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Updated on June 02, 2021

Braided updos are a fun way to pull long hair up and out of the way on a warm summer day. Ideal for both casual afternoons and formal occasions, braided updos are feminine, romantic and lovely. Best of all, a lot of them are much easier to accomplish than what the final result communicates. When you’re ready to look beautiful and learn the tricks to some gorgeous hairstyles, check out the links below.

Easy Yet Fancy-Looking Braided Updos

Modern updos with braided elements are rather loose, somewhat messy and a bit imperfect. Experiment with types of braids, their size and placement.

1. Dutch Fishtail Asymmetrical Updo

Sometimes the loveliest of hairstyles comes out of the ability to combine more than one. This braided updo includes a fishtail, side braid and a bun – all in one. Ideal for long, thicker hair, you will need some patience and a lot of hair pins when first trying this one out, but the final result is definitely worth it.

2. Crossed Chignon Braided Updo

Another combination of looks fused together for one beautiful braided updo, the braided crossed chignon utilizes both a thick and thin side braid wrapped into a sweet and subtle low bun. Click the link below the photo to find out how to do a chignon of this type.

3. Flower Crown Braid

The beauty in this hairstyle is found in the accessorizing – the flowers add a grown-up, romantic look to otherwise child-like Heidi hair. Start with two low braids, wrap them around the top of your head and secure with hair pins. Leave enough room between the braids to add some silk flowers.

4. Gorgeous Braided Updo For Curly Hair

Do you know how to French braid your hair? If so, you’re set for this hairstyle. To achieve this beautiful braided updo, simply French braid one side of your hair and then wrap the braid into a bun secured at the nape of the neck.

5. Super Cute Maiden Braids

Inspired by Robin Hood-era maidens, this modernized take on braids is simple and pretty. You’ll need long hair for this one, and if you have bangs, it will look even better. Be sure to backcomb the back of your hair for the extra body as seen in the photo before you start braiding.

6. Double Dutch Braided Bun

As far as braided updos go, this style is likely to be the simplest one, once you master braiding Dutch braids. Join them at the nape into a tight or loose braided bun and enjoy this neat braided look as a casual hairstyle with a fancy touch!

7. Loose Updo With Waterfall Braids

Ah, the waterfall braid! It captured our hair lust on Pinterest, and it continues to evolve now into romantic, creative styles. This waterfall braid hairstyle is a perfect example of a romantic hairstyle for long hair that goes beyond the standard twist or ponytail.

8. Bubble Ponytail “Braided” Updo

Incredibly easy and ideal for a workout session or playing sports with friends, the bubble ponytail just requires at least shoulder-length hair and a lot of elastics. Gather some hair into a ponytail at the center of the head and continue gathering all the way down – like a French braid but ponytails. After securing each section, tug up and out on it to tighten and form the “bubbles.”

9. Upside Down French Braid Bun

Some of the best braided updos come out of the ability to upgrade the skills you already have. For this hairstyle, French braid the hair from the nape upward. This upside down French braid can then be gathered into a bun on top of the head. For added volume, leave the bun hair unbraided.

10. Braided Updo for Long, Thick Hair

If you have long, thick hair, you understand how difficult it can be to find updos that hold up to the weight. This creative style won’t rebel, and you can soften up your look at the same time. Be sure to have hairspray and bobby pins on hand for this one.

11. Kawaii Mini Top Hat Inspired Updo

For those looking for something new to try, check out this fun braid-bun combination. Embellish with a classy black and white bow for a completed look. This is great for island girls whose hair gets regularly windblown, as well as those looking for a formal style that won’t be duplicated.

12. “Knot” Your Average Braid

A modernly messy combination of braiding and buns, this romantic braided updo is beautiful for shoulder length hair and longer. This one is a great style for both casual and formal occasions, and it’s easy to pull off since it doesn’t depend upon perfectly aligned strands.

