mid-length hair because the spiral curls won’t be too overwhelming. Created with a loose bun and a waterfall side braid it is an intricate-yet-effortless hairdo. The romantic style is an elegant choice for a formal event.

2. Knotted Side Ponytail Loose Updo

If you are currently sporting long layers, this is an ideal hairdo to recreate when short on time. Giving a new meaning to the phrase “tying the knot,” this simple style is created by looping hair together like the first step of tying a shoe. Finish with a hair barrette to take your loose side updo from day to night.

3. Messy Fishtail Bun for Long Hair

This look is extremely flattering for women with bangs. Longer hair would be best for this, as it allows for a bulkier and more complex bun. Loose face-framing strands give the style a messy touch and make it look slightly undone.

4. Twisted Curls Side Updo

The carefree curls in this loose updo were created with a no-heat technique that is perfect for women looking to protect their strands. Pin curls to the side for a classy look fit for a wedding or formal affair.

5. Double-Twist Low Bun

The easiest way to add some sparkle to a standard bun is to wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it. Take that concept to the next level and create a double-wrapped coil for a quick and easy way to pull your hair back.

6. Vintage Rag-Roll Loose Updo with A Headband

Skip the tools and create curls using only strips of cloth and water for a protective style with a classic feel. Tie a headband around your updo for a pin-up girl vibe. Rag roll curls work well with most hair lengths and textures, so they are extremely versatile and fun!

7. Messy Chignon with Sweeping Bangs

This quick side bun can be created by curling the ends of your hair with a large barrel iron for slight waves. Use only a few pins to put together a bun that literally seems to be falling apart, but keep it in check with hairspray so that it never quite does.

8. Quirky Hair Bow Loose Updo

A hair bow is a must-try kind of updo for an adventurous beauty lover. Although it looks complicated, it’s actually quite easy. Wear it on top of your head for a funky look or pulled to the back for a chic surprise when you turn around.

9. Cute Updo with Crown Braids And Bangs

Trendy girls with long locks should try the popular braid crown. This go-to choice can be worn virtually anywhere—even Iggy Azalea sported one on the Grammy’s red carpet—for a truly regal look. The best part is that this style may last a couple of days if you wish to cut down on your morning routine.

10. Easy 1960’s Beehive Loose Updo for Mid-Length Hair

Fans of ‘Mad Men’ will enjoy this sexy secretary style. The retro bun is the ultimate sophisticated updo that can be worn by women with hair lengths from the shoulder and beyond. The subtle face-framing layers keep the look modern without seeming too dated.

11. Red Carpet Ready Updo

If you crave elegant Old Hollywood glamour then this coif is the best bet for you. It can work well for many hair lengths and textures. If you are attending a black tie event or an elegant wedding, this will be a head-turner.

12. Loose Updo With Side Twists And Low Bun

Those with longer thick hair can easily recreate this gorgeous updo. Divide your hair at the nape into two sections. Make two twists starting at each ear and finishing at the nape. Make a low pony and then a standard bun. Pin it up for a breezy, sophisticated style that can be worn at work or on the weekend effortlessly.

13. Criss-Crossed Knot Updo for Medium Hair

Ladies with shoulder-length hair can still try this trend. This delicate style is a beautiful option for a dinner date or days when you desire a more polished look. Create the illusion of an intricate hairstyle with a low bun that features twisted details.

14. Easy Loose Fishtail Updo for Layered Locks

This side-part braid is a great option for women who want to pull their hair back, but are tired of the typical bun. Fishtail braids are a gorgeous way to add interest to your style, especially if you have long layers.

15. Charming Side Ponytail with a Low Twist

Give your standard side ponytail some whimsy with a creative twisted effect. An excellent fit for those with blunt or side bangs, this easy look can be created in a few minutes. The quick process makes this the ideal updo variety for a woman on-the-go.

16. Gorgeous Loose Updo with Pinned-Up Ponytail

A hybrid of a bun and a ponytail is romantic and timeless without seeming overdone, which makes it the go-to style for any occasion. The texture and dimensional highlights move the simplest hairdos to the next level.

17. Timeless Infinity Bun

To achieve a look that is truly endless in its charm and beauty, long-haired ladies can opt for a sleek infinity knot bun. Although it may look more complicated than the bow bun, this infinity updo is created in a similar fashion. Make sure to use hairspray to keep it in place all day long.

18. Intricate Braided Loose-Updo

Go braid crazy with this look. On days when the heat outdoors in unbearable, this will be a much-needed savior. Simply divide hair into sections, braid at different angles and pin everything into a messy updo, hiding the ends.

Loose updos come in a myriad of options that can take you from a black tie affair to a day on the beach. With so many variations to choose from, there is a new style for any day of the week. Next time you crave a new look without making a major change like a cut or color, try one of these stunning updos.