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Updated on November 15, 2021
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Sophia Loren once said: “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable.” Looking unforgettable on the wedding day, whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid is crucial for any lady. Each hairstyle for brides and bridesmaids, we have picked for our review, is a combination of simplicity and beauty, chic and elegance, trends and traditions. Whatever updo or downdo you’ll choose from the following list, you are going to look flawless!

Exquisite Bridesmaids Hairstyles

The bridesmaid`s hairstyle has to be matchy with the bride`s look, but at the same time not to surpass it. That`s why the maid of honor has to avoid extra-shiny (and especially white) accessories, massive jewelry, and too much volume. Cute buns, feminine ponytails, intricate plaits and gorgeous half-updos – this is only the beginning of the wedding hair ideas list, which we have prepared for you!

1. Gorgeous Bridesmaid Updo

Messy Curly Bun With A Braid


Tick-tock! The time is running fast, and you suddenly realize that your best friend’s wedding is just around the corner! Keep in mind that being a bridesmaid is really a big deal – you’ll need to make sure that everything goes on smoothly on this magical day! Try our beauty hacks: choose among unique bridesmaid buns which will help you not quite steal the show on this significant event but definitely look gorgeous!

2. Superb and Classy Hairdo

Are you still in the pursuit of extraordinary looks? Well, maybe not any longer. It’s time to plunge into the vast diversity of bridesmaid hairstyles and pick the one that highlights your lovely facial features. Is there a better way to achieve that than with a chic low bun? Share this classy idea with your hairstylist and be ready to sport a feminine and classy coiffure on the wedding day!

Low Bun With A Bouffant


3. Refined Bridesmaid Hair

As a maid of honor, you are technically the bride’s right hand and so, you’re burdened with a whole lot of important tasks you want complete successfully and on time. Besides, you should keep yourself updated on any tiny detail that may appear to make sure the wedding will go off without a hitch. Same applies to your coiffure – don’t try too hard picking a style that requires touches up during the day. Instead, trust the old casual wavy hair and finish it all off with a simple ponytail.

Formal Curly Ponytail


4. Sophisticated Bun for a Wonderful Wedding

Add a touch of elegance to your overall look by putting your hair up into an enchanting and refined bun! Have you tried it before? This lovely hairdo is absolutely the dream coiffure for such a spectacular moment! Getting this up-do done is quite easy, however, if you want to make sure every inch of you is totally perfect, then you had better make an appointment at the hair salon.

High Voluminous Bun


5. Marvelous Half Up Half Down Style

Feeling puzzled when it comes to styling your mid-length hair? No need to. It’d be safe to say that there is an abundance of elegant hairstyles for bridesmaids that may turn your day into an unforgettable experience; and so, show time is on – grab a flat iron and work these fingers until you achieve classy waves grazing your shoulders.

Formal Half Updo For Medium Hair


6. “Never-Forget-Me” Wedding Hairdo

An impressive style made up of a gentle braid and a classy soft bun – how lovely? Frankly, there is hardly anyone who could say “no” to all these fancy hairdos for shoulder length hair. The one pictured here is not only perfect for an outing with close friends, but it serves a great alternative for any special occasion as well.

Side Bun With A Braid


7. Appealing Locks for Daring Girls

Are you ready to party hard at your best friend’s wedding? Then, roll up your sleeves and grab a handful of bobby pins to make up a breathtaking hairstyle that is totally worth staring at. How to get beach waves: don’t focus on precision here while twisting your hair. Right after you divide it into several sections, get a small barrel curling iron and create a “paradise of beach waves” which is perfect for medium and long hair!

Wedding Half Updo With A Bouffant


8. Sophisticated Bouffant Hairstyle

This hairstyle is so fancy that you’ll definitely make a great impression on anyone attending the happy occasion. Such an amazing bridesmaids hair look will surely make you stand out from the other guests at the wedding. P.S. Keep it as sleek as possible by bringing along a bunch of beauty essentials, such as bobby pins, hair ties and a spray for touch-ups.

Formal Low Bun Updo


9. Breathtaking Side Updo

Honestly, braided hairstyles can be defined as the classiest and most fashionable of all times. Why? They serve as a decent option for such a wide variety of events, including proms, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc. Also, you can accessorize this feminine ’do with a bunch of refined jewelry pieces for a wonderful finish! Tip: secure your hair with bobby pins to lock the curly strands in place!

Curly Braided Updo


10. Messy Tucked Chignon

Are you a connoisseur of classic hairdos? Then why not give this lovely hairdo a go? Putting up your medium hair into a messy hairstyle has never been easier and funnier – you only need a couple of minutes, a spray and some bobby pins to get it perfectly done for the wedding!

