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Olga Markuse
Updated on February 04, 2021

A wedding hairpiece is one of those little details that gives a final special touch to your bridal look. Whether it is a subtle sprig of gypsophila or a sumptuous tiara – your bridal hairstyle will look more accomplished with a well-chosen wedding hair accessory.

See how various types of bridal headpieces can complement your hairdo and what points to consider when picking your ideal wedding headdress.

How to Choose Your Wedding Hair Accessory?

Being overwhelmed with the influence of social media and numerous bridal fashion blogs, it seems impossible to make decisions when it comes to wedding shopping. I have put together a few recommendations to make this task easier for you:

  • Think about how you would like to style your hair and what kind of veil you are going to wear (if so). Knowing a concept of your overall wedding day hair look will help to pick the right hairpiece.
  • Match your bridal hair accessory with your gown and jewelry: consider the motif of your dress, the materials – pearls, crystals or gemstones, as well as the color of the metal of your bridal accessories. A minimalistic, understated gown can be dressed up with a statement hairpiece, while an opulent wedding dress can be teamed with a more delicate hair accessory.
  • It is worth taking the size of the wedding hair accessory into account. Bigger tiaras or clips will look incongruous on petite girls or those with finer, shorter hair. On the other hand, small, delicate pins might get ‘lost’ in the volume of long, full-bodied hair.

Sometimes, the headpiece is the one that plays the pivotal role. If you are going to wear a family relic, be sure to talk about it at the very first meeting with your wedding stylist.

For example, one of the first things Harriet, one of my 2020 brides, mentioned when inquiring about her wedding hair was that she’s going to wear her grandmother’s bridal tiara. It is a family tradition: Harriet’s mom and sister wore this beautiful vintage piece at their weddings. I was utterly inspired by this romantic tradition and was eager to work around this beautiful family hair accessory. We went for a relaxed and textured low bun, with some curls loosely wrapping the sides of the headdress – tying up modern with the ‘antique’.

Types of Bridal Hairpieces

Let’s talk about different types of wedding hair accessories and how to pick the perfect stand out piece, worth to be worn down the aisle.

1. Tiaras

A tiara is one of the most popular hairpieces for a bride over the centuries. It is contemporary and timeless, oozing those princess vibes and reminding of iconic bridal looks like Grace Kelly’s or Miranda Kerr’s.

Bridal Hairstyle Ponytail with a Crown


Tiaras will suit any hairstyle you fancy from a formal bun to straight hair down and will look superb teamed up with any type of veil. If you’d like to step away from the more traditional bridal look, think about Alice band-style pieces or modern, edgy crowns.

Bridal Headband and Veil


2. Hair Vines

Hair vines have become extremely popular lately with the bohemian theme coming to the scene. Whimsical and sophisticated, vines look great in slightly undone, effortless hairstyles like a relaxed bun, boho braid or a half up half down hairstyle with plaits or twists.

Half Up Half Down Hair Embellished with Bridal Hair Vine


A chic wedding hairstyle for medium hair can be created by decorating a boho twisted updo with an elegant hair vine.

Low Textured Bridal Bun with a Hairvine


The same vine can be worn in various ways: wrapped around the bun, ‘woven’ into the style or across the front like a headband or tiara.

Bridal Hair Low Textured Bun with a Crystal Vine


If you place it across the back, you can slightly decenter the hair piece for a more intricate look.

Half Up Half Down with a Vine


3. Bridal Hair Clips or Combs

A bridal hair clip or comb is the most versatile wedding hairpiece – it effortlessly complements any hair updo and looks stunning paired with a veil or on its own.

Blonde Bridal Low Bun with a Rose Gold Clip


Clips are easy to secure and add that little dazzle to your hair without taking attention away from the dress.

Wedding Hair with a Hair Comb


4. Hair Pins

A set of hairpins is a great choice if you wish to emphasize the texture of your hairstyle, add dimension, and make several accents in your updo.

Bridal Hair with Hair Pins


Three to five dainty bridal hair jewels add intricacy to a boho plait or an effortless braided half up half down hairstyle.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Plaits Finished with Dainty Pins


Most of the brides tend to wear a veil just for the ceremony and take it off for the reception. If you don’t want to overpower your look, you can opt for a veil only in the morning and change it for sparkly hair pins in the evening.

Textured Long Bridal Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


5. Real Flower Hairpieces

Real flowers look absolutely striking as wedding hair accessories in rustic or romantic looks. Matching your bridal bouquet, real flowers will evoke that romantic, summer feel.

Bridal Braid with Roses


Single blooms, clusters, or a whole hair crown – flowers in your wedding hairstyle are such a showstopper.

Brunette Bridal Half Up Half Down with Fresh Flowers


Do not worry that the headpiece will fade towards the end of your wedding: prepared by professional florists, these hair accessories stay fresh for the whole day and night.

Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle with Flowers


Another fantastic idea is to wear a dried flower hair crown, which can perfectly complement a vintage inspired dress and give a nod to the overall rustic vibe of the wedding.

Bridal Half Up Half Down Hair with Foliage and Gypsophila


Bridal Hair Accessories for Different Hairstyles

Here are some examples of accessories that will work for different styles. Save the moodboards to be on the right track when selecting hair embellishment for your wedding.

Bridal Hair Accessories Moodboard


Bridal Half Up Half Down Hair Inspiration


Ideas how to Accessorize Bridal Ponytail


Bridal Hair Jewelry Collage


Undecided about your wedding hairpiece yet? Just leave the choice until after the hair trial. Ask your stylist for some advice – a lot of my clients don’t have a firm idea on hair accessories when coming for their bridal consultation. Bridal stylists often have a selection of samples to try on and see what fits in with your updo.

I hope you found this inspiring and helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you need a second opinion on what piece to choose or are struggling to find the one you really like. I am always here to help at @bridal_hairstylist.

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