13. Jessica Alba-Inspired Updo

This low bun updo with a braid was recently featured on the red carpet by actress Jessica Alba, and it is sweetly simple to pull off. It’s nothing more than a thin side braid combined with a low, looped “messy” bun. Perfection.

14. Braid Wrapped Bun

To complete this fancy braided updo, braid a section of hair starting above the ear, and then pull it and twist it into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Long hair will be up, out of the way and lovely.

15. Low French Braid Updo

We were all in love with the French braid as children, and honestly not much has changed. For this hairstyle, French braid your hair to the side and tuck the ends with bobby pins. This is another one that will really make lowlights or highlights look extra gorgeous.

16. Ribbon Halo Braided Updo

Another great one for shoulder-length hair and beyond, the ribbon halo braid is sweet, romantic and creative. Choose a ribbon in a pastel color that won’t distract from the braid – or if you have darker hair, go for earth tones. The ribbon should accentuate, not steal the final look.

17. Seashell Braid

Formal and intricate, this beautiful hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Its intricacy comes from the varied thickness of the braids, starting with a larger one and spiraling down into smaller, thinner plaits. Like most of these hairstyles, rest assured it’s easier than it looks.

18. Easy Braided Updo

Another hairstyle that embraces the beauty of messy hair, this style works well on finer locks that naturally burst into beautiful wisps when pulled into an updo.

19. The Twisty Braid

This cute messy updo with a braid can be completed in 5 steps, making it an awesomely quick alternative to a typical braid or pony. This one is ideal for thick, straight hair but can also work well on other hair types.

20. Ballerina Braided Updo

I’ve named this one the “ballerina braided” because of the sweet, pulled together bun that finishes off the back of the style. If you are a smooth French braider, braid some front hair to the side and then pull the rest back into a bun.

21. Double Braid Into a Bun

Beautiful and somewhat simple on long hair, thin double braids can dress up your bun in the most graceful way. Pair them with a messy bun for this unique and gorgeous look. Wrap the ends of the braid around the bun for added intricacy and glamour.

22. Easy Low Knot Braided Updo

This hairstyle is both beautiful and incredibly quick. Simply part your pair and braid two low braids. Literally tie them in a knot and pin hair in place – you’re done and ready to go!

23. Messy Braided Pony for Shorter Hair

At last! A cute updo with a braid for shorter hair! This sweet, tousled ‘do is perfect for both formal occasions and a casual day at the office or at the beach. Wherever you roam, this hairstyle will stay in place because there are no smooth, tight limits on its look.

24. Monday Work Wear Hair

The long-haired beauties who can boast of locks several inches below their shoulders, should try this braided updo. Starting with a high ponytail that is then braided upside down, pin it up to the side or whichever direction you think it looks best.

25. Braided Bun

Hair with multi-dimensional color will really look lovely in this textured updo that appears equally gorgeous when paired with a ball gown or a casual t-shirt. Thanks to its versatility, the braided bun is popular with almost any girl who gives it a try.

26. Braided Low Bun

Teasing the middle section of your hair will add a grown-up look to this demure yet complicated-looking braided updo. You can rock this on a dance floor – whether at a formal occasion or in that yoga class.

27. Braided Top Bun

Simple and scholarly, this hairstyle will make you look like a sexy hipster librarian – how many hairstyles can claim that? This effortless updo is accomplished just as it looks – creative hair parting, a high pony braid and lots of bobby pins on hand.

28. Maiden Braided Updo

Girls lucky enough to have Rapunzel-length locks will be able to pull off this hairstyle without too much trouble. The thicker your hair, the heavier and yet more gorgeous it will be. Be sure to straighten your locks before trying this style.

29. Side Braid Messy Bun

Girls with stylish bangs, rejoice! This stunning updo is perfect for you – and easy too. Just braid your hair to the side, roll into a bun and leave plenty of tendrils to spare.

If you’ve found yourself bored with your long hair lately, don’t head to the salon just yet! Instead, try on one of these beautiful braided updos. Remember, practice makes perfection, so don’t hesitate to try them at home before taking them out on the town.

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