Low Twisted Updo


11. Braided Half Updo

Try out this never-disappointing bridesmaid hair style with a lovely blend of soft curls and a braid. Letting your hair cascade over your shoulders on such a special day is a great way to represent your romantic personality. Besides, it does feel amazing to break stereotypes, right? Tip: leave a few wasps aside to bring out your best features.

Messy Braided Half Updo


12. Curly Low Bun

With this fancy low bun, you will finally feel at ease when it comes to your hair. Drive away the thoughts of having those bad hair days and embrace this cool “casual” bridesmaid style! Synonymous to brilliance and versatility, it can match any dress you’d want to wear on the wedding day! Set the bun down and dance the night away at the wedding!

Loose Messy Bun For Medium Hair


13. Extraordinary Fishtail Braid

Don’t be intimidated by all these fancy fishtail braids since they can give you the classy and fashionable hairdo you’ve been searching for. Get these fingers going to create the perfect side braid that could be a decent choice for such a fancy event as well! Would you wear it on your wedding day too?

Wedding Side Fishtail


14. Half Updo with Floral Accent

Flowers in the hair mixed with beautiful beach waves –isn’t that what appears to be the heaven of bridesmaids hairstyles? Feel the special vibes surrounding this wonderful event that is the big wedding! Make your hair appear glamorous by using a large barrel curling iron for natural curls! Tip: use a bit of essential oil when styling the hair for a shiny finish and heavenly fragrance.

Simple Curly Hairstyle With Hair Flowers


15. “Roses-in-Your-Hair” Bun

Do you love this “evergreen updo”? Considered quite elegant and feminine, this hairdo is probably the most refined of them all, and it suits all hair types, skin tones and styles. Create the illusion of having “roses” in your hair thanks to these cute curly petals. Would you try this out?

Formal Twisted Low Bun


16. Braided Messy Bun

Considering doing a low messy updo for that special occasion? If so, then you’re surely on the right way! Complete this ideal hairdo with a cute side braid to achieve a natural and healthy glow! Now put on a wide smile to beat any fancy makeup tutorial!

Chignon Updo For Medium Hair


17. “Silver Passion” Bridesmaid Curls

Curly locks are any wedding’s must-haves! Don’t think twice about them especially when you can afford such a pretty bridesmaid updo that will make any guy fall head over heels for you! Beauty hack: trust the curling iron once again to create natural waves. Use shine serum to achieve locks that literally sparkle!

Curly Wedding Updo


18. Criss-Cross Messy Updo

How messy can a messy bun be? This cutie can be an excellent example of how simplicity is often more appreciated than all those complex-looking styles we see in magazines. Ultimately, “less is more”, so why don’t you channel your inner beauty guru and come up with a bridesmaid hairdo that seems like a pure masterpiece?

Low Messy Updo


19. Modern French Twist

“The simpler, the better” is a common quote which definitely works this time too! The bridal ceremony is lavish enough, so putting too much effort into getting a super fancy hair style doesn’t sound like it’s worth it. Instead, ditch the fashion magazines and talk to your stylist about creating some feminine and delicate French twist updo.

Messy French Roll Updo


20. “Shine Brighter” Headdress

Any woman will totally lose sanity at the sight of such a unique mix of genuine curls and a loose braid. Surely, these bridesmaid hairstyles will complement any lady just perfectly! As for the bride herself, she’ll definitely be thrilled to contemplate the extraordinary beauty of her bridesmaids!

Messy Curly Half Updo For Long Hair


21. Waterfall Braid for Bridesmaid

A waterfall braid is a maximally natural wedding hairstyle in the spirit of the current messy trend. If you plan to attend a green wedding as a bridesmaid, it’s hard to find a prettier hairstyle with free-flowing locks, cascading gracefully on your shoulders. It looks especially breathtaking when done on medium-length hair with highlights. Pair it with dresses in pastel colors.

22. Loose Side Bun

Long hair is secured as a side pony tail and then pinned into a simple quasi-messy bun. A twist of hair is wound around the elastic, plus a few gentle tugs here and there create a bridesmaid updo that is simple and irresistible in its beauty.

messy loose side updo


23. Waterfall Braid with Hair Flowers

This bridesmaids style can be achieved on hair just past the shoulder length or on longer hair. A loose braid, barrel curls and flowers combined together create a simple and cute hairstyle for various lengths and hair colors. This makes it quite versatile.

half up bridesmaids hairstyle


24. Curly Updo with Crown Braid

When braids are combined with curls the result is a lot of texture and fullness. A few flowers tucked into the curls give them a whimsical flair for an elegant wedding ceremony.

low curly updo for bridesmaids


25. Feminine Curls with Braid

Similar bridesmaids hairstyles with a loose braid and intertwined curls are great for shoulder length hair or a slightly longer length. Baby’s Breath woven into this up-style gives the feeling of effortless chic and feminine softness.

messy bridesmaids updo


Delicate Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding is a very special and important moment in the life of every girl in the world. Hence, it is important to be very selective when it comes to your bridal hairstyle, as it should be in absolute harmony with the dress, perfectly match the wedding`s main theme and, of course, express the real you. Marvelous curls, simple and romantic updo, discreet chignon … Let`s see how your ideal wedding hairstyle can look like!

26. Long Romantic Curls for Bride

The major hair trend of the season is naturally looking hairstyles. Sweet romantic curls, mingled with naturally straight tresses are not much inferior to the most sophisticated updos and downdos. Accessorizing with hair flowers always works excellently in wedding hairstyles.

27. Bridal Fishtail for Long Black Hair

While white ladies resort to different tricks to make their locks appear thicker, you can sport a truly gorgeous chunky fishtail that will look awesome with any type of wedding dresses. Bright earrings are a plus, but we are sure you will sparkle like a star even with modest studs.

28. Stylish Greek Updo for Long Hair

A Greek style updo will let you re-create the dreamy look of the goddess who arose from the sea foam to conquer the world with her dazzling beauty. The two tender side curls frame her face tenderly, the bouffant makes the updo voluminous, and the braids instead of headbands give it a more natural look. This hairstyle is for a bridesmaid who wants to be the bride’s right hand.

29. Loose Braided Updo with Fresh Flowers

The role of a bridesmaid at any wedding is one of the most important ones. Being next to the bride throughout the ceremony suggests looking your best. Be sure: the lovely loose updo with a low messy knot and a headband braid, decorated with white and pink fresh flowers, will make a big splash!

30. Woven Braided Bun

This wedding up-do is perfectly suited for long hair. Two side braids are intertwined and tucked at the nape. The lovely hair piece added to the updo is similar in its design to the texture of the gorgeous braided section.

braided updo for bridesmaids


31. Wedding Retro Updo for Fine Hair

Abundance of jewelry, glitter of precious metals, thin transparent lace, and sleek, feminine curls are associated with the 20’s. Details add flair of luxury to retro looks. This gorgeous updo amazes with the softness of lines, sleekness of its texture and delicacy of the silhouette.

32. Loose Curly Tucked Chignon

This is a carefree version of the more traditional chignons that were pulled tight. The backcombing makes it a great hairstyle for women with fine hair. The floral wedding hairpiece adds the illusion of more volume, as well as the loose, curled pieces in front.

bridesmaids curly updo with a floral headband


33. Tender Breeziness of Your Loose Updo

Ideal hair-to-hair hairstyles may appear a bit boring these days. Choose them only if the theme and style of your wedding suggest so. Otherwise, decide on a trendy messy hairstyle. A low messy knot gives a relaxed feel of a spontaneous ‘do that looks fresh and authentic.

34. Awesome Vintage Updo for Medium Hair

A great popularity of vintage wedding dresses arouses our interest to gorgeous vintage hair-to-hair hairstyles. The accurately performed ringlets are a complicated job, yet it wins our admiration at first sight! Such hairstyles are compatible with monochromatic hair colors.

35. Half Updo with Curls

Here the hair is twisted back and secured in loops. Barrel curls fall from beneath the hair ornament making this the most feminine style of all wedding hairstyles for brides.

curly wedding half up hairstyle


36. Wavy Side Downdo with a Decorative String

A side wavy downdo is a simple yet impressive hairstyle you will succeed with if you trust it to a professional hair stylist. A decorative string, that passes through your curls here and there, may become your chic accent. It should be very light and thin not to weigh your curls down.

37. Cascade of Curls

This half-up style looks like a waterfall of curls. The curls cascading down her back are coupled with the ornaments in a beautiful wedding dance to give this hairstyle for bridesmaids a special romantic flair.

wedding curly downdo with hair flowers


38. Voluminous Braided Updo

Brides, who do not want just plain hairstyles, will appreciate this sophisticated updo with a lace braid, jeweled headband and a bouffant. It may seem at first sight that there are too many elements in this hairstyle, but they do blend well into a harmonious whole.

39. Sprinkling of Pearls and Scattering of Buds

A high bun with sleek sides is a classic wedding updo that has been worn by many brides worldwide, but you can make yours individual. One way is to try an unusual texture. It can be achieved with highlights, a messy finish or romantic ringlets like in the photo. Add scattering of pearls and tiny buds to bring the look to perfection.

40. Loose Asymmetrical Swoop

This loose side swoop and messy curls are offset with a wedding hair piece. The hair and the accessory complement each other to create a lovely hairstyle for your beautiful bridesmaid.

messy side updo for bridesmaids


Wedding hairstyles for brides and their bridesmaids should represent the same style. Our review will help you to choose the best hairstyles for both. A wedding can be the absolute success only if its main heroines are convinced in their irresistibility. We wish you to carry this feeling in your heart through all your life!

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